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Gold Horn and Silver Horn were stunned, and they looked in wonder at the Immortals who were charging at them. The brothers had always thought that people should be grateful when they did not cause any troubles. However, instead of burning incense sticks and thanking the heaven, why were these Immortals taking the initiative and asking for troubles?

They opened their mouths and shot out two beams of strong light, one red and one white, which twisted together and turned into a spiral light beam that pierced through the air. Three Immortals who were charging at Gold Horn and Silver Horn gave a shocked cry as large sheets of auspicious light burst out from them. A shield, a mirror, and a flag, three defensive immortal items suddenly emerged out of nowhere, each giving off a bright, auspicious light to protect their masters.

The brothers roared with rage, and the power of the flame and cold air shot out by them surged by a few times.

Three cracking sounds rang out as the spiral light beam easily pierced through the three immortal items, leaving holes on them as their auspicious light vanished, then landed on the three Heaven Immortals who did not have the leisure to unleash another immortal item. They howled miserably as their bodies turned red and started emanating an immense heat like some burning rocks. But in the next instant, their almost aflame bodies shrunk as a fearsome coldness ruled over every single cell in them. The sharp change in temperature had left countless cracks on their skins.

In merely a fraction of a second, three Heaven Immortals had gone through thousands of cycles between intense heat and biting cold. Even though the body of Heaven Immortal was extremely strong, it still could not withstand the poisonous flame and cold air unleashed by Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice. Amidst a sloshing sound, the bodies of three Heaven Immortals broke down into countless ice crystals. Their immortal souls shrieked, transforming into three beams of golden light that were about to flee.

But, Gold Horn and Silver Horn opened their mouths and took a deep breath together. Then, the two immortal souls were sucked into their mouths. A dazzling strong light exploded from the scales on their bodies- the strength of the scales had improved.

Meanwhile, when the other immortal soul had just escaped less than ten feet away, a huge catfish head suddenly stopped him in the air. It was Catfish, who opened her big mouth to gulp down the immortal soul, then gave a satisfying burp. Accompanied by the thunderous burp, the wound on her bottom healed rapidly, and in a blink of an eye, it was completely healed without even a scar.

All the other Immortals received a nasty shock. They finally realized that they were facing the Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice, the extraordinary beasts who had the most notorious reputation in the ancient times! They were fearsome creatures who ran wild during the ancient times, eating the True Dragons as food, the Immortals as snacks, and the Ancient Gods as desserts! The dozens of Immortals shouted in unison as they unleashed their immortal items to protect themselves, and at the same time, cast immortal spells toward Silver Horn and Gold Horn.

For a moment, beams of light flashed across the air in a messy manner. Dozens of giant hands, ropes, and restrictive runes were being thrown at Gold Horn and Silver Horn like raindrops. The brothers roared furiously, and all of a sudden, their bodies expanded. The two little pythons had grown into two giant pythons in just a flash, bodies measuring one thousand feet in length. Two massive wings spread out from behind the back of each of them, while flames and cold air were being sprayed out. The roomy Registration Office had turned into a hell on earth, where high heat and harsh cold reigned over everything. Tables, chairs, and all the decorations were shattered into pieces.

The immortal officers who worked in the Registration Office did not have very strong cultivation base. Almost ninety percent of them were thirty-sixth tier Heaven Immortals, with the strongest only at thirty-fifth tier. When facing the cold air and flame unleashed by Gold Horn and Silver Horn, these immortal officers could only whimper as their bodies crumbled and disintegrated. The void was full of immortal souls who tried to flee. At least three hundred immortal officers were killed by the flame and cold air unleashed by the brothers.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn roared with laughter. Together with Catfish, they opened their mouths and crazily devoured the immortal souls who were trying to flee. Three giant mouths gobbled wildly, forming three invisible whirlpools that controlled everything in the Registration Office. One immortal soul fell into their mouths after another, turning into surging energy that flowed through their bodies.

Horrible cold air and heat waves surged and rushed in all directions. When the various restrictive spells cast by those Immortals touched Gold Horn and Silver Horn's bodies, they vanished instantly like waves lapping on the rocks along the shore. The spells from dozens of Heaven Immortals yielded no results at all, as Gold Horn and Silver Horn had easily disintegrated all of the attacks with their innate divine abilities.

Countless runes spun rapidly on their scales. Cold air and heat waves rushed out of the brothers' bodies in endless streams and destroyed all the attacks, pushing further to land on the immortal items held in those Heaven Immortals' hands. Crisp cracking noises rang out from these weapons while their item spirits gave out miserable howls. The terrified Heaven Immortals quickly retreated to escape the coverage of cold air and heat waves.

But, two Heaven Immortals let out a cry of horror when they moved only a few steps away.

A huge hammer, the size of a small house and with a rough, square shape that had no decorative patterns, fell upon the heads of the two Heaven Immortals with a terrible force. The heads of two Heaven Immortals shone with a boundless radiance as their defensive immortal items, an immortal robe and a long strip of silk, sprung out instantly. Both immortal items emitted a vast auspicious light and unleashed clouds that covered their masters under the formidable hammer.

The hammer fell, and the two immortal items groaned painfully together with their masters. Then, it was followed by a second blow, a third, a fourth, and many more. In just a snap of a finger, before the many Heaven Immortals around them could help, Catfish, who had rolled up her sleeves to show two thick, black arms, had given the two poor Heaven Immortals a total of three hundred and sixty blows with her hammer.

The hammer weighed hundreds of thousands of kilograms, and with the fearsome strength Catfish possessed after practicing the Dragon Transformation Script, each blow she dealt could easily smash a mountain and break a river. Although the Heaven Immortals who were attacked by her had pretty strong cultivation bases and the quality of their immortal items was decent, having their immortal items hit three hundred and sixty times in a row was not something they could have withstood. Before long, the immortal robe and the long strip of silk were shattered into pieces, and their masters' heads were smashed to a mess by the hammer.

Golden blood and brains were splattered all over the place as the heads of two Heaven Immortals shattered like eggs.

A slimy, long tongue suddenly darted out of Catfish's mouth, rolled up the two dead Heaven Immortals, and stuffed them back into her mouth. A great deal of black mist came spraying out of the giant mouth, and right when the immortal souls of the two Heaven Immortals rushed out of their now shattered skulls, they were all smeared with the black mist. Two golden immortal souls howled miserably, and a large plume of dark smoke rose from their bodies as Catfish gulped them down.

The other Heaven Immortal were startled, and they all roared and yelled furiously. As if there was a tacit understanding between them, they abandoned the python brothers and turned to face Catfish. In the eyes of these Heaven Immortals, Gold Horn and Silver Horn were indeed difficult to deal with, but Catfish was just a fat fish demon. Although she possessed the body of a flood dragon through cultivation, she was still very easy to deal with.

However, before these Heaven Immortals could unleash any attack, a purple lightning suddenly tore through the void. Lord Xiansheng snapped down at them as his halberd transformed into countless purple lightning that swept toward the dozens of Heaven Immortals with a deafening boom. With an irresistible force, the purple lightning smote all the Heaven Immortals almost at the same time.

Lord Xiansheng was the direct descendant of the Dragon King, and he had mastered a set of incredible combative skills that he had inherited from his ancestors. In just a fraction of a second after he swung his coiling-dragon halberd, the dozens of Heaven Immortals who had attacked the python brothers were hit. Each of them was greeted by at least one hundred blows. Smoke rose from their bodies as the tremendous force from the halberd kept pushing them back.

It was a pity that Lord Xiansheng's halberd was only an ordinary spirit item and not a good treasure. Should he have had an immortal item of decent quality, that blow alone would have been enough to kill the dozens of Heaven Immortals.

An ordinary spirit item could never break the immortal items used by these Heaven Immortals. It was true that he had fended off the Heaven Immortals with just one single blow, and frightened all the people with his prowess, but his halberd had also shattered into several pieces with a loud crack. The item spirit in it, a purple electric python, let out a loud moan as it exploded together with the shattering of the halberd.

Lord Xiansheng staggered back a few steps. With Princess Zhang Le, Angelica, and Peppermint standing behind him and under his protection, he growled while gnashing his teeth, "Damn it! So many Immortals and so many immortal items! If I had an immortal item, all of you would die today!"

The Heaven Immortals, who had suddenly attacked Gold Horn and Silver Horn, had their expressions changed, as none of them could see how Lord Xiansheng had attacked them. They were hit at the same time even before they could see the trace of his halberd. If Lord Xiansheng really had an immortal item in his hand, perhaps their defensive immortal items would have been broken, and he alone would have been killed the dozens of Heaven Immortals within seconds.

They gasped and stepped back at the same time, turning to look in horror at the young man who had ordered them to attack.

The young man's face darkened slightly as he gave Lord Xiansheng a look with fear in his eyes. Then, he cast his glance at Princess Zhang Le. His eyes lit up instantly and a smile flashed across his face at the sight of Princess Zhang Le's extraordinary beauty and her stately manner. Clearing his throat, the young man walked slowly up to Princess Zhang Le, stopped tens of feet in front of her, and offered her a gentle bow.

"Li Qinghua offers greeting, Miss!"

Princess Zhang Le looked at him coldly and said in a flat tone, "Why did you attack us? Give me your reason!"

A faint smile appeared on Li Qinghua's face as he said, "My father is the Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance! Have you heard of the name before, Miss?"

When Li Qinghua told her that his father was the Master of the Myriad Immortal Alliance, the faces of a few old white-bearded Immortals that followed him changed slightly at the same time, and they gave him a look of discontent. But, as he was so fascinated by Princess Zhang Le's beauty, he did not notice that at all.

Even as they were talking, there was a rush of footsteps coming from outside of the Registration Office. A large column of Great Yu armored soldiers had gathered outside.

There were also subtle ripples of energy coming from above their heads. The immortal officers of the Heaven who were in charge of controlling the teleportation formations had arrived.

The Registration Office had been tightly surrounded by formidable soldiers and Immortals.

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