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In the Land of Nine Yin Negate Yang, the Great Serpent of Nine Yin was born amidst the vast innate evil energy of pure Yin.

Since the moment the Pangu Continent was created and the Dark Abyss of the Northern Ocean made its appearance, this great serpent had begun its breeding and growing. In the beginning, it was just an egg bred by the evil energy of pure Yin. As time passed, it hatched, and had been growing larger since then.

It inhaled and exhaled the evil energy of pure Yin. In every three hundred and sixty Periods, it would be able to extract a wisp of the purest innate evil energy from what it had inhaled, which would be used to grow its body longer by half a centimeter. Based on this and its current length of ten miles, this Great Serpent of Nine Yin had lived for a really long time.

It grew with the evil energy of pure Yin. It absorbed and digested them, extracted and refined the innate evil energy to nourish its body, and excreted the useless waste that came with what it had inhaled. This Great Serpent of Nine Yin was like a real serpent. It had a mouth cavity, internal organs, nerves, and muscles. Thus, it was natural for it to have an anus to excrete all the waste. The anus of all the livings under the heaven was the filthiest part of the body, and for this great serpent, the extraordinary being who only absorbed the evil energy of pure Yin, it was the worst of all.

No immortals with sane minds would want to step closer to this great serpent, except Patriarch Miao Ying, an almighty expert who was forced to borrow the innate evil energy of pure Yin to craft her Primordial Immortal item. Those who got too close to it would be corroded by the evil energy, melting into a puddle of filthy water and getting killed instantly.

Even an Immortal who was mentally ill would not want to get any closer to the back of the serpent, let alone wander near its anus. Just like how a human being would never jump into a septic tank to take a bath, nobody would do something as crazy as that, not even a mentally ill Immortal.

But, Wu Qi had carefully exercised an escape art. Taking the opportunity when Patriarch Miao Ying could not divert her attention to keep watch on her surroundings, he came stealthily to a spot near the serpent's tail, and approached its anus.

As he was about one mile away from the anus, a stench that could hardly be described with words, so stinky that it was at least millions of times nastier than an old latrine pit, came rushing over to him. The stench had nearly taken a corporeal shape, condensing into a plume of pitch-black mists that lingered in the void. Wu Qi's flesh crept and his vision went blurry as it nearly knocked him out in an instant.

For the moment, Wu Qi had a deep admiration for the Senior who passed him the Scroll of Stealing. He was wondering what kind of exploration spirit was required for that Senior to come so close to the anus of this great serpent, and even find out the way into the Land of Nine Yin Negate Yang?

Throughout the entire universe, which almighty expert would be bored to this level? Coming all the way here and squeezing into the place filled with nothing but filth…

The Great Celestial Emperor who sat loftily in the Heaven would never do that. The Eastern Green Emperor and the others of the similar level would never do that either. Even those Ghost Kings and Ghost Saints of the Ghost Domain, who were known universally for their stupidity, would never do that. The Senior who passed Wu Qi the Scroll of Stealing was indeed a unique figure, as not only had he visited this place, he even managed to discover something so secretive.

Wu Qi quietly exercised the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, emanating a dense layer of purple energy that wrapped him as he walked step by step towards the giant serpent's anus. He felt fortunate to have this magical cultivation technique. It not only harvested the purple energy to temper one's fleshly body, but also had a very strong resistance against all the other energies, including evil energy. Otherwise, he reckoned that he would not be able to resist the attack of the foul stench even with his innate energy.

He pressed on, worming through the rolling foul mists that seemed to have no end. Stars were dancing before his eyes; he felt his stomach hurt and wanted to vomit as countless filthy scenes filled his mind. He thought he was crawling and rolling in the foulest land under the heaven, the nauseating feeling making him want to cut himself into pieces and burn everything into ashes.

'To hell with all this filth! This damned Great Serpent of Nine Yin!'

Wu Qi glared frustratingly at the great serpent. Fortunately, this big fellow had not reached its mature stage, yet to have the ability to manifest and leave this place. According to the Scroll of Stealing, it would only attain its intelligence after having its body grown up to thirty-six miles long. At that point in time, it would be able to transform into a living being and leave the Dark Abyss.

It would take many, many years for it to grow up to thirty-six miles long from its current length. Wu Qi could not help but feel pity for those humans and Immortals who would live on Pangu Continent at that point in time. Should this big fellow really leave the Dark Abyss, it would definitely be a massive disaster for them.

He could no longer refrain from the natural reaction of his body. He vomited with his body trembling, and could not stop it at all. In the end, what came out of his mouth was blood. His body jerked convulsively, while his muscles tensed as if they were about to break.

Although he was protected by the purple energy, the place around the serpent's anus was just too dirty, too stinky!

'You are truly an amazing man to find such a place!' Once again, Wu Qi's heart was filled with a deep admiration for the nameless Senior who passed him the Scroll of Stealing.

Trying his best to hold down the discomfort coming from his body, Wu Qi exercised the escape art and charged into the serpent's anus with the quickest speed possible. Upon entering it, he was immediately greeted by a stench that was millions of time stinkier than outside. Abruptly, his skin cracked with countless tiny openings. The foul stench nearly ripped him apart.

In this life-or-death climax, his eyes shot with blood as a large sheet of Divine Flame of Order rushed out of the Phoenix Fire Pouch and enveloped him, barely resisting the attack of the foul stench. He made a sudden dash and traversed one mile of distance. All of a sudden, some bright specks of white emerged before him. Without hesitation, he reached out one hand to point at one of the specks, trapping it with a restrictive spell and pulling it over, clutching it tightly in his palm.

It was a tiny flower, about the size of a thumb, shaped like a wine cup and having five thin white petals that radiated a faint glow. It looked pure and delicate, and was diffusing a faint fragrance. Wu Qi put it under his nose and gave it a deep inhale. A refreshing aroma washed through his body, and he could no longer smell the foul stench that filled all his surroundings.

No matter how perilous a place was, there was always a way out. This tiny white flower was the only chance of survival found inside the serpent's anus. It had never been found in the outside world, and thus, nobody had given it a name. However, it was growing right inside of the filthiest place under the heaven, having the ability to restrain the foul stench that filled the Great Serpent of Nine Yin's body.

But, that was not its only ability. In the future, when this great serpent reached its mature stage and became a living being, it was the only antidote for the deadly venom found in the serpent's fangs. Amidst this boundless filthy stench, these tiny white flowers shone like the stars in the night sky. There were over ten thousand of them.

Wu Qi placed the tiny flower in his mouth, then unleashed one restrictive spell after another to gather all the white flowers he could find, and stored them in the Black Dragon Spirit Ring, laughing complacently. He reckoned that its function was not only to serve as the antidote for the venom of this great serpent, as it could resist such a powerful stench, surely it could resist all the other miasma and poisonous gases.

In the future, Wu Qi would naturally pay visits to some dangerous places where deadly gases could be found. Now, with the discovery of these little white flowers, he had just found himself another life-saving trick.

He spat the little flower out of his mouth. Staring at the beautiful flower, he smiled faintly and said, "I'll give you a name, the Five-petals Lotus Flower of Nine Yin. You are born in the Land of Nine Yin Negate Yang, yet you are able to remain unsullied by the evil energy just like the lotus flower. This is a perfect name for you."

The little flower swayed, as if it had sentience and could sense Wu Qi's good intention. From today onwards, this strange little flower that could relieve the dreadful venom of the Great Serpent of Nine Yin had its own name.

With the flower now protecting him, Wu Qi pressed on comfortably through the serpent's intestinal canal.

A few miles later, he came to a plume of dark mists. A savage Yin energy could be sensed coming out from it, striking fear into his heart. Wu Qi glanced around, then performed a hand incantation gesture and transformed himself into a stream of earthy-yellow innate energy, plunging into the dark mists.

The dark mists stirred, as a twisting doorway that looked like a vortex appeared suddenly and sucked Wu Qi into it.

The sky and earth were reeling around him as an endless stream of filthy stench came attacking him. But by relying on the flower, he managed to withstand the attack. After some time, he felt his body lighten, as he arrived at a place filled with a strong energy of pure Yang.

It was a stone chamber with no entrance or exit. Countless tiny holes dotted its smooth wall, about the size of a thumb each and arranged like a beehive. Wisps of colorless and shapeless pure Yang energy were being sprayed out of these holes, shining brilliantly when glanced at with divine will. They all were gathering on top of a white stone lotus flower that was placed in the center of this one-hundred miles wide chamber.

The stone lotus flower measured about one mile in length, divided into three layers and having a total of one hundred and eight petals. Right at the center of its pistil, a thread of innate Yang energy that stood several miles tall was seen dancing and twisting like a dragon.

An eye-catching rune was carved on each of the petals. They were the runes that trapped this thread of innate Yang energy here, the reason that it had yet to give birth to its sentience even though it had grown up to this stage. Judging from its power, if it were not trapped here and had given birth to its sentience, it would have long become an Innate Immortal who possessed extremely powerful divine abilities.

Wu Qi sighed faintly as he stared at the innate Yang energy.

This place was the real Land of Nine Yin Negate Yang. All the Acquired Yang energy was isolated from this place, forcing a tiny wisp of innate Yang energy to be born here. Eventually, it grew and became this massive thread of innate Yang energy before him.

After working laboriously for so many years, after all the schemes and strategies, he had finally found this innate Yang energy.

Without the slightest hesitation, Wu Qi released all ten Innate Nascent Souls, sprung into the air, and dove straight into the innate Yang energy.

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