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While Zhong Ning City was being destroyed, seven figures were hovering above it. They were watching the scene of the siege curiously, of how the great army led by Fusang Ye brought down the entire city. All seven of them were surrounded by gusts of winds, some green, some white, and some black. Six of them had bodies as fuzzy as shadows, and only one of them, who was an old man with a long white beard, had a body that looked no different from an ordinary human.

The old man bowed his head and stared at the city. After a while, he shook his head and said with a mocking grin on his face, "The quality of today's human race is surely worse than their ancestors. In the ancient times, they were supporting each other in order to survive on Pangu Continent, and the bond between them was strong like an iron plate. Even our ancestors, the Ancient Gods, had suffered a great defeat and almost got completely wiped out by them. Since when did the human race begin to kill each other?"

With one finger pointing at Feng Lingling, who stood atop the rubble and letting out furious roars, the old man sighed and said, "This man is an expert of Gold Immortal realm. In the ancient times, an expert such as him from the human race would only die in a battle with the Outsiders, but not in the hands of his own people!"

The old man's expression changed suddenly. It was also the moment when the dark clouds began to gather above Zhong Ning City, and later formed into the giant hand that brought Feng Lingling and his company away.

"This!" The old man cried out with surprise. Gritting his teeth, he said, "So apparently, this Feng Lingling does have a strong backing, eh? It is a pity that we can't witness these humans killing each other!"

The six fuzzy figures behind the old man whirled about at the same time, and amidst the whistling of wind came their faint voices. The old man listened for some while, then shook his head and said with a sigh, "Yes, we must get down to our own business as soon as possible. With the escape of Feng Lingling, they will soon begin to fight for power amongst themselves. So, there's nothing left for us to watch."

After saying that, he gave the surroundings a careful sniff. Then, he took out a piece of green wood plank and spent some time to rub it with his palm. Before long, a gust of glistening wind spurted from the wooden plank, and there was a faint red glow flashing on it. The old man gritted his teeth and muttered, "Both Wind Wolf and Flaming Tiger are the Gods that were given birth by the heaven and earth. Not only that, they were Gods with excellent innate talents. If they were to mature enough, they would have the potential to make the breakthrough and become Great Ancient Gods! Whoever murdered them must be punished with death! I will break his bones and turn him into ashes!"

The flickering red glow was moving slowly across the wood plank.

The old man grunted coldly, then nodded his head and said with a smile, "Wind Wolf's soul has vanished completely. But for Flaming Tiger, there is still some of his energy left in the world. I bet the person who had murdered them has yet to digest all the energy of Flaming Tiger, eh?"

He pointed one finger forward and cried out in a deep voice, "The murderer is not far away. My children, go after him and kill him!"

Riding on his escape beam, Wu Qi was flying swiftly in the direction of An He City. As he flew, he absorbed the natural energy around him, using them to constantly replenish the chaotic energy that his body had consumed. The Seven Foundation Elevating Technique was extremely magical, as it was able to refine all the natural energies and even foul energy into chaotic energy. Therefore, the speed of him replenishing his energy was countless times faster than that of ordinary cultivators. In just a short period of fifteen minutes, his energy had been completely replenished.

He could not help but grin broadly at the thought of the countless treasures in his sleeve. Once he was back in An He City, he would bring the several hundred disciples of the Underhand Sect to An Yi County, and create an Immortal Abode in that nameless mountain. When that was done, with all these precious treasures he had, he would be able to propel the disciples through a period of rapid growth. Once they were strong enough, he would then expand the base and recruit more disciples. At that point in time, it would be considered that he had laid a solid foundation for the Underhand Sect in Zhong Province.

As he was deep in thoughts, a sudden gust of foul wind came whistling over the back of his head.

With a sway, his body dissolved into a clump of Fiend energy suddenly and dispersed in all directions. The foul wind came, sweeping past his incorporeal body and advancing further, a gust of green wind that blew tens of miles away. All the way, it cracked the earth and shattered the rocks. It happened that there stood a human village in its course, and the wind blew over it, rolling up hundreds of houses and thousands of common people into the air. All of a sudden, everything exploded into powder, and was carried away and thrown in all directions by the green wind.

The wild wind pulverized everything on its way, drawing out the life force of everything that it had destroyed… flowers, grasses, trees, humans, animals. Then, the life force was transformed into a gust of glinting wind, which blew back to where the green wind had come from.

The black Fiend energy suddenly converged and transformed back into Wu Qi. As he emerged, his eyes followed the gust of glinting wind which had returned, and he saw a fuzzy figure that looked like a youth. The figure was staring at him with a hideous smile, and was opening his mouth to swallow the gust of wind that contained the life force of countless plants, humans, and animals.

A strong light flashed through the youth's body, and his body suddenly became much clearer.

"Who are you? And why are you assaulting me from behind?" Wu Qi asked crossly.

A howling of wind was heard as five other figures came whistling over and surrounded Wu Qi, together with the first youth. All six of them stared at him and laughed in unison, but none of them answered his question. They tilted their heads and looked at him leisurely, like a pack of strong lions watching their prey.

Wu Qi glanced at them with displeasure, then his face suddenly darkened. "If there is nothing you want from me," he said coolly, "I'll take my leave now."

With a flash of his body, Wu Qi turned into a beam of black light and fled into the distance. Instead of choosing the direction of An He City, he chose a random direction to fly out. But as soon as he took off, six strong winds immediately followed him along with piercing whistles. They tangled with each other and transformed into an invisible whirlpool that gripped his body. It slowed him down, and soon, he was flying at a speed not much faster than an ordinary man walking on the ground.

Amidst the howling of the wind, the air within a thousand miles of the surrounding area was stirred, turning into wild winds of six colors that spun crazily with Wu Qi and the others in the center. Gradually, the blue, red, white, black, and green winds blanketed everything. They had turned corporeal like sharp blades that tore the earth, ripping countless deep and shallow cracks on the ground. Towns and villages within thousands of miles were ruined, countless houses were blown away, and countless humans and animals were brought into the air while screaming and crying.

At that moment, the sky was filled with broken building materials, humans, and animals, who wheeled and danced uncontrollably amidst the fierce wind. The terrible force of wind was crushing everything; blood was oozing out from the bodies of human and animals. Even as that happened, all the blood and energy were compressed by the fearsome force, then slowly injected into the bodies of six youths along with the wind. Replenished by the blood and energy essence, their bodies had become much clearer and compact.

Wu Qi felt that his body was getting heavier, as if countless pythons had entangled him and made him unable to move. The magnetic force was throbbing wildly around him, and kept making buzzing noises as the powerful force tried to drag him forward. But, he was trapped by the winds, which had offset the magnetic force, causing him to gradually stop in the air.

"Damn it!" Wu Qi's eyes rolled as he suddenly realized where these youths had come from!

They were the Gods given birth by the heaven and earth, the formidable Gods who were bred after the forces of the Laws of Heaven and Earth combined with the copious natural energy in some random spirit caves. What he did some time ago had provoked these Gods, he recollected, as he and Ao Buzun had swallowed Wind Wolf and Flaming Tiger, the two newborn Gods!

Everything about Wind Wolf had been wiped out by Wu Qi, and all his energy had become Wu Qi's energy. But Ao Buzun was still digesting Flaming Tiger's energy. It also meant that Flaming Tiger had yet to vanish completely from the heaven and earth. That was the reason why some almighty expert could find Ao Buzun through the aura Flaming Tiger had left behind. Once they found Ao Buzun, they would also find Wu Qi.

After figuring out the root cause of the ambush, Wu Qi suddenly flicked his fingers and unleashed numerous beams of black light, which condensed into six Primordial Runes the size of a rice hopper and landed hard on all the six youths. "Detonate!" Wu Qi cried out.

Six loud booms rang out instantly. The six youths, who were laughing savagely, were caught unprepared, and were hit by the Primordial Runes unleashed by Wu Qi. The explosion ripped their limbs from their bodies, while the already formed whirlwind suddenly disintegrated. Wu Qi felt his body lightened. Without the slightest hesitation, he transformed into a beam of black light and wheeled rapidly around the six youths, whose bodies had been badly mutilated.

"Well, you have brought this yourself!"

All of a sudden, the chaotic energy in his body turned into a huge whirlpool. Exercising the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique, Wu Qi opened his mouth and sucked toward the six youths. Now that his cultivation base had taken a great leap, he had the energy of a Twenty-seventh Tier Heaven Immortal, the fleshly body of a Twenty-seventh Tier Heaven Immortal who cultivated only his body, and the Dragon Transformation Script which made his body as strong as a Twenty-seventh Tier Heaven Dragon. The combination of several powers had made him frightfully strong.

A deafening rumble echoed out as a chaotic black hole suddenly emerged at Wu Qi's mouth, from the inside of which came a fearsome suction force. Two of the youths who had their bodies torn apart by Wu Qi's Primordial Runes, and had not yet been able to form back in one piece, were instantly swallowed by him. A vast stream of chaotic energy swarmed toward them and squeezed into their bodies, which were in a misty form, and trapped their true spirits within.

Amidst the chaotic energy, Wu Qi activated the bloodline of Gale, using the divine ability of controlling the wind to easily wipe out both true spirits. Then, he spread all of their energies throughout his own body. He burst into a joyous howl with his long hair rising straight toward the sky, and his eyes flashing with a strange gleam. An enormous aura kept spreading out from inside of him.

Supplemented by the Laws of Heavenly Dao and the energies provided by both Wind Gods, whose overall strength were at the level of Twenty-eighth Tier Heaven Immortal, Wu Qi was able to push his cultivation base forward, which had been trapped in the bottleneck of Twenty-seventh Tier. It was this tiny push that broke the bottleneck, and made the energy inside his body to surge like the rocking Yangtze River.

He let out a wild laugh, then gritted his teeth and said angrily, "Gods of Wind Element? Do you know that you are literally providing me with a free meal?"

Wu Qi might be afraid of other Gods, but as he possessed the bloodline of Gale, these Wind Gods should not have come to him!

Before the other four youths could recover from their shock, Wu Qi laughed wildly and swallowed them all with one big mouth.

A dreadful howling of wind was heard coming down from above, followed by a furious and desperate voice,

"How dare you! Rascal, spit them out! Spit them out right now!"

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