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"Heavenly Dao?" Princess Zhang Le turned her nose up at Yu Hetian's threatening statement.

The purple-green divine flame atop the silver lotus collapsed inwardly. The white tiger soul let out a shrill shriek, transforming into countless pure-white glowing specks that drifted into all directions. Princess Zhang Le hastily exercised a mystic technique taught by Wu Qi and waved her hand at these white glowing specks. Immediately, they rushed into her palm like a white waterfall, then were absorbed into her spiritual ocean and fused with her Nascent Soul.

This white tiger soul had a very powerful soul essence. It was refined and broke down into the finest soul essence particles by Divine Flame of Order. Absorbed by Princess Zhang Le, they quickly strengthened her Nascent Soul. Gradually, even her Nascent Soul could no longer withstand such a rapid rate of improvement. A peculiar qualitative change led by quantitative change was quietly happening within her Nascent Soul. It was shaking in a very subtle manner, as a thread of Nascent Divinity, glinting goldenly and looking like a cloud of fine mist, rushed out from her Nascent Soul, transforming into a fuzzy figure and hovering within her spiritual ocean.

However, before Princess Zhang Le could rejoice for the great benefit she had just obtained, the vague fist had thrust out from the jade light beam that shot out from Catfish-flood-dragon's mouth.

The fist vibrated the atmosphere intensely, then completely froze the surrounding void. A tough and straight aura, yet containing a slight softness which made it feel like a supreme-grade jade stone, came wrapping around Catfish-flood-dragon. It trapped her and made her lose her ability to move, like a bug being trapped in an ice cube. In the meanwhile, the vague fist was approaching her at top speed.

At that very moment, Lord Xiansheng issued a long hiss. He abruptly transformed into a flood dragon and brutally flung his long tail over. *Crack!* Following the loud cracking noise, the air several tens of feet around Catfish-flood-dragon exploded like a large piece of crystal. The aura that locked down her movement was crushed by the tail strike. She shuddered and regained her sense. Without saying anything, she transformed back into her true form instantly. Exerting all her strength and energy, she grew her body larger and larger.

In just a blink of an eye, Catfish-flood-dragon had transformed into a massive catfish with a body stretching over ten miles long. Her body was entirely covered with a layer of dark dragon scales. She had a pair of eye-catching dragon horns poking out of her head, and four dragon claws growing out from the sides of her grayish-white stomach, where cloud, mist, and lightning bolts were bursting out. With her body densely shrouded in water vapor, she gave a long, deep, and muffled roar. She flung her huge fishtail over and smashed viciously at the approaching fist attack.

A loud rumble echoed out, and the fist vanished into thin air. A nearly one mile long stretch of her fishtail was pulverized. Her flesh, bones, and blood rained down like a heavy downpour. A vast stream of blood rushed out of the broken tail and poured down into the ocean, smearing the ocean blood red. Catfish-flood-dragon burped, then gave a painful groan and said, "I've merely eaten a human. Why are you punching me with a fist? The total number of humans I've eaten is more than you can ever imagine!"

The jade-colored beam was still hovering midair, from which, the same voice was heard coming again, "How... how dare you! Not only have you killed my son, you've even eaten him? You... you unscrupulous fools who have absolutely no respect for the law, you definitely have to be killed! No matter what, you definitely have to be killed today. Even if you are in the remotest corner of the galaxy, you will have to be killed today!"

Suddenly, the jade-colored beam expanded. Two huge palms could be vaguely seen flickering in it. They were grabbing at the void and trying to rip a rift on it. The void was vibrating, showing a sign of shattering. However, it seemed the huge palms did not have sufficient power to rip the void apart. Even though Princess Zhang Le and all her companions could hear the heavy panting of that man as he exerted all his strength in trying, the void just kept vibrating violently without breaking.

Princess Zhang Le had retracted the silver lotus. While quietly circulating her cultivation base to absorb the enormous soul essence from the white tiger soul, she pointed her finger at the giant palms and commented, "This guy is using a technique called Spirit Inhabitation. He had planted a fist punch and a single thread of his spirit will in Yu Hetian's soul. With that, once Yu Hetian is killed, the fist attack will be triggered, and he will be able to sense that something bad is happening to his son. Nevertheless, he doesn't seem to have a very strong overall strength, and it seems it is very difficult for him to rip the void and come straight to this place!"

Any existence with a cultivation base of Heaven Immortal realm and above could use the Spirit Inhabitation technique to leave a single thread of their spirit will on a person. Once the person was killed, the spirit will would then serve as a navigation mark which the Heaven Immortal could use with some kind of divine ability. If the Heaven Immortal had a cultivation base of Thirty-Third Tier and above, relying on the navigation mark, he could rip apart the void straight away and come personally, or attack the enemies located around the navigation mark remotely.

However, not only it required a cultivation base of Thirty-Third Tier Heaven Immortal realm, the distance between the navigation mark and the Heaven Immortal was one vital factor as well. The further was the distance, the greater the energy required to rip apart the void would be. Apparently, the man inside of the jade-colored beam did not have the sufficient energy to rip apart the void and come over personally.

Princess Zhang Le had learned much common knowledge related to Heaven Immortals from White Cloud Immortal Sect's Scripture Pavilion. Therefore, she knew about the Spirit Inhabitation technique, and she had a fair understanding of the approach of ripping through the void and coming personally to the navigation mark. Looking at the shivering giant palms that kept trying to rip the void apart in the jade-colored beam, she could not refrain herself from giggling. "He is just wasting his energy. Judging from how he is behaving, he doesn't have a very strong overall strength. Or else, the previous punch would have already killed Catfish-flood-dragon!"

Wagging her head and tail, Catfish-flood-dragon transformed back to her human form. She gnashed her teeth and growled furiously, "I don't care who he is. If he really comes here, I'll swallow him and eat him alive! My poor tail!!! Do you have any idea how much time it will take me to slowly grow it back?"

Even though Catfish-flood-dragon was a demon, she was still a female, which made her rather particular about her appearance. By suddenly turning into a flood dragon without a tail, she felt she looked extremely ugly now. Her eyes were bloodshot, while she was gnashing her teeth and producing loud grinding noises.

The man amidst the jade-colored beam was heard roaring angrily as well. "Hetian is such a useless fool! Where exactly has he gone to? Why does it take me so much effort to rip the void apart? Could he really have gone to the remotest corner of the galaxy? You bunch of freaks, what is the name of your planet?"

Catfish-flood-dragon was stunned. She shook her head and shut her mouth. On the other side, Lord Xiansheng twitched his lips and grinned coldly, then turned to look at Princess Zhang Le.

Princess Zhang Le clasped her hands behind her back. With her eyes rolling about, she said with a sigh, "You don't know where your son died? That's perfect! Why should we tell you the name of the planet, so that you can come here and settle the score with us? Do you really think we are fools or idiots? Aye, it's fine for you to be stupid, but please don't ever think that we are as stupid as you, alright?"

She pointed her finger out, transforming the five-colored divine ray behind her back into five sword beams that soared high up into the sky, producing ear-splitting whistles as they pierced through the air and smashing brutally towards the jade-colored beam. As long as the jade-colored beam was destroyed, the man behind it would have lost the navigation mark. With that, even if he hired stronger existences to help him, he would not be able to find Myriad Immortals Planet directly.

How was this matter going to be settled? Princess Zhang Le knitted her beautiful brows into a tight frown. This was not a matter that could be easily settled. Who was this man behind Yu Hetian? Who was this Marquis Jian who served the Human Emperor? What was the exact background of this man? Despite all the questions, she was sure that someone must have known Yu Hetian's destination, and his father, the Marquis Jian, would soon receive the answer he was seeking. So, how was she going to settle the matter once this man came here personally?

"Great Yan Dynasty, Yu Hetian? Yu Qianqian, you b*tch!!!" Princess Zhang Le murmured under her breath.

A fierce gleam flashed in her eyes as she growled sternly, "I'll definitely slaughter your entire clan!"

As her loud growling echoed out, the five-colored sword beams smashed viciously onto the jade-colored beam, ripping it into pieces in an instant. Countless jade-colored specks drifted across the air, amidst which, a thumb-sized jade-colored speck blinked. It moved like a living being and tried to flee away. Princess Zhang Le gave a cold snort, then performed a strange incantation gesture. Suddenly, the area between her brows and her lips was veiled by a dense layer of dark mist. In a very low voice, she recited a few bizarre spells that sounded like the hissing of filthy ghosts, as a few balls of ghost flame emerged right next to her abruptly.

After that, she extended her arms and performed a grabbing gesture at the ghost flames, making them gather on her five fingers while issuing shrill and miserable ghost howls. Finally, she gently pointed her finger out, turning the ghost flame into a bizarre rune, about the size of a red date, twisting and jumping like the face of a ghost. It shot out with the pointing of Princess Zhang Le's finger, hitting right at the jade-colored speck that tried to escape.

The jade-colored speck was the thread of spirit will Yu Hetian's father planted in his soul. As for the ghost flame rune, it was the cursing technique of Magus Ghosts that Princess Zhang Le inherited from her mother's bloodline. It was one of the cruelest, fiercest, most vicious, and merciless curse that the people in the ancient era used to fight with Yin ghosts. As Princess Zhang Le kept bumping into extraordinary encounters, and even had her fleshly body and bloodline cleansed by Wu Qi's innate energies, which gave her body a slight innate characteristic, she was able to obtain more and more of strange divine abilities from her own bloodline.

The rune fused into the jade-colored speck. A sad and shrill howl was heard coming out from it, then the near hysterical scream of Marquis Jian rang out, "What an ignorant junior! How could you attack me with the technique of Ghost Curse? How daring... ah! Somebody, go get Great..."

Before Marquis Jian could finish his word, the jade-colored speck exploded to shreds with a boom. His voice could no longer be heard.

Princess Zhang Le clapped her hands. From under her sleeve, she fished out three communicative jade slips secretly made by Great Yan Dynasty, and began to narrate what had just happened into them in a hurry. Then, she crushed them to shreds at the same time. A crackling noise echoed out. Three streams of pale smoke flickered through the air and quickly disappeared without a trace.

She then said coldly, "Lord Xiansheng, please help me to send a request to the Old Dragon King: I need him to bring all his demon soldiers to Ji City now. I want to massacre the entire Yu Academy!"

Tilting her chin up and grinning coldly, she said, "I don't care whether this Yu Hetian has any relationship with Yu Qianqian, but how thick is her facial skin that she can be so shameless and want to marry Wu Qi? Just with this alone, I can charge her with a capital offense and slaughter her entire clan! This Yu Hetian must be Yu Qianqian's accomplice. Both of you have to be my witnesses, as he has personally admitted that he is Yu Qianqian's... distant cousin! How daring he is for scheming against me! This is a capital offense of plotting a rebellion!!"

Catfish-flood-dragon stared blankly at Princess Zhang Le. She had no idea why the princess could be so sure that this Yu Hetian was somehow related to Yu Qianqian.

On the other side, Lord Xiansheng smiled lightly, then nodded and said, "I'll bring the request to my father now. Rest assured Princess, you can just go back to Ji City immediately."

Princess Zhang Le narrowed her eyes and nodded lightly. She pulled up Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui, and without even bothering to detoxify and heal them, she transformed into a five-colored ray and rushed into Star picking City. She then stepped into a teleportation formation and returned to Ji City.

"Yu Qianqian, even though Wu Qi can have many concubines, you, a spinster who no one wants to marry, will never be one of them!

"Hmph, I'll definitely eradicate every single member of your Yu Academy today!!"

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