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Wu Qi stared at the black dragon with surprise. He looked like a dwarf among dragons, as tiny as a mudfish, and did not even have scales. Wu Qi gave his head a tap with his finger and asked, "Ao Buzun? You are the Black Dragon Spirit Ring?"

The black dragon, Ao Buzun, wagged his tail and nodded his head three times, a gesture of offering his greeting. "Yes, I am Ao Buzun, the Black Dragon Spirit Ring." He answered happily, "Thanks to the wisp of chaotic energy that Master gave me, my item spirit body was melted down and it has helped me rebuild my dragon body. To my great surprise, Master's energy essence and the chaotic energy have actually allowed me to form the body of a Chaotic Black Dragon. Now, I have a limitless future! Thank you, Master!"

Wu Qi grabbed Ao Buzun's tail and gave him a shake, realizing that he was indeed a real little, black dragon. "Well, it is good for you to form the body of a Chaotic Black Dragon. But, what about my storage ring?" he asked worriedly.

Ao Buzun was stunned at first, then quickly put up a flattering expression, bowing and smiling as he said, "Master is a mighty man whose divine abilities are beyond comparison. It is just a storage ring. We can always find a few of them by conning and cheating, or even robbing someone on the side of a road. Haha, this little dragon has followed Master for years, and have seen all the miraculous approaches employed by Master... It is just a trifling matter. We should just look forward into the future!"

Wu Qi gave Ao Buzun's head another fierce tap before throwing him onto his shoulder. With a sway of his body, he transformed into an obscure figure that could be barely seen with naked eyes and left the chamber.

The filthy stench was still strong in the great serpent's stomach, especially at this place near the anus, where it was millions of time stronger than the rest of the places. But, as Wu Qi and Ao Buzun had transformed into chaotic bodies, any stench that came near them would be dissolved by the chaotic energy. So long as the Great Serpent of Nine Yin did not intentionally attack them with the stench, none of that surrounding them could inflict any damage on them.

As he walked slowly through the serpent's intestine, Wu Qi was sensing the connection between him and Ao Buzun.

Just as what Ao Buzun had told him, the wisp of chaotic energy and part of his energy essence had rebuilt Ao Buzun's body. However, as the energy was too little in volume, Ao Buzun could only have a body as large as a mudfish. In order for him to grow larger and stronger, he would have to keep cultivating and feeding. But, that was of no concern to Wu Qi.

Because it was a fleshly body built with Wu Qi's energy essence, a vague kinship had been established between the both of them, and Ao Buzun's soul was under Wu Qi's complete control. That was the reason he immediately acknowledged Wu Qi as Master after he had his body rebuilt. It was a norm in the world of cultivators.

Although Wu Qi felt pity for the vast storage space in the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, he was happy to be accompanied by an assistant. It was true that Ao Buzun was still weak now, but he had an almost limitless future. The body of a Chaotic Black Dragon had granted him the right to become a Primordial Immortal, though it was all down to his own fate.

They finally left the serpent's body. Standing on the tip of its giant tail, Wu Qi cocked his head to look at Patriarch Miao Ying, who was several miles away, concentrating her whole attention in crafting her Primordial Immortal item, and totally unaware of the things around her. Wu Qi sighed suddenly. "A fat sheep is right before my eyes... I feel discontent for not robbing her!"

Ao Buzun's eyes darted from side to side as he chuckled under his breath and said, "Robbing her belongings is nothing to be proud of. But, it will certainly be a delightful event if we can rape her!"

Aghast, Wu Qi quickly turned around to look at Ao Buzun. The little black dragon gave him a sneaky face.

Wu Qi's lips twitched. He could not help but wonder how Ao Buzun had fallen so low and was made into a storage ring in those years. After all, dragons were a very powerful species, and the Clan of Black Dragon was the most violent and the most united clan, fond of battling others. Unless there was no alternative, nobody would want to start a feud with any members of the Black Dragon Clan, let alone making one of them into a storage ring.

"You like women?" Wu Qi asked, his mind filled with questions.

Ao Buzun was drooling, saliva dripping off his mouth like rain as he stared fixedly at Patriarch Miao Ying. A little object had raised its head below his abdomen. "My wise Master, not just women, any female beings who are beautiful, be it a dragon, a phoenix, a peahen, a vixen… Anyone that looks pleasing to the eyes will arouse my lust! Tsk, Master has no idea how many pretty girls I have conquered in those years just with my dragon whip!"

Ao Buzun was surely proud of his achievements, but Wu Qi's cold voice suddenly rang out, "Do you remember how you died?"

Ao Buzun guffawed, "Yes I do! After having my fleshly body rebuilt with Master's energy essence, my memory has suddenly restored! Haha, I was caught peeping at Western White Emperor's granddaughter taking a bath, and they skinned me, pulled out my tendons, and made me into a storage ring!"

Even as he said that, he shuddered, coiling up his body with his mouth twitching. He stared piteously at Wu Qi and said with a whimper, "Master, should you be able to, please avenge this little dragon! You don't have to offend that Western White Emperor, as we can just capture his granddaughter alive. Master, you can enjoy her first, then let me have a taste of her, before we lock her up and lash her with whips for three hundred years. Hehe, that should vent my anger!"

'Damn it, this Ao Buzun is actually a licentious dragon!'

Wu Qi extended his hand, having the intention to grab Ao Buzun and throw him as far as he could. But, memories came flashing in his mind. This fellow had been following him over the past few years, when he was still a storage ring. The relationship they had built made his hand halt halfway.

He smiled dryly, then gnashed his teeth and snapped, "You better not act foolishly again, or I'll cut your little brother and soak it with some wine!"

Ao Buzun hastily covered his lower body with four claws and said with a terrified voice, "Master, with this little body of mine, you won't get much to soak your wine. If that is what you want, this little dragon can guide you to a few places where the corpses of the Seniors of my clan are kept. They all have a big tool, and there are many of them!"

Wu Qi was trembling with rage. Although they had just gotten along for a very short moment, he had grasped Ao Buzun's true colors. Not only was he a licentious dragon, he was a licentious dragon who would not hesitate to betray his ancestors! 'But, are there really that many dragon corpses? Mm... I'm lacking magical treasures right now, and the dragon corpses are excellent materials to craft magical treasures!'

Wu Qi blinked his eyes, and Ao Buzun was blinking his eyes too as he stared at Wu Qi with a sly expression. Both the man and the dragon exchanged a glance, then suddenly let out an insidious laugh together, sounding almost identical. Ao Buzun rubbed his front claws, lowered his voice, and said gingerly, "If Master wants them, this little dragon can always be the guide. But, can you please take pity on this little dragon and give him something good? Tsk, this little dragon will grow rapidly after devouring the flesh of his Seniors, and only then can he fight the enemies for Master!"

He twisted and turned his body like a mudfish while saying sullenly, "Even if Master makes this little dragon your mount, you are not going to look majestic riding on a tiny dragon."

A mount? Using a black dragon as his mount? Wu Qi's eyes shone with a bright gleam as he gave Ao Buzun a slap and said, "This is an excellent suggestion! It is decided then. I'll have you carry me around in the future. Mm, but I have to think of a way to make you grow larger. Anyone can stamp you to death easily right now."

Ao Buzun had just formed his body of a Chaotic Black Dragon. Although he had an excellent potential, he had yet to begin cultivating. Thus, the strength of his fleshly body was not much different from an ordinary demon beast, and any Immortal could easily stamp him to death. Wu Qi thought he should find some time to strengthen Ao Buzun's overall strength.

After giving Patriarch Miao Ying another glance, Wu Qi sighed and shook his head, then transformed into an obscure figure and left with Ao Buzun. Although Patriarch Miao Ying could not counterattack, she was protected by the set of seven immortal swords. They were too powerful, and with his current overall strength, Wu Qi dared not to provoke them.

Ao Buzun breathed out a long sigh as well. Perching on Wu Qi's shoulder, he turned around to look at Patriarch Miao Ying's sexy body. The tiny object below his abdomen raised its head again.

Patriarch Miao Ying had completely locked down the Dark Abyss with a mighty divine ability, which had rendered all the teleportation techniques and escape arts useless. Wu Qi had to hide behind a boulder near the Minor Rakshasa Void Reversing and Heart Slaughtering Formation, waiting patiently for her to conclude this round of crafting.

It had taken him tens of days to form his innate Chaotic Body in that chamber of pure Yang. So, after waiting for a few more days, he finally heard a long howl coming from below, immediately followed by Patriarch Miao Ying's joyful laughter. "Oh my precious treasure, your divine will has begun to take shape. Once I have it fully awakened and helped you form your soul, your crafting will be completed! Hehe, you are going to help me teach that b*tch a good lesson!"

Before long, a clump of dark light towered into the sky from the bottom of the Dark Abyss. Fully satisfied and contented, Patriarch Miao Ying did not glance at her surroundings but just waved her hand casually and broke open the fiend formation, then unleashed a vast stream of fiend energy.

This was the way she informed her disciples and apprentices that she had concluded her secluded cultivation, a call to them so that they could wait for her arrival. After that, only then she would return to Miao Ying Palace, to enjoy things that her disciples and apprentices had prepared for her.

Right at the moment when Patriarch Miao Ying broke open the fiend formation and unleashed her fiend energy, Wu Qi had carefully shrunk his body, transforming himself and Ao Buzun into a tiny dust particle, then rushed out of the fiend formation together with the fiend energy, drifting into a far distance.

Obviously, Patriarch Miao Ying was blinded by her self-assurance. She did not expect that someone would have the courage and ability to intrude the Dark Abyss. Also, the crafting of her Primordial Immortal item had consumed almost all of her spirit and energy. Thus, she never noticed Wu Qi and Ao Buzun, allowing both of them to leave the place safely in the form of a dust particle.

The fiend energy pushed them several thousand miles away. Not daring to make a noise, Wu Qi just let the currents at the depth of the ocean carry them to the edge of the Northern Ocean. From there, he exercised an escape art and left the ocean, and when he was some distance away, he exercised the Acquired Magnetic Swordbeam with all his power, transforming into a beam of dark light and speeding away.

He fled for over three months, and after he was trillions of miles away from the Northern Ocean, only then he breathed out a sigh of relief and descended before a lofty mountain. However, right when he landed, a pair of man and woman leaped out from behind a boulder. "Give me all your energy stones and immortal stones, and I shall spare your life!" The man shouted fiercely.

Wu Qi raised his head, and he was shocked. The man standing before him was none other than Reverend Li Yang!

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