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At the moment when Lord Long Yang and Lao Ai were acting according to the plan, a bitter battle had erupted in the grand hall.

The void had been completely locked down by Yu Mu using the Immortal Extermination Talisman. The spirit talisman produced by the strongest Great Oracle of the human race had temporarily stopped the restrictive formations in the surroundings from triggering, successfully turning the entire grand hall into a safe zone. When that was done, Feng Qingliu was the first to strike, thrusting her spear straight towards Reverend Li Yang's chest with a bright green glow lingering on the tip.

A few moments ago, right after she was severely wounded by Reverend Li Yang's Dagger of Three Divinities and the great seal, Feng Lingling had arrived with the others. A few Oracles of the Directorate of Celestials had treated her, using some spirit talismans to remove the power of the dagger from her wounds, then covering the wounds with the expensive medicinal paste only supplied to Great Yu's nobles. She had fully recovered in almost no time, and had her combative strength restored to at least ninety percent.

As she thrust the spear, Feng Qingliu fused her beast soul of Gale with her own body. A pair of great wings spread out of her back, green in color with feathers fluttering gently amidst the breeze, slicing through the air like countless tiny blades as they moved and produced a series of sharp whistling. Meanwhile, the enormous energy brought to her by the Gale transformed into rapidly spinning whirlwinds and rushed into the spear. Although the tip of the spear was still several hundred feet away from Reverend Li Yang, the powerful force that emanated from it had already violently swayed his defensive barrier.

Reverend Li Yang's speed was reduced significantly with the void now completely locked down by the Immortal Extermination Talisman. Contrary to that, Feng Qingliu was extremely fast. The force that emanated out from her spear smashed and collided with his defensive Gold Immortal item, producing bright sparks that darted all over the place. At the same time, an invisible spear will had transformed into an invisible breeze and entered his body, blowing quickly through his meridians.

Reverend Li Yang shuddered as the breeze entered his body. It was not a breeze that could be found in nature, but something unique produced by a Gale, the divine bird. They had extracted the Bi Breeze found in the highest heavens, which had the power to blow through the Chaos and rip apart all corporeal existences, and purified it with their divine ability in their body. The final product was the Bi Breeze of Spirit Shadow, which was capable of melting all things into nothingness and penetrating one's entrails without being noticed.

It was an unfathomable and magical divine ability that could only be mastered by the Gales, as not even those high-tiered Gold Immortals could purify the Bi Breeze. Feng Qingliu was a commander of the human race, so it was impossible for her to cultivate any divine abilities or practice magic spells. However, as she had a beast soul of Gale coexisting in her body, she could use this divine ability without any effort, attacking her opponents in stealth.

And, since Reverend Li Yang had easily wounded her previously, he did not regard her as an opponent worthy of his attention. As a result, Feng Qingliu had taken the opportunity to send a thread of Bi Breeze Spirit Shadow into his body.

Even though he was a Gold Immortal, when the breeze entered his body, he felt as if countless tiny blades were slicing through his flesh. The severe pain made him keep sucking cold breaths through his mouth, and cold sweat streaked with golden blood was seeping out of his skin. At that moment, Reverend Li Yang had an impression that as if his body were about to dissolve into a puff of smoke and drift away in the breeze.

Laughing complacently for what she had achieved, Feng Qingliu retracted her spear and retreated hastily, bringing herself behind the twelve Oracles who were on the alert and combat-ready. Each of them had a bone staff tightly gripped in their hands and mouths reciting some profound incantations, forming a Soul Sealing and Energy Repelling Formation which had locked down all the natural energy in the surroundings.

It was a formation invented by the wise men of the human race based on the characteristics of powerful Immortals when they were combating, a formation especially used in the battle against the Immortals. It had the ability to absorb and isolate all the natural energy, just like that of the Nether Ocean Dark Gold Copper. Any Immortal cultivators trapped in it would not be able to access any natural energy, and could only use less than thirty percent of their divine abilities and magic spells. Also, any spells that landed in the formation would have a large portion of their energy extracted, causing their power to drop by half at least.

Apart from the twelve Oracles, hundreds of more Oracles had also deployed dozens of identical formations. They had completely locked down the entire grand hall and isolated all the natural energy in the surroundings. After retreating into one of the formations, Feng Qingliu laughed joyously as she pointed a finger at Reverend Li Yang and said, "What can you do to me now, you cheeky Daoist?"

The severe pain had put an unsightly expression on Reverend Li Yang's face. When he saw the dozens of formations take their final shapes, and sensed the natural energy reducing at an incredible speed, his face turned even uglier. However, before he could think of any countermeasures, Feng Lingling had already clad himself in a black armor which looked thick and heavy, raising a barbed mace that measured twenty-four feet long, and smashed it down onto Reverend Li Yang's head with an explosive cry.

The master craftsman of the human race had crafted this barbed mace using four special materials which were heavy and tough, and could isolate from all immortal energy, then quenched it with the heavenly thunders. It could greatly reduce the power of any magic spells cast by Immortals, and would not produce even a wisp of smoke when smitten by the thunderbolt unleashed by ordinary lower-tier Gold Immortals.

Meanwhile, Feng Lingling's skinny arms expanded abruptly, now three times thicker than normal and looking like two pillars. With the fearsome muscle strength, he smashed the barbed mace down viciously. A dark wind shrouded the head of the mace as it pierced through the air and issued an ear-splitting whistle.

Reverend Li Yang's immortal energy had gone out of his control as the Bi Breeze Spirit Shadow was wreaking havoc within his body. Hence, he was unable to cast any immortal spells to defend himself.

Two Elders of Green City who stood next to him cried out furiously, thrusting their immortal swords to counter the attack. After that, with Feng Lingling as the target, one of them cast a Shattering Spell and the other a Petrifying Spell.


Inside a silk pouch hanging next to Feng Lingling's hip, a tiny, human-shaped statue made of bone cracked and shattered. The Shattering Spell had taken effect, though it was supposed to rip Feng Lingling's body into pieces. Through a back channel, Feng Lingling had purchased this bone statue with a hefty price from the Secret Palace of Great Yu, a precious life-saving treasure. It was true that the Shattering Spell was very powerful, but all of its damage had been absorbed by the statue.

Immediately after that, a beam of white light shot out of Feng Lingling's side, and a bone talisman vanished into a puff of smoke in his silk pouch without making a sound. The Petrifying Spell unleashed by another Gold Immortal collided with the white light, freezing it right in midair. Taking the opportunity, Feng Lingling rushed out of the white light, smashing his barbed mace down with a thunderous force.

Two immortal swords of Gold Immortal item grade stirred the void, shattering it into a mess like a bowl of porridge. Both of them contained an extremely magical power of principle, allowing them to shatter the void and turn all of the natural energy into the Prime Energy of four elements: Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind. Then, it transformed them into the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise, which greeted upon the barbed mace.

"All spells shall shatter before my force!" roared Feng Lingling. All of a sudden, a black savage beast made its appearance behind his back. It looked like a single-horned tiger. It had four hooves like those from a Qilin, but sharp claws of a dragon, and a body so muscular that it sent forth a mighty air of power. It was a Thunderous Hou, an ancient legendary beast, famous for its formidable strength and the ability to control the strength of earth to unleash earth element divine thunder.

The legendary beast soul fused with Feng Lingling, turning all its power into his divine strength in just a flash. Abruptly, a yellow thunderbolt darted out of his body, and countless yellow lightning arcs slithered out of his barbed mace, filling the atmosphere with deafening thunderclaps. With his body expanding by a few times, he mustered all his strength and smashed the barbed mace down.

A loud boom rang out. Two Gold Immortals of Green City howled tragically as they flew backward with blood oozing out of their mouths, and both immortals swords spun and fled desperately behind their masters. Dozens of cracks filled their surface, amidst which, countless lightning was blinking and flashing.

Hundreds of yellow thunderbolts viciously smote both Gold Immortals, charring their bodies and making black smoke rise from their skins. They too had carried defensive Gold Immortal items with them, but an unknown force had restricted them, causing them to shiver and hide in their master's body, unable to come out and protect their masters.

A hideous smile emerged on Feng Lingling's face. After defeating both Gold Immortals, he smashed the barbed mace down towards Reverend Li Yang's head.

As if he had already seen the death of Reverend Li Yang, Feng Lingling murmured with a ferocious voice, "Jiupan, look how dad helps you claim your first meritorious service!"

All the important ministers of Zhong Province, the Grand Oracle, the Chief Judge, the Military Minister, and the few others had leaped into the battlefield, targeting the other few Gold Immortals of Green City. As long as they could kill all the seven Gold Immortals here, the great merit would be in their hands. With that, not only could Feng Jiupan be promoted to a higher title of nobility, many descendants of Yu Mu and the others would be able to have a fair share of the merit. What else could make them happier than witnessing their descendants being promoted to a higher rank in the military and getting a higher title of nobility?

With the dozens of formations locking down the natural energy, as well as hundreds of Oracles having joined hands in casting a spell that restricted all the Gold Immortal items, the seven Gold Immortals were dead meat on the chopping board. The great merit was nearly at hand.

As he watched the barbed mace approach him, Reverend Li Yang suddenly let out a wild laugh, "Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province, you've been fooled! Who told you that Green City is not backed by some almighty expert? Our Patriarch has long acknowledged an almighty expert as his Master, and he has been made the true successor of that Hierarch! Do you really dare to kill me?"

He flipped his palm and produced a pale-green bodhi leaf, on top of which were a few lines that looked like worms. They did resemble runes, but when given a careful study, they looked just like lines that someone had drawn simply!

However, a shabby bodhi leaf like this was actually emanating a frightening pressure that cast a despair into the hearts of those who sensed it. Right after it was produced, Feng Lingling and his company immediately retreated with great panic, even faster than when they approached.

With his immortal body almost dissolved by the Bi Breeze Spirit Shadow, Reverend Li Yang smiled bitterly and spat a mouthful of saliva onto the leaf.

A purple smoke towered into the sky, crumbling and collapsing the grand hall and those around it, then condensed into a huge Ruyi scepter with countless golden specks shooting in all directions.

Seven Gold Immortals of Green City fled desperately from the now collapsed grand hall. And this was the scene which Lord Long Yang and the others had witnessed.

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