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The dreadful howling of the wind was pressing down on Wu Qi's head, but he acted quickly. Amidst the wild winds that surrounded the area, a bright green light radiated out of him as his body swayed and drifted away swiftly like a weightless feather. The force of wind did not hurt him.

A dark pillar of wind that was about one mile in diameter plunged straight down from the sky, passing Wu Qi within inches. Stopping at nothing, it pierced through the hard-packed ground easily as if it was merely tofu. Soon, the roaring and whistling of the wild wind was heard coming from under the ground. The land one thousand miles in diameter began to tremble violently, as big and small cracks could be seen opening up.

Gusts of black wind rose from these cracks. Like thousands of long sharp blades, they tore everything on the ground. Cities, villages, forests, mountains, hills, lakes, all tangible things were reduced to ashes amidst the black winds. Thousands of miles of land caved in with deafening rumbles, and everything was ripped into pieces and completely destroyed.

All that was left was the gray cloud of dust that had lost all of its energy and life force, withered and rotten. A smell of decay began to spread out in the air. Any land covered by the black wind was emitting a foul smell of decay, as if they were some dungeons which had not been opened for millions of years.

Wu Qi moved lightly through the wild winds. The force of the wind could not reach his body, because he had transformed into a gust of wind himself, a puff of breath that was drifting here and there like a wisp of dust. Even as he did that, he silently exercised the divine ability of wind control he learned from the Song of Gale, controlling his chaotic energy to crazily grind and crush the six youths he had swallowed a moment ago. He seized their energy and absorbed them layer by layer.

In his spiritual ocean, the innate Chaotic Divine Soul was emitting a dazzling golden light. The Laws of Wind and Atmosphere that were contained in the true spirits of the six youths kept pouring into his innate Chaotic Divine Soul and became a part of him. New gusts of wind were bred in his spiritual ocean. They spun and rolled restlessly, brushing and slamming against each other as they produced faint howls and thunderclaps that could be heard even from outside of his body.

The black wind gradually receded, and an old white-bearded man clad in a black robe made his appearance before Wu Qi, gritting his teeth.

The ground measuring one thousand miles in diameter had vanished into nothingness, leaving behind a huge round pit that went hundreds of miles deep. Across the distance, a few rivers were pouring water into the pit. The rushing water had created a few massive waterfalls that measured hundreds of miles in height. Before long, this great pit would turn into a great lake, and those who once lived on this piece of land would never be remembered again.

A radical change had happened in Zhong Province. The whereabouts of its Prefecture Overseer, Feng Lingling, were unknown, and with Fusang Ye and the others being busy taking over the power of the province, nobody noticed what was happening here. Perhaps somebody did notice it, but no one would care or come all the way here to inspect. The power of Zhong Province was the most important thing for them right now. Compared to that, the death of some common people and some cities being destroyed counted as nothing.

Wu Qi hovered amidst the breeze in a calm and composed manner. He squinted at the old man and asked, "Why are you attacking me?"

The old man, who was gritting his teeth, glared at Wu Qi and growled, "Spit them out! Give me back my children! You bloody b*stard! Y-yo-you... How dare you devour Gods? Even the Immortal King from the Heaven wouldn't dare to do that! How dare you!"

Shaking his head, Wu Qi burped and said with a bitter smile on his face, "I've digested them all. Burp! Well, there's not a scrap left now."

Followed his burping, gusts of winds began to rush out of his body, while crisp crackles were heard from all his joints, and his aura was growing stronger and more vigorous. A strange chaotic vortex could be seen flashing in each of his eyes, his long black hair fluttering behind his back. Gradually, his body grew hazy, as though it had embedded in the void around him.

Then, he raised both hands and began to rotate his cultivation base. Countless energy stones and immortal stones in his sleeve were fusing into his body, with their vast energy constantly being transformed into chaotic energy. From his sleeve came the crisp sounds of stone hitting stone while a vast energy spread out. Those were the energies which Wu Qi did not have time to transform.

In the space of a few breaths, Wu Qi had completely depleted all the energy stones and immortal stones which he had stolen from Feng Lingling's storehouses!

Twenty-sixth tier, twenty-fifth tier, twenty-fourth tier, twenty-third tier, twenty-second tier, twenty-first tier… His body was switching between fuzzy and clear, and with each turn, his cultivation base was raised by another tier. The six Gods he had devoured were all Gods of Wind element. By borrowing their enormous energy, the frightful devouring ability of the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, the magical Song of Gale, as well as the Laws that were branded in the true spirits of these six Gods, he had forcibly pushed his cultivation base to the twenty-first tier!

"There's nothing left! I've digested them all!" Wu Qi said frankly as he stared at the old man. "I need to thank them for this, if truth be told. Without them being so generous, how could my overall strength increase so rapidly? I would've been still been stuck in the twenty-seventh tier!"

The old man stared at Wu Qi in both astonishment and anger. "How did you manage to devour them so quickly?" He growled furiously, "What kind of Fiend cultivation technique are you practicing? How could... how could it be so fast? How can you break through so many tiers in such a short period of time? Where is your Heavenly Tribulation? Why isn't there any Heavenly Tribulation after you have broken through so many tiers?"

Wu Qi smiled as he shook his head and said, "I won't tell you, so save your breath. Now tell me, why did you attack me? Is it because of the two newborn Gods who didn't know how to behave?"

A hideous expression crept over the old man's face as he gritted his teeth while staring at Wu Qi and said, "You are the one who killed Wind Wolf and Flaming Tiger? What the Emperor said was right, as he told me that I would be able to find your trace in Zhong Province! Boy, give me your name! You have killed eight Gods who are serving the Emperor. Therefore, you are destined to have your bones broken into pieces and your flesh burned to ashes, as well as your soul wiped out completely! You will soon enjoy the scruelest torture in the world!"

Carefully, Ao Buzun poked his head out from under Wu Qi's collar. After giving the old man a glance, he murmured in a low voice, "Old man, who is that Emperor you are talking about? Hmm, let's see... Wind Gods and Fire Gods, I supposed you work for the Eastern Green Emperor?"

The Eastern Green Emperor, a frightening figure who had existed since the ancient times, represented the Ancient Gods of Wind, Rain, Thunder, and many other natural phenomena. Naturally, any newborn Gods of Wind, Fire, and the likes would be his subordinates.

As the old man gave Ao Buzun a glance, he noticed that a dazzling red light was flashing across the wooden plank he was holding tightly in hand. "You evil demon, so you are the one who swallowed Flaming Tiger? I can sense that he is not dead yet! Spit him out now! Quick!" he roared furiously.

Ao Buzun shook his head lazily and said with a sneer, "What? You want me to spit him out? It is like you are asking me to give you a virgin who I've slept with. How is it even possible?" He finished that with a loud burp. Then, while rubbing his front claws, he turned to Wu Qi and said with a dry smile, "Master, this little dragon cannot fight yet, so I'll leave this old man to you!"

Wu Qi nodded slowly and pushed Ao Buzun's head back into his clothes. "Words are useless, old man. Since you've come to attack me for the sake of those two idiots who didn't know how to behave," said Wu Qi as he lightly clapped his hands. "well, I've to kill you quickly, as my disciples are waiting for my guidance back in the sect."

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi shook his head in disdain and said, "Is the Eastern Green Emperor really that mighty? I'll look for him sooner or later to settle some old scores."

Wu Qi gave a sneer as he reflected on the hatred between Reverend Gale and Eastern Green Emperor. All of a sudden, a blinding green light burst out from inside of his body. After receiving the energy of six Gods and devouring all the immortal stones and energy stones he had stolen from Feng Lingling's storehouses, Wu Qi had forcibly pushed his cultivation base that of a twenty-first tier Heaven Immortal. Now, his overall strength was several times stronger than before. In addition, his bloodline of Gale had been strengthened a lot, as he had also devoured a wisp of source energy found in those Gods of Wind.

In front of the startled eyes of the old man, Wu Qi suddenly transformed into a green Gale with a body measuring about one mile long.

"Impossible!" cried the old man. "How can you be a Gale? You can't be a Gale!"

Even as his shrill cry rang out, the old man transformed into a gust of black wind and fled into the distance.

The divine beast, Gale, was born with the ability to control the wind. In other words, the Gale was the master of all the wind generated by the heaven and earth, the natural enemy of all Gods of Wind. An adult Gale had the overall strength to challenge the Gods of Wind on a higher level. Although this old man was a top-graded Heaven Immortal, he had lost all his courage to fight against the Gale who Wu Qi had transformed into.

It was like an adult antelope would always feel the instinctive fear, even though it was facing a newborn lion. The relationship between the Gales and Gods of Wind was like that between a lion and an antelope, an absolute suppression.

The old man possessed an overall strength of ninth-tier Heaven Immortal, but was nearly scared to death when he sensed the pure, flawless aura emitting from the Gale bloodline in Wu Qi's body. He had totally forgotten the tremendous gap between their overall strength. He was scared out of his wits, and could only think of fleeing.

A hideous smile emerged on Wu Qi's face as he silently exercised the wind controlling technique within the bloodline of Gale, then opened his mouth and inhaled towards the old man.

"Mercy!" The old man just stood there like an obedient child and let Wu Qi swallow him up, without showing the slightest will to resist. When he was inside Wu Qi's belly, a stream of chaotic energy came grinding at him, and smoothly separated his true spirit and his enormous energy. Wu Qi laughed with pleasure as he controlled the chaotic energy to stir the old man's true spirit into a complete mess.

When that was done, Wu Qi immediately transformed into a beam of bright light and sped away.

As soon as he disappeared, a large sheet of flame emerged from where he was. A red-bearded old man appeared out of nowhere with six youths wrapped in flames.

After giving the air a careful sniff, the red-bearded old man exclaimed, "How could that be? Mu Bai failed? Ah, his cultivation base is as strong as mine, yet he has been killed. Doesn't this mean I will be in great danger if I pursue the murderer?"

Shaking his head, the red-bearded old man spun and left with the six youths.

"Boys, let's return and report this to the Emperor. We need some experts to hunt down that murderer."

"We can't afford to offend a man so fierce and malicious, who eats us, Gods, as if we are merely his tonic!"

Soon, the place was filled with deafening thunderclaps and, fierce torrents of rain, and dazzling flashes of lightning, as groups of Gods consisting of one old man and six youths kept making their appearances. But, when they sensed the aura which Mu Bai had left behind after he was devoured, they immediately spun and left with an unsightly expression. Mu Bai's cultivation base was as strong as theirs, yet Wu Qi had devoured him. It had greatly frightened them, and none of them dared to stay any longer.

"It would be better to report the incident to the Green Emperor and let him send some experts to hunt down the murder." All the Gods who had come agreed to that, as they only possessed the overall strength of a Heaven Immortal. They did not have the courage to pursue further.

But, a bigger trouble was waiting for Wu Qi!

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