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Heaven Immortal! There was a Heaven Immortal here on this planet!

Like a falling star, Wu Qi pierced through the air and shot straight towards the ground at high speed. It seemed to him that those cultivators approaching from the distance did not come with good intentions. He had just come through Xue Yuan Planet's atmosphere, and was hovering several hundred miles above the ground. Why was there a grand and mighty Heaven Immortal hiding and prowling in the cloud at this altitude? All Heaven Immortals had a lofty and prestigious status in Liyuan Galaxy. So, how was it even possible for them to patrol at such a high altitude for nothing? Obviously, he was waiting for something or someone in the atmosphere, and must be harboring some evil intention!

Therefore, the moment when Wu Qi sensed the immortal pressure, he immediately cast out his sword beam and shot towards the ground, totally ignoring the questions asked by those approaching cultivators.

Suddenly, the once mild immortal pressure surged and came smashing at him like Mount Tai. It viciously pressed against his chest, causing him to barely breathe, as all things around him seemed to be darkened. The enormous immortal pressure nearly knocked him unconscious. Fortunately, his soul had already fused with his Gold Cores, and although his Nascent Divinity formed with the help of heavenly thunder in his spiritual ocean was still weak, it actually had a very strong essence. On top of that, it also contained the pure Yang energy of heavenly thunder, which provided him a very strong defense against any invasion from foreign evils.

The immortal pressured hammered on Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity. It was as if an alloy ingot was being continuously pounded by several thousands of hammers. The immense forces produced countless sparks from the ingot, yet they could never destroy it completely. Instead, the hammering process had forced out some impurities in the alloy ingot, making it more compact, and giving it a higher resistance against future damage.

A blackness seemed to veil Wu Qi's eyes, and he felt that his chest was burning. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, and to his terror, he found that after numerous dark-golden specks shot out from his Nascent Divinity, which was once as big as a human head, it shrunk to the size of an adult's thumb! Glinting with a dazzling brilliance, it was now hovering above the Phoenix Fire Pouch, gritting its teeth as it borrowed the power of Divine Flame of Order, pulling out a thin screen formed with purple and green flames and using it to ward off the immortal pressure.

In the meanwhile, ten Gold Cores were spinning at high speed, spitting out innate energies crazily to resist the immortal pressure.

Some cracking noises were heard coming out from Wu Qi's body, as the enormous energy essences which he absorbed earlier from the few Nascent Divinity cultivators was being forcibly pushed into his body by the immortal pressure. Out of instinct, his body began to exercise the Dragon Transformation Script, digesting the essence of those energies at an incredible rate and ejecting some impurities out from his body. A dragon cry was building up in his chest as his muscles bulged, and an awe-inspiring strength rose within him.

The power of immortal pressure had tempered Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity, his Gold Cores, and his fleshly body. Although it was a painful process full of suffering, the benefits Wu Qi gained through it were significant. Every now and then, there would be some noises coming out from his throat, and there were a few times he nearly lost his endurance and wanted to activate the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield. However, he managed to dismiss the thought every time. The immortal pressure was indeed fearful, but it also helped to temper his body, helping to push his cultivation to the next level.

Eighty percent of energy essence from six Nascent Divinity cultivators, the enormous energy essence they spent a combined of nearly thirty thousand years to accumulate, was quickly fused with Wu Qi under the immortal pressure. They stimulated his fleshly body, his Gold Cores, and his Nascent Divinity, and gave him significant benefits.

The immortal pressure unleashed by the Heaven Immortal off in a far distance only suppressed Wu Qi for a short time of three to five breaths, but Wu Qi, having his eyes shot with blood, had completely absorbed all the energy essences that were stored in his body. A thick layer of dark dirt was covering his skin. They were the impurities that the Dragon Transformation Script forced out from his body.

The dragon cry that had been building up in his chest finally found the chance to rush out from his mouth. A long, loud, and sonorous dragon cry soared high up into the sky, shattering numerous passing clouds within one hundred miles around Wu Qi. It even stirred and messed up the immoral pressured unleashed by the Heaven Immortal. Wu Qi laughed wildly and abruptly increased his speed, exerting all his energy to shoot straight towards the ground.

"What an audacious junior!!" the Heaven Immortal roared hysterically. In the next moment, the immortal pressure suddenly became one hundred times stronger. It nearly took a corporeal shape, as it came pressing mightily at Wu Qi, bringing together large sheets of green light. If he had unleashed his immortal pressure at this magnitude since the beginning, perhaps Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity and soul would have long been crushed and ripped to shreds. However, after digesting all the energy essences from six Nascent Divinity cultivators, Wu Qi's body had gone through a tremendous transformation. The one hundred times stronger immortal pressure could only make him cough out another mouthful of blood.

With a twist of his left wrist, a large sheet of yellowish auspicious glow burst out from Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield and shrouded him. The incredibly powerful immortal pressure smote brutally on the energy barrier that was transformed from innate earth element energy, causing it to wobble violently. But ultimately, it failed to break through the absurdly strong defense of the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield.

Wu Qi grinned coldly. Noticing he was less than ten miles from touching the ground, he turned his head and cried sternly at the group of cultivators, "I will remember you! Just you wait. If I survive today, I'll definitely inform your deeds to my sect, and get my Master to settle this score for me!!"

Although it was just a rather useless threat, it actually made the Heaven Immortal's face flicker. Clad in a rosy outfit and approaching from behind, the Heaven Immortal retracted his immortal pressure and shouted at the top of his voice, "Fellow Daoist, who is your Master? Tell me your name quickly, as this is just a misunderstanding! I am Vagabond Qing Yi from Luan Yang Planet. Has fellow Daoistd hear my name before?"

Wu Qi still had the same water wave strange sign behind his back, which he used to hide his true identity when visiting the Dark Radiance Planet. That made him look just like an ordinary Gold Core cultivator. However, how did a mere Gold Core cultivator manage to withstand the immortal pressure Vagabond Qing Yi unleashed with his full power? He was no different from a tiny ant before a mighty Heaven Immortal, and that was something even an ordinary Nascent Divinity could have never achieved! Obviously, either Wu Qi carried with him some precious defensive treasure, or he was protected by some immortal talisman, or he was practicing an extraordinary cultivation technique. Nevertheless, no matter what the correct answer was, he evidently had a profound background, and Vagabond Qing Yi did not want to create himself a random enemy for no apparent reason!

Rolling his eyes, Wu Qi quietly exercised the technique of mountain ghosts and strayed deities which Princess Zhang Le taught him. A faint ghost aura and dark cloud suddenly rose from his body, then he cried out fiercely, "Vagabond Qing Yi from Luan Yang Planet? For what you did to me today, I'll get my Ancestral Master to settle the score with you. I am Daoist Ghost from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect!"

Vagabond Qing Yi's face turned rigid instantly. A disciple of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect? One of the two strongest evil immortal sects in Liyuan Galaxy? Although he had a cultivation base of just Gold Core realm, this Daoist Ghost was able to withstand his immortal pressure! Obviously, he was a loyal disciple of White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady, as only someone very close to them would be so arrogant. Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect was known for seeking revenge for even the smallest grievances. When someone offended them, the revenge might be an ongoing process that spanned over several thousand of years. They were a huge hornet nest that anyone would try to avoid at all costs.

Over the last few years, the two Ancestral Masters of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect had disappeared from the eyes of the public. According to the understanding Vagabond Qing Yi had for them, the couple must be hiding somewhere to practice some sorts of evil technique or powerful spells of the Ghostly Dao. And because of that, he dared not to really hurt Wu Qi, as he was the only Heaven Immortal of Leisure Palace in Luan Yang Planet!!

Vagabond Qing Yi twitched his lips, and his mind was filled with various troubles he might have to deal with after offending Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect. Without hesitation, he cried out at the top of his voice, "Please hold on, fellow Daoists!! There must be some misunderstanding! Fellow Daoists!!"

As his voice echoed out, Wu Qi had already plunged straight into the thick ice floor of Xue Yuan Planet, diving several thousand feet deep into the ground in just a twinkle. Then, his loud roars were transmitted over, "Misunderstanding? Damn you! We, the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, have never suffered such a humiliation before!! Just you wait! Very soon, both of my Ancestral Masters will look for you in Luan Yang Planet!"

Vagabond Qing Yi's hand trembled, as he stamped his feet on the cloud with frustration. Turning back and looking at several tens of cultivators stand behind him, he gave them a wry smile and said, "What is this all about? Chang Wu's spouse coveted the wonderful reward someone promised her, so she tried to kill the target but eventually failed, and even had Snowflake City destroyed completely, forcing me to come here and help her, your Master's wife. But in the end, I provoked a group of demons and devils from Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect! Why am I so unlucky?"

After plunging into the ground, Wu Qi quickly exercised the innate water element escape art, transforming into a stream of white mist that fled aimlessly. Before long, he poked half of his head out from underneath an icy rock one mile away. He had blended his aura with the icy surroundings, so that even the divine will of a Heaven Immortal would not be able to find him.

Narrowing his eyes and staring at Vagabond Qing Yi, Wu Qi heard every single word he said.

Immortal Chang Wu's spouse coveted the energy stones that someone promised her, and therefore, she tried to kill someone on the street? Evidently, the person she tried to kill was Yan Qijun and his company. Wu Qi suddenly recalled the information he read from the books in White Cloud Immortal Sect. The spouse of Immortal Chang Wu from Grand Martial Palace was from the Lin clan of Snowflake City in Xue Yuan Planet. She was born with Nine Yin Meridians, a perfect body constitution for cultivating, and even provided a great help to Immortal Chang Wu's cultivation.

By combining all this information, it was obvious this daughter of Lin clan coveted the reward of energy stones that someone promised her, and agreed to be a killer who would kill Yan Qijun on the street.

"Grand Martial Palace? Immortal Chang Wu? If Yan Qijun is safe and sound, I'll not do anything to you, as Great Yan Dynasty will handle the revenge themselves. But if he is dead, I'll definitely kill every single member of your sect! After all, he is my father-in-law!!" Wu Qi's eyes flickered with a cold gleam as he continued murmuring fiercely, "Lin clan of Snowflake City? It looks like there is no reason I can let any of your clan members to stay alive anymore!"

After pondering for a brief moment, as Wu Qi was about to exercise innate water element escape art to continue his journey to Snowflake City, he saw many beams of lights approaching from a far distance.

A middle-aged man who was clad in an azure blue body armor, having a handsome face and sending forth a valiant air, and a Daoist who was clad in a fiery red Daoist robe, having a pair of big eyes and curly beard, who looked more like a gallant swordsman than a Daoist, came flying from a far distance, bringing with them a group of several dozens of cultivators each. Although there was still a long distance between them, both of them had already shouted loudly, "Fellow Immortal Qing Yi, have you found anything?"

Vagabond Qing Yi gave them a wry smile, then nodded and said, "Immortal Chang Wu, Immortal Xuan Yang, just now, there was a disciple of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect who came to Xue Yuan Planet..." Very briefly, Vagabond Qing Yi told them what happened, and he emphasized that although he did not attack personally, the immortal pressure unleashed with his full power could not stop that 'Daoist Ghost' from escaping.

Immortal Chang Wu and Immortal Xuan Yang exchanged a glance, and exclaimed with surprise together.

The three of them looked at each other for a moment. At last, Immortal Chang Wu said with a cold gleam flickering in his eyes, "Why should we be afraid of the Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect? With the three of us working as a team, there is no reason we should be afraid of White Ghost Immortal and Ghost Lady. Also, this is obviously a misunderstanding. It will be best if they are willing to accept our explanation. If they refuse, we can take the opportunity to fight them and deflate the two old ghosts' arrogance!"

Immortal Xuan Yang and Vagabond Qing Yi cheered up at his suggestion at the same time. Very quickly, the three of them swore an oath that they would be an ally of each other.

While they were in the middle of the discussion, Immortal Chang Wu's body turned stiff suddenly. He pulled out a jade talisman and listened attentively to it, then threw his head back and broke out into a loud laughter, "Excellent! Qiuluo has found that three b*stards. Let's go there now and kill them. Then, we can split everything we find equally."

Three Heaven Immortals laughed joyously. Bringing their disciples with them, they transformed into many bright beams and sped towards the north.

They found Yan Qijun? Wu Qi's heart raced, and without hesitation, he exercised the escape art and followed behind them.

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