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Meanwhile, in the Great Southern Marsh...

The pinkish divine ray unleashed by Lao Ai collided with the thunderbolt which Yu Hede had transformed into. Lao Ai's divine ray was very dense and soft, and came with a very strong lingering force, just like the tears of a passionate girl. It came with a very powerful force that could melt one's soul and bones. Like acid blended with honey, it curled up the thunderbolt inch by inch, slowly but steadily corroding its power.

On the other side, the thunderbolt transformed by Yu Hede was brutal and violent, tough and unyielding. Every time the thunderbolt twitched, it was as if countless of bombs were about to explode. Since the moment it was wrapped by the pinkish divine ray, Yu Hede had tried to detonate it thirty times continuously within 1/100,000th of a second. Yet, every time when the power of the thunderbolt reached its critical point of exploding, the power would be drawn away by the pinkish divine ray, making it fail to detonate at the final moment.

The thunderbolt and pinkish ray clashed and tangled incessantly in midair, filling the atmosphere with endless deep, muffled rumbles. Wearing a solemn expression, Lao Ai sat cross-legged on the lotus throne, with both hands performing various Buddhism incantation gestures. While ceaselessly unleashing pinkish divine rays to lock Yu Hede in a fierce battle, he turned to look at Yu Qianqian, whose face was unsightly, then smiled and said, "Young Miss from Yu clan, where did you find such a wild man? What makes you so confident that he can defeat me? Tsk, you just don't know the immensity of heaven and earth! You have no idea that things don't always turn out the way you wish!"

Not waiting for Yu Qianqian to say anything, Lao Ai shook his hand and unleashed three more pinkish thunderbolts. "This wild man does have a tall and mighty stature, but too bad he is just pleasant to the eye but of no use," Lao Ai said with a chuckle, "Can he really satisfy you? I heard that Young Miss Yu once offered yourself to Wu Qi, but he rejected your offer. Why should you do that to yourself? I, Lao Ai, will never reject any offer from a girl, even if the offer comes from you, a malicious spinster who no one wants to marry. Lao Ai still has a great interest in spending a wonderful night with you!"

Three pinkish thunderbolts smashed brutally onto the thunderbolt transformed from Yu Hede. They exploded in a very gentle manner, while producing noises that sounded like the tender moaning of a peerless beauty. The lascivious moaning lingered in one's heart, arousing the deepest lust and making one feel an itchiness in the heart and all other internal organs. All the meridians, bones, and tendons would be like a snow lion exposed to a raging flame or bright sunlight, unable to endure the invasion and melting down in an instant, losing the last bit of strength in the body.

Yu Hede's body turned rigid suddenly. Although he had transformed into the thunderbolt, clashing and slamming desperately at the enemy, and was protected by the brutal and pure Yang thunderbolt, he was affected by the moaning as well. It made his dashing spirit drop by a huge percentage. "What kind of an evil technique is this? How can you be so shameless?" Yu Hede cried furiously.

On the other side, Yu Qianqian was greatly infuriated upon hearing Lao Ai's obscene words. "Lao Ai, you have lost all sense of shame!"

Lao Ai smiled. He did not put Yu Qianqian's words to his heart. "Shameless? I'll do something even obscene to you later, Young Miss Yu! The activity carried out between a man and a woman out of pure romance is the ultimate principle of the Heavenly Dao! I believe Young Miss Yu have yet to experience that kind of wonderful pleasure, haven't you? Aye, this is wrong! Young Miss Yu must be at least thirty-years-old now, right? How can an old lady like you still be a virgin? This is Lao Ai's fault!"

Staring at Yu Qianqian, whose face had turned blue with anger, Lao Ai shook his head and said with an evil smile, "Young Miss Yu, a spinster who no man wants to marry, and you are still a virgin at the age of thirty years. This is Lao Ai's fault, a mistake Lao Ai had committed! I, Lao Ai, is a man who has a tender heart for the fair sex. I should have helped you on this. Well, I'll take this opportunity today to let you enjoy the ultimate state of happiness!"

Yu Hede too was fuming with rage upon hearing Lao Ai's utterly shameless words. "You scum, now face your death!" He roared furiously.

Yu Hede waved his hands. A large patch of dark cloud came rolling over with numerous thunderbolts streaking out from it, producing deep, muffled thunderclaps as it pressed down towards Lao Ai. While the dark cloud was still one mile above Lao Ai's head, silver thunderbolts that were as thick as a water bucket had already poured down one after another, slithering straight towards his head.

Lao Ai sneered, then pointed his finger at the sky. Immediately, several dozens of fully naked Heavenly Apsaras flew out of the Wheel of Delight with lutes held in their hands. From the size of a sesame seed, they quickly grew into the normal size of a human. They sang songs and danced above Lao Ai's head, wheeling about while pinkish, half-transparent Heavenly Flowers kept falling out from their bodies, and they were exuding a mist that towered into the sky. All the approaching thunderbolts were blocked off by the mist. No matter how the thunderbolts kept smiting on them crazily, the mist just rolled and rocked, but was never dispersed by the brutal attack.

The Wheel of Delight began to vibrate subtly, with lustful moaning and panting of men and women echoed out from it. Lao Ai's body was shivering as well, and tiny electric arcs could be seen bursting out from his pores. They were from the thunderbolts that came from above and smote on the layer of mist, as some of them actually penetrated through the void and smashed into Lao Ai's body. Feeling surprised, Lao Ai nodded at Yu Hede and said, "You're somewhat capable, not a mere pretty boy who earns his living with just a face. You can actually..."

While he was half-way talking, a few thumb-sized electric arcs suddenly shot out of his body. Blood was seen spraying out together with these electric arcs, and some blood even oozed out of the corner of his lips. Lao Ai forcibly swallowed the mouthful of blood that nearly rushed out of his throat. Apparently, the thunderbolts had actually inflicted some damage to his internal organs without his knowledge, and he had no idea how these thunderbolts enter his body.

Lao Ai growled hysterically and rolled his eyes. Abruptly, the Wheel of Delight behind his back unleashed a vast amount of pinkish divine rays, completely enveloping an area of one hundred miles circumference. In the next moment, fresh flowers and grass grew out of the ground, while countless pinkish lotus flowers elegantly and gracefully poked their stems and flowers out from the crystal clear ponds. Tall and straight bodhi trees were seen erecting all over the places, with a Heavenly Apsara dancing merrily and gracefully on every single leaf on the trees.

An exotic aroma lingered in the air. Yu Qianqian was drawn into this strange interspace unprepared, and she shuddered after inhaling the aroma in the air. A red flush spread from her face to neck, while pale pinkish sweat carrying an exotic fragrance were breaking out all over her body. She was greatly terrified, as she cried out hoarsely, "Hede, save me! This is..." However, before she could finish her word, she had completely lost her sense. With a few clean moves, she removed all her clothes, while she walked like a zombie towards Lao Ai, face filled with an enchanting smile and issuing nearly inaudible moaning.

Lao Ai stared at Yu Hede complacently, who had transformed into a thunderbolt and kept dashing and smashing back and forth in midair. He extended his left arm and beckoned at Yu Qianqian while saying, "Come, come, come. I'll let you enjoy the ultimate happiness today! The so-called Nirvana is actually the world like this!"

With just a beckon, Yu Qianqian's body turned fuzzy abruptly, then reappeared right next to Lao Ai. After that, Lao Ai grabbed her up, placing her legs around his waist, and began to untie his waist belt.

Yu Hede was seized with great terror. He roared at the top of his voice, "Lao Ai, if you dare touching even one strand of her hair, I'll definitely kill you and disintegrate your soul today!"

With his left hand tightly gripping on Yu Qianqian's left breast, Lao Ai smiled hideously and said, "Who says I'm going to touch one strand of her hair? I'm going to touch her entire body!" A cloth tearing noise rang out, as Lao Ai broke his waist belt and pulled his pants down.

Yu Hede was stunned. He growled angrily and revealed himself amidst the purple-blue thunderbolt. The Kui yak soul was hovering within a dark cloud above his head, bobbing up and down while issuing furious screech. Then, Yu Hede extended his hands backward and performed a grabbing gesture. A purple-blue halberd appeared with a blinding light, while the Kui yak soul transformed into a tremendous thunderbolt amidst a loud thunderclap and fused with it. Yu Hede snorted coldly, fixing his gaze at Lao Ai sitting on the pinkish lotus throne. With both hands grasping tightly on the halberd, he pierced through the air and thrust the halberd straight towards Lao Ai.

The halberd streaked through the air with countless, nearly hundred miles long lightning bolts darting in all directions. Yu Hede was entirely wrapped in a strong thunderbolt, which made him look like a small sun that was emitting a blinding light and vast heat. With a blink, he came before Lao Ai, thrusting the halberd right into Lao Ai's chest.

"Die!" Yu Hede cried out lightly.

Lao Ai's chest was torn open. A head-sized hole was left piercing through his chest, while his blood splattered on and stained the naked Yu Qianqian. Lao Ai gave a miserable shriek, grabbing Yu Qianqian's neck as he simply threw her over to Yu Hede.

Yu Hede was taken aback. He loosened his grip instinctively, spread his arms, and caught Yu Qianqian.

Unexpectedly, when he caught Yu Qianqian with his arms, she immediately transformed into a skeleton glinting with a pinkish gleam. The pinkish skeleton issued a shrill screech, thrusting its arms and legs right towards Yu Hede's body. They stabbed into his body with four piercing sounds, leaving behind four holes with blood splashing out endlessly, inflicting him an even more serious injury than Lao Ai. Then, the skeleton disintegrated abruptly. All the bones squeezed into his body through the four holes, then clung onto Yu Hede's bones.

With a skeleton piercing through his flesh, Yu Hede was struck with a severe pain that made him howl hoarsely. However, no matter how he tried to struggle, he just could not move even a little bit.

The Wheel of Delight expanded slowly. At the same time, Lao Ai's stature and the pinkish lotus throne below him were growing bigger at an incredible rate. In just a blink of an eye, Lao Ai had transformed into a giant who stood over one hundred thousand feet tall. He performed a lotus incantation gesture with both hands, while the severely wounded Yu Hede was seen struggling and howling right inside his palms. Like an ant on a drill ground, Yu Hede could be killed with just a light squeeze of the palms.

"Die now!" Lao Ai gazed at the struggling and howling Yu Hede coldly. He gently clasped his palms, then a vast and blinding pinkish light burst out from within, crushing Yu Hede to shreds. At the same time, the halberd Yu Hede threw away just now shot up into the sky suddenly, transforming into a lightning bolt as it pierced through Lao Ai's soft ribs and came out from his left shoulder. Lao Ai screamed with pain, while blood sprayed out from his seven apertures.

Unable to maintain the strange state any longer, Lao Ai retracted the Wheel of Delight and fell heavily to the ground.

Madman Xue rushed over and helped Lao Ai up. Lao Ai coughed out a mouthful of blood and was about to say something, when a jade-colored beam and a fist were seen suddenly shooting over from where Yu Hetian's fleshly body and soul were crushed to shreds. A man's voice echoed to the cloud, "B*stards! Hede, Hetian, where exactly did both of you go? I've lost two of my sons today. I'll definitely tear you all to pieces!"

The fist smashed over. Lao Ai simply did not have the time to defend against it. As a result, his right chest was hit by the jade-colored fist, which then pierced through his body easily.

He howled painfully again. A beam of pinkish light shot out from his eye, smashing and ripping the jade-colored beam to shreds.

After that, he leaped over and sat on top of Yu Qianqian's body, crying sternly, "My disciple, keep guard for your Master! I need to use her true Yin to heal my injury!"

Then, a painful scream echoed out. Yu Qianqian woke up with a start, and she began to cry from the pain, while her cursing and moaning filled the atmosphere without end.

Fifteen minutes later, a golden beam suddenly soared high up into the sky, amidst which, one could vaguely see the attractive silhouette of a lady.

Yu Qianqian's extremely vicious and hateful voice echoed throughout the entire heaven and earth, "Lao Ai, I... I swear I'll kill you one day!"

Immediately following that was Lao Ai's furious roaring, "B*tch, you are actually protected by an immortal talisman? It is such a pity that I can't get the other half of your true Yin!"

The golden beam pierced through the air at top speed, leaving behind a long tail of flame as it shot straight towards Ji City.

In the meanwhile, Princess Zhang Le had arrived at Ji City. She was in the middle of assembling armies and generals, preparing to launch an attack on Yu Academy.

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