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The innate Yang energy fused with Wu Qi, joining with the innate Yin energy which he absorbed earlier and forming a Taiji diagram. They were spinning and flowing slowly in his Yin and Yang spirit meridian, a part of his Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians. Quietly, he exercised the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique, driving the two energies to circulate within his body, smearing all his innate five elements energies with a layer of roiling aura.

He murmured an incantation under his breath, carefully contemplating the images of corresponding runes in his spiritual ocean. Slowly, an indistinct aura exuded from his body, and a faint, unsettling pressure was spreading across the chamber. Ten innate Nascent Souls had left his body, wheeling rapidly around him in a trail perfectly matched with the Taiji diagram.

Natural energies kept rushing into his body from all directions. After the innate Yin and Yang energy had reached an absolute balance inside of, Wu Qi pulled himself out of the huge innate Yang energy that looked like a dragon, hovering midair in this massive chamber.

He absorbed the natural energy silently, circulating them through his meridians as they kept strengthening his innate five elements energies, as well as the innate Yin and Yang energies. When the speed of strengthening could no longer meet Wu Qi's demand, when the natural energies in the surroundings could no longer fulfill what was required to keep his cultivation rotating, both the Ganoderma Horse and the Ganoderma Immortal Spirit Fluid flew out of his spiritual ocean, dripping into his mouth like the sweetest dews he had ever tasted.

A vast stream of energy rolled and rocked in his body. The seven streams of innate energies became stronger and stronger. Eventually, they left the Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians in his arms and began rushing into the rest of his body. In just a flash, the Nether Inferno Fiend Nascent Soul, which he had cultivated with great effort in the past few years, crumbled and disintegrated. The enormous power and all the inferno hell energy stored in it was transformed into part of the seven streams of innate energies, circulating restlessly through each and every single meridian in his body.

In the beginning, there was nothing in the universe except a formless chaos. An almighty expert had broken this primeval chaos, which generated the two primary forces, Yin and Yang. Then, the two primary forces generated the four symbols, which eventually produced the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. They were the foundations of all the beings in the universe, the essences of the three realms.

The inside of Wu Qi's body was boiling fiercely like a pot of porridge on a burning stove. The innate energies of five elements were fusing with each other at a slow but firm pace. With every thread of innate energy that fused, his body would become a little bit fuzzier, and the tissues inside his body would disintegrate a little bit more. All the crumbling flesh and blood had merged with the roiling innate energy of five elements, which had their once bright, distinctive colors seeming to wash off, now looking between gray and white, and blended with a riot of colors.

Two streams of Yin and Yang energies were spinning and circulating rapidly inside him, transforming into an invisible giant net that bound the mutating five element energies. Balanced by both the Yin and Yang energies, the constantly clashing and fusing five element energies had become extremely gentle, fusing with one another in a slow and gentle pace like a drop of milk dripped into a bowl of water. It had prevented them from crashing like the heavenly thunder and the hellfire, which would have produced a violent explosion to rip Wu Qi into pieces.

The innate energies of five elements had squeezed into his entrails. They began to tremble lightly as the energies had aroused the energy essences of the entrails, which transformed into more innate energies of five elements and rushed out. Gradually, the entrails were melting and then crumbling, filling the insides of Wu Qi with a roiling, five-colored air mass. A strong five-colored light was radiating from his skin as well.

When the innate energies of five elements had completely melted down all his entrails, turning all of them into innate energies, the energy of Yin and Yang joined the magical transformation. It was as if two burning firewoods had been thrown into a barrel of fuel; a violent explosion erupted, crumbling and disintegrating all his muscles, bones, meridians, and veins, transforming them into a stream of roiling airflow that mixed into the five-colored air mass.

Gradually, he stopped exercising the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique, and began to exercise the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique.

As the name implied, the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique was used to build his foundation, and the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique was to elevate him to a higher level!

Apart from a thin sheet of human skin, all the organs, tissues, everything inside of Wu Qi had turned into a chaotic air mass. The five elements were fusing back into the two forces, reversing the process of how the universe was created, turning everything back to a formless chaos, transforming the seven innate energies into the energy of chaos. This was the first step of the Seven Foundation Elevating Technique.

More than half of the Ganoderma Immortal Fluid was devoured by Wu Qi. He was full of energy now, the sheer volume comparable to that of a high-tier Heaven Immortal. However, in terms of their quality, no Heaven Immortals could compare to him, whose body was filled with the energy of the chaos.

Ten innate Nascent Souls opened their mouths to roar out in laughter, transforming into ten beams of light that plunged straight into Wu Qi's body. Ten deafening booms of explosions rang out in a row from within him as the Nascent Souls detonated at the same time, disintegrating into ten streams of strong source energy of soul that joined the huge chaotic air mass. Wu Qi, or rather the human skin of his, opened his mouth and swallowed the entire Ganoderma Immortal Horse and all of the remaining Ganoderma Immortal Fluid.

A vast energy exploded in him and was quickly absorbed by the chaotic air mass, then transformed into an endless stream of chaotic airflow that swirled repeatedly within the human skin.

The enormous chaotic air mass was compressing and shirking, slowly turning into an oval-shaped air mass that looked like a tiny egg. But, it was not dense enough, and it couldn't take its final shape even after a few tries.

A faint sigh was heard coming out from the chaotic air mass. Abruptly, the Phoenix Fire Pouch hovering inside Wu Qi's brain disintegrated. A wisp of chaotic airflow came and rolled it up, turning it into a vast stream of chaotic airflow. Then, the Divine Flame of Order, which had grown stronger than before, was devoured by the chaotic airflow as well, turning into a massive stream of chaotic airflow. Next were the Enchanting Skulls Flag and the Myriad Spirit White Bone Armor, the two immortal items which Wu Qi had refined. They too had returned to their original state, the source of all materials - chaos!

But, the energies came from all these items could still not make Wu Qi manifest!

At that moment, the Black Dragon Spirit Ring opened his mouth, unleashing the several hundred immortal items which Wu Qi had stolen from Miao Ying Palace. They flew into his body and were transformed by the powerful chaotic airflow. After that was the Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper, then the energy stones and herbs Lao Ai had given him… Everything was devoured by the chaotic airflow in his body, all turned into the source energy of everything.

Yet, it was still not enough. The chaotic air mass in his body could still not take its final shape. The energy required to form the innate chaotic spirit body was just too massive.

Wu Qi had already lost his consciousness, and he was acting only with his basic instinct. He casually pointed one finger out, and dozens of fuzzy chaotic airflow shot out of his fingertip, interweaving into a giant web that wrapped the several miles tall innate Yang energy and dragged it into his body. Inside him, the gigantic innate Yang energy was slowly digested and transformed by the chaotic airflow, turning into the chaotic energy as well. Then, the chaotic airflow thrust out again, pulling the huge stone lotus flower into him.

Right after he devoured the stone lotus flower, the soul of the black dragon suddenly poked out of the ring and howled at the top of his voice, "Stop eating everything! You've promised that you will help me rebuild my dragon body! You can't remove the plank after crossing the bridge!"

But, the Black Dragon Spirit Ring's worry did not become a fact. A gentle chaotic airflow darted out of Wu Qi's body, squeezed into the ring, and pushed him far away. Meanwhile, the Spirit Breeding Ring which Wu Qi was wearing was swallowed by the chaotic airflow. The enormous space within it, all the food, and even the Qilin who he had robbed and was sleeping in it now, were devoured and transformed by the chaotic airflow.

And that was not the end, as he had also devoured the clump of innate earth element energy essence which he used to craft the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield, as well as the source power of the Heavenly Outfit of Gale.

Finally, after being replenished by so many items, the chaotic air mass inside his body reached its full power.

An air mass that was shaped like an egg was formed. It had the distinct layers of an egg, such as the shell, the egg white, and the yolk. The source of Wu Qi's soul was hiding deep inside the core, slowly absorbing the chaotic airflow to evolve. In just three to five days of time, an embryo of a baby could be seen taking shape inside the air mass, and was growing up at a shocking speed.

Eighteen days later, the human skin of Wu Qi ripped apart soundlessly and was swallowed by the chaotic air mass.

Before long, the chaotic air mass cracked open. A figure that looked identical to Wu Qi made his appearance in the chamber. He did not look husky, but was not skinny either. Everything of him looked balanced, as if they were matching with the Dao of Balance of the Universe. His long hair hung loosely behind his back, dark in color at the first glance. But, if one gave it a careful look, the color seemed to shift as they fluttered gently, looking extremely mysterious.

The chaotic airflow was slithering in and out of his body. The structure of his body was exactly like that of a normal human being, but everything was covered in a layer of fuzzy sheen, with countless stars blinking in them. If one could give the inside of his body a glance, they would discover that there was an indistinctly huge amount of countless seals of the Great Dao.

Inside his spiritual ocean, the Dark Yin Soul Captivation, which had made Wu Qi remain in a state of apprehension for years, had been easily devoured by the chaotic airflow, leaving no future troubles behind. In the now emptied spiritual ocean, there sat cross-legged a Chaotic Divine Soul on top of a chaotic air mass, who was stretching his back lazily and yawning.

He had successfully formed his innate Chaotic Spirit Body, and given birth to his innate Chaotic Divine Soul!

Wu Qi opened his eyes suddenly and roared with laughter. His body swayed a little, and the natural energy in the surroundings immediately came rushing into him. He began to cultivate the Song of Gale, the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture, the Dark Yin Water Scripture, and the Asamskrta Energy Unite Scripture, all the cultivation techniques which he had practiced before, and all at once! But, despite what cultivation technique he was practicing, the energy that generated within his body was all chaotic energy. However, when he exercised a divine ability of one of the cultivation techniques, he could easily mimic all the magical powers of that particular cultivation technique with the chaotic energy.

One moment, he had wild green winds rising around him, and in the next moment, he was shrouded by a billowing dark fiend energy, then a biting coldness, then columns of watery clouds. And with just a thought, he could have one Nascent Soul, then later three, and five, and seven. But, in the next moment, all of the Nascent Souls crumbled and disintegrated into nothingness. It was so magical, and everything just acted accordingly with just a simple thought.

He laughed, sensing the bloodline of the Gale that still remained in his Chaotic Spirit Body. Then, with a twist of his body, he suddenly transformed into a pure-blooded Gale! But, he stood only dozens of feet tall, and looked exactly like a nestling who had just broken out from his shell!

"Amazing! So, this is the Chaotic Spirit Body! So long as I can get a tiny wisp of bloodline from some divine beast, I can always transform into that divine beast! I can be any divine beast that lives under the heaven!" As he sensed the enormous divine power of the Gale flowing through his body, Wu Qi could not help but laugh out wildly.

With a blink of his body, he transformed back into the human form. After that, he began to exercise the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, as he began to crazily absorb the mysterious purple energy from the surroundings.

A vast stream of purple energy came rolling over to him, rushing into his body like a fierce tidal wave. His newborn Chaotic Spirit Body, which was just slightly stronger than a normal human being, was being quickly strengthened. In just a blink of an eye, the strength of his fleshly body skyrocketed, from Gold Core realm to Nascent Soul realm, then Nascent Divinity realm, and finally stopped at the level of that a body cultivator of Thirtieth-tier Heaven Immortal realm. The powerful muscle strength mixed with the endless chaotic energy as it flowed ceaselessly through his body. Wu Qi had never felt so good before!

A faint dragon cry echoed out, and a black dragon about the size of a mudfish flew towards Wu Qi.

"Ao Buzun offers greeting, my Master!"

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