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Sitting inside Darkcrow, Wu Qi suddenly noticed that there was an enormous force of thunder crashing down from above. It was completely different from the thunder technique used by ordinary cultivators, as he could faintly sense a tiny sign of Heavenly Thunder in it. On top of that, amidst the green thunderbolt, there were some tiny wisps of golden gleam that were vaguely sensible. That was the unique color of the immortal energy, which only a Heaven Immortal could have.

Gold for Heaven Immortal, purple-gold for Gold Immortal, and pure purple for Primordial Immortals... These were the unique colors of the immortal energy possessed by three different realms of Immortals.

As there were some golden gleams mixed amidst the green heaven thunder, this peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator had evidently begun to refine his fleshly body with immortal energy. Therefore, even if he were just using an ordinary thunder technique, the power would still be at least one hundred times stronger than ordinary elemental thunder technique. Sitting inside Darkcrow, Wu Qi kept performing various incantation gestures in a flurry, casting out countless bright lights and shooting them into the planetary ship. In addition to that, he also filled the energy core of the ship with plenty of supreme-grade energy stones. "Three million, you need to show me that you are truly worth the price of three million upper-grade energy stones!!!" roared Wu Qi at the top of his voice.

Rapid, loud booms rang out, as a few dazzling beams of light came smashing brutally at Darkcrow. Those were the sword beams thrust out by the group of a few Nascent Divinity cultivators, and they produced countless glittering sparks that splashed in all directions. However, the combined attack only managed to rip the ship's first layer of defensive formation!

Immediately after these sword beams was the green thunderbolt that arrived. It streaked down together with a tremendous pressure, smiting viciously at the dark-golden beam which Darkcrow had transformed into. Blinding rays burst out in the void. The tremendous shockwave generated from the collision pushed and blew away the surrounding clouds, opening up a huge hole that measured one thousand miles in diameter within the ocean of clouds, allowing the strong sunlight to pour down and brightly light the ground. The green thunderbolt was shattered by Darkcrow, causing countless basket-sized green thunderbolts and fireballs to fall straight down to the ground, which clashed violently into the wilderness around Huixian Market.

Numerous fire pillars soared high up into the sky. Every single thunderbolt and fireball collapsed an area that was one thousand feet in circumference, and left a huge hole in the ground, while the vigorous explosion instantly killed off all the vegetation within a radius of one mile. At least several thousand thunderbolts and fireballs plummeted into the ground, violently shook the wilderness around Huixian Market, and leveled a large mountain range to the ground.

Darkcrow shook ceaselessly in the most violent manner, shooting straight up into the sky at an incredible speed that could make one terrified. In just a blink of an eye, it broke through Dark Radiance Planet's atmosphere.

The full power of that peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator only managed to destroy thirty-nine layers of Darkcrow's defensive formation, and it did not inflict any actual damage to the ship's body. Sitting inside the ship, Wu Qi went through the feedback given by Darkcrow through his divine will. He could not help but throw his head back and give a loud laugh, "Worth it! You do prove yourself worthy for the price of three million upper-grade energy stones, as your defensive strength is one hundred times stronger than an upper-grade magical treasure!!"

A planetary ship was a tool mainly used by cultivators below Heaven Immortal realm, who were yet to learn the divine ability of teleportation, and hence could not travel across the void. Outer space was a dangerous place to travel, because it was filled with countless perils, such as shooting stars, heavenly fire, astral wind, or even the sudden explosion of planets and stars. All of these formed a huge threat to any cultivator's life. Therefore, the design of all planetary ships would focus on two aspects: speed and defense. Their absolute defense launched during an emergency was especially vital, as even a Heaven Immortal would find it tough to break through.

Several years ago, when Jiangcheng Zi used his Shadowcloud to flee into Myriad Immortals Planet, it also took Han Xiao Immortal a great effort and time to deplete all the energy stones that filled Shadowcloud in advance. Only then was he able to break the planetary ship's defense and capture Jiangcheng Zi alive. This was an evidence of how strong the defensive strength of a planetary ship was!

Wu Qi shoved another pile of supreme-grade energy stones into Darkcrow's energy core, then he threw his head back and laughed heartily, "You are merely a few Nascent Divinity cultivators. There is no way you can touch me! A bunch of b*stards! Feng clan, Yu clan, just you wait… I, Wu Qi, will come back to settle the score with you!"

Suddenly, a bright light came from behind. Wu Qi performed an incantation gesture very quickly, and a watery screen emerged before him, showing him the reflection of what was happening behind the ship. He saw two planetary ships of identical shape and size, measuring roughly fifty feet long, had just broken through Dark Radiance Planet's atmosphere and were chasing right behind him. Both of them had the same dark bodies, and were fashioned like an ordinary boat with black awning. There were two large characters engraved on the left and right of the ship's nose - 'Feng' and 'Yu'.

Wu Qi's eyes kindled with coldness. Sure enough, the Nascent Divinity cultivators from Feng and Yu clan would never give up so easily.

He snorted coldly. Having his divine will carefully controlling Darkcrow's energy core, Wu Qi gradually slowed down the ship's speed, and soon, it was flying at the same speed as the two planetary ships behind, maintaining a distance of slightly less than one hundred miles between them.

It was the powerful energy from energy stones that kept a planetary ship flying. As long as the supply of energy stones was sufficient, even an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator could control a planetary ship and travel freely in space. However, if the energy stones were not enough, to ensure the ship could continue flying and maintain its proper defense, the cultivator would have to supply his own energy to it. Apart from that, it would require a very powerful divine will to control a planetary ship, and the divine sense possessed by a Gold Core cultivator was never strong enough to control a planetary ship with complicated formations.

Wu Qi's divine will was extremely powerful, and as he had already formed his own Nascent Divinity with the help of heavenly thunder, the nature of his divine will was no different from a Nascent Divinity cultivator. In addition to that, he also had a huge amount of energy stones at his disposal. Therefore, he looked extremely relaxed while the ship was flying through space. He maintained a moderate distance from the two planetary ships behind, and controlled Darkcrow to fly straight towards Xue Yuan Planet at only ten percent of its top speed. On the other hand, the two planetary ships behind him had already exerted all their energies in just trying to keep up with the speed. But apparently, there was a huge gap between the quality of their ships, because of which, Wu Qi was able to keep the same speed as them without wasting any of his own energy.

He gazed at the two planetary ships coldly, and his heart was once again ablaze with grumpiness.

The Treasure Tower tried to murder their customer in order to gain additional profits, and Daoist Yi Xuan and Yu Song tried to rob him as if he were a walking money bag; Wu Qi could still endure all that. However, when Feng and Yu clan did not want to give up, throwing their caution to the wind and dispatching so many Nascent Divinity cultivators to pursue him, this made the flame of anger in Wu Qi's heart rise to his head.

Fortunately, it was him, Wu Qi, who had bumped into them. If it were some other Gold Core cultivator, they would have murdered him and taken away all his belongings.

And fortunately, it was him, Wu Qi, who bumped into them. If it were some other ordinary cultivator, they would have greatly delayed the important task he was attending.

Wu Qi thought of Princess Zhang Le, remembering that her mother had died when she was still little. If Yan Qijun were killed in Xue Yuan Planet, he had no idea how sad she would become. At the thought of that, the flame of anger in his heart immediately leaped out from his head and burned vigorously. ‘You can be despicable and shameless, you can always treat others with your despicable and shameless behavior. But when you provoke me, Wu Qi, with your stupid behavior, you're just asking for death!’

He snorted coldly for a few times, then began to pretend that he was running out of energy, and gradually lowered down Darkcrow's speed, allowing the two planetary ships to catch up with him. Meanwhile, he pulled out an immortal talisman from his storage ring which Patriarch Jiang Yun had personally made, then slowly recited some Dharma Words and carefully sent the Phoenix Fire Pouch out from between his brows.

The Phoenix Fire Pouch, which had transformed into the shape of a Phoenix Palace, flew out from Wu Qi's forehead while carrying a ball of Divine Flame of Order with it. The flame had grown to three feet tall, and was as thick as an adult's arm. In a very cautious manner, Wu Qi cast an incantation gesture at the Phoenix Fire Pouch. The Divine Flame of Order swayed a little, then a tiny wisp of flame shot out from it, which measured roughly three feet long and was as thin as a strand of hair. Like smooth flowing water, it traced along the symbols on the immortal talisman, and eventually fused with it completely.

After that, Wu Qi retracted the Phoenix Fire Pouch back into his spiritual ocean. Fearing the offensive strength of the immortal talisman was not strong enough, he took out several tens of venom sacks from Black Dragon Spirit Ring, which he obtained from demon beasts in Meng Mountains. He quietly recited a few incantations in his mind, exercised the venomous Gu technique which Princess Zhang Le taught him, and shot out a few wisps of dark mist from his palm. Accompanied by Wu Qi's incantations that sounded very unpleasant yet were filled with an ancient aura, these fist-sized venom sacks melted down very quickly. They compressed at an incredible speed and transformed into a glinting, liquefied ball of venom, that was the size of a baby's fist, hovering above the immortal talisman.

He cast a restrictive spell carefully, using it to hang the blended venom ball on the talisman.

By the time all that was done, one hour had already gone by. The two planetary ships had approached closer to Wu Qi, with less than ten miles of distance between them.

Abruptly, Wu Qi slapped his planetary ship, causing it to halt suddenly in space. The two planetary ships were caught by surprise, and they flew past him amidst some bright beams of light, and only to stop at a distance of several tens of miles ahead of Wu Qi. With a cold snort, a wisp of flame shot out from Wu Qi's fingertip, with which he kindled the immortal talisman and waved it at the two planetary ships off in a distance.

Loud rumbles echoed out. The immortal talisman turned into a wisp of smoke and drew out a ten feet wide ring. In the next moment, an immense amount of white cloud burst out from the ring, together with deafening rumbles. Shrouded in a large sheet of bright light, they smashed viciously onto the two planetary ships. Blinding rays flashed and flickered from the ships' surface, as several tens of layers of defensive formations were smashed to pieces by the tremendous power of the talisman, leaving behind only one last defensive formation closest to the ship's body still radiating with a blinding light.

A two colored flame, purple and green was flickering near the planetary ships. It was the Divine Flame of Order that was fused with those white clouds, and it ripped apart the last layer of the ships' defensive formation. The two pitch-black ships shook violently, and then began to melt. The body of the ship on which the white clouds were blowing was quickly melting down into black molten metal due to the high temperature.

Six Nascent Divinity cultivators in the ships shrieked at the same time. They exercised their divine abilities one after another, trying to escape through teleportation. However, the white clouds actually composed a very powerful restrictive spell coming from the immortal talismans personally made by Patriarch Jiang Yun. Unless their divine will was several times stronger than Patriarch Jiang Yun, there was no way they could exercise any divine abilities now. Although the clouds looked lightweight, they were actually heavier than the Mount Tai. The few Nascent Divinity cultivators waved their bodies but failed to teleport away. Suddenly, rapid bone-cracking noises were heard coming from their bodies.

Miserable cries and howls filled the space. The Divine Flame of Order began to burn the Nascent Divinity of four mid-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators. The intense pain made them hold their heads with both hands and keep rolling and struggling. Two peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators transmitted their painful voices over to Wu and said, "Fellow Daoist, we are sorry! Please forgive us and spare our lives! We, the Feng clan and Yu clan, will never make things difficult for you again!"

Wu Qi grinned coldly and cursed under his breath, "Damn you!", and transmitted the curse straight into those Nascent Divinity cultivators' ears.

Amidst the white clouds, a black ball suddenly exploded, and some venomous gases and fluid with incredible density spread out immediately, splashing and staining all six of them. The venomous fluid came from the demon beasts in the depths of Meng Mountains with the deadliest poisons, and was capable of even hurting Nascent Divinity cultivators. With the white clouds, divine flame, and deadly venom, all three incredible weapons, the six Nascent Divinity cultivators were already thrown into a desperate situation by Wu Qi's merciless attack before they could see Wu Qi's face.

While howling and yelling, they kept struggling in the space. Wu Qi pointed his finger forward casually, thrusting fourteen wolf heads and six pitch black sword beams out, piercing through all six Nascent Divinity cultivators' foreheads. The Sword of Greedy Wolf absorbed their energy and blood essence crazily, but since it had already enjoyed a big feast today, it could no longer digest any additional energy essence. Therefore, through the spiritual connection between Wu Qi and Sword of Greedy Wolf, a huge amount of Prime energy essence was being channeled into his body. The ten Gold Cores began to spin at high speed, devouring all the energy essence in just a twinkle.

An endless stream of innate energy rushed out from these Gold Cores, and their sizes actually expanded slightly. The enormous blood essence flowed through his entire body. Taking the opportunity, Wu Qi exercised the Dragon Transformation Script. Faintly, dragon scales were shimmering brilliantly under his skin.

After a full six hours, Wu Qi barely digested part of the energy essence, while most of it was now stored in his body.

He took a deep breath, turned Darkcrow into a blinding beam of light, and began flying toward Xue Yuan Planet at top speed.

After flying without rest for almost twenty-four hours, Darkcrow plunged into Xue Yuan Planet's atmosphere and rushed into its airspace.

Putting away the planetary ship, Wu Qi stepped on a cloud and hovered midair, trying to identify the direction of Snowflake City. Amidst a large cloud, one hundred miles to the west, he saw several tens of bright beams flying towards him.

A subtle immortal pressure came pressing against his face, as he heard a very unfriendly voice being shouted out, "Who are you? What is your purpose of intruding Xue Yuan Planet?"

‘There are Immortals here?’ Wu Qi did not answer his own question, but instead, plummeted straight down to the ground like a rock.

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