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A vast expanse of water, a clump of earthy mist, a stretch of trees, a flaming ocean, and a mountain of blades were seen hovering amidst Wu Qi's boundless spiritual ocean. They were the actual manifestations of his innate five elements energy, and they resonated directly with the ten Gold Cores inside his meridians within both arms.

Above these manifestations hovered the Phoenix Fire Pouch. Every now and then, innate energies of five different colors would rise slowly up and inject into it, serving as the fuel for Divine Flame of Order, helping it to grow stronger and burn more vigorously. Bright divine rays of purple and green color brightly lit the entire spiritual ocean, while purple mists were swirling everywhere, with the green light flickering ceaselessly. They made Wu Qi's spiritual ocean look like a cave abode of an Immortal, filled with endless mysteries.

Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity, which he formed ahead of time with the force of Heavenly Thunder, was sitting right under the Phoenix Fire Pouch with a straight back. Frequently, it would breathe out wisps of golden beam, fusing them into the Divine Flame of Order so as to improve the spiritual connection between him and the flame. The surrounding innate five elements energies were fusing into his Nascent Divinity ceaselessly as well, making it even purer, compact, and filled with greater miraculous capriciousness.

Bringing with her the purple cloud which transformed from the immense amount of paste of jade essence, Lady Dark Gold Water's broken soul rushed into Wu Qi's spiritual ocean and abruptly exploded into a glare of dazzling golden-purple lights that spread out in all directions. The golden-purple lights then transformed into countless restrictive runes and branded into Wu Qi's spiritual ocean, fusing into the purple mists and green lights that filled his spiritual ocean, while some of them even fused with his soul and Nascent Divinity.

In the meanwhile, Lady Dark Gold Water's last remaining True Spirit was about to attach to Wu Qi's soul. But, the Divine Flame of Order flickered suddenly, transforming into a towering flame as it thrust towards the True Spirit. Lady Dark Gold Water, who had been struggling for ages with just a broken soul, even having all the power in her broken soul used up just now, was struck dumb. "Divine Flame of Order? How on earth could he own such a nasty treasure?" She could not refrain herself from screaming out loud.

The scream echoed in Wu Qi's spiritual ocean. As he was unconscious now, he could not control the Divine Flame of Order. As a result, the uncontrolled flame enveloped Lady Dark Gold Water's last remaining True Spirit and burned it into nothingness. A huge amount of memories and experiences rushed out from the vanishing True Spirit, merging into Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity like rivers flowing into the sea.

Her life experiences, all her understandings for the Dharmic Dao, every single divine ability she learned and practiced before, along with every bit of her memory, were inherited by Wu Qi. Yet, her last remaining True Spirit, the last hope for her to reincarnate, was wiped out completely by the Divine Flame of Order.

Countless strange knowledge lingered within Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity. No matter it was something that he could understand, or something that he could not yet comprehend, all of them were fused with his Nascent Divinity, and he would never forget them again. As the knowledge contained in Lady Dark Gold Water's broken soul was extremely broad and profound, it caused the entire fusing process to last for a full seven days and seven nights. Finally, when all the knowledge was transferred over to Wu Qi, who was unconscious from the impact of the vast knowledge, he slowly opened his eyes.

Sitting on top of the broken jade dais, Wu Qi frowned as he tried to recall what had happened to him. Then, from the memories he inherited from Lady Dark Gold Water's broken soul, he found the trick she had done on him, and it made him utter a few curses under his breath. It turned out that as someone who could cultivate into a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, even though her mental age was rather childish, she was still someone not to easily mess with. What Lady Dark Gold Water did to Wu Qi had proven this.

As she was defeated by her enemies, which left her with only a broken soul, and even had to suffer the harassment from fiends for days and nights, Lady Dark Gold Water felt ashamed to seek help at her own Sect. Also, as she had to use all her power to resist the harassment from the fiends, she did not have any spare energy to seek help.

Previously, she used the enormous energies transformed from the paste of jade essence, which had been accumulating for over several hundreds of thousands of years in the jade dais, to protect her soul. Then, she smashed the Purple Soul Heavenly Lotus, which had protected her broken soul for several hundreds of thousands of years, then borrowed the miraculous power of this lotus as she extracted her own True Spirit. Finally, she blended all the power of her immortal soul, the power of the fiend curse, and the power of the paste of jade essence, turning them into an immortal restrictive spell - 'Dark Yin Soul Captivation', using it to confine Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity and soul.

After the three powers were combined, they were still far weaker than the overall strength that Lady Dark Gold Water possessed when she was at her peak form. Nevertheless, it was comparable to a full force attack unleashed by an Eighteenth Tier Gold Immortal. When such awe-inspiring power was used to cast the Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell and trap Wu Qi's soul and Nascent Divinity, there was absolutely no way he could resist. The restrictive spell had controlled Wu Qi's life and death, and with just a thought from Lady Dark Gold Water, Wu Qi would have his soul completely disintegrated, and vanished into thin air.

According to Lady Dark Gold Water's original plot, after trapping Wu Qi with the restrictive spell, she would fuse her last remaining True Spirit into Wu Qi's soul. She would then borrow Wu Qi's soul to nourish her True Spirit, and could always pour exhortations into Wu Qi's mind, teaching him the Great Dao of Gold Immortal. It was like having a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal following Wu Qi at all time, teaching him everything Lady Dark Gold Water had learned throughout her entire life.

While at the same time, Lady Dark Gold Water would have controlled Wu Qi with the restrictive spell. Because of that, Wu Qi could only obey her command and become the tool for her to avenge herself and cancel out her hatred. And once Wu Qi attained a sufficient cultivation base, once he transcended and became an Immortal, having his soul transformed into an immortal soul, Lady Dark Gold Water's True Spirit could then rely on his immortal soul to gradually grow stronger and be reborn. In the end, perhaps she did not even need to be reincarnated. As long as she could extract sufficient amount of soul source energy from Wu Qi's immortal soul, she would be able to reform her immortal soul and reconstruct her immortal body. That would save her a great amount of efforts.

Once Lady Dark Gold Water really had her plot executed successfully, having her cultivation base rebuilt without the need of reincarnation, only goodness knew what kind of consequences Wu Qi would face at that point in time.

However, right after she entered Wu Qi's spiritual ocean, she straightaway unleashed all the power in her broken soul as she was overexcited, turning them into Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell so she could gain control of Wu Qi. As a result, her True Spirit lost the protection from all the powers, and before she could fuse into Wu Qi's soul, she was burned into nothingness by the Divine Flame of Order, while all her knowledge and experiences became a gift for Wu Qi.

Nevertheless, the Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell had been activated successfully, and it had smoothly gained control over Wu Qi's soul and Nascent Divinity. Worst of all, as it was not controlled by Lady Dark Gold Water's True Spirit, it was like a delayed action bomb that began to count down the time by itself. According to Wu Qi's prediction, it would only take at most slightly over one thousand years for this Dark Yin Soul Captivation to detonate and completely destroy his soul.

"What a treacherous old lady! Did you really have to do this to me?" Wu Qi shivered with extreme anger. This was similar to a restrictive spell cast by an Eighteenth Tier Gold Immortal. Even if Wu Qi used up all his available abilities and resources, how could he dispel this Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell within just one thousand years? He could understand Lady Dark Gold Water's mentality of wanting to avenge herself as soon as possible, and he could understand why she felt uneasy about him. However, did she really have to use such a vicious restrictive spell on him?

Just because of the worries she had for a disciple that she took in by force, she had used such a vicious restrictive spell to control him. This Lady Dark Gold Water had proven herself to be an existence ready to slaughter the entire clan of someone she disliked, a merciless and ruthless existence.

"Well, I'll just have to move on without a proper plan now. I'm sure there is a way that I can find to get rid of this Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell from me." Wu Qi murmured under his breath as he gave a bitter laugh and rose to his feet.

With a subtle shaking of his Nascent Divinity, Wu Qi could clearly sense an extreme Yin energy had already soundlessly tangled his Nascent Divinity, and the three physical and seven spiritual souls. Every single soul particle that formed his soul and Nascent Divinity had been invaded by this extreme Yin energy, fusing together and unable to be expelled or removed anymore. On top of that, this extreme Yin energy was absorbing Wu Qi's innate energies and growing bigger and stronger slowly. After losing the control from Lady Dark Gold Water's True Spirit, this extreme Yin energy had transformed by itself, and it now owned the ability to grow, just like cancer cells in a human body.

In roughly one thousand years of time, this extreme Yin energy would reach the end of its growing period. At that point in time, the Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell would detonate. As Wu Qi was completely fused with the spell, he would have his soul ripped to shreds by the explosion. Not only Lady Dark Gold Water's careless action had claimed her own life, it had also pushed Wu Qi to the edge of a cliff.

"I'll just have to move on. Dark Yin Soul Captivation spell? The most powerful soul restricting spell found in the Dark Yin Grand Technique practiced by Lady Divine Water of Dark Yin True Water Palace?

"Hmm, Dark Yin True Water Palace? The supreme overlord in Huayin Heavenly Realm? Lady Divine Water? What a monster! She is actually a very old First Tier Gold Immortal? A rare First Tier Gold Immortal who had gone through several dozens of Aeons and is still alive? An old demon who is just one step away from stepping into the realm of Primordial Immortal?

"Tsk, apart from Lady Dark Gold Water, Dark Yin True Water Palace has a total of eighteen Gold Immortals? Huayin Heavenly Realm and over ten thousand Heavenly Realms around it are their territories? And Lady Divine Water is an Immortal Official who received an Imperial Mandate? She is in charge of governing one hundred thousand Heavenly Realms? An existence with a prestigious status and high power in hand, surely she is a mighty existence!

"En, Dark Yin Water Scripture, so this is the cultivation technique practice by Lady Divine Water? Not bad, not bad at all!

"En, this is... this is the true feature of this world? With Pangu World as the core, all the Heavenly Realms are moving in orbit around it in the boundless void?"

Sitting cross-legged on the broken jade dais, Wu Qi knitted his brows in a tight frown as he sunk into a deep thought.

In the Scroll of Stealing, the shadowy figure had also described the true feature of this world to Wu Qi - this was the World of Pangu, a vast and complete world, a lonely continent hovering in the void. It absorbed the source energy of the universe at all time to expand its size. The World of Pangu was extremely wide. It had unlimited products and unlimited natural energies. Countless peculiar creatures were living on its land. It was a blessed land that the ancient Great Saint, Pangu, opened up by sacrificing himself, a place where all living things lived and grew.

Since Wu Qi arrived at this world, he had noticed that this world was completely different from the Pangu World which the shadowy figure described. That was the reason why he was always not sure what world had he really came to.

Now, after inheriting Lady Dark Gold Water's memory and having it compared to the knowledge the shadowy figure taught Wu Qi, he was finally able to confirm the world he was in right now - it was indeed the Pangu World, the so-called Immortal Realm, Heavenly Realm, or any other names used by the ordinary mortals at the lower realms to address it.

It turned out the shadowy figure came from an extremely ancient era, countless times older than Lady Dark Gold Water's Master. In the description the shadowy figure told Wu, the Pangu World had countless almighty experts. At that point in time, for the purpose of better governing the universe, they were in the middle of establishing the 'Heaven'.

However, inside Lady Dark Gold Water's memories, the Heaven was an extremely old, ancient authority. Although it had gone through countless wars, with many of the Heavenly Emperors fallen during the battles, the Heaven still stood towering like a giant. It was still the mammoth power that nominally ruled the Pangu World.

The so-called Heavenly Realms were actually the lands that loosened from Pangu Continent during the wars that happened in different Aeons. These broken lands were turned into stars and planets by some almighty experts, making them move in orbit around Pangu Continent. Some of the Heavenly Realms were trapped in the gap between the voids, and they formed their own complete system. Nevertheless, the stars and planets in these Heavenly Realms were still the lands that broke out of Pangu Continent.

"And this is the true feature of this world!"

Wu Qi swallowed a lump in his throat and grinned coldly.

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