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Inside the master bedroom…

Cold sweats were seen running all over Yan Qijun's naked body. He blankly stared at the broken teacup on the floor, then turned to look at the half-unconscious Lin Qiuluo, who was lying face down on the tea table with her big, white buttock held high up in the air. Suddenly, he shuddered with great terror.

He could clearly sense there was an immortal pressure coming from the courtyard, and it felt like as if there was a sharp blade cutting back and forth on his skin. A Heaven Immortal was visiting Snowcloud Courtyard. How many Heaven Immortals were there in Flying snow City? Could he be from among Immortal Chang Wu and the others? As he was wondering this, he heard Su Qiangu's introduction: the Master of Grand Martial Palace, Immortal Chang Wu. Accompanied by the faint immortal pressure, he finally confirmed the identity of the visitor!

While he was interrogating Immortal Chang Wu's spouse with 'torture', Immortal Chang Wu was standing right inside the courtyard.

Cold sweat broke out on his body and rolled off his skin endlessly. A moment ago, Lin Qiuluo swung her arm unconsciously and pushed a teacup off the table, causing it to smash to the ground and crash into pieces. If Immortal Chang Wu sent his divine will into the room and had a glance...

Yan Qijun narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, he laughed evilly and said, "Little beauty, you are certainly hot!"

While letting loose some filthy comments, Yan Qijun pushed a few teacups off the table, then covered Lin Qiuluo's mouth as he thrust back into her body. Immediately, loud and violent spanking noises rang out. Lin Qiuluo began to howl ambiguously, but as her mouth was covered by Yan Qijun, they sounded more like lustful moans.

Snowflakes were falling down in the courtyard. Upon hearing the strange noises coming from the room, Wu Qi grinned and said, "Immortal Chang Wu, your presence is a great honor for us! Please come with me! It happens that junior has just found some fine tea. I hope seniors can taste it and tell me how you find its quality!"

When Immortal Chang Wu came into the courtyard and heard the crashing of teacup coming from the room, he had prepared to send his divine will and find out what was happening. However, the strange noises that came right afterward made him quickly dismiss the idea. He gazed at Wu Qi from the corner of his eyes disdainfully and thought to himself, 'So this is how these evil cultivators conduct themselves, doing that kind of thing in broad daylight. How nasty!'

He was a lofty and mighty Heaven Immortal. How could he use his divine will to watch a few juniors doing that kind of dirty thing? Very quickly, he retracted his divine will, nodded at Wu Qi, and said coolly, "You have fine tea? That's great!"

Wu Qi turned and gazed at the room over his shoulder, his back soaked with cold sweat. A cold breeze came blowing by, freezing the cold sweat into snowflakes that clung to his back, making him feel cold and unpleasant. However, deep in his mind Wu Qi was praising Yan Qijun for the quick response by making such a great noise. If not because of that, Immortal Chang Wu might have sent his divine will into the room. And if he saw how Yan Qijun was 'torturing' his spouse, perhaps he would strike instantly and kill everyone in this courtyard, and Wu Qi would have no choice but to flee himself.

But now, everything was well. A lofty and mighty Heaven Immortal would never peep at some juniors when they were doing something privately in a room. Wu Qi breathed out a sigh of relief, then hurriedly led Su Qiangu and Immortal Chang Wu into a parlor at the west-wing of the courtyard. Very soon, two celestial fiend puppets found a complete tea set, and gathered a jar of snow water from the blossom petals in the courtyard. They made a fire in a small clay stove near the entrance of the parlor and began to boil the water to make tea.

Wu Qi handed a pack of wild spirit tea harvested in the depths of Meng Mountains to both celestial fiend puppets, then told them in a serious manner, "The presence of two seniors is a great honor for us. Junior Brothers, do make a pot of good tea. We cannot afford to neglect our distinguished guests!"

One of the puppets grinned from ear to ear, then said using its hoarse, unpleasant voice that sounded like the grinding of steel blade and saw, "Don't worry, Senior Brother. It will be done properly!"

And so, Wu Qi went into the parlor. With utmost respect, he cupped his fist and bowed to Immortal Chang Wu, who was sitting loftily in the seat of honor. Then, he said, "Your visit has greatly surprised me, senior! Can I know what business have you come here for?"

Immortal Chang Wu gave the two celestial fiend puppets a glance, who were squatting near the entrance, boiling water, and making tea. He snorted coolly.

Su Qiangu rose to his feet hurriedly, smiled at Wu Qi, and said, "From the few useless clan members of mine, I heard that fellow Daoist is from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect? May I know your..."

"You can call me Five Ghosts." Wu Qi said humbly as he narrowed his eyes and gave them a smile.

Immortal Chang Wu narrowed his eyes and nodded slowly.

Su Qiangu gave Immortal Chang Wu a look and continued, "Daoist Five Ghosts, I've long heard of your great name. Now let me explain. A few days ago, senior Chang Wu and the other two seniors had shut down all the Grand Universal Teleportation Formation in Xue Yuan Planet, because they have been trying to capture a few undaunted and reckless cultivators. However, it seems these cultivators own an extraordinary treasure which can travel at an incredible speed, and some divine ability that can perfectly conceal their aura. We've tried searching them everywhere during the past few days, but to no avail."

Wu Qi smiled leisurely, shook his head and said with a sigh, "Perhaps they have already left Xue Yuan Planet?"

"Impossible!" answered Immortal Chang Wu indifferently, "Vagabond Qing Yi has completely sealed off the entire sky of Xue Yuan Planet with the 'Sky Net', and with the restrictive spell that the three of us cast together, no one can leave Xue Yuan Planet without alerting us. I am sure they are still here, hiding somewhere that we cannot find at the moment."

With a wave of his hand, a green light screen emerged before them, amidst which showed the look of Wu Qi, Yan Qijun, Xiong Wanling, and He Qianqiu. Immortal Chang Wu said with a cold voice, "There are snowfields everywhere in Xue Yuan Planet, with countless caves that one can hide inside. Even with the divine will of a Heaven Immortal, it is impossible for us to search the entire planet at the same time and find their traces."

Su Qiangu gave Immortal Chang Wu another look and said, "We know that Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect is the expert in controlling ghosts. Fellow Daoist Five Ghosts, how many ghosts can you control at the same time?"

Wu Qi cried out as if he was suddenly enlightened, "So, seniors are asking me to use my ghosts and search the entire Xue Yuan Planet?"

Wu Qi was laughing in his mind, as he thought Immortal Chang Wu had really come out with a good idea. Even though they were Heaven Immortals, they had yet to reach the level where they could see everything with a mere glance of their divine will. So, although the three Heaven Immortals had spent all their time searching through the entire Xue Yuan Planet, there were still many loopholes that one could make use of. However, Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect's ghosts controlling technique was completely different. By releasing several hundreds of thousands of ghosts at the same time, not only could they cover a vast area, as ghosts were incorporeal, they could travel freely through ice and seawater. For ghosts, no places could be considered as a blind angle or dead spot.

Therefore, by deploying ghosts to aid the searching with their divine will, it was highly possible that they could find Wu Qi and his company!

Wu Qi did not answer the question, but instead, put up a look as if he were pondering deep in his mind. Upon looking at the expression on Wu Qi's face, Immortal Chang Wu frowned. While lightly tapping on the arm of the chair, he said, "Five Ghosts, help me in this. I will not let you suffer any loss. Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect and Grand Martial Palace are having a friendly relationship. I can put in a few good words for you when I meet with your Ancestral Masters in the future."

While Wu Qi was still pondering, two celestial fiend puppets had come from the front door, carefully carrying a tray with three cups of tea on it. Wu Qi quickly took over the tray, then respectfully offered Immortal Chang Wu and Su Qiangu a cup of tea each. "Seniors, please try the fine spirit tea junior found recently. Such fine tea is very rare nowadays!"

Immortal Chang Wu and Su Qiangu exchanged a glance, then indifferently picked up the teacup. In their mind, Wu Qi was just a Gold Core disciple of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. Throughout all the immortal sects, Gold Core cultivators were of little importance, so what kind of fine tea could an insignificant cultivator have found?

However, right at the moment when the lid was lifted, Immortal Chang Wu could not help himself but cheer immediately. When the Celadon lid of the teacup was lifted, a tiny wisp of white smoke rose up slowly, then spun like a tornado and soared three feet up into the air. After that, the white smoke twisted gracefully in midair, then transformed into a mushroom-shaped cloud and dissipated slowly, sending forth a fine aroma that filled the entire parlor, a scent that made one so comfortable that even all the pores on the skin were opening up.

"A fine tea! This is indeed a supreme-grade tea!" Immortal Chang Wu sniffed the aroma with great interest, then spent some time to look at the green tea leaves floating in the teacup. Finally, he shook his head and slowly took a sip out of the teacup. The tea entered his mouth like a creamy elixir. From the tip of his tongue, it slid all the way down into his stomach with a splash.

Immediately, a mass of hot air exploded in his stomach, bringing together a very exotic aroma as it circulated through his entire body, giving him a warm and pleasant sensation. He felt as if all his pores were exuding a rich aroma, and he was all freshened up. A comfortable sensation beyond description made him nearly moan. For the moment, he had forgotten Lin Qiuluo was still in the enemy's hand, or that he was still hunting the few undaunted and reckless cultivators. He had forgotten all the troubles in the world.

The aroma of the tea was too miraculous. Immortal Chang Wu could not control himself but brought the teacup up again. But this time, he gulped down all the tea in one draught.

Su Qiangu had also brought the teacup up and took a sip out of it, and he too cheered, "Rich in aroma and taste excellent, this is really a fine tea of supreme-grade!"

Holding a teacup in his hand, Wu Qi stared at Immortal Chang Wu and Su Qiangu without saying a word. After some while, he finally asked in a flat tone, "Seniors, are you feeling very comfortable throughout your body? As if you are some weightless feathers that are drifting across the sky, extremely relaxed and joyful?"

Slowly Su Qiangu raised his head up, looked at Wu Qi and smiled. Then he threw himself onto the ground.

With a slow response, Immortal Chang Wu turned to look at Su Qiangu. "What, is going on?" he asked stammeringly.

Wu Qi casually threw the teacup to the floor, looked at Immortal Chang Wu with a strange expression, then smiled and said, "I never expected that you will come to me yourself? Aye, looks like a hundredfold of Drunken Dragon Incense does the trick well! And, it really can bewitch a Heaven Immortal!"

"You!" Immortal Chang Wu rose to his feet, his body trembling violently. With great effort, he lifted his hand and slowly pointed at Wu Qi.

Then, he glared at Wu Qi with a lazy expression, and opened his mouth slowly as he tried to say something. But, before he could say anything, he had thrown himself to the floor and sunk into a deep slumber. His face was red, as if he was drunk with alcohol, while his body was sending forth a strong aroma.

Two celestial fiend puppets standing not far away let out some ferocious laughs together.

Wu Qi sighed lightly. He came before Su Qiangu and dexterously removed all valuable items from his body.

After that, the Spirit-Restricting Rope transformed into a purple beam and shot out from his body, circled a few rounds around Immortal Chang Wu, and tightly tied him into a bundle. When the defenseless Immortal Chang Wu was bound by the Spirit-Restricting Rope, he had already lost all his chances to turn the table.

While laughing out loud, Wu Qi shoved Immortal Chang Wu into the Spirit Breeding Ring, then he cried, "Go, let's go now! We've captured a Heaven Immortal! We have struck a fortune!!"

In a flurry, he threw Yan Qijun and the others into Spirit Breeding Ring as well. After that, he put on a different outfit and modified his visage, before quickly rushing out of the Snowcloud Courtyard.

Right at the moment he walked out from the front door, an immortal pressure suddenly came pressing down on him from above. In the next moment, a figure stepping on a cloud flickered and emerged before him. It was Vagabond Qing Yi.

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