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"Kill!" Wu Qi gave a long screech, waving the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag with all his strength.

A sharp, very unpleasant ghost howl towered into the sky. The couple dozens of flying swords and magical treasures which had approached Wu Qi's head halted abruptly, their light dimmed, and their power was reduced by at least thirty percent. Countless dragon-scale-shaped golden lights darted out of Wu Qi's left hand, transforming into a huge golden energy barrier before him. The several dozens of immortal items kept falling and smashing down, hitting the golden barrier and sending bright sparks flying all over the place. But, none of them could break apart the protective barrier.

They were the scales left behind by the Twenty-fifth Tier Snow-Armored Heaven-Devouring Python when transcending its heavenly tribulation, and their quality was comparable to a Twenty-fifth Tier immortal item. Among all the Heaven Immortals here, the strongest was a Thirty-third Tier Heaven Immortal, while the highest quality immortal item was a Twenty-ninth Tier immortal item. None of them were capable of breaking through the incredible defense of the earth element dragon scale shield.

Wu Qi laughed wildly, then fiercely bit on the tip of his tongue. A fairly large chunk of his tongue was bitten off, as blood essence sprayed out of the wound and sprinkled onto the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag. It agitated the countless jade skeletons inside the flag, who bared their teeth while screaming and howling crazily. An immense evil aura blanketed the entire Qing Xu Immortal Square. Meanwhile, Wu Qi's Fiend Nascent Soul performed a reverse lotus hand incantation, pouring out a large sheet of fiend flame from its body, which swept across the place amidst the dreadful cries echoing out of the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag.

The bodies of those Heaven Immortals who had fled previously swayed, and their immortal items exploded as they fell to the ground. Like a great python, the spirit-restricting rope darted out and wrapped around those falling Heaven Immortals, bringing them back to Wu Qi.

Some Heaven Immortals were still able to resist. They had landed on the ground, and quickly thrust their immortal items to defend themselves against the purple beam, the spirit-restricting rope. Upon seeing that, Wu Qi grinned coldly. The third-eye on his forehead, which was the cold electric mirror, opened suddenly, shooting out numerous silvery-purple thunderbolts that streaked across the void without making a single noise. Like thunderstorms that blanketed an area of one thousand miles circumference, these thunderbolts smashed down rapidly and smote those Heaven Immortals, throwing them into an utter misery. Countless blinding sparks sprung from their defensive immortal items, and in just a blink of an eye, a few Heaven Immortals had their defensive immortal outfits shattered to pieces.

The thunderbolts smote these Heaven Immortals, sending their blood and flesh flying everywhere while nearly forcing their immortal souls out of their bodies. Bringing with it an ear-splitting whistle, the spirit-restricting rope bound them up and dragged them back to Wu Qi, only to be thrown into the spirit breeding ring.

"Kill!" Once again, Wu Qi gave a battle cry that towered into the sky. The acquired spirit pearls of earth, water, wood, and gold rushed out in four strong beams of light, joining the first acquired fire pearl as all five of them darted back and forth messily in the sky.

The Heaven Immortal who previously called his price to purchase Wu Qi's defensive spirit item, the Green Cicada Wing, issued a shocking cry. Five acquired spirit pearls had locked him down, taking him as their first target. Without the slightest hesitation, he performed a hand incantation gesture, trying to activate a life-saving magic spell. However, the five acquired spirit pearls did not give him the chance to do that. Together, they smashed at him with an irresistible force, shattering his defensive immortal item and ripping him apart, turning him into blood and gore that splattered in all directions.

A golden, glistering immortal soul soared up into the sky, about to flee. Wu Qi snorted coldly while extending his left hand and performing a grabbing gesture. Immediately, a huge hand shrouded in black smoke and dark fiend flame emerged out of nowhere, tightly grabbing the immortal soul. With a sinister smile on his face, a large sheet of black fiend light rose from the giant hand, which was materialized from the mixture of a large amount of inferno hell energy and a thread of his divine will. It forcibly refined the immortal soul into a large pile of soul crystals.

To Wu Qi's surprise, the soul crystals refined from the soul-snatching technique of the Inferno Hell Fiend Scripture contained a stronger soul energy than those refined using divine flame of order. In addition, they also contained part of the Great Dao of the Heaven and Earth which the Heaven Immortal had gained insight of. "What a marvelous technique! Hehe, how many energy stones is one of these soul crystals worth?" Wu Qi wondered joyously.

A fiend gleam was seen flashing in Wu Qi's eyes as he turned to the remaining Heaven Immortals, about a dozen of them, and gave a ferocious snort. These Heaven Immortals were extremely regretful right now, as they saw how Wu Qi was protected by the earth element dragon scale shield, which could not be broken even after being attacked by several dozens of immortal swords and items, and how powerful his Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was, just a single swing of which would bring them down to the ground, as well as some other formidable magical treasures such as the spirit-restricting rope and Sword of Greedy Wolf. On top of that, he possessed an extremely weird cultivation base, as although it looked and felt like peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, he was able to fight against Heaven Immortals. Who would dare to provoke a strange existence such as Wu Qi? Who would be willing to provoke him?

Someone issued a loud cry, and all the remaining Heaven Immortals spun and fled with staggering steps. Not only had the previous swinging of Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag rocked the item spirit of their immortal items, it also greatly shook their immortal souls, making their heads reeling. If Wu Qi had not focused most of the power on those Heaven Immortals who had fled to a far distance, these Heaven Immortals near him would have long been captured alive.

Now, upon seeing that they were about to flee, Wu Qi gave a hideous laugh. Very quickly, he swallowed a few spirit pills to replenish his energy. Once he had regained some energy, he raised the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag and gave it a swing with all his force again. Meanwhile, 36,000 golden scales shot out of the earth element dragon scale shield, generating an ear-splitting whistle as they pierced through the air, flying towards those fleeing Heaven Immortals. Each of them was greeted with several thousands of golden scales, which smashed them with a tremendous force, making them tremble and barely run in a straight line.

Wu Qi had unleashed all his offensive magical treasures. Apart from a few incredible items which he still could not use currently, all the rest of his magical treasures, regardless they were spirit items or immortal items, they were all being thrust out as they transformed into bright beams of various colors. Miserable and tragic howls kept ringing out from all over the place. One Heaven Immortal after another had their defensive energy barriers ripped apart, their immortal energy sealed off by spirit-restricting rope, and were then dragged back to Wu Qi in a sorry state.

"The rules of Qing Xu Immortal Pass? Mm?" When all the fleeing Heaven Immortals were captured and brought back to him, Wu Qi gave their faces a round of fierce kicking and trampling. "Anyone with a big, tough fist would be able to do whatever he likes in Qing Xu Immortal Pass, wouldn't he?" Wu Qi cried furiously, "And, because you are Heaven Immortals, you have a formidable cultivation base, and that's why you can act wantonly in Qing Xu Immortal Pass, isn't it?"

He fiercely ripped off all their storage rings, bracelets, and belts, as well as two bangles worn on the ankles of two female Heaven Immortals, which were something rather rare to find. On top of that, although there were not many things inside both bangles, each of them was of the finest quality. Furthermore, he even found about three hundred pieces of immortal stones in them. It was out of Wu Qi's expectation.

Wu Qi laughed wildly, transferring all the loot into his own ring. After that, he swiftly extracted their immortal souls and refined all of them into blood and soul crystals. Similarly, the quality of these blood and soul crystals refined using inferno hell fiend flame was a few times better than those refined using the divine flame of order.

After all, the divine flame of order was an innate divine flame. It was not very effective when used to massacre and plunder. On the other hand, as implied by its name, the Inferno Hell Scripture was not a decent technique. Therefore, it was the perfect technique for murdering someone, seizing their souls and energy essence. Because, that was its true purpose!

Wu Qi continued to loot through all the Heaven Immortals who he had captured and trapped in a spirit breeding ring. After that, he had one of his celestial fiend puppets possess the strongest Heaven Immortal, seizing all his memory, before refined all these Heaven Immortals into blood and soul crystals. Finally, from all the storage treasures belonging to them, Wu Qi found a collection of maps for over three hundred provinces of Great Yu. Some of them were even marked with various symbols, labeling what sorts of products could be found, and which officials were friendlier.

The finding struck Wu Qi with a great joy. If he were to gather the map of over three hundred provinces himself, it would definitely take him a great amount of effort and time. As the Immortal cultivators in Qing Xu Immortal Pass came from different places, it showed that its name was heard by the people of over three hundred provinces.

Wu Qi briefly organized the loots and shoved them back into the black dragon spirit ring. After that, he had the ring devour all the storage treasures, further expanding its internal storage space. The black dragon item spirit revealed himself on top of the ring, sticking his tongue out happily at Wu Qi, then quickly plunged back to the ring and began to digest today's rewards.

"So, this is the rule for Qing Xu Immortal Pass? Those with a bigger fist will be the overlord?" Wu Qi threw his head back and let out a wild laugh.

The third-eye on his forehead opened again, shooting out several hundred thunderbolts that smote several hundred lofty mountains around Qing Xu Immortal Square to smoke and ashes. "Now listen to me, you people in Qing Xu Immortal Square!" He shouted at the top of his voice, "I've killed Feng Qingya, as well as several dozens of Heaven Immortals, and I don't mind killing a few more! If you wish to live, bring me all your valuables!"

"Hahaha!" Amidst his wild laughter, Wu Qi exercised the Dharma Idol divine ability he learned from the Transformation of Heavenly Dragon, growing himself taller until he achieved the height of one hundred feet. Two streams of white smoke sprayed out of his nostrils as he reached out both arms and grabbed towards Qing Xu Immortal Square, which stretched nearly one hundred miles long. Even as he did that, he cast a restrictive spell, sending the roof of several tens of thousands of buildings in Qing Xu Immortal Square flying away. Some not so solidly built buildings were even brought up into the sky, exposing the countless cultivators and mortals inside, who were all transfixed by the sudden change.

When Wu Qi was using Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag previously, he had very carefully avoided the ground. Therefore, apart from some really unlucky fellows, most of the people in Qing Xu Immortal Square were safe and sound. They were merely stunned by Wu Qi's menacing slaughter.

All the nearby mountains collapsed and crumbled, with dust and smoke slowly falling down from the sky. Some crushed stones flew over the sky and fell onto the heads of those cultivators and mortals, waking them up. Before long, countless cultivators and mortals dropped to their knees and bowed their heads towards Wu Qi.

"Please spare our lives, Senior Immortal! We are willing to offer all our belongings, and we just hope Senior Immortal can let us off!"

A cold grin emerged on Wu Qi's face. He knew that all the shops in Qing Xu Immortal Pass were supported by some immortal sects or formidable Immortals. However, since violence was the only rule in this place, he did not mind giving them a dose of their own medicine. 'Since you like to rob the others, I'll let all of you taste how it is like to be robbed!"

With a cold snort, he spread his divine will to cover the entire Qing Xu Immortal Pass. "In that case, make haste and bring me all the good treasures you have! Whoever dares to snub will have to taste my heavenly thunder!"

His third-eye opened and shot out another thunderbolt. This time, it crushed a tower standing right in the center of Qing Xu Immortal Square.

Countless sword beams sprung up from all over the immortal square, as the managers from various shops brought all kinds of storage treasures and approached Wu Qi with trembling feet. Reverently, they put down those storage treasures before Wu Qi, then quickly left on their flying swords.

Every single movement and action of all the people in the market was under Wu Qi's close watch through his divine will, so he did not fear that they might have secretly hidden some rare and precious treasures. He looted everything found in this immortal market to his heart's content, and his wealth was increasing at an incredible rate.

All of a sudden, a beam of Buddhist light came flying from a far distance.

"For the benevolence of the Buddha! Sādhu! Sādhu! Fellow Immortal, there is a fate between you and Buddha!"

Across the great distance, a kind yet stately voice was heard coming from within the Buddhist light.

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