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Two bright beams of light pierced through the sky in a flash. Flying at a speed a few times faster than the lightning, Gold Horn and Silver Horn traveled across hundreds of thousands of miles in just a split second. More than three hundred miles behind them, a blue flying ship glowing with a dazzling blue light was restlessly chasing them. However, the distance between them was getting larger.

In addition to being able to breathe fire and cold air, destroying various immortal items and magical treasures, being fierce and violent, and yielding to no one but themselves, the most appealing characteristic of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice was their incredible flying speed. In ancient times, they had terrified countless almighty experts with this ability. Nobody could fly faster than them, not even the Ying Dragon, who was a member of True Dragons.

As a matter of fact, Gold Horn and Silver Horn had just reached their adulthood. They had only gotten their wings not long ago, and had yet to completely master the various divine abilities found in the Dark Scripture of Dragon Python. However, they could already fly at an incredible speed. Even though Li Qinghua was chasing them with the flying ship which his father had personally crafted, he still could not catch up with the brothers, who were fleeing desperately.

With her back leaning against Gold Horn's claw, the pale-faced Princess Zhang Le closed her eyes and locked her hands in an incantation gesture before her dantian. Natural energy kept rushing into her body, turning into a five-colored divine ray that washed through her. She had entered the state of enlightenment, and was healing her wounds at an incredible rate.

As they advanced further, countless flowers and trees in the mountains and forests beneath them gave off wisps of life force at the same time, which converged into a vast stream of green light that poured into Princess Zhang Le's body. She was severely wounded by the continuous explosions of three hundred and sixty thunderballs, but with all the flowers and trees voluntarily offering her their life force, she had nothing to worry about.

And so, the flight went on for three days and three nights. Gold Horn and Silver Horn were so tired that they were foaming at the mouth. Although Li Qinghua's flying ship was more than a thousand miles away from them, such distance was not enough to get rid of him and his Immortals. The distance was considered very short, that even a thirty-sixth tier Heaven Immortal could easily lock down their tracks with divine sense.

Flame and saliva were pouring out from Gold Horn's mouth as he said furiously, "Let's stop and fight them! We have just eaten many immortal souls, and we have not had the time to digest them. If we keep on fleeing, the energy remaining inside us will be unable to control those immortal souls. They will go to waste!"

Silver Horn put in as he shook his big head and groaned, "I'm tired, and my wings are cramping. We should throw all caution to the wind and fight them!"

Princess Zhang Le opened her eyes slightly and said softly, "I need you to buy me two more hours."

Gold Horn and Silver Horn nodded as their wings flapped even harder, bringing their bodies off into the distance at a greater speed. Taking a deep breath, Princess Zhang Le began to sing an ancient, evil song in a low voice that sounded capable of taking away one's soul. As her voice rang out, there was a mysterious aura oozing out of the surrounding void, gathering silently into her palm.

The earth quivered, the air reverberated, the rivers and lakes danced, the flowers and trees laughed, the birds and animals danced in the air... A large number of inexplicable forces, which could not be seen even through cultivators' divine sense, were oozing out from everywhere and pouring into her palm. Soon, a pale gray ball of light, three feet and six inches in diameter, was formed in her palm.

As the song went on, Princess Zhang Le bit her finger and dripped thirteen drops of blood essence into the ball of light. When the blood entered it, it immediately spread out and turned into a hazy blood mist, then gradually condensed into thirteen hazy shadows of Ghosts and Deities. A great number of inexplicable forces from the heaven and earth were constantly injecting into the thirteen hazy shadows. As times went by, their bodies became clearer, and there was a faint but sharp ghost howl coming out of the ball.

Numerous dark clouds came rolling over as Gold Horn and Silver Horn continued flying through the sky, while all sorts of natural phenomena such as wind, rain, and thunderbolts were stirred into a mess around them. The winds were howling, clouds were rolling, and thunder was flashing. All of the forces of nature rushed into the ball of light in Princess Zhang Le's palm, then went straight into the bodies of the thirteen Ghosts and Deities, who now stood a few inches tall and looked no different from real beings.

A five-colored divine ray shot out from the center of Princess Zhang Le's brows and entered the ball of light, condensing into many runes the size of a sesame seed. The glittering and translucent runes were being constantly imprinted on those Ghosts and Deities, and whenever a rune was imprinted, they would let out sharp and unpleasant howls. It was as if these runes were some branding iron that gave them an intense pain. Slowly, the ball of light gave off a faint light, and the energies rushing into it accumulated into a large sheet of cloud and smoke, where the Ghosts and Deities rapidly wheeled about.

The speed of Gold Horn and Silver Horn gradually slowed down as their physical strength was exhausted. It was the ferocious spirit of Dragon Pythons that had kept them going. Their eyes were shot with blood, their mouths were spitting thick and slimy saliva, and their huge wings were barely flapping.

Li Qinghua's flying ship had been gradually catching up with them. With dozens of Heaven Immortals taking turns to fuel the flying ship with their immortal energies, they were not as tired as Gold Horn and Silver Horn. As the brothers' strength was reducing, the flying ship still maintained the same high speed as when they began the chase. Accompanied by the piercing sound of breaking through the air, the flying ship approached and was less than one hundred miles from them.

The chase went on for another hour, and the flying ship was almost flying next to Gold Horn and Silver Horn. "Why don't you stop running away from me?" Li Qinghua's laughter echoed out. "I just need the internal organs of the two Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice, as they can produce the medicinal paste I need. I will spare their souls so they can reincarnate. As for the girl who has the auspicious five-colored light..."

After a slight pause, Li Qinghua said gently, "May I ask your name? I do find that I need a few more confidants in my palace."

Princess Zhang Le looked coldly at the flying ship. With the ball of light held in her hands, she slowly cast a few mysterious runes into it. As she did that, the ball gradually shrunk, and together with the cloud and smoke in it, which were the energies that countless living beings had contributed voluntarily along the way, they squeezed into the bodies of thirteen Ghosts and Deities. After absorbing the enormous energies, their bodies, which looked no different from those of living people, gradually becoming transparent. Soon, no divine sense could detect their existence.

Gold Horn and Silver Horn suddenly stopped flying. The brothers panted heavily and shouted, "Time to put out a desperate fight! We can't fly anymore!"

Amidst their loud panting, Gold Horn and Silver Horn had their bodies shrunk to a length of thirty feet and floated in front of Princess Zhang Le, their teeth clenched tightly. "Do you said you want to make some medicinal paste with our internal organs? You can dream about that in our belly!" growled Gold Horn fiercely.

Silver Horn spat, and while he was about to say something, Princess Zhang Le had spoken, "The Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance, Li Qinghua? Well, whatever is your background, I'll definitely make you pay for what you did today!"

Li Qinghua laughed sardonically as he retracted the flying ship and surrounded Princess Zhang Le and her company with dozens of Heaven Immortals. Staring at Princess Zhang Le, he said smilingly, " Why so much sulking? Let me be honest with you, I always have a tender heart for the fair sex. Judging by your gorgeous features and demeanor, I'm sure that you must be born of a noble family. I..."

Princess Zhang Le did not give him a chance to finish his words. She brought her right palm before her face and breathed gently on the thirteen transparent Ghosts and Deities. All of a sudden, a foul wind rose from the ground. It was as if the earth had become the source of all storms between the heaven and earth. The ground a thousand miles in diameter was lifted as black storms spun fiercely and shot straight up into the sky. Vaguely, one could see that there were countless shadows of Ghosts and Deities twitching and struggling amidst the storms, who were sending forth an immense aura of death that made Li Qinghua and the many Heaven Immortals around him shudder.

As the black storms came blowing at them, Li Qinghua and his Heaven Immortals unleashed their defensive immortal items at the same time. Bright lights with different colors sprung out one after another and enveloped them instantly. A harsh grinding sound was produced as the dark wind came caressing at them, and a great mass of sparks flew from their energy barriers. Amidst the raging storm, a few weaker Heaven Immortals could hardly maintain their balance, and soon were blown away.

A few vague shadows flashed in the storm, and the few Heaven Immortals, who had been blown away by the wind, had their bodies turned stiff suddenly. In the next moment, cries of despair burst from their mouths as their bodies were ripped into minced meat, their immortal items unable to respond at all. Golden blood sprayed out like fountains, but in just a blink, all of it was sucked clean, leaving nothing behind but a few sprinkles of gray ashes that drifted away in the wind.

Li Qinghua was terrified. "What evil magic is this?" He cried angrily.

Princess Zhang Le smiled faintly. "It's an ancient divine spell," she said sarcastically. "How can it be some evil magic?"

As her voice echoed out, Li Qinghua's body suddenly froze. Some mysterious and terrifying existences had penetrated his defensive immortal item and were going straight into his body. His left arm burst open, shattered into a cloud of blood that splattered in all directions, and then all the energy essence in his left arm was sucked clean by some invisible existence.

Li Qinghua screamed in terror and burst into tears with pain. He stared at Princess Zhang Le in horror and snapped, "Y-yo-you... are a witch! After capturing you alive, I will make sure that you die from all the tortures under the heaven! I will work you to death!"

Princess Zhang Le's face darkened with rage. With her finger lightly waved, bloody holes immediately burst opened on the bodies of a few Heaven Immortals around Li Qinghua, while part of their flesh was devoured by the same invisible existence.

Li Qinghua was stunned. "Go!" As he cried out suddenly, a golden rune shot out from between his brows, transforming into a cloud of golden light that enveloped him and all the Heaven Immortals around him, then vanished into thin air.

When they were gone, Princess Zhang Le coughed out a mouthful of blood, and then a large amount of blood oozed out of her seven apertures. She grasped Catfish with a trembling hand and whispered, "Let's go now... This 'Great Void Energy Seizing Divine Technique' is beyond the limit I can bear now... I've used the source power of my divine soul to cast it. At least they are out of here.... Now, let us go..."

Catfish was terrified, while Lord Xiansheng let out a long roar as he suddenly transformed into a hundreds of feet long dragon, grabbing everyone and speeding away in a random direction.

Fifteen minutes later, an urgent arrest warrant was issued for all the allies of the Myriad Immortal Alliance.

All the Elders of the supreme council of Myriad Immortal Alliance, the Divine Hall, had signed a joint order, 'Hunt down and kill a group of cultivators who brought a pair of Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice!'

The arrest warrant was accompanied by a clear image of Princess Zhang Le and her companions.

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