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On the ninth floor of Luo Ling Pavilion of the Eminent Cloud Sect inside Green Cliff Immortal Market...

The place was elegantly decorated. A few low shelves made using spirit jades were set up, on top of which were a couple dozens of treasures. They were glowing dimly, and seemed like some shabby treasures prima facie. Even so, each of them was protected with a talisman. As a matter of fact, the lowest grade treasure among them was a lower-grade spirit item, while the treasure placed right in the center of the room, a three feet and six inches long red silk, protected by a dense layer of overlapping talismans, was actually a lower-grade immortal item.

Wu Qi was sitting with a straight back on a chair used by Luo Ling Pavilion to receive guests, narrowing his eyes while glancing around.

With the display of a lower-grade immortal item in the shop ran by it, Eminent Cloud Sect had proven itself to be the number one immortal sect in Puluo Heavenly Realm. And this was on the premise that all the natural resources in Puluo Heavenly Realm were far less abundant than Myriad Immortals Planet. Despite that, they could still display a lower-grade immortal item on the shelf. This showed that Eminent Cloud Sect had an extraordinary foundation.

At the very least, it showed that the Eminent Cloud Sect had the ability to gather a large quantity of rare and precious materials, as those were what it took to craft immortal items. Also, they must have some craftsmen of the grandmaster level, because, it would not be possible to craft any usable immortal items without them. After all, those itinerant Heaven Immortals in Puluo Heavenly Realm who did not have any backing were still using ordinary spirit items. Not every Heaven Immortal could own an immortal item.

In the spacious reception parlor on the ninth floor of Luo Ling Pavilion, Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le sat side by side. Across them were a few executing-disciples of Luo Ling Pavilion, whose faces were unsightly. Nevertheless, as they were greatly intimidated by Wu Qi's violent and ferocious approaches, they were bowing their heads and dared not to look at him.

To the left of Wu Qi sat Daoist White Sparrow. His face was extremely unsightly, and the color was constantly shifting between pale and blue, sometimes even flushing red. His most precious treasure, the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag, was robbed by celestial fiend puppets, and he was utterly upset. He had lost his cool; his mind was empty, and did not know what he was going to do next. He was having a hard time figuring out why the Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag could not defeat those few celestial fiend puppets.

Wu Qi stole a glance at White Sparrow. Of course, he would never tell White Sparrow that those Daoists were just puppets, and they did not have their own souls. So, how would they be restrained by Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag? He was laughing in his sleeve, because judging from the feedback of the puppets, that Jadebones Soul-Searching Flag was an extraordinary immortal item! And now, the powerful immortal item belonged to him!

But then, Wu Qi was worried at the same time. Just now, many people on the street saw how those celestial fiend puppets came out from behind his back. He just hoped that nobody was stupid enough to inform White Sparrow about this! If that really happened, nobody could blame him for killing someone to keep their mouths shut. Or maybe, it would be even better to just kill White Sparrow, right? Wu Qi had just fused his three spiritual and seven physical souls with his innate five elements Gold Cores, and he was in the middle of preparing a vast amount of immortal energies in order to make the next breakthrough, forming his own innate five elements Nascent Souls. If White Sparrow was asking for trouble, Wu Qi did not mind to take the opportunity to kill him.

He touched the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. He had once again stored several tens of thousands of Drunken Dragon Incense inside the ring. With that amount, he could knock out every single Thirty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal like White Sparrow that came to cause him troubles. As long as he did a clean job, hiding all the traces from Mo Luan, Wu Qi had no fear of them.

To the left of White Sparrow sat Patriarch Jiang Yun with a straight face, and further up sat Green Staff and Mo Luan, the pair of rivals. Finally, there were Daoist Min and Daoist Chi sitting next to them, gazing at each other in speechless dismay. There was a bed of clouds placed in the middle, where Patriarch Yuan Hua sat cross-legged with a calm and collected manner. A few Heaven Immortal Elders of Yuan Hua Sect were standing beside him.

After a moment of silence, Patriarch Yuan Hua asked in a deep voice, "Where is the fellow Daoist in charge of Luo Ling Pavilion?"

An Eminent Cloud Sect's disciple rose to his feet, his body shivering as he pointed at Wu Qi and stammered, "All... all of them are killed by this fellow Daoist. The Chief Supervisor of Luo Ling Pavilion, Uncle-Master Yun Wuqi, and the Chief Manager, Grand Uncle-Master Fan Qi, both of them were killed by him."

Patriarch Yuan Hua nodded with a sigh. "Fellow Daoist Fan Qi is an early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator. Wu Qi, I believe you only have a cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, right? Hmm, the difference between Nascent Divinity realm and Nascent Soul realm is similar to that of an adult and a toddler. What method did you use to kill him?"

After a brief moment of pondering, Wu Qi stood up and sent a voice transmission to Patriarch Yuan Hua, as well as all the seniors of Yuan Hua Sect that were present, "I once met with an extraordinary encounter, during which, my fleshly body was tempered with Heavenly Yin True Water. Although my cultivation base is at the Nascent Soul realm, the power of my energy and the strength of my fleshly body is comparable to that of a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator."

This was the first time Wu Qi made a comprehensive evaluation of his own overall strength. Without relying on all sorts of strange divine abilities and mystic techniques, or various powerful magical treasures and immortal items, or those evil techniques such as Drunken Dragon Incense, he really was comparable to a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator in term of the power of his energy and the strength of his fleshly body. In fact, the other name for a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator was actually Half-Immortal. It simply meant that a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator was not much different from a Thirty-Six Tier Heaven Immortal, just that he had yet to transcend his Heaven Immortal thunder tribulation, having his energy transformed into immortal energy.

Patriarch Yuan Hua was stunned as he stared at Wu Qi, while Patriarch Jiang Yun and the rest of the people were looking at him in amazement as well.

Wu Qi touched the Black Dragon Spirit Ring with his finger. A three feet tall white jade vase appeared in his hand. This was one of the benefits that Black Dragon Spirit Ring had - the black dragon soul could always refill and reorganize everything that was stored inside it according to Wu Qi's will. A moment ago, the black dragon soul poured several tens of kilogram of Heavenly Yin True Water from the Dark Yin Energy Vase and filled them into this three feet tall white jade vase.

Wu Qi had been feeding the Dark Yin Energy Vase with cold element energy stones recently, and this Heavenly Yin True Water was the final product. Every single drop of these bluish Heavenly Yin True Water was heavier than mercury, glinting dazzlingly and seeming very eye-catching. Right when Wu Qi took out the white vase, the temperature in the room immediately dropped significantly.

With great respect, he handed the white vase to Patriarch Yuan Hua, then sent over a voice transmission, "I still have some of the Heavenly Yin True Water left, and now I sincerely offer it to Ancestral Master. With it, Ancestral Master can have your immortal body tempered, and I believe the chance of winning in the match with Reverend Huilin will definitely be higher!" While handing over the vase, Wu Qi had his eyes continuously staring at it, the look in his eyes like he did not wish to part with it.

Patriarch Yuan Hua received the white vase while hardly being able to hold down the wild joy that filled his heart. This Heavenly Yin True Water could make his fleshly body stronger and tougher, able to contain even more and purer immoral energies. Once he absorbed all of it, he was confident that he could increase his overall strength by at least one to two tiers higher. Although his actual tier would not increase, his actual combative strength could definitely equal the level of a Twenty-Sixth Tier Heaven Immortal.

Now, with the immortal pills that could heal his injury and the Heavenly Yin True Water that could temper his body, Reverend Huilin was nothing to him anymore!

He shoved the white vase into his storage ring happily, then noticed the look in Wu Qi's eyes. Immediately, he felt a little bit of shame. He was old compared to Wu Qi, and was an Ancestral Master, yet he was taking away something that belonged to a junior?

He thought for a moment, then he told Immortal Green Staff with a smile, "Starting from tomorrow, teach Wu Qi, Zi Xuan, Xiansheng, and Catfish the Asamskrta Energy Unity Scripture. Jiang Yun, you can join them as well, since you are just one step away from Thirty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal Realm!"

Wu Qi rejoiced on hearing what Patriarch Yuan Hua said. The several tens of kilograms of Heavenly Yin True Water had brought him a greater value. He dropped to his knees in ecstasy and bowed to Patriarch Yuan Hua, while Patriarch Jiang Yun did the same excitedly. On the contrary, Daoist White Sparrow's face turned pale with anger, and his lips turned really red like two bloody sausages.

Wu Qi sat back in his chair. Princess Zhang Le grabbed and held his palm as he heard Patriarch Yuan Hua say laughingly, "I'm pleased that we have such an excellent disciple in our sect. With him, the chance of winning the match with Huiling Sect eighteen months later will be greater!" Patriarch Yuan Hua was laughing heartily, and even Daoist Min was looking at Wu Qi with delight.

In any case, the match between Yuan Hua Sect and Huiling Sect would directly decide the future of the two immortal sects. Now, with a freak such as Wu Qi on their side, although he would participate the match as a peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivator, his actual overall strength was comparable to that a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator! That was a tremendous advantage! As long as Wu Qi was more vicious during the match, helping other Nascent Divinity cultivators kill a couple of Huiling Sect's Nascent Divinity cultivators, it would be a sure win for Yuan Hua Sect!

Therefore, although there was a deep conflict between Daoist Min and Immortal Green Staff, when it came to the future of their sect, the former still showed his admiration for Wu Qi.

While the people of Yuan Hua Sect were talking amongst themselves, the few disciples of Luo Ling Pavilion sat tremblingly on their chairs with an unsettled state of mind. Suddenly, some light footsteps were heard coming from the outside. Very soon, escorted by several tens of cultivators, a tall and mighty-looking old man, clad in a pale-golden long robe, walked into the room.

Wu Qi gave these cultivators an examining glance from the corner of his eyes. Clearly, this old man clad in a pale-golden long robe was a Heaven Immortal, while the weakest cultivators among them were also peak-stage Nascent Soul cultivators. Approximately fifteen to sixteen of them were Nascent Divinity cultivators.

The old man walked into the room, cupped his fist, and bowed to Patriarch Yuan Hua without saying a word. Patriarch Yuan Hua nodded slowly and said, "Elder Yun, don't stand on ceremony. There is some misunderstanding between Yuan Hua Sect's disciple and Eminent Cloud Sect's disciple, and I am here to discuss it with you."

The old man was Yun Tianao, the Chief Elder of Eminent Cloud Sect's Luo Ling Palace, the Grand Uncle-Master of Yun Wuqi. He said sullenly, "There is no necessity for discussion, Patriarch Yuan Hua. It is my fault in this incident. I've failed to teach my junior in a proper way, which resulted in the intolerable deeds performed by Yun Wuqi. He has brought a disgrace to Eminent Cloud Sect's reputation!"

Sighing lightly, Yun Tianao continued in a deep voice, "Our Ancestral Master has questioned us about the incident, and we've told him the details. Indeed, it is the fault of our disciple. We will send some reliable personnel to take over Luo Ling Pavilion in just a few days. All the disciples here will be brought back to Eminent Cloud Sect and seriously punished! They have truly ruined Eminent Cloud Sect's reputation, and there is no room in our sect for villains like them!"

Although Yun Tianao's words made him look like a man of justice with high moral standing, Wu Qi had a feeling that many things were being hidden behind that mighty-looking face. His own grandnephew was eaten alive before the public, could he really not be provoked at all? Not angry at all? Could it be that all the people of Eminent Cloud Sect were saints?


Wu Qi shook his head lightly, and to his surprise, he saw Daoist Chi was making the same gesture as him.

Wu Qi gave Daoist Chi a look, while the latter narrowed his eyes and responded with a silent smile.

Upon hearing Yun Tianao's words, Patriarch Yuan Hua sighed and responded with a nod, "Elder Yun, please send my apology to Reverend Yun. Once I finish dealing with all the miscellaneous errands, I'll definitely pay him a visit to personally offer him an apology."

After that, he turned to look at Wu Qi and said sullenly, "Wu Qi, even though you acted with reason, it is still a serious offense to kill the disciples of Eminent Cloud Sect. You ought to know that Yuan Hua Sect and Eminent Cloud Sect are friends! You were too reckless this time!"

He paused, pondering for a brief while, then continued in a stern voice, "You will be punished! Go face the wall at the Heart Cleaning Pool on the back of the mountain and ponder over your misdeeds!"

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