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Wu Qi gave a light snort. With a sway of his body, a grayish cold air swept across his skin, and disappeared right away. Four soldiers who were grabbing his limbs issued a tragic howl as a tremendous force knocked them flying away, and a biting coldness rushed through their bodies, freezing them into four ice cubes. The force threw them far away, slamming them into the shops at the side of the street and shattering their frozen bodies to pieces.

While exercising his limbs, Wu Qi frowned.

The four soldiers did not cultivate their souls and magical powers, and they did not practice cultivation techniques of body cultivators like those Buddhism monks or Immortals who sought immortality by purely cultivating their bodies. It seemed they were practicing another kind of body tempering technique. It did not emanate an aura of energy, but the strength of their fleshly bodies was comparable to body cultivators of Nascent Soul realm.

Also, Wu Qi could smell a faint scent of herbs from their bodies. Supposedly, they were practicing a unique body tempering technique aided with medicines, which was why they could possess such a sturdy body. Judging from this, it made sense as to why those cultivators in Qing Xu Immortal Pass were so afraid of the soldiers from Yu Dynasty. There was an army of ten thousand soldiers from Yu Dynasty stationed in Qing Xu Immortal Pass, which was equal to ten thousand body cultivators who specialized in body tempering technique. Coupled with the uniquely crafted weapons, it was a force that no ordinary cultivators would want to provoke.

But, from the information obtained from Yu Hehuan, all of those soldiers from Yu Dynasty stationed in outer heavenly realms had beast souls coexisting in their bodies, which allowed them to possess magical abilities similar to that of cultivators. Nevertheless, it was reasonable for them to do so. After all, outer heavenly realms were under the control of the Heaven, and were inhabited by countless Immortal cultivators. If those soldiers were not better equipped, they would have long been wiped out by cultivators from Evil and Fiend Leagues.

Not many human soldiers on Pangu Continent had beast souls coexisting in their bodies. But, with the strange body tempering technique, as well as the massive population, even the Heaven could do nothing to them.

As pieces of information quickly connected in his mind, Wu Qi was able to straighten out his thinking instantly.

Meanwhile, Feng Qingya laughed with surprise and said, "Not bad, not bad at all! Just as what I've expected, you are not an ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator!"

He rested his eyes on the iron medallion hanging on Wu Qi's waist. Noticing his glance, Wu Qi removed the tiny iron medallion, placed it in his palm, and asked, "You mean there is something wrong with this thing?"

Feng Qingya nodded in a serious manner and said honestly, "Those who have this iron medallion, mm, he will be the person who we need to handle seriously. How should I put it...? By having an iron medallion with you, it proves that you are pretty wealthy. A mere peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator is able to pay an extra amount of energy stones, it tells us that we should pay a little bit more attention to your background and wealth!"

Wu Qi suddenly realized the trick behind it, and he immediately let loose a torrent of abuse against Feng Qingya in his mind.

The complacent Feng Qingya could not hear Wu Qi's curses, and he continued his explanation, "It is a small trick invented by me after arriving here. Those cultivators who come to Qing Xu Immortal Pass for the first time, and do not possess a strong cultivation base, but still are able to maintain a calm attitude after being charged an extra amount of energy stones, will be given with an iron medallion. If they are truly wealthy cultivators, but not strong in cultivation base... hehe!"

Staring at Feng Qingya, Wu Qi laughed as well. "They will soon vanish, won't they?"

Feng Qingya shook his head repeatedly, then chuckled and said, "Maybe, but none of that has anything to do with me. Put it this way, you cultivators are killing and robbing each other, and that has nothing to do with me. What I do is just wait until the dust is settled, then show up and uphold justice."

Even as he said that, his face turned cold abruptly, and he pointed at Wu Qi and cried out sternly, "My children, kill him! He is a man as mad as a march hare, who has murdered 18,000 innocent cultivators in and around Myriad Herbs Hall. He has committed the most heinous crime that cannot be forgiven! By the criminal law of Great Yu, he shall be executed on the spot!"

Altogether, one hundred soldiers standing on flying ships released their bowstrings. A unified, muffled twang rang out, as one hundred specially crafted wolf-tooth arrows transformed into bright specks and pierced through the distance of several miles in a flash, shooting straight towards all vital spots on Wu Qi's body. They were extremely accurate, fast, and brutal, nearly covering all of Wu Qi's exposed vital spots.

Wu Qi dared not to try the power of these arrows. With a thought, he activated the defensive spirit item 'Green Cicada Wing'. Amidst an ear-splitting chirping of cicadas, a large sheet of green light enveloped him, and a couple dozens of green spirit cicadas wheeled around him, leaving bright green trails in the air.

Abruptly, a heavy pressure came pressing against him from all directions. The arrows hit the defensive green energy barrier, pushing nearly one-foot deep. Keeping his calm, Wu Qi watched how all one hundred arrows approached him from all directions, and how their speed reduced gradually. Finally, when they were three inches from him, their forces were completely warded off by the Green Cicada Wing as they fell off to the ground.

"Amazing! It is an excellent defensive spirit item!" Feng Qingya applauded and said, "It must be at least a lower-grade spirit item! I'll sell it for 3,000 upper-grade energy stones. Anyone interested?"

On top of a cloud off in a distance, a beardless, fair middle-aged Daoist shouted in a deep voice, "General Feng, this spirit item is full of sentience, and its defensive strength is not bad at all. I've taken in a few outer sect disciples recently, and I am lacking some defensive items. The price of 3,000 upper-grade energy stones is too expensive. I'll buy it for 2,700."

Feng Qingya raised his steel whip and drew a circle in the air complacently, then smiled and said, "Great! 2,700 upper-grade energy stones, this spirit item is yours now!" Smilingly, he turned to look at Wu Qi and said, "Daoist Greed, what other treasures do you have? Show them to us! Although I can't use them, these Senior Immortals here can definitely put them to a good use!"

Wu Qi was so angry that his lips twitched to a side. 'B*stard, has he already claimed all my magical treasures as his?'

He gave the surrounding Heaven Immortals a cold gaze, memorizing these pleasure-seekers' faces. So, Qing Xu Immortal Pass was actually such a messy place? A place with no rules or laws, where only the strongest would excel? But, why did Shui Xin and Shui Yi seem to think this was a nice place? Perhaps, it was because they were backed by Green City, a formidable immortal sect, which was why nobody dared to provoke them..

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi glared at Feng Qingya and said, "General Feng, so you've also learned the name I used during the registration?"

Feng Qingya pointed at the iron medallion in Wu Qi's palm, then smiled and said, "With it, I've learned everything that I should know!"

With a squeeze, Wu Qi melted the iron medallion, turning it into a drop of molten iron that fell to the ground. He shook his head and stamped his feet, sending out a gust of yellow smoke as he tried to leave with earth element escape art. But, his body halted abruptly, and blood almost rushed out from his mouth. He suddenly recalled that the ground was paved with a thick layer of Energy Repelling Black Iron. As he dared not to expose his innate earth element escape art before these people, he had used an ordinary earth element escape art. As a result, he felt as if he had just slammed his head right into a thick wall, and the backlash of the energy in his body made him feel extremely bad.

Feng Qingya broke into a peal of laughter and nearly fell off the back of his single-horned Qilin. "There is a one-mile thick Energy Repelling Black Iron here, and yet you try to flee with an earth element escape art? Daoist Greed, has fear driven you nuts? Haha!"

With a cold snort and a blink of his body, Wu Qi teleported away.

A loud crackling rang out. Even as Wu Qi teleported less than one mile away, a golden immortal talisman suddenly flew up into the sky, sprinkling down a large sheet of golden light that completely locked down the void. With the current strength of Wu Qi's magical power, he could not break apart the spirit light sprinkled down from the immortal talisman. The surrounding void had become dense like an iron barrel, and Wu Qi was like an insect trapped in amber, losing all his ability to escape.

The person who unleashed the immortal talisman was a bearded, middle-age Daoist. He smiled faintly and said, "Fellow Daoist, since you've come to Qing Xu Immortal Pass, you have to follow the rules here! Either you tell us your background and who your Master is, or you show us a few immortal spells or divine abilities that are powerful enough. Otherwise, you can give us all your valuables, and we will set you free!"

Feng Qingya applauded and praised, "What a timely strike, excellent! Senior Immortal, I'll give you a five percent discount in whatever you've taken a fancy to today! Fellow Senior Immortals, do not let this man escape! From what we've learned so far, he has an Energy Rotting Ghost Mushroom, and as Patriarch Green Heart and his peers are dead in the Myriad Herbs Hall, this guy must have many good items on him!"

As his teleportation was forcibly interrupted, Wu Qi's energy was in a mess again. When he managed to calm it down, he heard Feng Qingya's words, and shouted furiously, "According to General Feng, one can roam freely in Qing Xu Immortal Pass with a sufficient overall strength. I've killed Patriarch Green Heart, but why are you still making things difficult for me?"

Feng Qingya blinked his eyes a few times and came galloping next to Wu Qi. He said smilingly, "The problem is, none of us here ever witnessed if it were really you, Daoist Greed, who killed Patriarch Green Heart! If Daoist Greed can show us a formidable overall strength, you might be able to dismiss my desire of robbing you. Otherwise, you better hand me all your valuables!"

He pointed at the four soldiers who Wu Qi had killed previously and said with a giggle, "You've killed four of my children... so you have to compensate me. It cost Great Yu a great number of resources to train them, and Daoist Greed, you have to pay for the cost as well."

He counted by crooking his fingers. "Well, it is not that much actually. Fellow Daoist, you just have to pay 1,000 upper-grade energy stones for each of them. I'm not someone who will go too far!"

The couple dozens of Heaven Immortals off in a distance took a few steps forward at the same time. From the aura emanated by Wu Qi, it was clear that he just possessed a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm. However, he was able to teleport with this level of cultivation base! It showed that either he had an unusual background, or perhaps, he was aided with some extraordinary treasure, and it was that treasure which gave him the ability to teleport!

A treasure such as this was extremely rare. Therefore, all the Heaven Immortals were tempted.

The bearded Daoist, who interrupted Wu Qi's teleportation with an immortal talisman, shouted fiercely, "General Feng, let's waste no more time and do it now! No matter what his background is, let's work together and rob everything from him first!"

Feng Qingya smiled and swung his steel whip towards Wu Qi. "Do not blame me, you should blame your own bad luck!"

The steel whip approached menacingly. Wu Qi scanned it with his divine will, and his heart sank instantly. There was nothing fancy about the whip, and it was not enhanced with any divine ability or restrictive spell. It was just extremely heavy and solid. To his shock, it weighed 180,000 kilograms! Furthermore, Feng Qingya possessed a tremendous muscle strength. If an ordinary Heaven Immortal were to be hit by the whip, his bones and tendons would break instantly.

"This Qing Xu Immortal Pass is fuc*ing full of robbers and bandits!"

Wu Qi roared furiously. Abruptly, a grayish light thrust out from the top of his head, amidst which, the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag revealed itself.

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