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Above the Great Eastern Ocean of Great Yan…

Princess Zhang Le was staring coldly at the white tiger soul that was approaching her at top speed, with her hands carrying both Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui, whose faces were blushed and bodies feeble. She was taking deep breaths. Each time she inhaled, an enormous amount of water element energies would be extracted from the ocean underneath her and fuse into her body, transforming into pure and powerful energies and circulating throughout her entire body.

Wisps of five-colored rays kept rushing out from her body. They were being absorbed by the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither ceaselessly, which had grown much dimmer than before. Once any Heaven Immortal whose cultivation base was lower than Thirty-Third Tier used this zither, all their energies would be completely drawn out by it. However, as Princess Zhang Le had an unusual body constitution, which allowed her consumed energies to be replenished immediately, she almost had an endless amount of energies in her body. Therefore, after she launched a full force attack with the zither just now, she could still supply more energies to it.

Slowly, the zither's string grew brighter. Numerous runes drifted out, wheeling and dancing around it.

Princess Zhang Le placed Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui on a cloud. She held the zither with one hand, and placed the other hand on top of the zither string. She produced a few spirit pills stealthily and consumed them. They were the energy replenishing spirit pills which White Cloud Immortal Sect specially concocted for their core disciples. More energies were generated in her body, being channeled into the zither through her meridians.

The white tiger soul gave a deafening roar that shook the heaven, thrusting towards Princess Zhang Le as it left behind a trail of white light in the sky.

There was a five-colored divine gleam flickering in Princess Zhang Le's eyes. At that moment, she had once again entered the miraculous and unfathomable state of enlightenment. Although the white tiger soul came in a menacing manner and approached at top speed, in Princess Zhang Le's eyes, its speed was extremely slow, as if it were approaching her one bit at a time. Vaguely, she could even see the ripples in the void that were produced by the powerful force of the white tiger soul, and the countless profound runes and glows that were glinting within its body.

It was a very brief moment in reality, but for Princess Zhang Le, it was an extremely long duration. The killing aura emanated from the white tiger soul forced back all the surrounding natural energies. However, underneath her was a vast ocean, which contained an endless amount of water element energies. The enormous amount of water element energies kept being injecting into her body, transforming into rolling energies and fusing with the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither.

As she was controlling the zither in the state of enlightenment, Princess Zhang Le's divine will slowly made contact with its item spirit. It was restless, and carrying a slightly tyrannical emotion. Just like the attitude Jing Ke had when he tried assassinating Emperor Qin in those years, where he would either make it or perish, the item spirit was sending forth a ruthless aura. It was an attitude of betting everything on a single strike and ending in a common ruin with its enemy.

It was unknown from where the Heaven Immortal that crafted this zither found such a supreme-grade item spirit. As the connection between Princess Zhang Le and the item spirit became deeper, she gradually was sending forth a desperate air too, that felt like it was better to die in glory than living in dishonor. A blood red light shone from her eyes. Slowly, she tightened the zither string with fingers, aiming it straight at the approaching white tiger soul.

The man that impersonated Lao Ai was seen flying disorderly in the sky a few miles away, as if he were drunk. Not only the first attack of the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither caused many dreadful looking wounds on his body, it had also inflicted a severe injury to his soul, and seriously damaged the white tiger soul. Worst of all, his eardrums were shattered, while some of the delicate organs within his ear canal were ripped to shreds by the powerful sonic boom. It had affected his ability to balance his body.

He could see nothing now. His divine will had lost its function, and he could not even maintain the balance of his body. Having both his fleshly body and soul severely wounded, which struck him with pain, panic, and fear, this 'Lao Ai' did not know how to handle the situation. He had even forgotten to control his own beast soul, and just let it leap towards Princess Zhang Le based on its own instinct. With the Dao of the beast warrior, a beast soul could only bring its strongest power into play by working closely with its Master's soul. Failing to do so, the power it could muster would be less than 1/1000th of its full power when it was still alive.

Facing the approaching white tiger soul, Princess Zhang Le kept her calm and locked it down. Her fingers were clenched tightly at the string. The razor-sharp string cut her fingers, causing drops of blood to flow through it and drip onto the zither. It absorbed all her blood, as Princess Zhang Le gradually felt that she had established a very close spiritual connection with it.

When the white tiger soul was less than one thousand feet away from her, Princess Zhang Le gently let the string loose.


The same unpleasant, loud, and ear-splitting boom rang out. A circular-cone-shaped sonic boom burst out from the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither, covering the huge white tiger soul.

Previously, when Princess Zhang Le unleashed a full force attack with the zither, the sonic boom was bursting out in all directions, causing the tremendous power to spread out. Therefore, it did not cause an actual damage to 'Lao Ai', which could otherwise have claimed his life. But this time, Princess Zhang Le had learned how to concentrate the attack. She had compressed the white sonic boom into a several hundred feet thick pillar of soundwave that was facing just one direction, and hitting right at the white tiger soul.

As the power was highly compressed, Princess Zhang Le only injected less than one percent of the energy compared to the energy she injected into the first attack. However, as the sonic boom was unleashed in a straight line, its power was several times stronger than the first attack which 'Lao Ai' had suffered just now.

A beast growl towered into the sky. As the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither had a magical effect of attacking souls, when the white tiger soul was hit by the white sonic boom, its body turned fuzzy instantly and nearly disintegrated. The numerous runes and gleams in its body flickered, and the faint gleam grew dim. A few of them nearly died off completely. The white tiger shook violently, as more than half of its wings were ripped to shreds. It gave a miserable howl and struggled hard to maintained its balance, then continued thrusting towards Princess Zhang Le.

Right at the same moment, 'Lao Ai' was hit by the sonic boom as well. Both his legs and arms, and a large part of skin and flesh on his chest were shattered to pieces by the rapidly vibrating sonic boom. He shrieked miserably, then screamed at the top of his voice, "White tiger, come back and protect the Master!"

The white tiger was approaching Princess Zhang Le, having its giant claws less than three inches from touching her fair and delicate neck. Upon hearing its Master's calling, it threw its head back and let out a long growl. Transforming into a white beam, it shot back immediately, fusing into 'Lao Ai's' body. Then, he threw his head back and let out a tiger roar. Abruptly, his body grew a few times burlier, and stood fifty feet tall. His muscles were bulging out, with a white gleam faintly flickering underneath the skin, sending forth a razor-sharp air with a threatening coldness. There was even an incredible pressure exuding from his body, which made people unable to stare straight at him.

The legs and arms destroyed by the sonic boom were regrown amidst a flash of white light. 'Lao Ai' waved his arms, threw his head back, and let out a long and wild howl. However, a stream of blood followed the howl and came spraying out from his mouth. His body shook, and nearly fell into the ocean. The two attacks from the zither had inflicted a very serious injury on him. Although he managed to regrow his limbs with the power of beast soul, the loss of his Prime energy was overly significant.

"Little woman, I'm going to kill you! I, Yu Hetian, swear that I'll definitely torture..."

Yu Hetian cursed through his tightly clenched teeth. However, before he could finish that, a massive hammer, the size of a little house was seen smashing down from behind his back, then smote heavily on the back of his head. It was unknown what materials were used to forge this gigantic hammer, as it was extremely tough. Apart from its extreme toughness, it was incredibly heavy - judging by its size of a little house, it evidently carried a shocking weight.

The powerful strike caught Yu Hetian unprepared, and it collapsed the back of his head. His eyes nearly popped out from the eye sockets, his tongue stuck three inches out from his mouth, and a stream of saliva mixed with blood sprayed out from his mouth to several hundred feet away. He was severely injured by the two attacks from Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither, which was a Thirty-Third Tier immortal item. It made him be stuck in a daze, and combined with the loss of his hearing, he failed to detect that an enemy was approaching from behind his back, a formidable enemy.

He was knocked flying away by the hammer. Coughing mouthful after mouthful of blood, Yu Hetian turned and looked over his shoulder.

Catfish-flood-dragon, who had transformed her stature, was seen holding a gigantic dark hammer that was shaped like the one used by a blacksmith, but as big as a small house. She was standing over one hundred feet tall, having a huge catfish head mounted on her seemingly small body, opening her big mouth as she stared at Yu Hetian and smiled. A stream of saliva was flowing down from the corner of her lips. With a slurred voice, she said,"Zi Xuan is my best sister. How dare you to attack her? How is the taste of my hammer? I have a feeling that your meat must be very delicious! Tsk... tsk... you look so shiny and tender!"

Indeed, after being nourished by the white tiger soul's energy, Yu Hetian's skin became fair, delicate, and tender, like the finest white tallow jade. Being someone with rich experience of eating humans, Catfish-flood-dragon could tell that this was a tasty human with just one glance, the finest selection of human meat. As a result, she could not control her saliva from oozing out.

Yu Hetian's brain was seriously shaken by the hammer strike. He could not even figure out what day it was and who he was. Trying to regain his sense by shaking his head, he pointed his finger at Catfish-flood-dragon and snapped furiously, "Demon! You, how dare you to injure me? You... you die..."

He still did not have the time to finish his words when a water pillar, tens of miles in diameter, suddenly shot up from the ocean, smashing forcefully onto his body. Yu Hetian let out a shrill shriek as he was pushed over one hundred miles up into the sky by the water pillar. Blood splattered in all directions, and a trident was seen stabbing right into his buttock as he fell tumbling down from the sky, hissing and howling painfully.

Then the water pillar crumbled abruptly, turning into a heavy downpour that covered one hundred miles of area on the ocean.

Lord Xiansheng revealed himself amidst the crumbling water pillar. He pointed at the falling Yu Hetian and scolded sternly, "What an audacious maniac! What makes you so bold to harbor evil intention against my sister-in-law, right in my own territory? You'll be faced with an inevitable death today! I'm going to slice you into pieces and let my children enjoy your flesh!"

The water pillar was a trick created by Lord Xiansheng after he heard the news and rushed over to the rescue. He was hiding in the water pillar, stabbing the trident right into Yu Hetian's buttock. Currently, only three feet of the eighteen feet long trident was left outside his body, an evidence of how deep it had gone into his body.

Howling and hissing, Yu Hetian's hands reached out to his buttock and grabbed the trident. "Sham... shameless... gross... despicable... filthy... You bunch of... demons..."

Having been wounded at such an awkward spot, Yu Hetian was ashamed and felt like committing suicide. If this were spread out, he could no longer face the public with a straight back!

Lord Xiansheng gave a nasty laugh. Shaking his head, he said, "Despicable? Gross? Shameless? Aye, you better don't try to pull the trident out. There are bards on it. Oh, the bards are stained with venom as well, don't..."

Before he could finish his word, Yu Hetian had exerted all his force and pulled the trident out. As a result, another extremely anguished howl rang out. Not only was the trident pulled out, a long strip of his intestine was dragged out by the trident as well. The intestine was filled with different colors: black, green, blue, and purple. Sure enough, the trident was filled with barbs, and was stained with more than one type of venom as well!

Yu Hetian felt he was dying because of the pain. He could no longer maintain the fusion with the white tiger soul. Abruptly their souls split apart, with the white tiger soul reappeared behind his back. Suddenly, a silver lotus pierced through the air and approached him, from which, the purple-green Divine Flame of Order burst out, standing thirty feet tall and as thick as a water bucket. It enveloped the white tiger soul and began to burn ragingly.

Using a hand incantation gesture, Princess Zhang Le controlled the silver lotus to trap the white tiger soul. At the same time, she opened her mouth and kept spraying out stream after stream of five-colored clouds, making the Divine Flame of Order burn even more vigorously.

Yu Hetian howled and hissed ceaselessly with pain. He collapsed to the ground with his body twitching convulsively, roaring and screaming, "You can't kill me! I'm the son of Marquis Jian, who serves the Human Emperor! You can't kill me, because killing me is equal to defying the Heavenly Dao!"

Yet, not waiting for his words to fade away, Catfish-flood-dragon had rushed over and pulled Yu Hetian up. She simply threw him into her mouth without even giving it a proper wash.

After swallowing him, Catfish-flood-dragon exclaimed, "It tastes very nice!"

Suddenly, a jade light burst out from her mouth, amidst which came a stern voice as it snapped, "Who dares to kill my beloved son?!"

A vague fist shot out from the jade light, smashing straight towards Catfish-flood-dragon's chest.

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