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Stepping on a cloud, Vagabond Qing Yi frowned as he stared at Wu Qi, sending forth a faint immortal pressure as he asked coldly, "Where are the people in this courtyard?" When Wu Qi walked out from the courtyard just now, he had already glanced through it with his divine will. Therefore, he knew there was nobody in there.

Wu Qi looked at Vagabond Qing Yi with his body trembling from head to toe, then he spoke humbly and under his breath, "Are you referring to the people in Snowcloud Courtyard? They have just left."

Vagabond Qing Yi was extremely surprised, and his eyes went wide. Staring at Snowcloud Courtyard's front door, he murmured, "What is Chang Wu doing? I thought the three of us had agreed to work together? Why is he bringing the people of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect away in such a hurry? Is it because of some sudden changes?"

After pondering for a brief moment, Vagabond Qing Yi glared at Wu Qi and asked, "Who are you? Why are you coming out of the courtyard?" Even as his voice echoed out, a tremendous immortal pressure was unleashed and pressed against Wu Qi. To make things look perfectly normal, Wu Qi threw himself to the ground, then stared frightfully at Vagabond Qing Yi as if he were looking at a ghost. His face was paler than the snow around him.

Sitting on the ground with body trembling, Wu Qi cried out at the top of his voice, "Junior is here to trade with fellow Daoist of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect! Right after junior bought some rare things from them, senior Chang Wu arrived. They exchanged a few words before leaving immediately. Junior has no idea where they are going, junior is merely here just to exchange some rare materials with fellow Daoist of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect!"

Vagabond Qing Yi kept looking up and down at Wu Qi with a frown, as he felt something was off with him. Immortal Chang Wu had agreed to them, that once the disciples of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect agreed to deploy their ghosts to help search for Yan Qijun and his company, the three Heaven Immortals would move together, so they could capture Yan Qijun and the others alive. However, all of a sudden, Immortal Chang Wu brought all the people here and left without a trace, while Wu Qi was seen walking out of the emptied Snowcloud Courtyard. This made Vagabond Qing Yi feel really strange.

If not because he suddenly sensed that Immortal Chang Wu's aura had disappeared from Flying snow City, Vagabond Qing Yi would not have come to this place. And true enough, Immortal Chang Wu was gone without a trace. But, that was really weird. Hadn’t they had agreed to move together?

Vagabond Qing Yi fixed his glance at Wu Qi and said nothing. With trembling hands, Wu Qi pulled out a silk pouch from Black Dragon Storage Ring, then handed it to Vagabond Qing Yi with fear and said, "Senior, this is the item which junior traded with them. Every single word junior said is true!"

How would Vagabond Qing Yi be interested in a silk pouch handed to him by Wu Qi? What good items could a puny Gold Core cultivator obtain from trading? Casually, he waved his hand and threw the silk pouch several hundred feet away. "Have you seen which direction they were heading to?" he asked with a cold voice.

Before Wu Qi could answer the question, Vagabond suddenly Qing Yi cried out with surprise. Like a hungry wolf who just saw a piece of fresh meat, he jumped off the cloud abruptly, dashed through the snowfield and picked up the silk pouch. When the silk pouch was thrown away by him just now, as it was not tied properly, its mouth opened up when it landed on the ground, revealing a few spirit herbs which looked like reeds, with their leaves seemingly carved out from jades, shining with a splendid gleam.

Clutching the silk pouch and pulling out the few spirit herbs, Vagabond Qing Shen cried out shockingly, "Three thousand years old Green Reeds! This is the main ingredient to concoct Seven Apertures Mind Refreshing pills! Where did those juniors of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect find this spirit herb?" He turned to look at Wu Qi fiercely and asked, "Junior, what is the item you used to exchange this spirit herb with them?"

Wu Qi's eyes went wide as he shouted astonishingly, "Surely these are Green Reeds, but three thousand years old... are you kidding me? How is it even possible to find a three thousand years old spirit herb now?"

Vagabond Qing Yi's face darkened. Grinning coldly, he said, "Presumptuous! How can I be wrong with the age of a spirit herb? When I say they are three thousand years old Green Reeds, they are!! Now tell me, where did those juniors find these spirit herbs? Eh, something is not right!"

Vagabond Qing Yi got back to his sense suddenly. Immortal Chang Wu was here looking for cultivators from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, but in the end, he brought them and disappeared without a trace, and did not even bother to inform Vagabond Qing Yi. In the realm of cultivators, there was only one situation where something like this would happen - Immortal Chang Wu had discovered something good that even he himself was attracted to. This was the only explanation why he left in such a hurry!

At the thought of this, Vagabond Qing Yi's eyes immediately kindled with flame. Now he firmly believed that Immortal Chang Wu must have discovered something, but in order to enjoy that alone, he brought all the disciples from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect and left in a hurry. He had dumped his spouse, who was currently in the enemy's hand, and did not even bother to search for the trace of those cultivators who destroyed Snowflake City.

Vagabond Qing Yi roared furiously, glared angrily at Wu Qi, and said, "Tell me quickly, which direction have they went in?"

His hands clenched tightly on the silk pouch. The mouth of the pouch was wide open, with a faint aroma wafting out from it. Green Reed was a herb with a natural fragrance. Therefore, Vagabond Qing Yi did not take the scent seriously. He fixed his gaze at Wu Qi, his whole mind filled with only one thought: to find out where Immortal Chang Wu had gone. If those cultivators of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect really did find these three thousand years old Green Reeds in Xue Yuan Planet, there must be some other treasures in the place where they found it, or else Immortal Chang Wu would not leave in such a hurry!

Blinded by his greed, Vagabond Qing Yi had totally neglected a fact - if Immortal Chang Wu really brought the people of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect away because of these Green Reeds, why would he let Wu Qi leave Snowcloud Courtyard? There was no reason he would allow someone who knew such an important information go freely, and he would either bring Wu Qi together with them or kill him to prevent the leakage of the secret. There was no way Wu Qi would leave this place safely.

Nevertheless, as it involved a tremendous profit, and upon thinking that Immortal Chang Wu might have brought the people of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect to search for more three thousand years old spirit herbs, Vagabond Qing Yi felt his heart aching! His eyes fixed at Wu Qi's face as he shouted sternly, "Tell me where they went immediately! I don't mind to extract your soul and search for anything I wish to know!"

With a blank expression, Wu Qi stared at Vagabond Qing Yi. Wisps of green smoke kept spraying out from the silk pouch, and very soon Vagabond Qing Yi was completely surrounded by them. Then, Wu Qi asked curiously, "Senior, why do you still have the strength to talk, even after inhaling so much Drunken Dragon Incense? Don't you feel your body is a little bit weak, your vision is dimmed, and you can't exert any of your immortal energy?"

Vagabond Qing Yi's heart missed a beat. "What? What Drunken Dragon Incense?" he cried with shock.

However, before he could finish talking, darkness claimed his vision as he fell heavily to the ground.

Cheering joyfully, Wu Qi quickly leaped forward. Throwing all his caution to the wind, he took out a handful of Drunken Dragon Incense power from the silk pouch, pried open Vagabond Qing Yi's mouth, and shoved all of it in. When the powder touched his saliva, it immediately dissolved and turned into some green liquid and fused into Vagabond Qing Yi's body. The amount of Drunken Dragon Incense Wu Qi poured into his mouth was more than enough to knock out one hundred Heaven Immortals, and perhaps Vagabond Qing Yi would not be able to wake up for the rest of his life.

Laughing wildly, Wu Qi pulled Vagabond Qing Yi up and prepared to shove him into Spirit Breeding Ring.

Suddenly, three green jade rings worn on Vagabond Qing Yi's fingers shone with a dazzling light together. Countless five-colored beams, tiny as cow hair, burst out and shot towards Wu Qi. He felt a chill run down his back, and before these tiny beams touched him, his skin had already been filled with countless tiny wounds. Numerous blood beams oozed out all over his body.

"B*stard!" Wu Qi cursed at the top of his voice.

When he captured Immortal Chang Wu just now, he did not encounter any troubles, and thus he had neglected his vigilance. Now, as he was attacked by Vagabond Qing Yi's jade rings, only then Wu Qi suddenly realized that Vagabond Qing Yi was a Heaven Immortal, and it was certain he possessed some immortal items! The reason that they were called immortal items was because their spirit item had cultivated into spirit immortal, having their own intelligence. That meant they could and would defend their owner and attack the enemy!

Because of his carelessness, Wu Qi was severely wounded by these five-colored beams. Countless tiny wisps of blood sprayed out from his skin, turning into a clump of blood mist that wrapped around him. It made him look awful. Worst of all, these five-colored beams penetrated into his body and crazily destroyed his body tissues. Some of them even brought together an immense coldness and charged right towards his spiritual ocean, showing the intention of wiping out his souls.

The intense pain made Wu Qi roar. A bright ball of yellow light shot out from earth element dragon scale shield and enveloped him. When the five-colored beams hit the dragon scale shield, they actually produced deep, muffled booms that sounded like the roaring of thunder. The powerful impact shook and swayed Wu Qi, nearly knocking him flying. Hastily, he widened his eyes, and a tiny wisp of purple-green divine flame shot out.

The Divine Flame of Order smashed onto the three green jade rings viciously. A miserable howl which could only be sensed by divine will echoed out from the rings, and the countless five-colored beams disappeared instantly. Wu Qi extended his hands and pulled all the jade rings out, then dragged Vagabond Qing Yi up and shoved him into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

Wu Qi's body shivered violently with pain as he cursed under his breath, "B*stard! Vagabond Qing Yi, I'm going to teach you a good lesson later!"

After letting out a furious roar, he transformed into a dark sword beam and flew out of Huixian Abode.

However, the sudden disappearance of Vagabond Qing Yi's aura from Flying snow City and the attack launched by its immortal items had alerted the last Heaven Immortal in the city - Immortal Xuan Yang. Suddenly a raging fireball shot up into the sky from the peak of a snow mountain off in a distance, as Immortal Xuan Yang began to shoot towards Wu Q's direction while crying out loud, completely shrouded in a crimson red flame.

"Presumptuous! How dare you hurt fellow Daoist Qing Yi?!" Immortal Xuan Yang roared furiously, "Stop there and surrender now! I will consider leaving your corpse complete!!"

Upon noticing Immortal Xuan Yang was approaching at top speed, Wu Qi pulled out the Chariot of Eight Horses without the slightest hesitation. A rainbow-colored auspicious light shrouded him instantly, transforming him into a tiny beam that shot out of Flying snow City. The restrictive formation above the city could not hinder him, and were shattered to pieces by the rainbow beam that shone from the Chariot of Eight Horses.

While laughing loudly, Wu Qi said, "Xuan Yang, you old fogey! Remember to clean your neck and wait for me to come chop off your dog head!!"

A raging flame of anger seized Immortal Xuan Yang as he watched Wu Qi escape again in the familiar rainbow light. Little did he expect that even after the entire Flying snow City was thoroughly examined in vain, Wu Qi was still found hiding right in the city. Worst of all, Wu Qi had captured Vagabond Qing Yi!

Immortal Xuan Yang threw his head back and roared furiously, "You useless fools of Flying snow City!!!"

After the roar, Immortal Xuan Yang coughed out three mouthfuls of warm blood suddenly. In the next moment, two blood-red flaming wings spread out from his back. Widening his bloodshot eyes, Immortal Xuan Yang abruptly transformed into a stream of flame and began chasing behind Wu Qi. Shockingly, his flying speed had suppressed the Chariot of Eight Horses!! With a flap of the flaming wings, he pierced through the air and arrived not far behind Wu Qi.

Growling angrily, Immortal Xuan Yang extended his hand, which was shrouded in raging flame, and grabbed straight towards Wu Qi, who was sitting in the chariot.

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