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In a random countryside ten miles away from Huixian Market, Wu Qi was surrounded by Daoist Yi Xuan, Yu Song, and five men clad in Daoist robes.

Daoist Yi Xuan had put up a bearing of a grandmaster. With both hands clasped behind his back and facing upward, he was looking at the dark clouds that were passing through the dusky sky with a faint smile on his face. In the meanwhile, Yu Song and the other five men had their eyes fixed on Wu Qi, as if they were a pack of hungry wolves looking at a piece of fat meat. Their eyes were flaming with a covetous look that could not be hidden.

Clearing his throat, Yu Song smiled at Wu Qi and said, "Fellow Daoist Greed, please tell us from which sect are you coming from, and who is your Master. If they are on friendly terms with us, the Yellow Dragon Sect, fellow Daoist can leave now freely. Please do not ruin your own future. I hope fellow Daoist can tell us your background as soon as possible."

Wearing a gloomy expression, Wu Qi gave the group of man a cold glance.

Daoist Yi Xuan had a cultivation base of mid-stage Nascent Divinity realm. Among the five men clad in Daoist robes, two of them were mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivators, while the rest of them, including Yu Song, were Human Immortals of Gold Core realm. Standing one hundred feet away from them, Daoist Yi Xuan made himself look like an almighty senior, and did not put up any vigilance at all. He even retracted his divine will, looking at the passing clouds with just his naked eyes. It made him look like an almighty expert.

Meanwhile, two mid-stage Nascent Soul cultivators were wearing a faint smile on their faces as well, looking disdainfully at Wu Qi. They did not regard Wu Qi as a threat to them. Why should they put up a high vigilance when facing a puny mid-stage Gold Core cultivator? Therefore, just like Daoist Yi Xuan, they too carried themselves like some almighty experts. Nevertheless, Yu Song and the other three Gold Core cultivators were fixing their eyes straight on Wu Qi's face, and focusing all their attention on his movements. There was a bright beam hovering right next to each of them, as they were prepared to strike at any time.

While Wu Qi was shaking his head and about to say something, he suddenly heard a faint and nearly inaudible noise coming from a place roughly one thousand feet away. His ears twitched slightly, then he turned to look into the direction of Huixian Market and cried out coldly, "Is that Chief Manager Feng Bailing? Since you are already here, why don't you just show yourself?"

An embarrassing cough rang out, as Feng Bailing revealed himself from the void with hands clasped behind his back. He looked at Wu Qi, nodded with a smile, and said, "Please do not misunderstand, fellow Daoist Greed. I am here just to find our fellow Daoist's background. After all..."

Rolling his eyes, Feng Bailing laughed lightly and said, "Three months ago, there was a batch of upper-grade energy stones that went missing from Treasure Tower's vault, a total of seven millions of them. It is the savings which we, the Feng clan and Yu clan, have accumulated through countless years of hard work, and the loss had broken our heart. However, you've suddenly appeared today, and even though you are just a Gold Core cultivator, you've spent three million upper-grade energy stones to purchase a planetary ship that no Gold Core cultivator can control. This really astounded us!"

Wu Qi nodded and said, "So, what you are trying to say is… I am the one who stole Treasure Tower's energy stones?"

Feng Bailing gave Wu Qi a smile instead of an answer. He turned back and looked at Huixian Market, which was ten miles away, then he said in a flat tone, "That is possible. Yu Song, don't do it here, as it will harm Treasure Tower's reputation if those people in the market know this."

"I see. Initially, I just wanted to purchase a planetary ship peacefully and go to rescue someone…," Nodding his head, Wu Qi said coolly, "…But since you insist on stirring up some troubles, I don't mind to spend some time to teach you, Feng clan and Yu clan, a lesson. Judging from the behavior of Yu Song, I can already tell what kind of clan discipline you have. Birds of a feather, flock together. You people are simply a group of unworthy men and women who behave like thieves and prostitutes!"

Wu Qi's nasty words made Feng Bailing's face turn gloomy immediately. He snorted coldly, and was about to say something, but Wu Qi never gave him the chance to do it. Suddenly, a purple beam shot out from his left wrist, as the Spirit-Restricting Rope pierced through the air while issuing bloodcurdling howls, transforming into four enormous dragons formed entirely from bright light. At a speed similar to teleportation, all four of them smashed onto Daoist Yi Xuan, Feng Bailing, and the other two Nascent Soul cultivators at the same time.

Daoist Yi Xuan, who was busy in putting up the look of an almighty expert, was caught unprepared by the sudden turn of events. Before he could do anything, he had already been tightly coiled up by Spirit-Restricting Rope. A numbing sensation ran through his body, turning his body rigid and leaving him standing with eyes looking straight ahead. The situation for Feng Bailing and the other two Nascent Soul cultivators was even worse, as they were actually weaker than Daoist Yi Xuan. When the Spirit-Restricting Rope coiled around their bodies, Feng Bailing immediately turned stiff and remained standing, while the two Nascent Soul cultivators did not have the ability to swithstand the fearful aura exuding from Spirit-Restricting Rope, and their Nascent Souls were shattered in an instant.

In the next moment, Sword of Greedy Wolf thrust out together with a shrill wolf howl. It drew out a long black beam in the air and pierced through the bodies of two Nascent Soul cultivators and then sucked out all the energy essences from the crumbling Nascent Souls, along with their blood essence. A dazzling light shone from Sword of Greedy Wolf, as seven wolf heads abruptly emerged around it, transforming into two dark beams that pierced through Daoist Yi Xuan and Feng Bailing's spiritual ocean.

Both men's Nascent Divinities were pierced by the sword beams, disintegrated into an enormous amount of soul particles and pure energy essences. The Sword of Greedy Wolf howled joyfully, as it began to crazily absorb all the energy of both Nascent Divinity cultivators. This was the first time it tasted the delicious blood essence of Nascent Divinity cultivators. Suddenly, numerous blinding dark rays shot out from the sword that Wu Qi refined with a mystic technique, and the seven wolf heads abruptly flew towards each other before spreading out again at an incredible speed. Surprisingly, there was now a total of fourteen wolf heads wheeling and flying in midair.

The spiritual connection between Sword of Greedy Wolf and Wu Qi had become closer, and he could clearly sense the joy and excitement that the sword was experiencing right now. He smiled gladly, as he realized that the Sword of Greedy Wolf had evolved after swallowing all the energy and blood essence of two Nascent Divinity cultivators. It had just formed its own sentient spirituality, and became a true spirit item.

Sluggishly, the Spirit-Restricting Rope transformed back into a purple beam and returned to Wu Qi's wrist. A very clear message was transmitted into his spiritual ocean – The Spirit-Restricting Rope could help him deal with Daoist Yi Xuan and Feng Bailing, and it could even go an extra mile, neglecting his dignity by helping him deal with the two unlucky Nascent Soul cultivators. But, if Wu Qi asked it, a mighty immortal item, to deal with Yu Song and the other Gold Core cultivators, it would never do something that would bring shame to it, even if Wu Qi ripped it to shreds.

Wu Qi shrugged, then summoned the Sword of Greedy Wolf back. A dark beam streaked through the air and came back to him, circling around him together with the fourteen wolf heads, which were also emitting threatening dark rays. Having all their energy and blood essences sucked dry by Sword of Greedy Wolf, four dried corpses fell to the ground with a loud thud, which woke Yu Song and the other three Daoists with a start, who earlier appeared to be in a trance. Before Wu Qi could say anything, all four of them immediately dropped to their knees, began to kowtow and cried out, "Senior, we were wrong! We had eyes but failed to see, and that made us offend you! We're sorry! Please spare our lives, senior!!"

Yu Song was crying his heart out. His voice sounded very sad and shrill, as if he was a little girl about to be raped by someone. Not waiting for any lecturing from Wu Qi, he and the other three Daoists had tilted their heads up and began to slap their own faces brutally. One after another, each strong slap produced a loud and clear sound. Within just a few breaths, their faces had swollen up, their skins were ripped open, and their lips were torn. Blood oozed out from the corner of their lips.

Wu Qi grinned coldly. He came to Daoist Yi Xuan and ran his hand up and down on the body, pulling out everything that was left behind after he was killed. He found two storage rings, a set of Daoist robes which was an upper-grade magical treasure, two jade pendants carved with defensive formations that could activate by themselves, and one dagger that kept twitching violently inside the spiritual ocean, measuring roughly one foot long.

The dagger had a body that was as white as a jade, and it was full of sentience. Vaguely, Wu Qi sensed that it had given birth to a tiny thread of sentient spirituality. As its owner was dead, the dagger actually showed a sign that it was going to transform into a bright beam and fly away. Without hesitation, Wu Qi clutched it with his hand and shoved it into Sword of Greedy Wolf. A dark glow flashed from Sword of Greedy Wolf, and it devoured the dagger in just a blink of an eye, leaving only some metal powder falling slowly down to the ground.

After looting everything from Daoist Yi Xuan, Feng Bailing, and the two Nascent Soul cultivators, Wu Qi managed to find only two storage rings and two storage bags. Similar to Jiangcheng Zi when Wu Qi met him several years ago, these two Nascent Soul cultivators only used storage bags! Apart from the three million upper-grade energy stones which Wu Qi used to purchase the planetary ship just now, he only managed to find a little over twenty-four thousand upper-grade energy stones from two Nascent Divinity and two Nascent Soul cultivators!

What a bunch of poor cultivators! And yet they were Nascent Divinity cultivators!

Shaking his head, Wu Qi transferred all of the loot into Black Dragon Spirit Ring. After that, he hung the two storage rings with a string around his neck, just like what he did in those years. When that was done, he thrust the sword out without giving any warning, chopping away Yu Song and the other Gold Core cultivators' heads and piercing through their Gold Cores. Fourteen wolf heads swarmed forward and devoured their Gold Core energies and souls, which made the dark glow of Sword of Greedy Wolf brighter.

Wu Qi raised his head up and threw a glance over at Huixian Market. Then, he decided that since he had done the first half, he might as well finish the second half. So, he transformed into a dark beam and sped towards Huixian Market at top speed.

Before the people in Treasure Tower could respond or activate the defensive formation, Wu Qi had already thrust his sword out, turning it into a dark beam that broke through Treasure Tower from the center, and destroyed most of the defensive formations in it. After that, a purple gleam shot burst out from his forehead, as several hundred lightning bolts darted out from the Cold Electric Mirror quietly and smashed on a group of several dozens of cultivators that were springing and flying out from the Treasure Tower, turning them into fine power amidst loud and miserable howls.

Wu Qi dashed into the Treasure Tower, searching for all the secret rooms from the first floor to the third floor, and looting every single piece of energy stone and magical items he could find. Even the incense burners made from spirit jade and placed at all four corners on the third floor were taken away by him, placing them all into the Black Dragon Spirit Ring.

Finally, after Wu Qi took away everything he could from the Treasure Tower, it split into half from the middle with a series of cracking noises. Both parts of the tower fell with a rumble on the roofs of the adjacent merchants and triggered their defensive formations, causing them to burst out large sheets of blinding light that crushed and crumbled the broken half of Treasure Tower into fine powder.

Wu Qi snorted coldly and pulled out Darkcrow, coughed out a mouthful of blood essence on it and quickly branded a thread of divine will in it. Immediately, a great amount of incantation gestures used to control the planetary ship rushed into his spiritual ocean. Hastily, Wu Qi memorized all these incantation gestures by heart.

He exhaled a mouthful of energy into the planetary ship, with which, it expanded to a length of roughly one hundred feet. With a leap, Wu Qi stepped into Darkcrow, and it immediately transformed into a dark-golden beam and shot up into the sky while generating a jarring whistle. In a blink of an eye, it had reached over one hundred miles of altitude, and was about to leave Dark Radiance Planet's atmosphere.

Suddenly, a few figures teleported over from a random direction and emerged from the void. Upon their arrival, one of them cried out sternly at the top of his voice, "Who are you? How could you destroy Treasure Tower?! Come and face your death!"

A powerful spiritual pressure that belonged to a mid-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator came pressing down, while a few Nascent Divinity cultivators struck at the same time, thrusting their sword beams out and smashing viciously towards Darkcrow. There was even one peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator who came blocking right in front of it, with both hands holding a blinding thunderbolt each, and pressing them down slowly.

The green gleam of the thunderbolts lit up the entire heaven and earth. Amidst the deafening rumble, an over one thousand feet long, green thunderbolt smote straight down at Darkcrow in the mightiest manner.

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