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Countless snowflakes were being brought up by strong winds, swirling through the vast snowfield and slamming brutally on the defensive barrier above the Flying snow City. The green energy barrier swayed, forcing the powerful wind to a complete rest. Losing their formidable momentum that seemed capable of flooding and destroying everything, the palm-sized snowflakes fell gently onto the barrier, then drifted down slowly and lazily.

The rather large snowflakes fell onto the snowfield like feathers, filling the atmosphere with an endless rustle that broke the perfect silence between the heaven and earth.

A few dozens of old plum trees were growing vigorously in Snowcloud Courtyard, with the youngest among them at least one thousand years old. Mosses were crawling up their dark trunks, and the branches were decorated with clusters of blooming blossoms that were twisting like dragons, roughly forty to fifty of them on each tree. Although there were not many of them, each of the flowers was as large as an adult's fist. The flower was white with green stems, sending forth a faint fragrance that lingered in the courtyard. Together with the drizzling snowflakes, they made a splendid scene.

Clasping his hands behind his back and standing in the courtyard, Wu Qi was looking into the sky. Sometimes, he would turn his head and peer towards the master bedroom behind him. His face was filled with an expression of undefined weirdness.

Loud and crystal clear spanking noises could be heard coming from the room. Yan Qijun was in the middle of interrogating Lin Qiuluo with torture, trying to find out who the person that asked her to kill him was, and how much the price was. Apart from the real cause of the assassination, Wu Qi also requested Yan Qijun to find out the actual strength of Immortal Chang Wu and the other two Heaven Immortals' sects, and the current overall strength of the three major clans in Snowflake City.

They had decided to take vengeance on these people. If they did not get a clear picture of their overall strength before fighting them, that would not be a revenge, but an act of courting death!

The spanking noises went on for a full two hours, amidst which, Wu Qi could faintly hear Lin Qiuluo crying and shouting. Before long, it seemed her mouth was filled with something, as her voice became rather ambiguous and vague. Roughly fifteen minutes later, the rhythmic spanking noises rang out once again, but now were mixed with Lin Qiuluo's barely audible moaning and panting, and Yan Qijun's brutal words.

"So, this is how he interrogates someone with torture?!" Shaking his head, Wu Qi placed his hands under the long sleeves, looking up into the sky as he sighed softly. "Surely, it is not easy to be a son-in-law! I've to take care of my father-in-law from soup to nuts! Hmm, after helping him capture the enemy alive, I still have to strip the enemy naked, tie her up, and throw her into a bed, so he can continue with the interrogation! Luckily my father-in-law's legal wife is dead for over two thousand years, and he hasn't married any new wife in all these years. Or else, how am I going to explain this to my mother-in-law?"

Lin Qiuluo's crying and cursing could be clearly heard coming from the room again. But this time, her voice was filled with some unspeakable lust. Yan Qijun laughed coldly, and the spanking noises made Wu Qi feel his body was getting warmer. He shook and twitched his lips, pondering what he was doing here. His father-in-law was interrogating the enemy in the room, and he was eavesdropping from the outside. If someone knew this...

He smiled wryly, sighed lightly, and said, "Aye, what a fop! I just have nothing to say about my father-in-law!"

Shaking his head, he sat down cross-legged on the snowfield. A few celestial fiend puppets revealed themselves around him and transformed into ferocious looking Daoists, then went ahead and kept guard at a few important spots in the courtyard. From under his sleeve, Wu Qi pulled out an object carefully. It was a shuttle-shaped magical item the size of a football, with tiny electric arcs darting around its surface. It was tightly bound by the Spirit-Restricting Rope, which had completely sealed off its power.

This shuttle-shaped item was the immortal item used by Lin Qiuluo when she was hunting down Yan Qijun and the others. After taking away her immortal armor, Wu Qi did not spare this immortal item either. Since Yan Qijun was interrogating her with 'torture', Wu Qi felt it was the best time for him to digest this immortal item now.

It had the ability to control the force of lightning, transforming the force into immortal lightning to attack the enemy. However, Wu Qi already had the Cold Electric Mirror, which could also unleash lightning bolts to attack enemies. On top of that, as Wu Qi had fused his Nascent Divinity with the Cold Electric Mirror, he could control it with great ease, not something that a forcibly seized immortal item could ever be compared with.

From between his brows, a bright purple-blue beam came shooting out, transforming into the Cold Electric Mirror.

Then, Wu Qi pointed his finger out, with which, the Phoenix Fire Pouch flew out from his body and hovered right below the shuttle-shaped immortal item. A wisp of purple-green divine flame rose from the pouch, wrapped around the immortal item, and began to burn ragingly. The immortal item trembled violently. With his divine will, Wu Qi could clearly sense the item spirit inside it was howling hysterically. Wu Qi was not moved by the begging and struggling of the item spirit, as he used the Divine Flame of Order hardheartedly to completely refine the item spirit.

Divine Flame of Order was lethal to all spiritual beings and Nascent Divinities. Furthermore, Lin Qiuluo had overdrawn this immortal item's source power, which caused its root to be severely damaged. Before long, the item spirit was completely refined by the Divine Flame of Order, turning it into countless soul particles that shone with a magnificent and splendid rainbow gleam. Wu Qi took a deep breath, as a bright beam shot out from between his brows and pulled all the soul particles into his spiritual ocean, fusing them with his own Nascent Divinity.

All item spirits of immortal items were pure spiritual beings which had cultivated into spirit immortals. Although their divine ability and Darmic powers were not as strong as a real Immortal, their souls were very compact, and possessed an awe-inspiring soul power. After absorbing and digesting the soul particles, Wu Qi's once fist-sized, golden Nascent Divinity abruptly expanded to a few times larger, and his three spiritual and seven physical souls were like bean sprouts that had been given with some fertilizer, growing at an incredible rate.

As these soul particles were refined by the Divine Flame of Order, it took no effort for him to absorb and digest it, and there was no side effect either. Like pouring a glass of water into a large bucket of milk, all the soul particles were absorbed by Wu Qi in an instant.

He glanced through the surroundings with his divine will. Everything within a radius of one thousand miles immediately revealed in his mind, be it the swaying grass or the blowing of the wind. Even the trails of 789,457 snowflakes that drifted down from the sky above Flying snow City were made visible in his spiritual ocean. Wu Qi smiled with satisfaction. His divine will had become stronger by a few times, and his Nascent Divinity was exceptionally compact and solid now. In terms of quality, even the Nascent Divinity of ordinary Nascent Divinity cultivators would not be as strong as Wu Qi's. After all, he had just absorbed all the soul power of an immortal item's item spirit.

After its item spirit was taken away, the immortal item immediately disintegrated into a ball of purple-gold fluid, with countless tiny electric arcs flashing rapidly in it.

Controlled by Wu Qi, the Cold Electric Mirror plunged into this ball of purple-gold fluid, and very quickly, the fluid flowed and fused with the mirror. The once palm-sized mirror began to expand slowly, and gradually transformed into a round mirror with the diameter of roughly three feet, as thin as a cicada's wing. The face of the mirror looked vague and obscure like a shadow, while it was shrouded in a misty purple cloud, with countless purple electric arcs bolting around. If one looked carefully into the mirror, he would see countless fierce lightning bolts darting back and forth inside the seemingly bottomless mirror, as if there were millions upon millions of electric serpents slithering rapidly. It looked frighteningly powerful.

After devouring all the materials and energy essence of an immortal item, the Cold Electric Mirror had obtained a tremendous change. Its quality had taken a huge leap, and now, it was no different from a real immortal item. As long as the faintly discernible intelligence inside the mirror received constant nourishment from Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity, it would be able to cultivate into a spirit immortal in no time. When that happened, the Cold Electric Mirror would immediately transform into a treasure mirror of immortal item grade.

On top of that, as it was an immortal item which Wu Qi refined and raised with his own Nascent Divinity and blood essence, not only could he control it with greater ease, its power would be a few times stronger than other immortal items as well.

With a satisfied smile, Wu Qi retracted the Phoenix Fire Pouch back into his spirit ocean. Then, a bright beam shot out from his forehead, pulled the Cold Electric Mirror, and fused it into his forehead. As it had gone through a qualitative change, the once tiny purple line had become his third eye. It shone with a dazzling gleam, giving Wu Qi a touch of mightiness and savageness.

After that, Wu Qi pulled out the white whip which Lin Qiuluo had used before. It was only an ordinary spirit item, and not a precious treasure of immortal item grade. Wu Qi was not surprised at all, because Lin Qiuluo was just one of Immortal Chang Wu's spouses. It was already considered great for her to have one immortal armor and one shuttle-shaped immortal item. If this whip were also an immortal item, Wu Qi would have suspected whether Immortal Chang Wu had discovered some cave abode left behind by some ancient Immortals.

Although it was only a spirit item, Wu Qi still had it refined, then fused its energy essence into the earth element dragon scale shield. After fusing with the energy from the immortal armor and this whip, the color of the dragon scales had changed slightly, and their edges became thinner and shaper, while their weight had also increased.

Waving his wrist satisfyingly, Wu Qi was glad to see the changes that happened to the dragon scale shield. As he kept on refining this shield, and continued to provide it the opportunity to evolve, he believed he would certainly not waste the clump of innate earth element energy he obtained, and would definitely bring its full power into play.

It took Wu Qi a full three days and three nights to refine both treasures.

In the meanwhile, Yan Qijun had interrogated Lin Qiuluo with 'torture' for three days and three nights in the room. Nearly without any rest, Yan Qijun had tortured her for a full seventy-two hours, and the spanking noises kept on echoing out. When Wu Qi received this message from one of the celestial fiend puppets, he could not help but roll his eyes. It seemed Yan Qijun was rather too strong and vigorous, wasn’t he?

Wu Qi rose to his feet, and decided to interrupt Yan Qijun. Since Lin Qiuluo was so stubborn and refused to tell them the information Wu Qi wanted, perhaps Yan Qijun should stop interrogating her with this method. Maybe, it was time for them to employ some corporal punishment, or perhaps just use the enchantment technique to control her Nascent Divinity. Wasn't that easier?

However, before Wu Qi could say anything, he suddenly heard Lin Qiuluo's voice coming out from the room, "I'll tell you, I'll tell you everything! Please let me go! I can't do it anymore, I can't take it anymore!"

Then, it was followed by Yan Qijun's complacent and near impudent laugh. Wu Qi was stupefied as he turned to look at the room. Did this interrogation method really work?

Xiong Wanling and He Qianqiu walked staggering out from their rooms, as their injuries were yet to fully recover. With a fierce look on his face, Xiong Wanling cried out in a low voice, "Crown Prince, let that woman tell us everything we want to know quickly. If she refuses, despite the fact that she is ugly with that hairless body, I will do it myself and interrogate her with a cruel torture!"

Sticking out his long tongue and licking his own nose, a wild and ferocious expression emerged on Xiong Wanling's face.

Looking at Xiong Wanling's enormous body, Wu Qi was stunned. He wanted to interrogate Lin Qiuluo with 'torture' as well? How was she going to survive after that?

While they were talking and joking, an old voice was suddenly heard coming from the front door. "Excuse me, is fellow Daoist from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect here? Su Qiangu brings an errand here!"

Wu Qi was startled for a brief moment, then quickly said, "Please come in!"

An old man with a head of gray hair walked into Snowcloud Courtyard as he cleared his throat.

Immediately, Wu Qi felt a chill run down his back - with an unsightly expression, Immortal Chang Wu came in together with this old man!

Wu Qi wailed in his mind, ‘Yan Qijun, you better don't let that Lin Qiuluo make any noise at this point in time, or we're going to have a big trouble!’

The distance between Wu Qi, Xiong Wanling, He Qianqiu, and Yan Qijun ranged from several tens to hundreds of feet. If Lin Qiuluo did make some noise, and once Immortal Chang Wu struck, Wu Qi could only guarantee his own safe retreat, and he could do nothing for the rest of the company!

Su Qiangu came to Wu Qi, extended his hand, and introduced Immortal Chang Wu, "This senior here, is the Master of Grand Martial Palace, Immortal Chang Wu."

Suddenly, the noise of a teacup falling and crashing on the ground came from the room.

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