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Several dozens of golden specks thrust out of the earth element dragon scale shield, blocking the steel whip as they merged and turned into a dragon-scale-shaped shield.

A loud boom rang out. The steel whip bounced back to where it came, while the golden shield shattered to pieces, transforming back into several dozens of golden specks and shooting straight towards Feng Qingya's chest. It frightened him as a strange shriek spewed out from his mouth; his muscles tensed up and made him spring up like a large grasshopper.

Wu Qi clutched his hand on the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag and injected all his energy into it. At the same time, he bit the tip of his tongue and sprayed a mouthful of blood essence on the flag, causing it to emit a large sheet of fuzzy glow. Clutching the flag tightly, he swung it with all his might. Immediately, a series of thuds filled the air as if it were raining, as all the captains and soldiers from the human race standing on the flying ships rolled their eyes and fell to the ground in a sorry state.

As these captains and soldiers from the human race did not cultivate their souls or possess any magical powers, although the strength of their fleshly bodies was comparable to body cultivators, their souls were no different from those of ordinary mortals. As a result, even an ordinary soul searching treasure would be sufficient to inflict a great damage on them, let alone the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, which was a very powerful immortal item. Unless some experts such as the Great Oracles from the Directorate of Celestial of Yu Dynasty could cast a powerful restrictive spell on these soldiers' souls, any mystic techniques focused on souls would be able to instantly give a heavy blow to an army of human soldiers.

Countless jade skeletons roared and shrieked together from inside the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag. The shrill cry shook and shattered the souls of the 20,000 human soldiers. Their broken souls turned into streams of light, rushing out from their seven apertures and being absorbed by the flag. A nearly blinding light shone from the flag, emanating a soul pressure so powerful that it made countless living beings in Qing Xu Immortal Square shiver, daring not to move even a little bit.

In just a twinkle, 20,000 soldiers were dead. Their bodies fell freely to the ground, and as nobody was controlling the bows in their hands previously, 20,000 arrows were unleashed and blotted the sky. Some of them were shooting towards the couple dozens of Heaven Immortals who stood on clouds nearby. A large sheet of immortal light rushed out of their bodies, vanishing all the arrows with just a clean sweep.

A bloodcurdling howl echoed out from the flag, sweeping across the entire scene. Among the couple dozens of Heaven Immortals, the defensive immortal items owned by a dozen of them were not of better quality, while their cultivation base was not too strong either. When the strange howl swept across them, the light emitted from their immortal items dimmed instantly, and the item spirit inside these immortal items was shattered to pieces by the howl. Streams of bright light shot out from these immortal items, and the soul-searching flag quickly absorbed the shattered item spirits. Meanwhile, after losing the protection from their immortal items, these Heaven Immortals let out a shocking cry as a blackness crept over their visions, and they fell off from the clouds.

Before they could touch the ground, the spirit-restricting rope had already turned into a beam of purple light and flew out, quickly tying them up and bringing them before Wu Qi's face with just a small gesture of his finger. Then, he swung the flag again, unleashing a sheet of grayish mist to wrap these Heaven Immortals. Before long, tragic howls began to echo out of the grayish mist. As there were too many people around, Wu Qi dared not to use the divine flame of order to refine their immortal souls and bodies. Left with no other options, he could only absorb their immortal souls into the soul-searching flag, making them the nourishment for the flag's item spirit, who was still in a deep slumber.

The Sword of Greedy Wolf shot out in a dark beam, surrounded by twenty-one pitch black wolf heads, each as large as a water tank, swirling and drifting messily in the air. They brushed across those fallen human soldiers, sending blood and gore all over the place. Feng Qingya's unreasonable and brutal approach had greatly infuriated Wu Qi. Therefore, he had decided to care nothing but slay all these human soldiers.

As the sword beams streaked rapidly back and forth in the sky, all 20,000 human soldiers who were falling to the ground were instantly ripped to pieces. Then, the Sword of Greedy Wolf spun and returned to Wu Qi, piercing through the bodies of the couple dozens of Heaven Immortals with ease, and sucking out all of their blood essence. Its item spirit gave a long and joyous cry. Wu Qi could clearly sense that the item spirit was growing up at an incredible rate. Vaguely, it showed a trend of breaking through the realm of Spirit Immortal.

Feng Qingya, who had sprung up from his single-horned Qilin a moment ago, was directly hit by the strange howl issued by the soul-searching flag. His body turned stiff and could no longer move freely. A couple dozens of dragon-scale-shaped golden specks shot whistling out and pierced his chest. Although he was clad in a very thick armor, which given him a very strong defensive strength, but when faced with the golden specks that were fused with innate earth element energy, the armor was pierced easily. A large see-through hole was opened up right at the center of his chest, and the sharp energy carried by the golden specks ground and ripped all his internal organs to a mess.

When the body of this human General shattered, his soul sprung out instantly. Feng Qingya's soul was stronger than ordinary soldiers, but there was still a limit to its strength. The soul-searching flag rolled, absorbing his soul into it immediately and turning him into the nourishment for the sleeping item spirit.

Wu Qi pressed his palm against Feng Qingya's corpse and cast a spell on it. It disintegrated abruptly, turning into the smallest particles which fell to the ground. A storage bag dropped from the corpse, and was quickly snatched by Wu Qi. There was a large pile of bone talismans in it, each emanating a very strong aura, possessing a power not weaker than ordinary immortal talismans.

All of these bone talismans could be found in the Dao of Ghost and Deity which Princess Zhang Le had inherited. Wu Qi managed to hastily identify their functions. Some were offensive, some defensive, and some could stabilize minds and souls. They came in all kinds of functions. There were also a couple dozens of huge bone talismans about the size of a door. From the complicated rune formations carved on top of them, they were obviously extremely powerful, strategic talismans that could bring enhancement to several tens of thousands of people at the same time.

"Fool!" Wu Qi could not help but curse with a smile on his face.

If Feng Qingya were careful enough, using these bizarre bone talismans crafted by the Great Oracles of the human race to protect himself, Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag might not have been able to bring him down. Also, if he used one or two of the huge bone talismans, he could easily increase the overall strength of those 20,000 human soldiers by at least ten times stronger. With that, it would make them as strong as 20,000 body cultivators of Nascent Soul realm. Even a real Heaven Immortal would feel a headache in dealing with an army like this!

In addition, these huge bone talismans had a magical power of stabilizing one's soul and mind. Wu Qi had given the power of these bone talismans an estimation, that once they were used to enhance all 20,000 human soldiers, perhaps his soul-searching flag would have failed to seize their souls. Apparently, Feng Qingya cared only about robbing someone, and had set out without proper preparation!

"Maybe it was too easy for you to rob someone in the past… Thinking that nobody has the guts to counterattack?" Wu Qi sneered, then raised his head to look at those Heaven Immortals who were fighting the power of Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag with effort.

A peculiar long screech was heard. Feng Qingya's single-horned Qilin gave a furious roar as it charged towards Wu Qi with its horn pointing at him. "How presumptuous!" Wu Qi cried angrily, "Although you look like a Qilin, you only have one horn! You are just a half-blood Qilin! Does this Feng Qingya deserve you risking your life?"

He threw out the shoe-shaped gold ingot which he had reforged and quenched with immortal transformation spirit light, transforming it into a large ball of golden light that smashed the Qilin's nose.


A crispy sound echoed out as the golden ingot sunk the Qilin's face and badly mutilated half of its head. Qilin was a divine beast of the Heaven and Earth, so even if it were just a half-blood Qilin, it still had a very strong vitality. Even as it gave a sorrowful howl, a large column of dark smoke suddenly rushed out from under its hooves, carrying it to flee in an instant.

Wu Qi snorted coldly, and the spirit-restricting rope flew out instantly, tightly tying up the big fellow. A large sheet of white light burst out from the ring hanging before his chest, slowly dragging the half-blood Qilin into it. Wu Qi sent a thread of divine will into it and said coldly, "Long Yuan, teach this fellow a good lesson and make him obey my orders. I need a steed for myself. Heal him if he agrees. Otherwise, beat him until he agrees!"

Long Yuan's low, muffled roar could be vaguely heard, and was immediately followed by the tragic howls from the half-blood Qilin.

After shutting the spirit breeding ring, Wu Qi turned to look at those Heaven Immortals, whose face had turned pale with fear. He grinned coldly and said, "So... all of you want my magical treasures?"

At this moment, twenty-one pitch black wolf heads were wheeling rapidly around Wu Qi, and the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was hovering above his head, unleashing a large column of grayish smoke and evil aura, issuing a strange, sharp screech that sent pain into everyone's ears and made them barely stand still. All of a sudden, a column of dark smoke rushed out from under his feet, and a beam of black light shot out from the top of his head, towering into the sky. Then, his fake Nascent Soul which cultivated the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture sprung out from his body, roaring and screaming ferociously as it unleashed a strong fiend aura, blanketing the entire Qing Xu Immortal Square in just a twinkle.

"Damn it, he is a Fiend Cultivator!" Those Heaven Immortals who were struggling under the frightening power of Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag had their expressions changed drastically.

Wu Qi had slain 20,000 human soldiers, and killed the General of Yu Dynasty stationed in Qing Xu Immortal Pass, Feng Qingya. He was resolute and his conduct was vicious. Therefore, all the Heaven Immortals firmly believed that he was a cultivator from the Fiend League.

Without even asking, a Fiend Immortal who dared to openly kill a General from Yu Dynasty must have a very strong backing. These Heaven Immortals began to feel regret for provoking a Fiend Immortal for no apparent reasons. They could have easily gotten away after bullying and robbing ordinary Heaven Immortals and cultivators, but it was definitely not a good idea to stir up a trouble with a Fiend Immortal, who was famous for seeking revenge for the smallest grievance, and would not give up until the resentment was served.

Laughing bitterly, the bearded Daoist who interrupted Wu Qi's teleportation with an immortal talisman previously roared, "Fellow Daoist, we've made a mistake today! We hope fellow Daoist will not blame us for that! Since the mastermind, Feng Qingya, is dead now, why should fellow Daoist still make things difficult for us? Why don't we just let the matter drop, and we will keep our mouths shut like a jar, never to reveal fellow Daoist's true background to anyone?"

Wu Qi snorted coldly. A few fuzzy fiend shadows could be seen hovering around him. He flew up into the sky and cried out aloud, "Do you think you can get away just like this? You've assaulted me without giving me a chance to explain, and once you're done, you just want to leave like nothing had happened. This is an insult to my dignity!"

"Now cut all that bullsh*t! Each of you will have to give me an immortal item, three spirit items, and nine magical treasures, as well as one million lower-grade energy stones, and ten million gold, silver, and gemstones! I'll set you free once you've given me what I want!"

So Qing Xu Immortal Pass was a place impervious to reasons? If that was the case, Wu Qi had decided to be unreasonable to these people!

"Those with a stronger cultivation base will have the final say? Well, I am the strongest now, so you better pay me what I want to buy back your life!"

Looking at the bearded Daoist, Wu Qi smiled and nodded, then suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed out a fireball.

The acquired fire spirit pearl, which had attached with all the innate fire element energy in Wu Qi's body, shot out of his mouth like a small sun, smashing straight towards the Daoist's chest.

A loud boom rang out, and a vast heatwave spread across the scene. The Daoist's defensive immortal item was crushed to pieces instantly, while half of his body was burned into ashes.

The group of Heaven Immortals had their faces flickered. Sixty percent of them spun and fled on long beams of light, while forty percent of them struck at the same time.

A couple dozens of flying swords and magical treasures were thrust out, flying and smashing towards Wu Qi.

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