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With his left hand holding a longsword and right grabbing the front lap of his long robe, Lord Long Yang strode quickly through the Miao Ying Palace with a few personal guards of King Zhang Qiu, who followed closely behind. The palace was riddled with restrictive formations, especially the airspace, so flying would just kill them instantly. Therefore, he could only walk with his own legs along a designated safe path.

But after all, Lord Long Yang was also a Heaven Immortal. By exercising a few simple spells, he could easily traverse hundreds of feet with just one single step. So, in just a few breaths of time, he had arrived outside of Goddess Miao Xin's chamber.

Madman Xue had been carrying out his duty diligently, keeping guard in the small path of the garden. When he saw Lord Long Yang was here, he bowed slightly and offered him a greeting, then followed closely behind him as they proceeded to the chamber. "Senior Lord Long Yang, what is happening?" Madman Xue asked.

Deep in his mind, Madman Xue knew exactly what was happening, and the reason he followed Lord Long Yang was to keep his life safe in this uncertain situation. However, as they were now accompanied by a few personal guards who served King Zhang Qiu, he had to exercise the utmost caution and pretend that he knew nothing at all.

"Some enemies have invaded Miao Ying Palace!" Lord Long Yang said in a hurried tone, "Aye, and they are led by the Prefecture Overseer of Zhong Province! What should we do now? King Zhang Qiu is drunk now, so we can only rely on Goddess Miao Xin now!"

When they arrived outside of Goddess Miao Xin's chamber, Lord Long Yang cried out at the top of his voice, "Goddess! Goddess Miao Xin! A disaster is imminent!"

A few female disciples of Miao Ying Palace were standing guard outside of the chamber. Seeing that Lord Long Yang was making a great hue and cry here, their faces immediately turned pale with fear, and they quickly pointed at him and snapped, "Senior, please leave at once! Even though you are Goddess' prestigious guest, this is no place for you to make such a noise! This is Goddess' chamber!"

The chamber was shrouded in a layer of pinkish light. It was the Buddhist Light of Great Delight which was unleashed by Lao Ai, having the ability to isolate any noise and aura. Lord Long Yang's voice could not penetrate it. Thus, Goddess Miao Xin did not hear his callings. He assumed a panic look and cried out again, "Back off now! I have an urgent matter to report! Could you bear the responsibility should something terrible happen?"

All the female disciples shook their heads. No one dared to let him intrude into the chamber.

Governed by the strict rules of Miao Ying Palace, these female disciples could not care less about what was happening out there, even if the sky was falling, the ground was shattering, and corpses laid scattered across the land. They were ordered to keep guard over the chamber, and it was their duty to prevent anyone from intruding it. So, even if some formidable enemies had intruded the palace, they would not violate the rules by disturbing Goddess Miao Xin.

Should they go against Goddess Miao Xin's order and disturb her with the reason that some enemies were invading the palace, they would be punished by the strict rules even if all the enemies were slaughtered afterward. The rules were impersonal, rigid to the maximum. But, it was also the rules like this that upheld the dignity of Miao Ying Palace and protected their rigidly stratified system.

Lord Long Yang took a step forward impatiently, but the few female disciples unleashed their flying swords to stop him from advancing. One of them snapped, "Senior Long Yang, do not come closer anymore! We will not hesitate to attack you should you do that! Goddess has given us an order that she doesn't want to be disturbed by anybody. We can't let you step closer even if you are Goddess' prestigious guest!"

Lord Long Yang smiled as he looked at them. The smile was so enchanting that all the few female disciples were struck dumb instantly. Nobody could have come out with a smile like this, not even those so-called peerless beauties who could crumble a city with their magnificent features. But, in just a blink of an eye, he pressed his lips into a fine line, squinted his eyes, and replaced his charming demeanor with the valliance of a brave warrior. It was as if he had just transformed into a razor-sharp blade from a pool of spring water.

Although it was such an abrupt transformation, it happened so naturally on Lord Long Yang that it did not feel hurried or awkward, as if he were born as a man with such sharp contradiction.

A sword beam thrust forward, followed by many white lotus petals. The few female disciples were still indulging in Lord Long Yang's enchanting smile, unaware of the imminent crisis. They did not counterattack when the lotus petals flooded towards them, but instead, they greeted upon them with a faint smile on their faces, and even forcibly restricted their defensive immortal items, preventing them from being activated automatically.

The lotus petals gently brushed over their skins, cutting their bodies into pieces and shattering their immortal souls. The spotless and flawless lotus petals clung themselves on the broken bodies, absorbing the golden blood which smeared the once pure white petals with a tinge of gold.

With a cruel grin on his face, Lord Long Yang snapped, "Inflexible fools who know not where they stand! Had your Patriarch not been a Primordial Immortal, your sect would have long perished!"

After kicking away the head of a beautiful disciple, he performed an incantation gesture with his left hand. A pure white lotus seed quickly took its shape on his fingertip. With a gentle flick of the finger, the lotus seed flew out soundlessly and smashed heavily onto the light barrier that shrouded the entire chamber. In just a flash, half of the lotus seed had penetrated the seemingly thin barrier.

A great shock seized Madman Xue and forced him to spring backward, staring at Lord Long Yang with fear. The Buddhist Light of Great Delight was Lao Ai's exclusive mystic technique which possessed all sorts of magical power. How did Lord Long Yang manage to penetrate it with just a lotus seed? Could that mean Lord Long Yang's cultivation technique was the bane of Lao Ai's Great Sun Technique?

But too bad that only half of the lotus seed managed to penetrate the barrier, as it suddenly exploded when the pinkish barrier vibrated, leaving a huge hole measuring several tens of feet on it. "Who is this ignorant trying to break my divine ability?" Lao Ai's furious voice was heard coming from within the chamber.

Lord Long Yang's face turned cold as he cried out with a stern voice, "Goddess Miao Xin, there are enemies invading Miao Ying Palace right now! We need you to handle the situation urgently!"

That had put a sudden stop to Lao Ai's angry curse. In the next moment, the pinkish barrier retracted and the door to the chamber flung open. Wearing nothing on his upper body and only underpants below, Lao Ai swaggered out of the chamber with his arms around the nearly naked Miao Yue and Miao Feng. An extremely beautiful girl was seen walking one step behind him, who was none other than Goddess Miao Xin.

With the help of Ling Yi True Water and her cultivation base of Gold Immortal, Goddess Miao Xin was able to easily negate the influence of the Nasty Shape Spell and restored her peerless beauty. And, as Ling Yi True Water could strengthen girls' innate Yin energy, cleanse their features, and make them prettier, she looked at least a few times more gentle and beautiful now than in the past.

On top of that, it had also influenced her state of mind to some extent. This water of pure Yin had made her deeply attracted by Lao Ai, who was a man with pure Yang energy, just like two magnets attracting each other. As a result, she had devoted her whole heart to Lao Ai, which was the reason that she was walking one step behind Lao Ai like an obedient bride.

Lao Ai was seen fondling and squeezing both Miao Feng and Miao Yue's bodies in a carefree manner. He gave Lord Long Yang a disapproving glance and cried out, "What the fu*k is happening that they need a sissy like you to inform us? There are enemies invading Miao Ying Palace right now? Haha, with so many restrictive formations lying in ambush, how is it even possible for anyone to intrude Miao Ying Palace without alerting us?"

Lord Long Yang's face turned dark with rage when he heard those words, and he gave Lao Ai a fierce glare. If not because they knew what exactly was going on, and were currently riding on the same boat, all helping Wu Qi to accomplish his goal, he would surely draw his sword and attack him.

He stamped his feet exasperatingly and bellowed, "Can Goddess not grasp the current situation in the palace?"

With only a thin silk draped over her shoulder and having most of her fair skin exposed, Goddess Miao Xin gave the few broken corpses on the ground a brief look. As her glance swept across them, all the blood and flesh quickly melted away like the snow under the bright sun. In just a blink of an eye, the ground was as clean as before.

Smilingly, she leaned herself against Lao Ai and narrowed her eyes as she unleashed her divine will to scan the entire Miao Ying Palace. Before long, her expression changed slightly, and she said with a cold grin, "So, someone really is invading Miao Ying Palace. This is strange! How did they enter Master's grand hall without triggering those restrictive formations on the outside? Hmph, and they even brought so many Gold Immortals with them? Do they think Miao Ying Palace is an easy target?"

Struck with consternation, Lao Ai pushed away Miao Feng and Miao Yue, turned around and embraced Goddess Miao Xin tightly as he cried out, "Miao Xin, how many Gold Immortals are there? How can you alone be the match of so many of them? Why don't you just request Patriarch to kill them all?"

Goddess Miao Xin wrapped her arms around Lao Ai's body, gazing with deep affection at his eyes as she said gently, "Elder Brother Lao Ai, though they come in many, but as long as the control of restrictive formations in the palace is still in my hand, none of them will be able to leave here alive."

Lao Ai brought Goddess Miao Xin closer to his body as he pursed his lips and said, "My Miao Xin is surely a girl of great ability!"

Their lips pressed together and began kissing each other, forgetting that there were other people around them.

Lord Long Yang's expression changed drastically. "Fellow Daoists, the enemies are at the door now! Can you stop doing that?"

As his voice rang out, a beating of drums and a blare of trumpets were heard coming from above. King Zhang Qiu's Jianlong Army had approached Miao Ying Palace. The muffled beating of drums rocked the water, causing them to slam with one another and produce numerous white water waves that one could see with naked eyes.

Goddess Miao Xin gave Lord Long Yang a faint smile and said, "It is just a small problem. Why is fellow Daoist Long Yang mustering the army?"

Right after her words faded, a purple smoke towered into the sky from the grand hall, quickly taking the shape of a Ruyi scepter and radiating a strong golden light. One after another hall, pavilions and building near the grand hall crumbled and collapsed into rubble amidst the golden light. The purple mist and golden light spread rapidly across all directions while a faint immortal tune could be heard coming out from it. It seemed like it was going to completely destroy this projection of Miao Ying Palace under the Northern Ocean.

Goddess Miao Xin's expression changed drastically as she roared, "A Primordial Gold Talisman? B*stard!"

Reverend Li Yang and the other six Gold Immortals of Green City rushed out of the now crumbled grand hall, cursing and shouting with their bodies drenched in blood as they fled towards the surface of the ocean with the purple Ruyi scepter wheeling around them. And behind them came Feng Lingling and the other people of Zhong Province, all having an unsightly expression and a body riddled with wounds and dotted with blood.

Above them, the Jianlong Army was diving down at an incredible speed, and the three parties met at the perfect timing.

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