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The Chariot of Eight Horses was a mighty treasure of the ancient Human Emperor. Although Wu Qi was able to control it and borrow its power with a deceiving method, but limited by his cultivation base, all the miraculous and incredible functions of this mighty ancient treasure were yet to be found and used by him. It could transform into a stream of rainbow beam and travel everywhere, but compared to the maximum speed it had the ability to achieve, it was still far too slow.

On the other hand, in order to catch up with Wu Qi, Immortal Xuan Yang had coughed out three mouthfuls of blood essence, using a mystic technique to form a pair of flaming wings behind his back. They gave him an incredible speed, allowing him to arrive right behind the Chariot of Eight Horses in just a blink of an eye. He extended his hand, with flames bursting out from all five fingers. It transformed into a huge, translucent, and crystalline hand that was emanating a threateningly high temperature, piercing through the air and grabbing towards Wu Qi's head.

Sitting calmly and leisurely inside the Chariot of Eight Horses, Wu Qi thought there was no way Immortal Xuan Yang could catch up with his speed.

Little did he expect that right after he flew out from Flying snow City, he was immediately enveloped by a large sheet of red light, while Immortal Xuan Yang actually exercised a mystic technique and had arrived right behind him. Wu Qi quickly turned to look over his shoulder in great panic, only to see an ocean of flame approaching him, amidst which flew Immortal Xuan Yang, with a pair of several tens of feet long flaming wings flapping rapidly behind his back. Immortal Xuan Yang's facial features had changed as well. His nose and mouth protruded and became a huge beak, and his eyes shone with a bright, menacing gleam, his skin densely filled with crimson feathers.

These feathers were shaped like peacock plumes, crimson in color and decorated with countless runes on their surfaces, emitting an intense heat. The surrounding natural energy kept being drawn into these feathers, and through those natural runes, it was transformed into crimson flame and channeled into the wings behind Immortal Xuan Yang's back, bursting out in the most violent manner. There was a trail of flame extending behind him, measuring almost one hundred miles long. Half of the sky was brightly lit by these crimson flames.

While Wu Qi was still sizing up Immortal Xuan Yang, the several tens of feet wide crimson hand had come smashing down brutally, slapping viciously onto the rainbow gleam that shone from the Chariot of Eight Horses. A loud rumble rang out. The rainbow gleam exploded and spread out abruptly, turning into a huge rainbow cloud several miles in circumference. Countless fist-sized, golden runes flickered and glinted amidst the rainbow cloud like some real gold ingots, sending forth an immense pressure that made one feel suffocated.

As the huge crimson hand exploded into pieces, a group of twelve soldiers, each clad in a golden armor and standing sixty feet tall, emerged from the void right next to it suddenly. Holding a halberd each, they charged towards Immortal Xuan Yang. These armored soldiers had a similar cultivation base as Wu Qi, roughly mid-stage Gold Core realm. However, although their cultivation base was not strong, these armored soldiers, who even Wu Qi had no clue where did they come from, moved with an incredible speed. Even as they charged forward, their halberds pierced through the air with ear-splitting whistling, thrusting relentlessly right towards Immortal Xuan Yang's chest.

The flaming wings behind Immortal Xuan Yang's back flapped as he growled, "Scram!!!"

Then, he spread both arms outward and shot out a stream of flame. The brutal attack did not move the rainbow gleam shrouding the Chariot of Eight Horses, but the twelve armored soldiers shattered in an instant, bursting into a shower of light amidst the seemingly boundless ocean of flame. Immortal Xuan Yang glared furiously at Wu Qi, who was protected behind the rainbow gleam, and cried sternly, "What an impudent junior! And, you actually own such an extraordinary treasure?"

A covetous flame blazed in his eyes as Immortal Xuan Yang moistened his lips and let out a wild laugh, "What tier is this immortal item? I reckon it must be a precious defensive treasure crafted by an Immortal of at least Eighteenth Tier, eh? How strange! You only have a cultivation base of Gold Core realm, so how can you control an immortal item? This doesn't make sense. There is no way you should be able to control an immortal item!"

Wu Qi halted the Chariot of Eight Horses. Since Immortal Xuan Yang had already seen the true form of the chariot, he decided to stop and face the threat. As the huge hand unleashed by Immortal Xuan Yang just now was shattered to shreds by the backlash from the chariot's defensive barrier, it had boosted Wu Qi's confidence towards its defensive strength. And because of that, he was fearless even if he had to fight a Heaven Immortal face to face!

Wu Qi grinned coldly as he heard Immortal Xuan Yang's questions. While he was about to answer, two of the golden bells hanging down from the umbrella in the chariot swayed suddenly without any wind blowing at them, producing some crystal clear clanging. As the ringing of the bell echoed out, the surrounding cloud began to rock, and very soon, a group of twenty-four golden-armored soldiers emerged out of the void. Stepping on some clouds, these armored soldiers transformed into streams of light and shot towards Immortal Xuan Yang.

The flaming wings behind Immortal Xuan Yang flapped mightily. He stared at these golden-armored soldiers with a lofty manner, as they only had a cultivation base of mid-stage Gold Core realm. He gave a cold laugh, lightly snapped his finger, and shot out another stream of raging flame. Once again, all twenty-four armored soldiers were burned into countless bright specks that fell down to the ground.

Coolly and quietly Wu Qi sat in the Chariot of Eight Horses as he gazed at Immortal Xuan Yang. This was the first time he fought a Heaven Immortal face to face!

He was very curious about Immortal Xuan Yang's peculiar visage and the pair of flaming wings. Although the facial feature looked rather weird, that was still acceptable. However, the pair of flaming wings actually attached to Immortal Xuan Yang's back like a pair of real wings made from flesh. They looked like wings that grew out from his body, but not incorporeal wings formed by flame.

While he was pondering about how to deal with Immortal Xuan Yang, the golden bells rang again. The rainbow cloud rolled and rocked, followed by the appearance of another group of armored soldiers, who stepped onto some clouds, transformed into bright beams, and shot towards Immortal Xuan Yang again. Now, these armored soldiers had the cultivation base of early-stage Nascent Soul realm.

Immortal Xuan Yang's face flickered. Waving his hand, he threw out another fireball and burned all forty-eight early-stage Nascent Soul armored soldiers into tiny specks.

However, merely two breaths of time after that, the clouds rolled again, then ninety-six mid-stage Nascent Soul armored soldiers rushed out from the void. It greatly startled Immortal Xuan Yang. "This is strange!" he cried as he burned all these armored soldiers into nothingness. But, another two breaths of time after that, he was greeted with 192 late-stage Nascent Soul armored soldiers. He was stupefied with his eyes going wide. Then, he casually waved his hand and cast out a flaming dragon, turning all the armored soldiers into a wisp of green smoke. After that, he saw 384 early-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers teleport out from the clouds.

Even Wu Qi was dumbfounded by the series of changes. It was at this point he realized that the Chariot of Eight Horses was indeed a mighty treasure of virtue that belonged to the ancient Human Emperor. Although he could only control it with a deceiving method currently, it contained nearly endless mysteries which he could not master in a short period of time!

A total of 384 early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators! Wu Qi shivered with excitement seeing the grand and spectacular sight!

When faced with Immortal Xuan Yang, whose cultivation base was at the Heaven Immortal realm, the group of 384 early-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers could only last two seconds in the raging ocean of flame, before they all exploded into countless bright specks that fell down from the sky. Nevertheless, it cost Immortal Xuan Yang a great amount of his immortal energies to kill them with one single strike. His face was extremely unsightly.

Wu Qi stared blankly at Immortal Xuan Yang, forced out a smile, and asked, "Do you think there would be more?"

Immortal Xuan Yang turned to look at Wu Qi. Immediately he understood the reason Wu Qi asked him that question. "What a lucky junior! Although you own this mighty treasure, you don't know all its functions! If... if there are more of them, could that be..."

Before he could finish the lecturing, the surrounding clouds rolled again. Soundlessly, 768 mid-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers emerged within the cloud, transforming into bright beams and shooting ferociously towards Immortal Xuan Yang. Greatly frightened and struck by disbelief, Immortal Xuan Yang cried out at the top of his voice. Without hesitation, he cast out a flaming wheel, which measured three feet wide, with six fist-sized, glinting red pearls mounted on it. As it appeared, a huge amount of green smoke and purple flame burst out from those pearls immediately, blasting towards the armored soldiers while filling the atmosphere with deafening roars of thunder.

With that strike alone, all 768 mid-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers turned into nothingness in just a twinkle. Immortal Xuan Yang's face was pale, as the strike consumed a significant amount of his immortal energies. But to his shock, the clouds rolled and rocked again, and a total of 1536 late-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers took shape amidst the clouds. Hovering midair, these armored soldiers raised their halberds over their shoulders and threw them towards Immortal Xuan Yang.

When these late-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers appeared, Wu Qi's vision dimmed suddenly. The power of his divine will was depleting very quickly, and in just a blink of an eye, his once vigorous spirit depleted completely, leaving behind only a tiny bit to keep him awake. A message was transmitted to him from Chariot of Eight Horses. Suddenly Wu Qi understood where these armored soldiers came from!

All armored soldiers were the guardians manifested from the enormous power of faith stored in the Chariot of Eight Horses. However, in order to utilize this power, the chariot would have to draw a tiny bit of Wu Qi's spirit and use it as the core of these armored soldiers. And because of a restrictive spell, the strongest armored soldier it could produce would have the cultivation base parallel to the cultivation base of Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity.

After absorbing all the energy and spirit from many Nascent Divinity cultivators, the cultivation base of Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity was currently equal to those peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators. Therefore, the strongest guardians which Chariot of Eight Horses could manifest now were peak-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers. On top of that, his spirit was drawn to use as their cores, hence causing the power of his divine will to deplete at an incredible rate, and nearly making him lose his consciousness as a result of spirit deficiency.

Wu Qi sighed lightly. If he had a cultivation base of Heaven Immortal now, with the enormous power of faith stored in it, the Chariot of Eight Horses would be able to manifest Heaven Immortal guardians, helping him to defeat the enemy! It was a pity that his current cultivation base was insufficient, and those peak-stage Nascent Divinity armored soldiers could never form a threat to Immortal Xuan Yang.

Immortal Xuan Yang's face turned pale again, as he had just injected an enormous amount of immortal energies into the flaming wheel above his head. Strong light shone from all six pearls in the wheel, before a large column of green smoke and purple flame burst out and shrouded him, crushing the over one thousand halberds that came showering at him. After that, Immortal Xuan Yang took a deep breath and sprayed out a huge purple fireball. 1536 armored soldiers lasted for only one breath of time in the purple flame before they were crumbled and disintegrated into bright specks.

Wu Qi's face turned deadly pale, as cold sweat ran all over his body.

Panting heavily, Immortal Xuan Yang gazed fiercely at Wu Qi as he said with a cold grin, "Junior, if this mighty treasure can summon Heaven Immortal armored soldiers..."

All of a sudden, Immortal Xuan Yang drew a few long breaths, then he frowned and asked, "What smells so fragrant? Hmm, what an elegant aroma, this is a supreme-grade incense!!"

Wu Qi raised his hand up. Right in his palm, a pile of Drunken Dragon Incense powder was burning violently, sending forth wisps of faint green smoke into the atmosphere. The aroma had already filled the void, several tens of miles in circumference. A moment ago, as a result of exerting too much of his energy to unleash the attack, Immortal Xuan Yang panted heavily, and because he did not use any restrictive spell to filter the air, he had already inhaled too much of Drunken Dragon Incense.

He stared blankly at Wu Qi for a moment, before suddenly plunging straight down to the ground like a huge rock.

Wu Qi hastily extended his hand, sending out a ball of Divine Flame of Order that wrapped around the flaming wheel, then grabbed the unconscious Immortal Xuan Yang and shoved him into Spirit Breeding Ring.

When that was done, Wu Qi retracted the Chariot of Eight Horses, glancing around as he prepared to leave. Suddenly, off in a far distance, he saw seven to eight black dots flying towards him at top speed, together with an enormous immortal pressure that blotted the sky and covered the earth. It was a combined immortal pressure from seven to eight Heaven Immortals, and it even shook the entire Xue Yuan Planet.

Wu Qi's heart missed a beat. Why were there so many Heaven Immortals?!

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