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As Goddess Miao Xin's furious roar echoed out, one disciple of Miao Ying Palace after another made their appearance.

Thirty-six Fiend guards had lined up in a row right before Reverend Li Yang and his fellow Gold Immortals. Among them, twelve were Gold Immortals, and the rest were all high-tier Heaven Immortals. Reverend Li Yang and his company had been severely wounded. As they had just exchanged a hard blow with the Jianlong Army, with the six Gold Immortal Elders losing their Prime immortal items, their overall strength was significantly reduced. If they were not still under the protection of the Primordial Gold Talisman, the group of thirty-six Fiend guards could claim their lives in just a flash.

One hundred and eight Long Bo men, who had cultivated to the realm of Heaven Immortal, had grown their bodies to several hundred feet tall, standing in a circle with Feng Lingling and all the important ministers of Zhong Province in the center. Although the essence of their immortal energy was still at the Heaven Immortal realm, with the near endless immortal energy stored in their enormously huge bodies, they had the overall strength to fight head-on against lower-tier Gold Immortals. With this group of one hundred and eight Long Bo men of Heaven Immortal realm encircling them, Feng Lingling and his company dared not to act recklessly.

Towering fiend flames danced and leaped wildly from the four giant Celestial Fiends, who had taken shape from the ghost flames and evil aura emanated from the four lofty bone pillars. With their feet stepping on the ocean floor, their arms spread wide open as they unleashed an immense fiend energy to lock down the surrounding void. Layers upon layers of rippling waves kept sweeping across the water. It was the sign that the void was being locked down by layers of restrictive spells. Unless someone could destroy the various fiend restrictive formations of Miao Ying Palace, the lockdown would always be there.

Apart from these high-end combative forces, the disciples who carried out menial tasks in Miao Ying Palace, the maidservants, and the guards, over ten thousand of them flew out in a messy order. Among these lesser disciples and servants, the strongest one possessed a cultivation base of Heaven Immortal realm, but most of them were Nascent Soul and Gold Core cultivators. Even though they were weak and insignificant, all of them had carried a few talismans and Yin thunder balls with a powerful offensive strength given by the high-tier Gold Immortals and Heaven Immortals of Miao Ying Palace. The threats posed by them were actually more difficult to deal with when compared to those high-tier Heaven Immortals.

On top of all that, the remaining seventeen flying ships of Jianlong Army had once again deployed the Sky Strike Formation, and the hundreds of Oracles on-board had been ready to launch a full force attack. Hundreds of huge bone talismans were hovering above the flying ships, emanating an immense energy wave. Both Miao Ying Palace and King Zhang Qiu were ready to launch a full assault.

Feng Lingling stared fiercely at King Zhang Qiu and said with a ferocious smile on his face, "Murdering the Prefecture Overseer of a first-grade province is a grave offense, and you will be punished by having your entire clan annihilated!"

King Zhang Qiu took a deep breath as he resumed his dull, rigid, and lifeless look which Wu Qi saw when he first met him. "Who will know it is me who did this after I killed all of you here?" he said with a deep voice, "My father's fief is three thousand provinces away from Zhong Province, and seven thousand provinces away from here. Who will believe that I'll be so bored and came all the way here to kill you?"

He laughed strangely and said with a grim expression, "This place is the Dark Abyss of the Northern Ocean. No one will know what has happened here, ever! Zhong Province is a first-grade province with great annual outputs and girls famous for their beauty. Once I have killed you today and wiped out your line of the Feng Clan, perhaps I can plant a few of my subordinates in Zhong Province and make them inherit your position of Prefecture Overseer!"

Feng Lingling glanced around, then shook his head and said with a sigh, "Only if you have the ability to do that!"

King Zhang Qiu waved his hand as he looked up to the flying ships and cried out, "Are you still alive, Tu Mian? What are you doing up there?"

A bright light shone from the flying ship which hovered in the middle of Jianlong Army, and a muffled, hoarse voice was heard coming out of it, "My lord, I was informing His Highness about what is happening here. His Highness is on the way here with some men."

A cold chuckle echoed out, and dozens of figures leaped out of the flying ship and came before the people. Among them, the most eye-catching one was a middle-aged man who was clad in a dark long robe while five obsidian rings shone brilliantly on the fingers of his left hand. His skin was dark as copper, his neatly trimmed beard drooped majestically below his chin, his long hair fell loosely on his shoulders, and his square-face was sending off an air of prestige. With the pair of deep, dark eyes, he gave Feng Lingling a gaze, before breathing out a faint sigh and saying, "Why are you here?"

Feng Lingling trembled as he bowed and offered the man a greeting, "The Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province, Feng Lingling, offers greeting, King Bai Shan!"

Hiding under the sandy ocean floor off in a distance, Wu Qi recalled the information he had obtained previously. The Kings of Great Yu were ranked in four grades: Shan(Mountain), Shui(Water), Zhou(Province), and Cheng(City). And amongst all the Kings who bore the title of Shan were further divided into four tiers: Shan(Mountain), Feng(Mountaintop), Qiu(Hill), and Ling(Ridge). King Bai Shan, the name itself implied that he was a first tier, first grade King of Great Yu, and it was the proof that the true blood of Great Yu Imperial Clan was flowing in his veins, or he would not be conferred with such a title.

As for his son, King Zhang Qiu, the title of King he bore was the third tier of first grade King of Great Yu, which was also an extremely prestigious title of nobility.

Although Feng Lingling was the Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province, the man who held the power over three hundred provinces, when he was facing King Bai Shan, who was a member of Great Yu Imperial Clan, he could do nothing but to bow his head. He was not even allowed to stare straight at the face of the King. The same went to all his generals and ministers, as they too had bowed their heads and dropped their eyelids, daring not to give the King a second look.

"Tsk, why the fuss?" King Bai Shan shook his head, "Feng Lingling, end your life with your own hands now! I promise you that I will only kill all the men of your line, and I will take all the women into my palace. If they can give birth to some boys, you will still have your line passing down."

Feng Lingling's body stiffened. He lifted his head slowly, and a cold grin crept over his face as he stared at King Bai Shan and said furiously, "Your Highness, are you asking me to kill myself?"

King Bai Shan gave him a glance, then turned to Goddess Miao Xin and said smilingly, "Goddess, you look prettier!"

Goddess Miao Xin giggled and said with a nod, "It is a blessing. I found some Ling Yi True Water recently, which is truly a remarkable treasure. Does Your Highness really think that I look prettier? How am I now compared to Your Highness's concubines?"

King Bai Shan gave her breast a lustful glance and said with a faint smile, "They are just some mortal beings. How can they be ever compared to Goddess? To be honest, they are just implements which I used for breeding purposes. Well, my Goddess, I will need your help today. Please join me and kill all these ignorant ones! We can't let them pass the winds to the others, as not only it will cause me some troubles, it will do no good to Patriarch Miao Ying either."

Goddess Miao Xin giggled as she stuck out her chest and gave Lao Ai an affectionate glance. "Well, let's do it then!"

Reverend Li Yang, who had been protected by the Primordial Gold Talisman and dared not move amidst the purple smoke, suddenly let out a loud roar, "Prefecture Overseer, why don't we join hands so both of us can escape from this calamity? It's time we wrote off all our old scores, working together for the sake of our own survival!"

Feng Lingling agreed. He beckoned at Reverend Li Yang, and Reverend Li Yang waved his hand back. The void between them wobbled, and in the next moment, Reverend Li Yang and his fellow Gold Immortals had come standing between Feng Lingling and his company. Both men reached out one hand to clap heavily mid air, using the quickest speed to swear a poisonous oath - they would both work hand in hand to escape the blockade, and all their old scores would be written off. No one would pursue them further.

While giggling, Goddess Miao Xin shook her head and said, "You are wasting effort!"

King Bai Shan sighed faintly as he gave Feng Lingling and company a cold glance. "Indeed, you are just wasting time and effort here," he said with a deep voice, "Since I am here personally, I will never let any of you escape. Tsk, Feng Lingling, why did you come all the way here to the Northern Ocean? This place has a notorious reputation. Don't tell me that you have no idea that those who come here will have to face an inevitable death."

Feng Lingling gnashed his teeth in anger and did not speak a word. 'Only fools will want to come here!' He thought. True enough, if he were not framed by someone, how would he come to this deadly place? The moment he saw King Zhang Qiu with Goddess Miao Xin, he knew that he had poked his nose into something massive. And, when he saw King Bai Shan was here personally through a teleportation formation, he realized that he would poke a hole in the sky should he expose what he had witnessed here.

They were strictly forbidden to collude with Immortals of outer domains! It was the iron rule issued by the Human Emperors of the past generations. As the heir of the Imperial Clan, King Bai Shan had been given a fief ten times larger than what Feng Lingling was given. He was an important figure of the Great Yu Imperial Clan who controlled many aspects of the empire, and yet he was colluding with Immortals of outer domains! At the thought of the secrets that brooded behind this, Feng Lingling felt a chill running down his spine that made him shudder.

He had really run into the edge of a sharp blade!

Feng Lingling snapped through his tightly clenched teeth, "Everybody, only by focusing all our efforts in a single direction can we have the chance to survive! The King of Great Yu is colluding with Immortals, and I don't have to explain what it means to all of you. King Bai Shan will never spare any of us here!"

King Bai Shan nodded slowly and said, "He is right. Only dead men with their souls completely vanished will keep the secrets!"

He chuckled, backing off for a fairly long distance as he cried out, "Kill them all!"

Strong lights were seen flashing on the seventeen flying ships. The soldiers of King Bai Shan's private army were arriving in an endless stream through teleportation formations. Gradually, the place was crowded with soldiers, and Feng Lingling's face turned darker as that happened.

As King Bai Shan gave out the command, the Fiend Immortals of Miao Ying Palace and the soldiers of his private army let out a battle cry at the same time. Instantaneously, the Fiend Immortals threw out numerous spirit talismans and Yin thunder balls, while the soldiers had their bowstrings fully drawn, releasing countless arrows that showered down onto Feng Lingling and his company from all directions.

"Follow me and charge!" cried Feng Lingling.

He spun, plunging straight down towards the ocean floor. The several thousand people he brought here followed closely behind.

There was no way out above and around them. The only possible way out was the Dark Abyss of the Northern Ocean, the cave from where the thread of innate evil energy of pure Yin was spraying out, the venomous energy that even ordinary Gold Immortals would not dare to touch.

The human race had practiced the cultivation techniques that harvested the purple energy found only on Pangu Continent to temper their fleshly bodies. With their bodies cleansed by the purple energy, they possessed a strong resistance against any natural energies found under the heaven. Although the innate evil energy of pure Yin was venomous, even an ordinary soldier of the human race possessed a very strong resistance against it. By contrast, Fiend Immortals such as Goddess Miao Xin would not dare to get any closer to the Dark Abyss.

A satisfying smile emerged on Wu Qi's face.

'So, now you are acting according to my plan!'

Without hesitation, he transformed into a very fine stream of innate energy and followed closely behind Feng Lingling.

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