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In an alternate dimension, Princess Zhang Le controlled the silver lotus throne that shone with a bright five-colored glow and sped through the tunnel.

Lord Xiansheng and Catfish laid panting on the lotus throne. There was a cut on Lord Xiansheng's chest, and Catfish, on the other hand, had a large chunk of flesh ripped off from her bottom by a sword beam. Both had transformed back to their original form and were rotating their cultivation base silently to repair their fleshly bodies. It was a known fact that the members of flood dragons had strong fleshly bodies, and their vitality was extremely tenacious. So, although both of them had suffered serious injuries, their lives were not in great danger.

Peppermint and Angelica squatted gingerly next to Lord Xiansheng and Catfish, using clean handkerchief soaked with water to apply some medicinal paste on their wounds. Although both girls were gentle with their movement, but as the medicinal paste was personally made by Wu Qi himself, and came with a very strong medicinal strength, when it touched their wounds, the intense pain made Lord Xiansheng grit his teeth and frown, while Catfish simply shouted abuses.

The python brothers, Gold Horn and Silver Horn, had their long bodies coiled up as they stood guard next to Princess Zhang Le. Gold Horn was grumbling noisily about why had they bumped into some fierce Immortals who tried to rob them, even as they were passing through the alternate dimension. And his brother, Silver Horn, was relishing the wonderful taste of the Immortal who tried to rob them, complaining that Catfish's mouth was too big that she had swallowed almost half of the delicious Immortal. It was obvious that he and his brother, together with Lord Xiansheng, had suffered a great loss in the battle of food.

Princess Zhang Le had a sullen expression as she knitted her brows into a tight frown and stared ahead coldly.

"Mi Xuan Sect of the Dahua Chiyan Heavenly Realm? Sooner or later, we'll have to settle this with you!"

With her innate divine ability, Princess Zhang Le and her company should have arrived in Pangu Continent a few months ago. But, when they were less than seven days from Pangu Continent, they encountered a group of Immortals in the tunnel, who claimed to be the disciples of Mi Xuan Sect of Dahua Chiyan Heavenly Realm. They launched a sudden assault against Princess Zhang Le when her silver lotus throne overtook them. The thunderbolts unleashed by them had disturbed the tunnel, and caused Princess Zhang Le and her company to be dragged into a turbulence.

Those Immortals had attacked her with their eyes on the silver lotus. They knew that it was an incredible treasure, so they had decided to rob it.

Little did they expect that although Princess Zhang Le and her company did not possess some formidable cultivation base, none of them was to be trifled with. Princess Zhang Le had forcibly suppressed the turbulence with her five-colored divine ray, while Lord Xiansheng and the others jumped straight into a battle mode, killing most of the Immortals who had attacked them. The strongest Immortal was eaten by Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and the others, causing the rest of the Immortals to quickly exercise mystic techniques and flee in terror.

The Immortals of Mi Xuan Sect had disappeared without a trace, but Princess Zhang Le and her company had suffered greatly. Although she had already suppressed the turbulence with her divine ray, they were drifted off the tunnel and thrown to somewhere close to Pangu Continent, a place named Hengyuan Xuanshi Heavenly Realm.

With no other options, Princess Zhang Le and her company could only use the teleportation formation in Hengyuan Xuanshi Heavenly Realm to set off for Pangu Continent once again. But, as they were trapped in a turbulence for several months, their journey was greatly delayed.

Looking into the distance at a glimmer of white light, Princess Zhang Le said in a deep voice, "Brother Xiansheng, Catfish, are you getting better? We are about to arrive Pangu Continent. As none of us know exactly what the situation is, we need to be extra careful."

Lord Xiansheng snorted as he turned into his human form. With a halberd in his hand, he said, "Don't worry, I can handle a few Immortals with my halberd. My sister, you have to put away this silver lotus throne. We should not expose such a precious treasure!"

Catfish rose to her feet while trembling, then transformed into her human form as well. With her jaws clenched tightly, she stroked her bottom and said sulkily, "I'm fine, I'm fine. A minor injury such as this can never defeat me! Mi Xuan Sect of the Dahua Chiyan Heavenly Realm… Hmph! I'll remember them! Sooner or later, I'll swallow them all alive and put an end to my grievance!"

Gold Horn tilted his head sideways and gave Catfish's bottom a glance from the corner of his eyes. "A piece of fat meat weighing at least one hundred and fifty kilograms has gone to waste! What a pity!" He threw his head back and breathed out a long sigh, "How could they mince it as if it is nothing? They could always have saved it and let my brother and I have a taste! The meat of a Catfish demon who has cultivated to a flood dragon, if we cook it with some pepper and chili, would surely be delicious!"

Catfish's face darkened suddenly. She stared fixedly at Gold Horn and Silver Horn, then said coldly, "Well, I am also very interested in tasting the Dragon and Tiger Fight 1 !"[1]

Off to a side, Lord Xiansheng shook his head helplessly. He sighed and said, "Dragon and Tiger Fight? Can you leave me alone?"

A heated quarrel erupted between Catfish and the python brothers, and they nearly dragged each other into a fist fight. Princess Zhang Le rubbed her temple helplessly as she heaved a long sigh and performed a hand incantation gesture. "Retract!" With the cry, the silver lotus throne gave off a brilliant five-colored ray and transformed into a stream of light that plunged into her brows.

In a blink, the enormous pressure in the tunnel came pressing down at them. The trio could no longer continue their fight, and they hurriedly rushed to Princess Zhang Le's side as they unleashed protective energy barriers. White waves were surging around Lord Xiansheng, black water was rolling around Catfish, while towering flame and biting coldness rose from the bodies of the python brothers, turning into a dazzling energy barrier of white and red that wrapped around everyone.

Princess Zhang Le, on the other hand, flicked her sleeve and unleashed a blinding light of five colors, which fused with all the energy barriers. Under the strong protection, they flew forward like lightning.

The glimmer of white light ahead grew larger and brighter. In the blink of an eye, they felt their bodies lighten, and before they knew it, they had arrived in a massive teleportation formation. A fresh and sweet air came caressing at their faces, while rich natural energy was actively entering into their bodies. It seemed that even without meditating, the energy in their bodies was increasing at a slow but steady rate.

"A splendid place!" Lord Xiansheng cried in excitement.

"A splendid place indeed!" Catfish's eyes went wide as her little eyeballs rolled about to glance at the Immortals and mortals around them. A wisp of saliva was dripping down from the corner of her mouth. "The people here must have ample blood essence and vigorous energy essence, since they are living on a land with such a copious amount of natural energy! I bet they must be delicious to eat, and very chewy as well!"

The look of Gold Horn and Silver Horn was even worse. The brothers had their mouths opened widely with saliva gushing out, and soon, there was a puddle of saliva around them.

As timid as they were, the two sisters, Angelica and Princess Zhang Le, followed Princess Zhang Le closely, their hands clung to her sleeves as they glanced around curiously.

They were on a flat ground with a diameter of one hundred miles, which was a mountain that had been cleaved in the middle. Hundreds of large and small teleportation formations stood around them, and some of those near them were flashing with bright lights as Immortals and cultivators kept walking out. There were also a large number of Immortals and cultivators walking into a teleportation formation off in a distance, some looking complacent, and some in panic.

Dozens of pavilions stood loftily on the clouds surrounding the mountain. Buildings to the east were fashioned in the style of Great Yu, palaces that were tall and ancient, constructed with huge, black and green colored rocks. Countless armored soldiers stood before them, who were resting their cold glances at the flat ground. On the clouds to the west stood palaces that came in the classic design of the Heaven. They looked gorgeous, exquisite, luxurious, and magnificent with every pillar and tile giving off a dazzling light, glinting brilliantly under the bright sunlight. It was a sharp contrast to the buildings on the eastern side.

Some Immortals who were clad in luxurious long robes and tall crowns were seen visiting the palaces on the western side, all riding on clouds. They were laughing leisurely and greeting people they knew.

As Princess Zhang Le was observing everything curiously, a few officers clad in green outfits and standing next to the teleportation formation cried out in a loud voice, "Hey, you, the Immortal cultivators, come out from there quickly! Don't get in the way of those behind you!"

One of the officers pointed a finger at the buildings to the west and said, "First, you have to report your background to the Registration Office, then you can go to the Immortal Pass on the east side to receive your identity certificate. You can only travel freely on Pangu Continent after that is done. Otherwise, the officials of Great Yu have the right to kill any Immortals who don't have an identity certificate!"

The had the right to kill any Immortals? Those fierce words made Princess Zhang Le frown. But, when she looked at the many Immortals and cultivators who were bustling around her, she still summoned a cloud, and together with Lord Xiansheng and the others, flew toward a pavilion on the western side, which was visited by most of the people.

A golden plaque shone with a faint light was set atop the pavilion, and two large purple characters, 'Registration Office', were carved on its face.

What greeted them immediately when they entered the Registration Office were three long rows of tables. Countless immortal officers were working busily behind these tables, registering the background of those Immortals and cultivators who had visited the place. Chattering filled their ears, and there were even people shouting and yelling loudly. It made the Registration Office look like some sort of market.

It happened that three Heaven Immortals had just left one of the tables, and the handsome young immortal office who was clad in a white cloak as he sat behind it beckoned to Princess Zhang Le. "Newcomers, over here! What is your purpose of visiting Pangu Continent?"

Princess Zhang Le went over. The immortal officer took out a few scrolls and threw them on the table, asking her to fill them out truthfully. Then, he began to talk endlessly. He warned Princess Zhang Le that if she came to Pangu Continent in search of some kind of spirit herbs, she could always go to some immortal squares to purchase them, and it was better not to venture to some mountains to harvest them herself, as the army of Great Yu would definitely find her. And, if she was here to establish a sect, she must have at least a high-tier Gold Immortal protecting the sect. Otherwise, it was better not to think about it.

Because of her extraordinary features, the young immortals had told her many things she needed to pay attention to on Pangu Continent, especially that she should never offend the officials of Great Yu. Of course, if she were backed by some Primordial Immortals or some high-ranking immortal officials in the Heaven, it would be a whole different story.

With a smile on her face, Princess Zhang Le filled out the scrolls with a made-up background and identity while listening to the immortal officer. As this was the first time she came to Pangu Continent, those were the lessons and experiences she badly needed.

At that moment, a young man wearing a white jade crown on his head and having a black-and-white cape draped over his shoulder, who looked handsome and valiant while sending forth a mighty air, strode into the Registration Office with an escort of nearly one hundred Immortals. As he strode along, the young man shouted angrily, "Good-for-nothing! What a bunch of useless fools! What I want is merely a hundred-odd spirit herbs, yet you've failed to gather them all!"

As he spoke, the young man suddenly saw Gold Horn and Silver Horn, who were coiling next to Princess Zhang Le with saliva dripping from their mouths. His eyes went wide instantly.

"Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice? The spirit paste refined out of their viscera can replace thirty-six main ingredients mentioned in that pill recipe! Wonderful! Father's wound can be treated now! Somebody, take them down for me!"

The young man pointed at Gold Horn and Silver Horn, and a group of Immortals immediately leaped toward the python brothers.

It is the most famous fish in Guangdong, China, a dish of braised snake and civet cat, where the snake represented dragon, and the civet cat represented tiger.

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