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Wu Qi's knees slammed forcefully to the ground. In spite of the fact that he had been meticulously cultivating the Dragon Transformation Script and had fused with so much flood dragon blood essence, which gave him a fleshly body many times stronger than ordinary cultivators, his knees still broke from the fall, with blood spraying out like a water fountain. He snorted with pain, pressing both hands against the ground as he tried to stand back up. However, another powerful force came pressing down again.

*Crack!* Wu Qi's elbows and shoulders dislocated at the same time. His head was pushed down and knocked to the ground, producing a loud clanging noise. The severe pain took away his vision, striking his brain with an intense dizziness. He did not know if he were still alive or not.

Coughing out a mouthful of blood, Wu Qi raised his head up in a daze, staring blankly at the lady hovering above the jade dais several hundred feet away.

The jade dais measured several tens of feet wide and about one hundred feet tall. It only had a thin layer of skin on the outside, while it was fully filled with an emerald green paste of jade essence. A lotus root was seen soaking inside the jade dais; a lotus stalk stretched out of the jade dais and supported a purple lotus flower the size of a basin. A stream of faint purple mist sprayed out from the lotus flower, wrapping around the lady.

This lady was clad in a purple robe and had a fuzzy physical appearance. Like a reflection on the water surface, she would flicker every now and then, with ripples spreading all over her body. Right when Wu Qi was observing her, seven puffs of dark smoke suddenly sprayed out from her chest, producing ear-splitting whistles as they transformed into countless tiny fiends that kept scratching and pulling her body. The lady trembled convulsively. A vast stream of purple mist shot out from the purple lotus flower below and fused into her body, helping her to maintain an intact body as it became faded and thinner under the attack of those tiny fiends.

After a full time it took to finish a pot of tea, those fiends, who appeared to grow bigger and stronger finally transformed back into dark smoke and rushed back into the lady's body. She breathed out a long and heavy sigh as her body slanted slightly. But very soon, she stuck out her chest again, hovering atop of the purple lotus flower with a straight back.

With a twist of his body, Wu Qi repositioned his dislocated joints. Then, he twitched a little and got ready to rise to his feet. A bright gleam flickered in the lady's eyes, and an irresistible powerful force smashed down from above immediately. Just like slapping a fly with a flyswatter, Wu Qi was knocked flat out on the ground as he let out a muffled snort. Blood sprayed and splattered from his body, staining the ground with a huge radial pattern.

"Damn you!" Wu Qi was so angry that he cursed. The lady was rude and unreasonable to the maximum. Even though Wu Qi and his companions did intrude this place without her prior permission, how could she humiliate them like this without even uttering a single word? The enraged Wu Qi had lost his temper. Waving his left hand, Spirit-Restricting Rope thrust out with an almost one thousand feet long purple, bright tail behind its back, casting a purple hue on everyone's face while it approaching the lady.

However, before the ever successful Spirit-Restricting Rope could get close enough to the lady, with just a casual pointing of her finger, it obediently transformed back into a purple rope and fell into her palm. The lady then gave Wu Qi a cold glance and waved her hand above the Spirit-Restricting Rope. Immediately, Wu Qi felt a severe pain strike his Nascent Divinity as he coughed out a mouthful of blood at the same time. The divine will he left in the rope had just been turned into nothingness by an extremely dreadful cold energy.

The incredible strength of that cold energy was something Wu Qi never experience before. It seemed to him that even Divine Flame of Order was slightly weaker than that.

The lady grinned coldly, shook her head and said disdainfully, "How naive? Trying to defeat me with just a lowly lower-grade immortal item?"

Wu Qi was stunned, then pointed his finger out. Sword of Greedy Wolf transformed into a dark beam and thrust out, with fourteen wolf heads wheeling around it and letting out sharp and jarring wolf howls. Yet, just like Spirit-Restricting Rope, before it could touch the lady, the sword let out an unreconciled howl and fell into her grip with just a gentle pointing gesture. The lady waved her hand, and once again wiped off the divine will Wu Qi left inside of the sword. It made him cough out another mouthful of blood.

"Rascal!" Wu Qi rolled his eyes as he fumed with extreme anger. Heedless of the consequence, he waved his hand. Countless dragon-scale-shaped golden beams shot out from his left hand as they produced ear-splitting whistles while thrusting straight towards the lady's body. The lady gave a faint smile, then gently pointed her finger out, trying to subdue all the golden beams just like how she did previously. However, the tiny bit of Innate Earth Element Energy Essence attached to dragon scale shield did not obey her control. The golden beams continued shooting forward at top speed while filling the air with shrill whistles, seemingly on the verge of hitting her body.

The lady's face flickered. "Innate Earth Element Energy Essence? Although this kid's cultivation base is weak, he does have a good fortune!" she murmured under her breath.

Then, she flung her hand. Immediately, an extremely thin, fuzzy-looking crystal wall emerged before her, while a series of melodious ice crystal breaking noises echoed out. The golden beams smashed onto the crystal wall, only able to produce tiny bits of golden specks and water vapor, then were knocked back by a powerful backlash. Wailing and whining, they flew back into Wu Qi's hand. Wu Qi gave the crystal wall a glance, and he found no traces of damage whatsoever, as if it was never been attacked before.

The lady looked at Wu Qi with great interest, then nodded and said with a smile on her face, "Good kid, you merely possess a cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm. How did you manage to find so many good items? Could there be a great change in the outside world, where you can now find rare and precious treasures everywhere?"

Wu Qi snorted coldly. He realized that what happened today had already gone beyond his control. Abruptly, the purple third-eye on his forehead, which was transformed from the Cold Electric Mirror, opened up. A column of purple cloud was seen swirling inside the third-eye. Soundlessly a tiny purple electric arc the size of a hair shot out of it. A loud boom rang out, as the electric arc exploded on the crystal wall, creating an explosion that pushed the crystal wall back by a distance of a hair.

Seeing that Cold Electric Mirror had also lost its usual ability to overrun all obstacles, Wu Qi was flabbergasted. He stared blankly at the lady, then turned to look at Yan Qijun and the rest of the people that were lying motionlessly around him. Smiling bitterly, he said, "Senior, your divine ability is indeed unfathomable, but why are you deliberately make things difficult for us, a bunch of mere juniors?"

Suddenly, Wu Qi recalled the words that were left in the last part of Scroll of Stealing. It was the most serious warning the shadowy figure gave to Wu Qi, who had inherited Scroll of Stealing, ‘There are countless of almighty experts throughout the entire universe. Nobody has any idea how many incredible and mighty existences are out there. No doubt, it is a great fortune to be able to inherit Scroll of Stealing, and it provides you mighty abilities. But, could Scroll of Stealing really be considered the number one divine ability and mystic art under the heaven?’

No matter how miraculous the Scroll of Stealing was, when facing an absolute power, it would still be rendered useless.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and briefly sensed the surrounding void. The void was rigid, as an immense force had completely locked it down. Even if Wu Qi burned his Nascent Divinity, using all his blood essence to unleash a desperate strike, his blood escape art could never break through the force that locked down the void. The force was too powerful. It was so powerful that it had gone beyond the boundary of Wu Qi's understanding. As a result, there was no hope for him to escape today.

Having both arms and legs seriously injured, Wu Qi laid obediently on the ground, wearing a bitter smile on his face as he said, "Senior, if you have any command for us, please mention anyway."

The lady narrowed her eyes and spent some time sizing Wu Qi up. After a full fifteen minutes, she said in a flat tone, "I am Lady Dark Gold Water, a disciple from..." She paused for a brief moment, shook her head, and continued with a sigh, "Never mind. Since I've already got myself into this situation, it is better not to mention the name of my sect, as that will only bring shame to my Master. When I was in my peak form, before my immortal body was destroyed, I was a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal. You are at Heavenly Water Dark Palace, a temporary residence I created when I was traveling the world."

A Sixth Tier Gold Immortal! A bright gleam shone from Wu Qi's eyes. No wonder this lady had such a frightening overall strength, no wonder she possessed such unimaginably eccentric abilities, and no wonder she could twist Wu Qi and his companions around her little finger! Although Wu Qi noticed that she was just a broken soul, and even had the core of her immortal soul completely destroyed, leaving her with an incomplete soul, she still possessed such an awe-inspiring power. This explained everything!

A Sixth Tier Gold Immortal!

According to the introduction of Immortal's tier that Wu Qi read in White Cloud Immortal Sect's Scripture Pavilion, there was a total of thirty-six tiers in Heaven Immortal realm, and eighteen tiers in Gold Immortal realm. Among the realm of Gold Immortals, a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal was considered a supreme existence, an almighty expert that could establish his own sect and occupy tens of Heavenly Realms.

Taking Minor Heavenly Circle Realm as an example, according to the records in White Cloud Immortal Sect, the Immortal Monarch who governed the entire Minor Heavenly Circle Realm was merely an ordinary Thirty-Fourth Tier Heaven Immortal. When standing before a Sixth Tier Gold Immortal, a Thirty-Fourth Tier Heaven Immortal was even lowlier than an ant, not even having the right to be considered as dust. The difference between Gold Immortal and Heaven Immortal was like that of a Heaven Immortal and an ordinary mortal - they were two completely different species!

Cautiously looking at Lady Dark Gold Water, Wu Qi forced a smile to his lips and said, "Please forgive me for asking this question, but how did you get into this situation? Not only you are left with just a broken soul, you are even held up by a vicious restrictive spell, suffering the pain of having your soul refined by fiends for days and nights. Even though you can endure it with the help of 'Purple Field Soul Nourishing Mist' from that purple lotus flower, but I don't think you can maintain this situation for long, right? Why don't you just get out from here and reincarnate?"

Wearing a surprised look on her face, Lady Dark Gold Water retracted the crystal wall. Then, she gazed coldly at Wu Qi, nodded and said, "How unexpected, a little kid like you actually know so many things? You're correct! I'm just a broken soul now, and even have the core of my immortal soul smashed to shreds. If not because of a Purple Soul Heavenly Lotus Seed I found by chance when I was young, perhaps my soul would have long been disintegrated completely."

Sighing lightly with a bright gleam flickering in her eyes, Lady Dark Gold Water sneered and said, "However, my enemy is still alive, and I've yet to take revenge. How can I just die like that?"

"Why don't you make contact with your sect, requesting them to help you?" asked Wu Qi with a deep voice.

Lady Dark Gold Water rolled her eyes and growled, "How can I let my sect know of such an embarrassing matter? If they know this, I... I... how am I going to face them? How can I still live my life with honor and dignity?"

Wu Qi, Yan Qijun, and the rest of the people were struck dumb. Zhao Kuo interrupted by saying stammeringly, "But, comparing to having your soul completely disintegrated, even though..."

Lady Dark Gold Water thrust her palm out, slapping Zhao Kuo and throwing him over one hundred feet up in the air with a miserable howl. "What an ignorant kid! What do you know? I would rather have my soul completely disintegrated than become a shame before everybody!" cried Lady Dark Gold Water with a cold grin.

Wu Qi laughed bitterly and said, "If you don't want to seek help from your own sect, how are you going to take revenge?"

Lady Dark Gold Water remained silent for a moment, then she said slowly, "Therefore, I need to take someone as my disciple, and make him avenge me! As it is the principle of Heaven and Earth for a disciple to avenge his Master, he will not ridicule me for that... Don't blame me for capturing you here and treating you with a brutal approach. If I don't cow you all into submission, how could I let you know that I am an almighty expert with profound and unfathomable divine abilities?"

Wu Qi and everyone around him was stunned. So, this was the reason why this Lady Dark Gold Water, who tried to preserve her fall at all costs, beat them brutally just now?

They had suffered for such a silly reason!

Right when Wu Qi and his companions were smiling wryly, a pale white gleam shone from Lady Dark Gold Water's eyes. She glanced through Wu Qi and the people around him, then suddenly beckoned at Wu Qi and said with a smile, "Kid, since you own a magical item crafted from Innate Earth Element Energy Essence, it means you have a pretty decent fortune. I reckon you will have a promising future achievement. Are you willing to acknowledge me as your Master?"

Not allowing Wu Qi to refuse, a massive force pulled him up and threw him right onto the jade dais.

*Clang! Clang! ...* With his head spinning and vision blurred, Wu Qi was forced to offer nine kowtows. It nearly smashed his brain.

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