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"Jianlong Army! Initiate the Sky Strike!"

Just a moment after they escaped from the Miao Ying Palace with the Primordial Gold Talisman, Reverend Li Yang and his company bumped into the thirty flying ships of Jianlong Army. Unintentionally, he had made quite a show of strength, rushing straight into the army with the Ruyi scepter. It looked as though he was about to attack them. Out of instinct, the commander of Jianlong Army gave out the order to strike.

The Sky Strike Formation was one of the standard offensive formations employed by Great Yu military, a formation commonly used to attack targets right below the army. It possessed both a strong offensive and defensive strength, and came with the effects of locking down the void and slowing down the enemies. It was the go-to formation when the armies of Great Yu were hunting Immortals.

As the command was passed down, the bottom of all thirty flying ships broke apart suddenly, separating into numerous large, curvy planks that scattered across all directions amidst faint dark glows. A total of over six thousand planks interlocking with one another, forming into a huge, triangular rune formation. All the planks were densely embedded with countless spirit bones, and some runes were written using fresh blood as they formed into three-dimensional runes that kept drawing the natural energies in the surroundings, stirring the water in the Northern Ocean and making it rock and roll violently.

In the blink of an eye, a triangular beam of blinding light, burst out from the huge rune formation, shooting straight down as it enveloped Reverend Li Yang and his company. Meanwhile, after the bottom of all the flying ships flew out, over six hundred crystal pillars with multiple surfaces revealed themselves beneath the ships. Each of the pillars was embedded with numerous energy stones of various sizes, and an upper-grade immortal stone polished into a circular cone was embedded on top of each pillar.

Following another order issued by the commander of Jianlong Army, all six hundred crystal pillars shot out beams of strong light at the same time. Runes could be vaguely seen blinking within the pillars, and a tremendous energy wave emanated from the pillars had shaken the Miao Ying Palace. While ascending at a high speed, Reverend Li Yang and his company felt their bodies tremble as the triangular beam of light smashed on them from above. The void became sluggish abruptly, folding up over and over again like a piece of paper. In just a flash, the distance of an inch had become thousands of miles, and their ascending speed had also slowed down by thousands of time. Even a snail could crawl faster than them right now.

Reverend Li Yang could not help but grumble inwardly. He knew very well of the exact usage of the Bodhi leaf he had produced, Although it was truly a Primordial Gold Talisman given by an almighty expert, it focused only on saving one's life and did not come with a strong offensive strength, nor did it have any additional powers. This talisman could not break the Sky Strike Formation. On top of that, should he allow the formation to keep attacking, the talisman would soon be destroyed even if it were one crafted by a Primordial Immortal.

'I've to fight for my life!' Reverend Li Yang smiled wanly as he rested his eyes on those crystal pillars underneath the huge flying ships, watching how the beams of strong light thrust out of them.

He reckoned that these crystal pillars must be the Immortal Annihilation Pillars Great Yu used to do battle with Immortals. A random strike of each pillar was as powerful as the attack of a Heaven Immortal. With more energy stones and immortal stones embedded on them, a full power strike from any of the pillars could reach the strength of a top-tiered Heaven Immortal. And, when all six hundred pillars jointly launched an attack, focusing all their firepower on one single target, they could produce an offensive strength of a Gold Immortal. Even Reverend Li Yang himself dared not to be attacked by six hundred Immortal Annihilation Pillars at the same time.

Reverend Li Yang had no other choice but to put up a desperate fight. He made the Primordial Gold Talisman protect all his fellow disciples, then threw out the giant seal from under his sleeve, transforming it into a huge mountain, about one mile in circumference, and forming a defensive line right above his head. Sparing no efforts, the mountain kept drawing the natural energy found in the surroundings, such as Water element energy from the Northern Ocean, as well as Fire element energy from the underground fire energy veins.

The other six Gold Immortals followed suit, unleashing their prime magical treasures which they had refined with their own lives, getting ready to launch a joined attack with Reverend Li Yang. Only by defeating the thirty flying ships of Jianlong Army and making it to the surface would they have the chance to escape from this calamity.

An array of dazzling light suddenly lit up in the pitch-dark ocean. All six hundred Immortal Annihilation Pillars had launched an attack at the same time with their strongest power, targeting Reverend Li Yang. The attack vaporized a great amount of water instantly, and the rapidly expanding gases exploded almost instantaneously, creating a huge empty space that measured over one thousand miles in diameter under the ocean. In the next moment, the tremendous pressure of the water came pressing towards the empty space from all directions, causing its size to shrink at an incredible rate. The violent impact and drastic change in size had sliced off a large part of the underwater mountains.

Six hundred beams of strong light came crashing down onto Reverend Li Yang and his six fellow Gold Immortals, who were all shrouded in the purple smoke emanating from the Primordial Gold Talisman. The incredible force pushed them tens of miles down into the ocean, nearly throwing them headfirst into Miao Ying Palace. Reverend Li Yang bellowed a spell. Immediately, a strong light of red and blue colors burst out of the huge seal rolling above his head as it transformed into a strange beast, its enormous body shaped like a ball. Upon making its appearance, the beast opened its mouth and darted towards the flying ships.

One after another, all the other six Gold Immortals unleashed their Prime Immortal items. Each of them transformed into different strange beasts and birds, issuing sharp screeches and howls while leaping and flying towards the Jianlong Army.

The giant rune formation pressed down abruptly. As that happened, the triangular beam of light shrunk rapidly until it measured only hundreds of feet in thickness. Amidst an ear-splitting whistle, seven Gold Immortal items slammed into the Sky strike Formation. A tiny black speck sparked from the center of the collision, growing its edge to tens of miles away in just a flash.

Everything within tens of miles had vanished into nothingness. The Sky Strike Formation was gone. Out of seven Gold Immortal items, only Reverend Li Yang's great seal flew back to its master with a forlorn cry. Thirteen of the thirty flying ships had evaporated into puffs of smoke, with all tens of thousands of human soldiers on-board having their existences wiped out completely.

Upon seeing that the Sky Strike Formation was destroyed, Reverend Li Yang cried out at the top of his voice, "Let's go now!"

At that moment, Feng Lingling exerted all his force to smite the purple Ruyi scepter with his barbed mace. A deafening boom rang out. The impact shattered the barbed mace, turning it into metal powders that sprinkled down onto the ocean floor. Feng Lingling backed off hurriedly with blood oozing out of his seven apertures. "It is indeed a Primordial Gold Talisman produced by a Primordial Immortal! Damn it! What b*stard set me up?" he cursed.

The presence or absence of a Primordial Immortal serving as Green City's backing were two completely different situations. As Reverend Li Yang was able to defend himself with a Primordial Gold Talisman, it proved that Green City had established some kind of relationship with at least one Primordial Immortal. So, when Feng Lingling brought his men to attack the Immortals of Green City, he had unintentionally offended some Primordial Immortal. It was a known fact that all almighty experts always cherished their faces. Even when someone had just touched a withered leaf in front of their door, they might call upon all their friends to wipe out that someone's entire sect!

Green City was backed by a Primordial Immortal! No doubt it was a hard blow to Feng Lingling. There was no way he could hide the news that he was besieging the Immortals of Green City. In no time, the tiding would surely go into the Primordial Immortal's hands. Perhaps, he or she had already heard of the news, and was watching this place with some mighty divine ability.

Unknowingly, Feng Lingling had offended a Primordial Immortal. It was definitely not something pleasant.

However, before he even initiated the operation, through a voice transmission array, he had already communicated with some Great Yu officials in outer heavenly realms who were also members of Feng Clan. He had asked them to find out Green City's background. Nobody had told him that Green City was in touch with a Primordial Immortal. Were they trying to lure him into a trap?

"B*stards, rascals! A bunch of fools who only live on my fat!" While retreating hastily as he kept coughing blood, he shouted at the top of his voice, "Fellow Daoists, why don't we just let the matter drop? I should not have attacked you. I was fooled by someone!"

Reverend Li Yang was struck dumb.

The six Elders of Green City were struck dumb as well.

Yu Mu, and all the important ministers of Zhong Province, were exchanging glances with nothing but a blankness on their faces. None could come out with a word for a long while.

And, the commander of Jianlong Army was staring at the remaining seventeen flying ships, feeling like weeping but having no tears. He even thought of cutting his own throat.

Hiding somewhere not far away, Wu Qi was stunned as he stared furiously at Feng Lingling. 'How could this old fool be so cowardly? He is giving up just because of a Primordial Gold Talisman? How am I going to proceed with my plan if you don't attack each other? How am I going to fish in this muddy water?' He was so angry that his lips were shivering.

It seemed the matter was not going in the direction as Wu Qi and Su Qin had planned. Suddenly, a furious roar was heard coming from Miao Ying Palace, "Who is attacking my army?" As the voice echoed out, King Zhang Qiu rushed out of the palace in a towering rage. A few personal guards had escorted him.

He saw Feng Lingling, and Feng Lingling saw him too. Without hesitation, he spun and tried to walk away from the scene. He had just been woken up by the sober medicine, and his head was still reeling. He suddenly recalled that he seemed to catch sight of Feng Lingling before he passed out. 'How could I have forgotten this and rushed out so recklessly?'

But, Feng Lingling would not let him leave. "King Zhang Qiu, why is your Jianlong Army here?" He asked angrily with one finger pointing at King Zhang Qiu.

King Zhang Qiu turned around and snapped, "Who are you now, Feng Lingling? How dare you to speak to me in such a rude manner? Should I inform you that I am bringing Jianlong Army for a hunting? You are just the Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province, and you have no right to interfere with my business!"

While Feng Lingling was confronting King Zhang Qiu, Reverend Li Yang knew this was no place to stay. "Since we have no business here, we will take our leave now!" He had the purple smoke roll up the six Elders as he was getting ready to flee.

But, Goddess Miao Xin's rebuke was heard coming across a distance, "Who are these nasty Daoists? How daring are you to attack the Miao Ying Palace? B*stards, how could I let you go after you have destroyed my Master's bedchamber?"

For the moment, the entire Miao Ying Palace trembled. Dazzling ghost flames and evil auras burst out from four bone pillars that stood loftily on the corners, transforming into four enormously huge and tall Celestial Fiends who trapped Reverend Li Yang and his company in the center. A sheet of fiend light flashed across, and when it ceased, Goddess Miao Xin made her appearance. Lao Ai, Lord Long Yang, and some other people were seen standing next to her.

Upon seeing Lord Long Yang, King Zhang Qiu quickly gestured him a greeting and asked with a gentle smile, "Long Yang, are you well?"

Feng Lingling immediately had his gaze cast over to Lord Long Yang.

He was first stunned by Lord Long Yang's fascinating demeanor, then he turned to look at King Zhang Qiu with shock, and bellowed, "You are colluding with Immortals?" It was obvious that Lord Long Yang was with Goddess Miao Xin, and since King Zhang Qiu had just come out of Miao Ying Palace, it proved that he was actually colluding with Goddess Miao Xin!

He was colluding with Immortals from outer domains. In Great Yu, it was a grave crime that would be punished by having all his property confiscated and the entire clan exterminated!

King Zhang Qiu's face flickered as he cried out with a stern voice, "Goddess Miao Xin, let's join hands and bring them down here!"

Goddess Miao Xin was taken aback, but she quickly threw her head back and gave a sharp roar, "Kill! Kill all of them!"

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