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Three thousand six hundred miles southeast of the site where Wu Qi was building the new city, a small island stood in the middle of Great Eastern Ocean.

Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon were standing above the ocean, their faces blank, and their eyes nearly popped out. In a great shock and terror, they stared at a large cluster of dark clouds that suddenly rushed over to the small island, and watched how the enormous forces of thunder tribulation surged without spending a single second in accumulating the strength. In a twinkle, a total of one hundred and eight thunderbolts smote down instantaneously in the most chaotic manner.

Catfish-flood-dragon slapped her big head, breathed out a long sigh, and said, "Finally I know why there are so few Long Bo people that could live through their Heaven Tribulation, just like how rarely a sea turtle can escape from my mouth. Tsk... Do you think a green-skinned turtle is more delicious, or the flesh of a blue-skinned turtle is more tender? I had even seen a gold and silver turtle in the ocean two days ago. I bet it must be very chewy!!"

With a dull look in his eyes, Lord Xiansheng threw a glance over at Catfish-flood-dragon. He shook his head and did not reply to her question. It seemed that she would have her mind going out of order every now and then. Although they were talking about Long Bo people's Gold Core thunder tribulation a moment ago, why did she suddenly ask him something about sea turtles?

Wu Qi was hovering in the sky above the small island. He did not put up any resistance, and just let the thunderbolts freely smite on his body.

9900 Long Bo people were lining up neatly in 990 square formations on the ground. Their eyes were resting on the dark clouds and thunderbolts in the sky with great terror. The thunder tribulation for Long Bo people was the biggest pain in their minds. One could never understand how many sinful deeds had their ancestors done that even the Heaven and Earth could not tolerate it, and left such a curse on their bloodline?

Even the thunder tribulation for a Nascent Divinity cultivator could not be compared to a thunder tribulation of such magnitude. When an ordinary Long Bo man was to face this thunder tribulation, what awaited him was an inevitable death. Therefore, although Long Bo people had a very long life expectancy and awe-inspiring innate abilities, they rarely focused on improving their cultivation to make a breakthrough. After all, when they formed their Gold Core, it was also the time they would face their doom. The faster they cultivated, the quicker their cultivation base improved, and the sooner they would be dead. As a result, any Long Bo people with a sensible mind would never choose to cultivate. Instead, they would live their entire life in a peaceful manner.

Apart from the Great Magus clan in the Long Bo Kingdom, who had no choice but to cultivate in order to inherit various mystic techniques and divine abilities of Long Bo people, the rest of them, including their mightiest warriors, would never improve their overall strength purposely. In the meanwhile, every century, a great number of members from the Great Magus clan would be killed by thunder tribulation. As a result, the Great Magus clan had the least number of members throughout the entire Long Bo Kingdom, as most of their clan members were killed by thunder tribulation when they tried to make a breakthrough for the Gold Core realm!

But to the surprise and shock of these Long Bo people on the island, Wu Qi was currently hovering in the sky and taking the thunder tribulation, which could instantly kill every single one of them!

What an incredible divine ability! What an awe-inspiring divine power!!

Off in the distance, on top of a small mountain, the group of one hundred Long Bo men who Wu Qi subdued earlier suddenly roared out at the top of their voices, "Great Divine Magus!! He is the true Great Divine Magus! He is the Great Divine Magus sent by our ancestors to rescue us! Only a true Great Divine Magus can resist the thunder tribulation for us, allowing us to form our Gold Core!"

Raising both arms high up in the air, Long Yuan jumped up and down while roaring excitedly, "We'll follow Master Wu Qi, the Great Divine Magus! He will bring prosperity to us, the people of Long Bo Kingdom!!"

All the Long Bo people had a tall and burly stature, and it seemed their brains were mostly filled with muscles as well. After hearing the fascinating words from Long Yuan, together with Wu Qi showing off his fearful divine ability before them, 9900 Long Bo people immediately dropped to their knees, crying and cheering 'Great Divine Magus' endlessly.

As the thunderbolts kept pouring down, more and more Long Bo people had their faces and arms covered with large patches of golden runes and patterns. These golden runes interweaved into some complex, beautiful, and rounded formations. Like black holes, they began to crazily draw the surrounding natural energies. Very quickly, their bodies began to expand and grow taller. From their original height of several hundred feet, they now stood a thousand feet tall. Some elite warriors even grew up to three thousand feet tall, doubled the height of Long Yuan, as they had a mightier innate talent and incredible strength!

For the people of Long Bo Kingdom, there was a very straightforward to measure their overall strength- By not exercising their innate ability to transform their statures, whoever was taller and had bigger chunks of muscles would be the strongest warrior in their clan.

Thunderbolts kept smiting down. One after another, the Long Bo people who had been fed with Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup began to form their Gold Cores, and attracted their thunder tribulation. For these formidable Long Bo people, forming a Gold Core was like eating an egg for an ordinary mortal. In just a few breaths, a Gold Core had taken its shape in their dantian very easily. When compared to ordinary human cultivators, who had to spend several hundred years in arduous cultivation to form their Gold Cores, the innate ability of these Long Bo people would just leave everyone speechless. It was no wonder that even the Heaven did not like them, and thus, sent down such a brutal thunder tribulation to punish them.

Wu Qi was shrouded in a blinding golden light, with eighteen celestial fiend puppets transformed to look exactly like him hovering around. They too were absorbing the force of thunder that kept smashing at them. Using a mystic technique, Wu Qi was extracting a single wisp of pure Yang energy from these thunder tribulation, using it to refine and temper his own soul, while forming tiny wisps of Nascent Divinity, one after another. He was facing the thunder tribulation attracted by nearly ten thousand Long Bo people, a total of over one million thunderbolts. Even though his body was severely wounded by the thunderbolts, his soul was now emanating a blinding golden glow.

Meanwhile, a little figure that looked exactly like Wu Qi, about the size of a fist, was formed right inside his Spiritual Ocean. The tiny Wu Qi had a corporeal body, and was emitting a pure and soft golden light. It was his Nascent Divinity which had taken a corporeal shape. Although he was still at Gold Core realm, he was able to form his own Nascent Divinity. This was an evidence of how incredibly powerful the mystic techniques recorded in the Scroll of Stealing was, as he was able to steal the power of the Heaven for his own benefits.

Of course, compared to a true Nascent Divinity cultivator, Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity was slightly smaller. For a true Nascent Divinity cultivator, his Nascent Divinity would be the same height as his Nascent Embryo, at least a few feet tall, while Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity had the size of only a fist. Nevertheless, as Wu Qi's Nascent Divinity was formed with the pure Yang energy from thunder tribulation, it was as solid as iron. Even for some late-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators, the quality of their Nascent Divinity was not as strong as Wu Qi.

When the last thunderbolt smashed down, Wu Qi suddenly threw his head back and gave a long cry. The deafening cry soared into the sky and pulverized all the passing clouds. A strong golden light burst out from Wu Qi's body, transforming into numerous sword energies that shot into all directions. The small island shook, and was shattered to pieces by Wu Qi's wild action. Ten thousand Long Bo people of Gold Core realm sprung and flew into the sky, hovering in a neat formation right behind Wu Qi's back.

With an indifferent manner, Catfish-flood-dragon rested her eyes on those Long Bo people, whose muscles were huge and bodies were tall. She appeared to be in a trance, as she was actually wondering that between these Long Bo people and sea turtles, whose flesh tasted better. In the meanwhile, Lord Xiansheng too was staring at the ten thousand Long Bo people, but his face looked shocked and filled with great terror. A Long Bo man of Gold Core realm could fight against a Nascent Soul cultivator, and with this group of ten thousand Long Bo people whose overall strength equal to ten thousand Nascent Soul cultivators...

He was praising in his mind that this savior of his, this brother of his, was indeed a man full of mysterious and divine abilities. With a brother like this, he could venture anywhere in the world in the future! With this thought, Lord Xiansheng could not help but break out into a loud laughter. Laughing loudly, he spread both his arms and said, "Wu Qi my brother, this mystic technique of yours is indeed a divine technique, a technique capable of wresting away good fortunes from Heaven and Earth! Ten thousand Long Bo people of Gold Core realm?! You have made me speechless!"

Wu Qi came forth and gave Lord Xiansheng a hug. While laughing, he waved his finger, as the Black Dragon Spirit Ring and Spirit Breeding Ring glinted brilliantly. He said in a deep voice, "Xiansheng my brother, in order to expand the internal space of this Spirit Breeding Ring, I will need a few unique spirit items that can only be found in the deep ocean."

Lord Xiansheng immediately knew what Wu Qi was talking about. He nodded and said, "Count on me then! I'll pay a visit to the three strongest dragon kings in the Great Eastern Ocean, as these spirit items in the deep ocean merely serve as decorations for them. I'll get sufficient amount of materials for you, so that you can place one million Long Bo people in your ring!"

Wu Qi was touched by his words. "Well then, thank you, my brother!" He laughed and said.

Hand in hand, both men laughed together, their hearts filled with great friendship.

Suddenly, a gust of chilly wind came shooting from the northwest. A mid-stage Nascent Soul Ghost Immortal was seen flying towards them. Amidst the chilly wind, the Ghost immortal had a head of disheveled hair, and body shrouded in ghost flames. He was actually an imperial guard secretly produced by Great Yan internal court, and was currently assigned by Yan Dan to protect Princess Zhang Le's safety. Presently, Princess Zhang Le was protected by sixteen Nascent Soul Ghost Immortals.

While still at a far distance, the Ghost Immortal shouted at the top of his voice, "Duke of Tianyun! Princess is throwing her temper now. She requests your immediate return! The emissary from Great Wei, Duke of Long Yang has come and paid you a visit! He is now barred off at the city entrance by Princess!"

"Ugh?" Duke of Long Yang was paying him a visit? Wu Qi shuddered instantly. Without hesitation, he dragged both Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon and cried out, "A filthy guest is coming! Quickly gather your armies and deploy them in formations to lie in ambush in the shallow water outside the city! Once you hear my order, charge out with your armies and kill that fellow!"

Then, he turned and shouted at Long Yuan and the Long Bo people, asking them to follow closely behind him. After that, Wu Qi took out a talisman given to him by Bai Xia and Qing Wu, exercising the Acquired Magnetic Sword beam, and transforming himself into a stream of light, shooting away towards the construction site of the new city, which he had decided to name 'Star picking City'.

The speed of Magnetic Swordbeam was incredible, as it traveled through three thousand miles of distance in a twinkle.

A ten feet tall foundation of the city wall was now erected in Star picking City. When Wu Qi arrived, he saw the angry Princess Zhang Le blocking the west entrance of the city together with a group of guards, preventing Duke of Long Yang from entering the city. Duke of Long Yang was alone, and smiling while looking at Princess Zhang Le, whose eyes were bloodshot like a fighter hen.

Right when Wu Qi landed, Princess Zhang Le immediately grabbed him and yelled, "How could you allow someone who looks neither like a woman nor a man to visit you?!"

While Wu Qi was twitching his lips embarrassingly, Duke of Long Yang came forward and bowed at Wu Qi. Smiling softly, he said, "Duke of Tianyun, Yan Li, the son of Great Yan's Crown Prince, was murdered seven days ago, and part of Heaven Breaking Sword Sect's disciples are gone without a trace. Did Duke of Tianyun hear the news?"

Wu Qi's eyes went wide with 'confusion' as he said, "Someone murdered Yan Li? Ugh! Zi Xuan, do you know who is this Yan Li?"

Princess Zhang Le curled up her red lips, sneered, and said, "Who is Yan Li? How is his death concerning me?"

Wu Qi turned and smiled at the stupefied Duke of Long Yang. "Look, even Zi Xuan doesn't care for the death of Yan Li. Who is this Yan Li? And why should I be informed of his death?"

Duke of Long Yang frowned in distress. He shook his head, breathed out a long sigh, and said, "Well, then does Duke of Tianyun know that in the past few days, the few Heaven Immortals had nearly opened up the Cang Ao Immortal Abode? And currently, they can see the main gateway to the Cang Ao Immortal Abode."

Wu Qi was taken aback immediately. Cang Ao Immortal Abode? The remains of immortals which Great Wei and Great Zhao were fighting for?

Rolling his eyes, Wu Qi cried out immediately, "We have a distinguished guest here! Quickly prepare the best tea!"

Flustered and exasperated, Princess Zhang Le pinched Wu Qi's soft muscle under the arm. On the other side, Duke of Long Yang smiled and followed Wu Qi into the city with an elegant demeanor.

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