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The massive immortal pressure made all living beings in Xue Yuan Planet, who possessed a cultivation base, shiver violently and dare not to move at all. No matter it was demon beasts, demon birds, demon fishes in the ocean, or the numerous human cultivators, anyone who had cultivated before would instinctively sense the pressure that filled the heaven and earth. Carefully, they held their breath and restrained their aura.

Wu Qi was hiding under the ice. Exercising the Mystic Eyes of Universe, he observed the group of Heaven Immortals through the over ten thousand feet thick ice.

Seven to eight Heaven Immortals, who were clad in different styles of outfits, and had different appearances, from young to old and beautiful to ugly, were seen hovering in the sky. They were darting their divine will into all directions as they performed a thorough search across the snowfield within a circumference of ten thousand miles. Their divine will even penetrated through the thick ice and reached one hundred feet deep. If Wu Qi's aura concealment technique did not come from the Scroll of Stealing, which allowed him to match his aura with the surroundings, and even transform himself into a piece of ice, perhaps he would have long been discovered and caught by these Heaven Immortals.

They spent a long while in searching, but found nothing worth investigating. Nevertheless, they did sense the remains of an enormous fire element energy in the void, and the ripple of a pure and massive divine will. The few Heaven Immortals gathered together and exchanged a few words, then shook their heads.

"Anyone knows what is wrong with Chang Wu, Qing Yi, and Xuan Yang? Why are they shutting down all four Grand Universal Teleportation Formations in Xue Yuan Planet for no apparent reason? Do they think they have the final say on this planet? Even if it is because of the destruction of Snowflake City, they can't do anything they want and scarify the profits of other cities!"

An old Daoist, who was clad in a gray Daoist robe with a black mountain embroidered on the chest, snorted coldly and said, "They are simply arrogant and unreasonable! Do they have any idea how much loss we had suffered after Xue Yuan Planet was locked down for so many days? Xue Yuan Planet is not the private property of the three clans in Snowflake City!"

Another old man with a withered face and clad in a long red robe said deeply, "No matter what the reason that made them come out with such an order is, we'll have to find them first. We have no idea why Snowflake City is destroyed, and what we should do about it in the future. We need the answers from them."

A lively discussion broke out among the Heaven Immortals, and Wu Qi could hear them loud and clear from deep below the ice.

As a matter of fact, these Heaven Immortals represented all the major clans from the other few big cities on the planet. Their relationship with those major clans was either built upon marriage, or the fact that some of the clan members were their disciples. Therefore, when Immortal Chang Wu and his companions issued an immortal order, forcing Flying Snow City, Snowdrift City, and White Frost City to shut down their teleportation formations, completely cutting off the route of entering and leaving the planet, all major clans immediately informed the matter to these Heaven Immortals with their respective mystic techniques.

When they heard Snowflake City was destroyed, and Immortal Chang Wu and the other two Heaven Immortals had ordered a complete lockdown on Xue Yuan Planet, these Heaven Immortals rushed over to the planet like flies that smelled blood. However, as some of them lived very far from Xue Yuan Planet, or were held up by some matters, they only managed to sneak into Xue Yuan Planet today and gather together. After sensing the energy ripples produced from the battle between Wu Qi and Immortal Chang Wu, they immediately rushed to this place. But they did not find anything worth further investigation.

After a round of lively discussion, the gray-robed old Daoist who spoke first just now cried out loudly, "Fellow Immortals, let's put everything aside for now. We need to find Chang Wu and the others first. They have to let us know the reason for this total lockdown. For no apparent reasons, Xue Yuan Planet has been locked down for so many days. The losses that the other cities suffered during this period must be compensated by the three major clans of Snowflake City."

The gray-robed Daoist gave a meaningful glance to everyone, and they all nodded their heads in tacit agreement.

Since Snowflake City was destroyed, then so be it. It needed not to be rebuilt, and the best solution was to let it vanish forever. Every city in Xue Yuan Planet represented a lucrative profit. Therefore, when there was one less city, the rest of them could split the extra profits. At least, those foreign cultivators would have to spend their money in the remaining cities.

They had to find Immortal Chang Wu and the other two Heaven Immortals, taking this opportunity to pressure them and prevent them from rebuilding Snowflake City. This was a solution that accorded with the interest of all the Heaven Immortals here. With the combined overall strength of eight Heaven Immortals, Immortal Chang Wu and the other two Heaven Immortals, who worked together also because of profits, could never be their match. Therefore, there was no need to consider their feelings, and it was better to just force them to merge the three major clans of Snowflake City into the other cities.

Not only had the three major clans of Snowflake City to be divided, the three Heaven Immortals also needed to pay out a huge sum of compensation. Only then could these eight Heaven Immortals be satisfied. Or else, who was going to pay for their losses? Xue Yuan Planet had been locked down for so many days. Just with the energy stones they were supposed to collect from cultivators that used the Grand Universal Teleportation Formations in three cities, they could be easily total up to hundreds of thousands of pieces!

After reaching a mutual agreement, they carried out another round of thorough search in the surroundings. Nevertheless, they just could not find any traces that could lead them to Immortal Chang Wu and the rest. Hence, they gave up reluctantly, and continued their search off into a far distance.

When these Heaven Immortals were far enough, only then Wu Qi carefully resurfaced from the thick ice. Standing on the snowfield and looking into the direction where those Heaven Immortals went, Wu Qi sighed helplessly. He hefted the silk pouch - the Drunken Dragon Incense had nearly run out. There was no way he could defeat these few Heaven Immortals with just so little incense.

Over the last three years, Wu Qi had concocted a great amount of Drunken Dragon Incense in Myriad Immortals Planet. During this trip, in order to deal with Immortal Chang Wu and the other two Heaven Immortals, he had spent over 99% of the incense on them. This thing was not some healing or life-saving spirit herb. Therefore, Wu Qi did not make a lot of it, and most of it was gone in just one day.

If he still had several hundred kilograms of Drunken Dragon Incense, Wu Qi would have done something to capture all eight of them. He could set up some traps, then kindle all several hundred kilograms of Drunken Dragon Incense, and lure them in. With that, he could easily capture a dozen Heaven Immortals.

"Hmm, although it is not something good and prideful to use, I still need to make a lot of it!" thought Wu Qi, "Also, this lowest-grade Drunken Dragon Incense has too much limitation. If they cast some spells that can isolate any poisonous gas in advance, preventing the aroma from entering their bodies or touching their skins, it will be useless. If only I can concoct some eighth or ninth-grade Drunken Dragon Incense, tsk!"

Wu Qi shook his head and moistened his lips, then began to imagine if one day he could concoct the top-grade ecstasy recorded in Scroll of Stealing, which was a very powerful incense that could even make a Gold Immortal drunk immediately upon accidental inhalation. However, the required ingredients to make that kind of incense... upon thinking of the nearly one hundred spirit herbs with their names beginning with the word 'innate', Wu Qi could not help but throw his head back and breathe out a long sigh.

Glancing around, he instinctively sent his divine will and scanned through the surroundings. After finding no unusual things, he stepped onto a sword beam and began to fly quickly towards Snowflake City.

At the foot of an icy mountain near the original location of Snowflake City was a row of messy and broken mansions. Some cultivators were seen patrolling in the sky with their flying swords, while some others were entering and leaving the mansions, supervising many mortal craftsmen in the fixing and repairing of the severely damaged buildings.

Wu Qi landed on an icy peak less than ten miles away from that icy mountain. He threw his glance at the three mansions, then turned to look at a massive hole on the ground right next to them, where once stood the Snowflake City. He grinned coldly. A large sheet of white light burst out from Spirit Breeding Ring, amidst which, Yan Qijun and the others came walking out. Three unconscious Heaven Immortals were thrown to the ground as well. Their faces were red, and they were snoring loudly.

The fully naked Lin Qiuluo fell tumbling to the ground, her face pale and panicked as she glanced around. Suddenly, she saw the huge hole and the three mansions next to it, making her cry out with great terror, "This is Snowflake City! Why are you here? What are you trying to do?!"

Then, she saw the three Heaven Immortals lying motionlessly on the ground not far away from her. It frightened her even more. "No... no!! Hubby, two seniors, what happened to you...? Oh, Heavens! What is going on? What happened? What happened to you? Wake up!!"

Yan Qijun, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu's eyes went wide as they looked to the left and right, after which, they saw the three Heaven Immortals.

There was a huge space inside the Spirit Breeding Ring, and according to Wu Qi's thought, the living beings in the ring could be placed in separate, smaller spaces. As a matter of fact, the Spirit Breeding Ring was originally a treasure that was used by cultivators to house their demon pets. As demon pets were fond of fighting each other by nature, they had to be kept in separate space when placed in the ring, or the constant fighting among themselves would cause a huge loss to the master.

Wu Qi had placed Immortal Chang Wu, Vagabond Q, and Immortal Xuan Yang in an isolated space. Therefore, Yan Qijun and the others did not know that he had captured three Heaven Immortals. So, even they were shocked when they suddenly saw these three unconscious Heaven Immortals.

Tilting his head up reservedly, Wu Qi said with an indifferent tone, "What's so strange about that? Since you are bold enough to attack my... father-in-law, you should have expected this consequence. Lin Qiuluo, your biggest support is now captured alive by me, and today, I will exterminate the entire Lin clan of Snowflake City before your eyes!"

Upon hearing that, Yan Qijun, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu were seized by joy, as a ferocious smile emerged on their faces immediately. It was especially true for Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu, who used to be the kings in the depth of Meng Mountains. The unexpected defeat in the hands of Lin Qiuluo had filled their hearts with towering hatred. Because of that, their desire of exterminating the entire Lin clan had suppressed their curiosity about exactly how Wu Qi captured three Heaven Immortals alive.

Lin Qiuluo howled miserably and hysterically, "NO! You can't do that! I will refund all the deposit, I... I will apologize. You can do anything to me... Please don't..."

Yan Qijun walked over to her, then gave her face several dozens of heavy slaps. Lin Qiuluo's beautiful and fair face swelled up and turned red immediately, blood dripping from her lips. "Deposit? What deposit is that?" Yan Qijun growled with a stern voice, "Is that the deposit for hiring you to kill us? How dare you offend me? All of you will be punished with death! Imperial Advisors, please help me slaughter all these people!!"

Wu Qi grinned coldly. From the Black Dragon Spirit Ring he pulled out two immortal talismans given to him by Patriarch Jiang Yun, then handed them to Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu.

Overwhelmed with wild joy, both old demons took over the immortal talismans, cast out a demon cloud each, and summoned a gust of wild wind, speeding away towards the mansions of the three major clans of Snowflake City.

At the distance of several miles away from the mansions, they activated the talismans together.

The loud whistling of wild wind shook the nearby snowfield, as numerous white clouds shot out from both old demons' hands, smashing straight towards the mansions viciously.

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