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Ancient God...

Wu Qi sighed lightly. The bloodline in Princess Zhang Le's body surely had an extraordinary origin. Also, it was most probably because of the innate energies which Wu Qi channeled into her body that she was able to activate her bloodline at such a young age, and even formed her innate Divine Soul.

Since the time the Great Saint Pangu created the universe, breaking the void apart and having his body transformed into Pangu Continent. All the laws that existed in the universe and all magical principles of different Dao had attached themselves to the various natural energies and materialized into Gods. This, was the origin of the ancient Gods. They had no parents, they could live forever, and as they were born from the nature, they mastered all the great Daos of the universe, such as earth, water, fire, wind. They comprehended the pouring of the rain and the rising of clouds and mist, the rise and fall of the sun and the moon, the wild wind and the great drought, even the growing and withering of grass and trees, and the changing of the terrains. They were the first batch of intelligent creatures that existed in the universe.

It was only after the appearing of these ancient Gods that the rest of the living beings and all kinds of peculiar creatures came into this universe. According to Lady Dark Gold Water's memory, even the appearance of the human race, who were solely protected by the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth till present times, and sat loftily on the throne as the wisest of all creatures, was the credit of the ancient Gods.

During the early stage of human history, ancient Gods were the idols who human beings would pray to and worship. They protected the prosperity of human race, and they taught the human race the techniques and knowledge to survive in Pangu Continent during the primordial era. At that time, ancient Gods were the existences who sat loftily on the altar, while the human race worshipped them with bended knees right at the foot of the altar.

However, when more experts were produced amongst the human race, especially when cultivators began to appear, followed by Immortals, and eventually, someone sailed through all the hardships and stepped into the realm of Gold Immortals and Primordial Immortals, becoming the legendary almighty experts, something Wu Qi was rather familiar with happened. In order to fight for the right to speak, as well as the right to control the universe, human Immortals joined forces with the other powers and initiated an endless attack against the ancient Gods.

It was a horrible war that lasted over several thousands of Aeons. And, it was during that war that the Pangu Continent was broken for the first time, causing the creation of the various realms that circled around it. Countless experts fell like raindrops. Finally, the war was over, and the result was that the ancient Gods withdrew themselves from the stage, while human race claimed the ownership of Pangu Continent and became the Master of the universe.

From the little information relating to the ancient Gods Wu Qi found in Lady Dark Gold Water's memory, he learned that ancient Gods really liked to mix their bloodline with the human race. The children they gave birth to were called Demigods, and they possessed the same long lifespan and magical powers as ancient Gods. As their bloodline became thinner further down the generations, their descendants became weaker and weaker. Nevertheless, these descendants still preserved some of the magical powers of their ancestors, such as the ability to predict disasters and communicate with all creatures under the heaven. Some of them could even communicate with the spirits of the deceased, were able to heal all sorts of injuries and diseases, exterminate pestilence, and drive away savage beasts that posed a threat to the human race.

Even though these descendants of ancient Gods no longer possessed the powerful divine abilities that could summon wind and rain, they still held a very prestige status among the human race. They became the High Priests in the clans, guiding the clan's direction of development and advancement. They were also the symbol of the clan's spiritual belief.

As of present times, only if a person who possessed the bloodline of an ancient God was lucky enough to obtain a spirit item which contained an innate aura that perfectly matched with his bloodline could he slowly absorb the innate energies to activate his bloodline, forming an innate Divine Soul, and eventually inheriting the mighty divine ability of his ancestors. However, an innate treasure was extremely rare. With every innate treasure that was occasionally found by the world of cultivators, a great war would break out immediately. It was simply impossible for those ancient God descendants to succeed in finding one.

But, Princess Zhang Le was a lucky one, as she had received the innate five element energies which Wu Qi gave her unreservedly. This had smoothly activated her ancient God bloodline. After that, through her 'laborious cultivation', the obtaining of a huge amount of Heaven Immortal blood and soul crystals, and spending several tens of days meditating in the Heart Cleaning Pool in the state of enlightenment, the magical power she inherited from the ancient era was finally awakened.

With the forming of her innate Divine Soul, Princess Zhang Le now possessed the power of an ancient God. Even though the power was weak as of now, as long as she kept cultivating them, her overall strength would only become stronger and stronger. Most amazingly, unlike Immortal cultivators who were considering defying the Heaven, ancient Gods were the physical representations of the natural laws and principles, so every act and every move of them matched the Heavenly Dao perfectly. Because of that, as long as she did not indiscriminately slaughter innocent people to accumulate too much of negative karma, she would never have to face heavenly tribulation again, despite how strong her overall strength improved to be.

The reason that the Heaven sent down a Green Immortal Destruction Thunder just now was merely because Princess Zhang Le was transforming her mortal body into a God's body. After this thunder tribulation, as long as she did not slaughter an entire city of people, annihilate an entire empire, and massacre millions of people, she would never have to face any thunder tribulations again.

Wu Qi breathed out a sigh of relief. Then, he hastily cupped his fist and bowed to Patriarch Yuan Hua, saying, "Ancestral Master, please make all the Elders and fellow disciples present to swear an oath with their life, that they would not expose Zi Xuan's background under any circumstances. If not, she will be faced with troubles in the future."

Patriarch Yuan Hua nodded and said, "Of course I will! Don't worry, I know what to do. What happened to the little girl will never be leaked!"

A big smile bloomed on Patriarch Yuan Hua's face. The joy and happiness he had in his heart were beyond words. The profoundness of ancient Gods was not only in their incredible power, but also the various magical abilities they possessed, such as forming energy veins, stimulating earth energies, and many others, all of which carrying a significant meaning to the immortal sects at the present time.

With the ability to form energy veins, the tiny energy veins that were insufficient in power could gradually develop and grow with the Ancient God's divine power. From the lowest grade energy veins, they might become energy veins of the best grade. When all the underground energy veins on Green Cliff Planet were turned into the highest grade energy veins, the planet would become a first-class base, and they would never have to worry about the lacking natural energy!

As for the ability to stimulate earth energies, it was an ability that could turn an ordinary barren land into a fertilized spirit land. All spirit herbs would grow better and stronger on a spirit land such as this, and could yield a richer medicinal strength. If it took a Ganoderma one thousand years to reach its maturity stage on a barren land, it would only take ten years on a spirit land enhanced by an ancient God's divine power, one hundred years to upgrade its grade, and one thousand years to transform into Ganoderma Fairy that ran around freely.

Such divine power matched perfectly with the Grand Dao of Heaven and Earth. Therefore, it had nearly infinite magical effects, and could influence the natural environment in the universe. On the other hand, immortal energy was merely the product after natural energies were compressed and compacted to the maximum, and could only influence a Heaven Immortal himself.

The Immortal cultivation could only grant immortality to a mortal, and a tremendous power that could shatter the sky and crack the earth. Yet the cultivation of Divinity could bring good weather for the crops, making the world around oneself abundant in produce. As the divine power became stronger, the living beings within the effective area of the divine power would be affected as well. They would become stronger and healthier, and would not be struck by any plague or natural disasters. In addition to that, when compared to other places, they would have a higher percentage of people that were suitable to cultivate the Dao.

Now that Princess Zhang Le had formed her innate Divine Soul, Yuan Hua Sect would definitely have a promising future.

The little sparrow, who had a body full of golden feathers and a flaming red coronet, came perching happily on Princess Zhang Le's shoulder, and gave her ear a gentle peck. Princess Zhang Le had already scattered the tribulation cloud and brought her Divine Soul back into her body. Stepping on a thin, colorful cloud, she came landing slowly before Wu Qi.

Wu Qi was struck dumb upon looking at her. She still had the same appearance, but faintly there was a layer of colorful luster on her face. It made her facial features look a little bit obscure, but at the same time, made her look even more beautiful. The once naughty and quick-moving eyes became calm and clear as still water, refined and composed. Only when she rolled her eyes occasionally would a little bit of her usual obstinate and capricious look be shown. On top of that, the aura sent forth from her felt like a gust of warm spring breeze that caressed gently on one's face, making one feel calm and peaceful naturally.

Intuitively, Wu Qi felt Princess Zhang Le had changed, from a crystal splinter that was filled with sharp edges and flickering incessantly into a jade pearl that was crafted by a skillful craftsman, looking smooth and clean on the outside, and had all the glow hiding inside. Some fundamental changes had happened to her, turning her into someone different compared to the past.

Her calm and clear, refined and composed eyes let Wu Qi feel an aura that belonged to intelligence, an intelligence so ancient as if it were coming from the beginning of time. It was the intelligence hiding inside the bloodline of ancient Gods, and had been passed down through the generations. The intelligence related to this universe, this Heaven and Earth, this world, the most fundamental intelligence closest to the source. When compared to an intelligence such as this, those Heavenly Dao of the Heaven Immortals and the magical law and principles of Gold Immortals all looked so shallow, as if some kids from kindergarten were trying to show off their knowledge of 'one plus one equals two', simply laughable.

Gently and gracefully, she nodded at Wu Qi with a smile. "It seems like I've finally awakened today after a very long sleep." Princess Zhang Le said lightly.

Wu Qi's heart sunk, and he asked in a deep voice, "Are you... still the same Zi Xuan?" Even as he asked that, he was praying hard in his mind that this was not some treacherous trick of borrowing someone's body and coming back to life, or using bloodline to reincarnate. If that really happened, even if the person standing before him were some ancient God, he swore he would definitely rip that ancient God apart and burn the corpse to ashes.

Princess Zhang Le frowned slightly, then gave him a half-smile and said, "Zi Xuan, of course, is the same Zi Xuan, but..."

Tilting her head, she giggled and said, "But, it seems like I've suddenly grown up. When I look back at the Zi Xuan of fifteen minutes ago, and the Zi Xuan of tens of years in the past, I feel they are just kids that have yet to grow up. But now, it seems I've known a lot of things. Nevertheless, many of them are too profound, and I can't understand them yet."

She hugged Wu Qi's arm gently, then placed her head on his shoulder naturally.

Although she just did a pretty intimate action before Patriarch Yuan Hua, she did it so naturally as if it were perfectly normal. Nobody around them felt her behavior was overly intimate. In fact, they felt that it was something that Princess Zhang Le should do! Every movement and action of hers, every word and sound she made, they all felt so natural and logical, as if they should be like that since the creation of the universe.

And this was the miraculous power of an ancient God! Currently, as Princess Zhang Le's cultivation base was still weak, there were not many strange signs occurring around her. When she truly possessed the power of an ancient God, every movement of her would cause the wind and clouds to change their colors, the sun and moon to lose their light, and the so-called 'words follow like law' look just like a trifling trick.

Wu Qi placed his arm on Princess Zhang Le's waist. Both of them stood shoulder to shoulder, looking extremely harmonious and natural, like two big trees in the mountain that grew up from the same root and were supposed to stand side by side like that. In the meanwhile, when Wu Qi hugged Princess Zhang Le, he felt very warm and comfortable, as if the weaknesses he once had in this world was covered up suddenly.

Patriarch Yuan Hua looked at Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le gladly, then said in a deep voice, "Every member of sect that present, I want you to swear an oath with your life: you are strictly prohibited from leaking anything that happened today to anyone... When someone asks you, you can just tell them... mm, just tell them that I've advanced another Tier and have had my overall strength improved!"

One after another, all the Elders and Nascent Divinity disciples of Yuan Hua Sect present cupped their fists and bowed, answering to Patriarch Yuan Hua at the same time.

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