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The nine kowtows nearly knocked Wu Qi's consciousness out. With great effort, he raised his head, staring at Lady Dark Gold Water. His heart was filled with both indignance and shame.

Lady Dark Gold Water bowed her head and looked at Wu Qi, who laid on the floor, unable to move. Then, she lightly waved her right hand at Yan Qijun and the other people. With that, everyone rolled their eyes and lost their consciousness. A ball of white colored water rolled out from thin air, wrapping around the group and began to spin. Slowly the ball of water vanished, like it never appeared before, while Yan Qijun and the rest of the people were gone together with it. "They are just a bunch of nuisances. I've sent them down to the Heavenly Yin True Water Pool to have a nice soaking."

Heavenly Yin True Water? Wu Qi shook his head that kept spinning and buzzing inside. A wry smile emerged on his face. It was a good thing, an absolutely good thing. For those Heaven Immortals who focused on cultivating their fleshly bodies, Heavenly Yin True Water was definitely the best ingredient they could use to refine their immortal bodies. However, as it was an ingredient with overly excellent quality, it could only be enjoyed by Heaven Immortals and above. Of course, Yan Qijun and the others would definitely have their fleshly bodies benefited greatly by soaking in it. However, they would also have to suffer a severe pain that was similar to having their hearts cut a thousand times and burned by a fiend flame.

This lady was too vicious in her approach. Wu Qi wisely shut his mouth and dared not to utter any impertinent words.

After looking steadfastly at Wu Qi for a moment, Lady Dark Gold Water said with a cold voice, "After so many years, you are the first group of cultivators that intruded my palace. And among so many people, you are the only person who was bold enough to attack me. You're pretty courageous, and since you own a treasure crafted using Innate Earth Element Energy Essence, that shows you have a good fortune as well. Oh, with the body of a mortal, you are actually practicing the Dragon Transformation Script? It seems that you have very wide connections, huh?"

Wu Qi touched the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. A faint dragon cry echoed out as the soul of Black Dragon carefully poked its head out, nodding humbly at Lady Dark Gold Water. She gave the Black Dragon Spirit Ring a surprised look, then sneered mockingly, "A Heavenly Dragon is refined into a storage ring? If this were heard by the few Grand Elders in Dragon clan... Hehe, no wonder you can learn the most orthodox Dragon Transformation Script."

After a brief moment of pondering, she gazed at Wu Qi and said, "You've already acknowledged me as your Master. Therefore, you need to avenge me."

Wearing a pitiable look on his face Wu Qi stared at Lady Dark Gold Water. He really did not want this Master. However, as he was a meat on someone's chopping block now, despite how he disliked this Master, he could only bow his head discontentedly and say reverently, "That is what I should do. It is the principle of Heaven and Earth for a disciple to avenge his Master."

Nodding slowly, Lady Dark Gold Water warned Wu Qi, "If you manage to kill my enemy in the future, you still cannot tell this matter to anyone. I'll never allow my great reputation to be ruined. I'll rather let all the almighty experts in the entire universe think that I fell because of some accidents, than let them know I was schemed by someone and got myself in this situation. Can you do that?"

"Of course, your wish is my command. It is a disciple's duty to protect his Master's reputation." said Wu Qi while nodding his head.

Wu Qi would never tell anyone that he was Lady Dark Gold Water's disciple, unless his brain become damaged. Lady Dark Gold Water was a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, and even with that level of overall strength, she had gotten herself into such a miserable situation. Therefore, it was not tough to tell what level her enemy was at. In the future, even if Wu Qi could really avenge her, he would never let anyone know he was her disciple. Who in this world did not have friends? The friends of a Gold Immortal must be Gold Immortals as well. There might be someone out there who knew what happened to Lady Dark Gold Water, and if Wu Qi told everyone that he was her disciple after killing her enemy, that would just attract the retaliation from more enemies!

Seeing that Wu Qi answered in such a quick and sharp manner, Lady Dark Gold Water nodded satisfyingly. Then, she began to slowly tell him the reason that brought her into the current state with a frown on her face.

According to Lady Dark Gold Water, her Master was a mighty existence, a person with true divine abilities, and she was her Master's proudest disciple. In just ten short Periods, she managed to become a Gold Immortal from a mere mortal through arduous cultivation!

On the other hand, Patriarch Jiang Yun had laboriously cultivated for over one hundred thousand years, and he was still trying hard to break through the bottleneck of Thirty-Fifth Tier Heaven Immortal. However, it only took Lady Dark Gold Water ten Periods of time, a total of slightly over 1.2 million years, to break through Gold Immortal realm from a mortal. Even in the entire universe, a talent such as this could put her among the greatest geniuses.

Lady Dark Gold Water met her Master when she was twelve years old. Since then, she began to cultivate laboriously for ten whole Periods of time, and eventually became a Gold Immortal. Then, she spent half an Aeon [1] to attain a cultivation base of Sixth Tier Gold Immortal. Her speed in cultivation made everyone envy, while also greatly frightened many people.

Lady Dark Gold Water talked incessantly about the things related to her. In the meanwhile, by observing her facial expression and her tone while speaking, and how she described all the events she went through, Wu Qi was able to derive a conclusion - she was a genius who devoted herself wholly to cultivation, and nearly cultivated herself into an idiot. In the field of cultivating the Dao, she was definitely a mighty genius. But in terms of the worldly wisdom, she was a complete idiot!

According to her own narration, throughout the slightly over half an Aeon of her life, apart from her Master, she never spent more than half a year with another living person. She was only twelve when she entered the sect, and when she became a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, Wu Qi reckoned her mental age was only fourteen or fifteen years old, never exceeding sixteen years old. She was a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal with the mental age of at most sixteen years. Her Master and Sect were extremely formidable, and since little, she was nursed under easy circumstances, with nobody ever defying her opinions. All of these had shaped Lady Dark Gold Water into an eccentric, mean, and unreasonable person.

Therefore, right when Wu Qi and his company approached her palace, right after they entered the boundary of her broken soul's sense which was trapped in the palace and had nearly gone insane because of boredom, Lady Dark Gold Water immediately teleported them into her palace. Then, being the unreasonable her, she gave them a brutal treatment upon the first meeting.

"Master, how exactly did you get trapped in here?" Wu Qi asked in a low voice while smiling bitterly.

Lady Dark Gold Water stupefied, knitted her brows into a tight frown.

After becoming a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, no matter how much effort she poured into cultivating, she just could not progress further. Actually, the vanity of the mortal world and the worldly wisdom were parts of the Heavenly Dao as well. Although by isolating herself from the world and devoting her soul and heart to cultivation had made her a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, continually being oblivious of the world could no longer make her progress further. Therefore, as suggested by her Master, Lady Dark Gold Water left her sect and began to travel the world, visiting different realms in the universe, and eventually, she brought herself an illustrious reputation.

Wu Qi vaguely hinted her with some questions, and Lady Dark Gold Water immediately followed his hints and told about a few proud works she had done in those years, which catapulted her into the limelight before the eyes of everyone in the universe - simply some acts of helping the weak and upholding justice. However, she always used the same approach to deal with these matters. For the person who she deemed wrong and deserved to be killed, she would kill all the clan members of his or her.

For three thousand years, Lady Dark Gold Water traveled the world, and she had exterminated over one thousand clans. Because of various relationships and connections these clans had established, a few Gold Immortal had come to Lady Dark Gold Water, wanting to avenge their disciples or clan members. As a result, all of them were killed by her. Worst of all, she even went to those Gold Immortal's Sects and slaughtered every person in the Sect, regardless they were good or bad people.

Wu Qi swallowed a lump in his throat. Wearing a vacant expression, he stared at Lady Dark Gold Water, who had her eyebrows dancing joyfully as she was able to share her proud history. He was rendered completely speechless.

Perhaps the several hundreds of thousands of years of complete isolation had made Lady Dark Gold Water develop a nagging habit. Once she started talking, she went on without stopping for a full twenty-four hours. Then, Wu Qi saw the seven puffs of dark smoke bursting out of her chest again, transforming into countless tiny fiends that scratched and bit crazily at her broken soul. Lady Dark Gold Water shivered violently with pain, and her broken soul flickered weakly.

Just like yesterday, by relying on the Purple Field Soul Nourishing Mist, she replenished the consumption of her broken soul, barely managing to hold up against the harassment from those fiends. Nevertheless, it seemed her broken soul had become slightly weaker, showing a sign of being unable to hold on for much longer. Lady Dark Gold Water forced a smile through her lips, rested her eyes on Wu Qi, and said, "Look, after so many years, my broken soul is getting weaker and weaker. I cannot hold on for much longer."

After a moment of silence, she shook her head and said, "I've spent too much time telling you the useless history. Now, listen to me carefully: the person who schemed against me is 'Reverend Li Yang', the grandchild of Green City Sect's Sect Leader. He was aided by 'Fairy Xuan Die', someone who I regarded as my best friend in those years. Hah, all these years, I've had only one best friend, Fairy Xuan Die, and I never expected that she would mix Xiang Liu's[2] saliva in my tea, then attack me together with Reverend Li Yang."

Wu Qi was struck dumb as he stared blankly at Lady Dark Gold Water.

Fairy Xuan Die? He was not interested in her. Reverend Li Yang? He also not interested in him either!

But what about this Green City Sect? "Master, may I act boldly to ask this question: what is the background of this Green City Sect?"

While frowning, Lady Dark Gold Water tilted her head sideways and thought for a moment. At length, she shook and said, "After having been harassed by those fiends for days and nights, some of my memories have become unclear. If I remember it correctly, it is a Sect established by Immortals transcended from a place called Green City Mountain, on a planet which I don't know the name of. They are the Immortals who inherited a legacy left behind in the mortal realm by some unknown ancient Immortal."

A bright gleam flashed in Lady Dark Gold Water's eyes as she said, "At present time, Green City Sect is one of the strongest and largest Sect in Xuan Yang Heavenly Realm. Their Sect Leader is a Third Tier Gold Immortal. Reverend Li Yang is his grandson, having a cultivation base similar to Fairy Xuan Die. They are both Seventh Tier Gold Immortals."

A legacy left behind in the mortal realm by some unknown ancient Immortal? A Sect established by Immortals transcended from a place called Green City Mountain?

Suddenly, the bloody faces of Wu Wang, Le Xiaobai, and many of his brothers in Greedy Wolf Group emerged before Wu Qi's eyes. Nodding his head lightly, he said, "So, our enemies are from Green City Mountain, Green City Sect? Reverend Li Yang? Fine, I'll kill him. After that, I'll completely destroy Green City Sect."

While saying that, he clenched his fists tightly, so tight that cracking and popping noises were heard coming from all the joints. "I will completely destroy the Green City Sect." murmured Wu Qi under his breath, "Since I can't find the way to return home now, before I can exterminate their offspring, I will completely annihilate all their Ancestral Masters in Xuan Yang Heavenly Realm!"

Lady Dark Gold Water clapped her hands lightly, then smiled and said, "Excellent! You should keep that confidence with you all the time. If you can exterminate Green City Sect, I'll permit you to pay a visit to your Ancestral Master and tell her what had happened to me. Without having Green City Sect completely exterminated, I'm too ashamed to let anyone know that I've gotten myself into such a pathetic situation." Sighing lightly, she continued while shaking her head, "To think that I had such an awe-inspiring reputation in those years, but now I've fallen into such a miserable state. How disgraceful am I!"

Sighing deeply, Lady Dark Gold Water looked at Wu Qi and said, "Are you ready? I'm going to officially take you as my disciple. The responsibility of avenging your Master is all yours now!"

Wu Qi stared foolishly at Lady Dark Gold Water. "Ready for what?"

Lady Dark Gold Water glanced around yearningly. Suddenly, her body shook, while all the emerald green paste of jade essence inside the jade dais transformed into a purple cloud, wrapping around the Purple Soul Heavenly Lotus Flower as they soared up into midair, then enveloped Lady Dark Gold Water's broken soul. It all transformed into a bright beam and shot right into Wu Qi's forehead.

Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity shuddered. Then, a blackness filled his vision as he fell heavily onto the ground

One Period = 129,600 years, one Aeon = 5.6 billion years.Xiangliu, also known as Xiangyou, is a nine-headed snake monster that appears in Chinese mythology. (Source:
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