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White Sparrow was in a bad mood, a really bad mood.

He did not want to mention the old resentment between him and Patriarch Jiang Yun one hundred years ago. After all, it involved his own Patriarch's reputation. If he kept mentioning it, that was no different than slapping his own Patriarch's face repeatedly, and making Daoist Min hate him even more. But this time, it was a mixture of old and recent grudges!

He could still remember clearly. When he left Yuan Hua Sect, he had a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Divinity realm, just like Patriarch Jiang Yun. After losing the protection provided by the sect, he began to roam the universe alone. He was lucky enough to bump into an immortal fate, and found two immortal items left behind by some ancient Immortals. With that, he smoothly transcended thunder tribulation and became a Heaven Immortal, establishing a sect and becoming the Master.

For one hundred thousand years, he worked diligently. Not only did he cultivate a group of elite disciples, he also occupied a small and remote planet. He was living a comfortable life. Then one day, his Master, Mo Luan, came to him suddenly, and told him that there was a match between Yuan Hua Sect and Huiling Sect. It was a great opportunity for him to render meritorious service! Without hesitation, White Sparrow carefully selected 110 elite disciples, bringing them back to Green Cliff Planet with Mo Luan. Initially, he was hoping that with the meritorious service he rendered, he could return to the sect and be taught the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture.

Little did he expect that the damn rival of his, Patriarch Jiang Yun, had brought back one hundred peak-stage Nascent Soul and ten peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators! Yet, among the elite disciples White Sparrow brought back, only a few of them were peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators, and about seventy of them were peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivators. When comparing to Patriarch Jiang Yun's disciples, the gap between their combined overall strength was just too huge. Even worse, his own cultivation base was weaker than Patriarch Jiang Yun. As a result, the opportunity of representing Yuan Hua Sect in the match was eventually given to Patriarch Jiang Yun.

Although he was promoted as an outer sect Elder just like Patriarch Jiang Yun, the latter could bring disciples to render meritorious service and be praised, yet he was assigned the job of managing Green Cliff Immortal Market! Of course, this was a lucrative position, and if not because of his own Master, White Sparrow would not be able to get the job. Nevertheless, he just felt discontent with his fate!

Jiang Yun was able to render meritorious service and be praised. On the contrary, he had to squat in a market, dealing with cultivators that hustled for nothing but profits?

Therefore, over the last three days, White Sparrow had been in a very bad mood. And when he heard a man was eaten alive by a fish-headed demon in the market, he immediately thought of Patriarch Jiang Yun's catfish disciple. Who else could be the demon that dared to stir up trouble on Green Cliff Planet? All the native demons on the planet had been completely wiped out several millions of years ago! It must be that demon disciple of Patriarch Jiang Yun!

"Jiang Yun, oh Jiang Yun! You've just brought yourself a trouble!" Wearing a hideous and complacent smile, White Sparrow called upon all the disciples he brought over to Green Cliff Planet, as well as several hundred Yuan Hua Sect's disciples who were stationed in Green Cliff Immortal Market, and off they flew towards the scene on sword beams.

While they were roughly two to three miles away from the market, a few burly men who stood over thirty feet tall suddenly shot into the sky from a random street below, wielding a thunderbolt each as they attacked White Sparrow. In any case, White Sparrow was a Heaven Immortal, so he only responded with a cold grin even as the thunderous strikes of the Long Bo men approached him. He waved his hand casually, unleashing a sword energy that shattered Long Yuan and the others' thunderbolts. Loud whistles rang out as the sword energy shot further and wounded Long Yuan and the others, forcing them to retreat in a very sorry state.

Astounded by the fact that his sword energy did not kill Long Yuan and the others, who only had a cultivation base of Gold Core realm, White Sparrow's mood became even worse. He gave an angry bawl, thrusting the sword energy out again in the attempt to chop off Long Yuan and the others' heads. But suddenly, a sheet of white light came sweeping from their back, enveloping them completely and making them vanish without a trace in just a twinkle. Then, a middle-aged Daoist clad in a green Daoist robe, his expressionless face looking perfectly ordinary and unattractive, appeared out of nowhere and blocked right before White Sparrow.

"My Master is dealing with a private matter, so you can go no further!" The green-clothed Daoist was actually one of Wu Qi's celestial fiend puppets. In an icy cold and lifeless manner, he stopped before White Sparrow and prevented the latter from going further. His right hand was pointed on one side, with an ancient-looking, bronze colored sword that measured three feet long hovering several feet away from his fingertips. The edges of the sword looked extremely sharp, glinting with a vague gleam under the reflection of the bright sunlight.

White Sparrow gave the celestial fiend puppet a cold glare. How daring was this cultivator with a mere Nascent Soul cultivation base to behave unbridled before him?

He felt disgusted and even disdained to attack the celestial fiend puppet himself. "Kill him!" He cried sternly while pointing at the puppet.

An early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator behind White Sparrow snorted coldly. He was too disdained to attack as well, but he did it anyway. Waving his hand, a crescent-shaped, watery beam was unleashed. It pierced through the air in a circular motion while filling the atmosphere with ear-splitting whistles, before hitting right onto the puppet's chest. Despite the powerful attack, only a large amount of sparks was produced, while the puppet remained hovering where he was. White Sparrow and his disciples were struck with great terror. Yet, before they could utter any cries of shock, the puppet suddenly came before the Nascent Divinity cultivator with a blink of his body.

*Crack!* He reached out his left hand and clenched the dumbfounded cultivator's neck before giving it a twist, crushing it as if he were just pinching a little chicken to death. Before the cultivator's Nascent Divinity could escape from the fleshly body, the puppet swung his right hand, stabbing the sword into the cultivator's forehead, piecing the spiritual ocean and impaling the Nascent Divinity. A bright green light rushed into the cultivator's spiritual ocean, wrapping around the Nascent Divinity and absorbing all the blood essence, before returning to the puppet's body.

Replenished by the cultivator's blood essence and Nascent Divinity, the menacing aura of the celestial fiend puppet skyrocketed. Vaguely, he was showing a sign of breaking through the ceiling of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm and stepping into Nascent Divinity realm. He gave a long screech, shook his left arm, and produced another ancient-looking but green colored flying sword. With both hands controlling the swords, his body began to spin rapidly. Amidst loud slicing noises, the puppet turned himself into a huge cutting wheel that glinted dazzlingly, plunging straight into the crowd of White Sparrow's disciples.

The ringing of blades cutting through muscles could be heard without end, as miserable and tragic howls echoed through the sky. In just a blink of an eye, over ten disciples of White Sparrow had their arms or legs chopped away, hastily retreating while letting out wails of doom. White Sparrow was so angry that his body kept shivering. He couldn't care less about rushing over to the scene in order to investigate the incident of a man eaten alive by a fish-headed demon now. He roared furiously, as a colorful cloud shot out from the top of his head and soared high up into the sky. From it came shooting out a huge, strange-looking flag, pieced up from countless bone-shaped jade slips.

The flag fluttered, and the surrounding void shook violently. Numerous cultivators hovering midair near and far looking at what was happening felt a darkness cover their vision, and their souls feel stirred up. In the next moment, they fell down face up. It was as if the sky was raining with dumplings, as several thousand cultivators fell to the ground with plops. Some broke their arms, some legs, while some unlucky fellows even broke their necks. Although it was not fatal, it was not something enjoyable either.

The flag was one of the two immortal items White Sparrow found by luck - the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag. With just a wave, any living beings with a soul, regardless of the level of their cultivation base, would feel a dizziness in their heads. And those with cultivation base weaker than White Sparrow would be immediately captured by him.

But unexpectedly, the celestial fiend puppet only gave the flag a nonchalant look, and even reached his arm out to seize it.

A ringing of metal clashing echoed out. The puppet clenched his hand on the flag's long pole, which was made entirely from a whole piece of green jade and carved into the shape of a spine, then he exercised the celestial fiend Battle the Heaven Script. Immediately, a strange force exuding a fiendish aura that came with a very strong murderous intent, as well as a very strong ancient aura, both filled the puppet's body. His physical strength had abruptly increased to a terrifying level.

After that, he grabbed and pulled. A large sheet of dazzling glows leaped from the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, which almost left the colorful cloud transformed from White Sparrow's immortal soul, being nearly taken away by the puppet. White Sparrow was so scared that he cried out in alarm. Heedless of the consequence, he transformed most of his immortal soul into a cloud, thrusting it out from the top of his head and tightly wrapping around the flag.

As the flag was a treasure left behind by an ancient Immortal, its grade was incredibly high. White Sparrow was unable to truly refine it. But, as he had spent nearly one hundred thousand years with it, he was able to achieve some sort of mutual understanding with the item spirit sleeping in the flag. With that, he could borrow a very small part of its power. So, if the flag were seized by the celestial fiend puppet, it would be truly gone forever, as the sleeping item spirit would never travel far just to come back to White Sparrow.

"Damn you, demon! Let loose of your hand!" White Sparrow opened his mouth and sprayed out a large sheet of bright light, amidst which came shooting out a strangely shaped cutting wheel, measuring three feet in diameter and having a row of razor sharp blades mounted on its outer rim. At that moment, the sky was densely filled with countless white blades of light that shot in all directions. Very quickly, they gathered together and transformed into a tornado, measuring one hundred miles tall and about one thousand feet in diameter, which began to spin rapidly around the celestial fiend puppet.

A loud ringing of metal clashing rang out. Countless sparks splashed from the puppet's body, and the cutting wheel left behind numerous deep or shallow traces of on his body.

However, despite how the cutting wheel kept cutting and slicing away parts of his body, after they were thrown several hundred feet away, they quickly transformed into liquid beads that looked like mercury and returned to the puppet, fusing back into his body. The puppet let out a very unpleasant laugh as a ten feet long, green ghost flame shot out from his eyes, and he stared at White Sparrow with a sudden grin.

Wu Qi, who was in the middle of collecting testimonies, laughed surprisingly. After absorbing and digesting countless extraordinary metals found in Great Yan Dynasty's secret vault, the power of these celestial fiend puppets had gone beyond his expectation. Not only did they possess the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, the strength of their fleshly bodies could actually resist the cutting and hacking of an immortal item? Wu Qi marveled at the incredible ability of the ancient almighty experts who crafted these celestial fiend puppets. They were surely the precious treasures used to protect the base of a sect!

Grinning coldly, the other seventeen celestial fiend puppets keeping guard at different spots shot straight towards White Sparrow, leaving behind one afterimage after another in the air.

Sword beams pierced through the air, and the powerful punches shook the void. All eighteen celestial fiend puppets struck at the same time, throwing White Sparrow into utter confusion, who could not come up with a proper and timely counterattack. He could barely produce a little, golden-purple pagoda, which then unleashed a layer of energy barrier and protected him within. While he was busy defending himself, three celestial fiend puppets grabbed the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, together with the first puppet as they pulled the flag out of the control of White Sparrow's immortal soul.

These celestial fiend puppets had a physical strength so powerful that they could easily remove a lofty mountain. So, how could White Sparrow resist their incredibly strong force with just the force of his immortal soul?

While letting out strange screech which was very unpleasant to the ears, eighteen celestial fiend puppets flew towards each other and fused into one fuzzy green figure, before speeding away and vanishing without a trace in a twinkle. The Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was taken away by them as well, and White Sparrow could no longer sense its whereabouts.

White Sparrow threw his head back and let out a furious roar, jumping and stamping ragingly midair like a madman. He felt an intense pain in his heart, and he nearly wept because of that. It was because of the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag that he managed to smoothly transcend his Heaven Immortal thunder tribulation. He knew deeply that the flag had a nearly endless power for him to discover, and it was not just any ordinary immortal item. But now, it was forcibly seized away by someone! Even worse, the criminals were a bunch of peak-stage Nascent Soul monsters!

He let out a long screech, and was about to exercise the divine ability of teleportation to hunt down the criminals. But suddenly, Wu Qi came shooting toward him, blocking right before White Sparrow.

With one quick move, Wu Qi grabbed White Sparrow's sleeve and roared, "Uncle-Master! You have to back me up here! The people of Eminent Cloud Sect are just ridiculous! They abused their power and bullied the innocent, cheating and using underhanded techniques in the market! They have to be seriously punished! Uncle-Master, please be our witness. It was for the sake of self-defense that we've killed some people from Eminent Cloud Sect!"

A towering wrath seized Daoist White Sparrow and made him feel a darkness rise into his eyes. How could they kill the people of the Eminent Cloud Sect?

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