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After putting away the teacups used by Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong, Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng sat facing each other at the stone table. The rain continued to drizzle down, and a faint breeze kept blowing through the mountaintop, while they continued drinking the hot tea. It was a rather delightful moment. Although the air was filled with a faint smell of blood after Nie Yaonu's disciples had killed all the people loyal to Yan Li in this mountain, both men did not show any uncomfortable look.

"What are the tasks for the Chief Supervisor of ore mines?" asked Lu Chengfeng while looking at Wu Qi, a little bit puzzled.

Each branch of a great immortal sect such as White Cloud Immortal Sect controlled an entire planet, and ruled over tens to hundreds of kingdoms of different sizes. Of course, the tasks of managing these kingdoms would be handled by those mortal emperors. However, all the cultivation resources, the spirit herbs, the energy stones and mines, and the materials produced from demon beasts, would be uniformly managed by designated disciples.

The Chief Supervisor of ore mines was the designated disciple in charge of the harvesting, extracting, storing, and distributing of all energy stones and rare metal mines in the planet controlled by White Cloud Immortal Sect. Wu Qi briefly mentioned to Patriarch Jiang Yun that he would like to have Lu Chengfeng taking over this position, and Patriarch Jiang Yun immediately approved the request.

Wu Qi told Patriarch Jiang Yun outright that by having Lu Chengfeng as the Chief Supervisor of ore mines, he was actually seeking more benefits for himself and the people around him. With Wu Qi's tremendous credit of offering a priceless planet, putting Lu Chengfeng on the position of the Chief Supervisor of ore mines was just a tiny little request. Even if Lu Chengfeng took the opportunity and embezzling all the energy stones he could, how many energy stones could he take every year? And even if Wu Qi ate energy stones as if they were rice, how many energy stones could he eat every year?

Therefore, Patriarch Jiang Yun briskly agreed to let Lu Chengfeng be the Chief Supervisor of ore mines, specifically in charge of the harvesting of all the energy stone mines owned by White Cloud Immortal Sect in this planet. But, he also told Wu Qi straightforwardly that for the best interest of Lu Chengfeng and Wu Qi, Lu Chengfeng could not hold this position for over three hundred years! Because, no one would say anything in such a duration, but if Lu Chengfeng still held it after three hundred years, it would make someone jealous. It would turn into a situation even Patriarch Jiang Yun would find tough to handle.

As a matter of fact, the person in charge of the harvesting of strategic resources for the sect would usually be replaced every thirty years. After a disciple gained himself enough benefits, he would have to give up the position and let his fellow disciples enjoy them as well. For all the matters under the heaven, it was the inequality rather than desire that caused troubles. By taking charge the position for three hundred years, Lu Chengfeng would be able to gain themselves energy stones and various rare metals enough to let him and Wu Qi spend several thousands of years comfortably. And thus, he should retire from the position after that, and let the other fellow disciples share the benefits.

In a very low voice, Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng began to discuss all the details concerning the tasks of the Chief Supervisor. In Wu Qi's opinion, heedless of the consequences, Lu Chengfeng should carry out a destructive excavation, and apart from submitting the required amount of energy stones to White Cloud Immortal Sect on a yearly basis, he should try his best to embezzle as many energy stones as he could. After so many years of development, the cultivation resources in Minor Heavenly Circle Realm and Liyuan Galaxy were severely depleted. Presently, the outside cultivators could only rely on the self-recovering of those natural energy stone veins, drooling at the pathetic amount of energy stones that were produced from them. For the sake of Wu Qi and the others’ future cultivation, Lu Chengfeng had to accumulate as many energy stones as possible during this period of three hundred years.

After teaching Lu Chengfeng all the tricks he knew about embezzling, Wu Qi grabbed the teacup and gulped down a few mouthfuls of tea thirstily. Then, he smiled at Lu Chengfeng and said, "Apart from this position, we should also carry on with our own development. Be it Meng Fortress, Little Meng City, or my city at the shore of Great Eastern Ocean, we need to have a proper plan for them."

Although Great Yan Dynasty had become dependent on the White Cloud Immortal Sect, it was still the same Great Yan Dynasty. It only lost the rights of harvesting the energy stone and rare metal veins in its own territory. Therefore, owning their territory and a secret force in Great Yan Dynasty was still a very important agenda, because that would be the foundation where Wu Qi and the others could set their feet.

The secret talk went on for a long time. When the eastern sky finally began to glow faintly, both men breathed out a long and satisfying sigh.

Smiling and taking a sip from his teacup, Wu Qi narrowed his eyes and asked, "Oh right, what are the comments those people had for me during the last few days?"

Lu Chengfeng narrowed his eyes and smiled as well. He raised the teacup up in the air as if he were proposing a toast to Wu Qi, took a sip out of it and said, "Comments? What else can those people say? You brought Jiangcheng Zi and disappeared before their eyes, then all of a sudden, returned with so many Heaven Immortals and cultivators from two great immortal sects. Obviously, you've become the loyal disciple to the Ancestral Master of White Cloud Immortal Sect. So, what else can those people say?"

Lu Chengfeng clapped and praised, "That was a wise strategic move, an excellent move! Initially, I was worried that after three dynasties formed an alliance, we would have to face enemies wherever we went. No matter it is Lu Buwei, Lao Ai, or Duke of Long Yang, Xiang Yu, they are the people we can't afford to offend, and we'll still have to be really careful in whatever we do, as even the slightest mistake would bring a total annihilation to us. Although you've moved to Great Eastern Ocean, in my opinion, that could merely buy us some time."

Wu Qi threw his head back and breathed out a long sigh. "Indeed, building a new city at the shore of Great Eastern Ocean is barely a decision to buy us some time. The enemies are too strong." Shaking his head, Wu Qi let out a wry smile and continued, "For the sake of Great Yan, I've provoked so many formidable foes. However, when these formidable foes became Great Yan's allies, or even become Great Yan's Imperial Advisor or important ministers, Great Yan has failed to provide me protection."

A bright gleam flicked in his eyes as Wu Qi said coldly, "So don't blame me! When there is an opportunity, I'll turn the whole world upside down and ruin their plan! No one is going to gain any benefits! Hmph! When I was with Great Yan Dynasty, I was just a puny minister. Anyone could pick something they didn’t like in me and give me a kick in the butt because of that. But now, I'm the direct disciple under Patriarch Jiang Yun. As long as we act cautiously in everything, who dares to touch us again?"

Gnashing his teeth, Wu Qi said coldly, "Lu Buwei? Does he still have the courage to send his men of sacrifice and kill me on a battlefield? Duke of Long Yang? Is he still man enough to challenge me with his sword cultivator? As for Xiang Yu... hmm..." Wu Qi frowned as he felt a headache was coming up at him. The cunning and treacherous Lu Buwei and Duke of Long Yang would never send someone to kill Wu Qi recklessly before getting to the bottom of White Cloud Immortal Sect. But Xiang Yu, especially after he turned into a fiend, who could predict his next move?

Lu Chengfeng frowned as well, his face looking puzzled. "I've always found it strange, why would that Yuji come to you?" asked Lu Chengfeng.

Wu Qi shook his head sullenly. He was also quite in a fog as to the exact reason. If it were for the sake of enraging or retaliating Xiang Yu, Yuji could randomly pick a street hawker or butcher, which might have made Xiang Yu several times more painful. There was no reason why she must choose Wu Qi. While frowning, Wu Qi carefully went through all the events that occurred between him and Yuji. However, he had too little information. Although he had inherited Le Xiaobai's incredible intelligence, he still could not reckon the cause and effect of this issue.

Peevishly, Wu Qi threw the teacup away and sprung to his feet, clenching his jaw tightly as he roared into the sky, "F*ck you! I'll go to Great Eastern Ocean now and settle those Long Bo people!" His eyes were ablaze with a dangerous flame. Wu Qi decided to feed the group of 9900 Long Bo people with Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup as soon as possible. With every single one of them formed their Gold Core, the Heavenly Hundred Spirit Warring Formation consisting of ten thousand people would be more than enough to trap any Nascent Divinity cultivators. At the worst, he could use the formation to kill Xiang Yu and Yuji, saving him from all the unnecessary troubles.

Lu Chengfeng too felt a killing intent rising from the bottom of his heart. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Or, let's not do things by halves - we can use the energy stone income for the next three years as the token, and secretly asking Jiangcheng Zi's father and grandfather to help us kill that Xiang Yu!"

Wu Qi's expression flickered, and he agreed this was a good idea. Judging by how poor the disciples in White Cloud Immortal Sect were, they could really hire someone to kill Xiang Yu with a huge sum of energy stones. Although there was a rule forbidding anyone from killing their fellow disciples, as the three dynasties had just surrendered to White Cloud Immortal Sect, those senior cultivators never took Xiang Yu as their fellow disciples. There was nothing that could hold them back from killing him!

While Wu Qi was about to discuss the details of the plan with Lu Chengfeng when an obscure, white figure suddenly came walking out from behind a mountain rock off in the distance.

Wu Qi raised his head and pointed his finger at the white figure. The Sword of Greedy Wolf shot out immediately and approached the figure's throat. Staring at the figure, Wu Qi cried out sternly, "Yu Qianqian! How did you manage to come here? You..." Wu Qi was shocked, as Yu Qianqian had already arrived next to him and Lu Chengfeng, but he did not notice her at all. How was that possible?

Yu Qianqian was clad in a white robe, a tall crown set upon her brows, and a few ancient jade ornaments seen hanging across her waist. She flipped her palm and revealed a talisman, glinting with a pale golden gleam. In a flat tone, she said, "With this talisman, even a peak-stage Nascent Divinity cultivator cannot detect my trace, let alone you."

Slowly, she walked before Wu Qi, smiled coldly, and said, "Duke of Tianyun, Duke of Yan Le, how dare you to secretly plot the murder of a great general from the allies? Do you have any respect for Great Yan's imperial law?"

"Great Yan's imperial law?" Wu Qi felt like he had just heard the funniest joke under the heaven. He shook his head and said, "Can Great Yan's imperial law be imposed on Patriarch Jiang Yun's direct disciple? If Wu Qi still takes notice of Great Yan's imperial law, I would have long rushed to His Majesty and told him that Yan Li was killed by someone!"

He stared at Yu Qianqian coldly and said proudly, "Now, Wu Qi and His Majesty are both Patriarch Jiang Yun's direct disciples... Since Wu Qi and His Majesty have a similar status, how could Great Yan's imperial law restrict me? A great general of allies? There is nothing that can hold me back from killing him!"

After a moment of silence, Yu Qianqian nodded and said, "You're right. Wu Qi, oh Wu Qi, Qianqian and my father have underestimated you. We never expected that you alone could twist all the heroes from six dynasties around your little finger. Amazing, that is brilliant! The reason you took the risk of being killed and saved Jiangcheng Zi was because you wanted to lure White Cloud Immortal Sect here and break the current situation between the six dynasties? Excellent, that's a wise move! With that, you're now a dragon flying in the sky, and those foes you've offended during your service with Great Yan can do nothing to you now!"

Wu Qi smiled coolly and said, "You can call me a dragon flying in the sky or a dog that leaped over a wall in desperation. I've bet everything on this, and luckily, I won! Now, everything here is owned by the two great immortal sects, and I've become Patriarch Jiang Yun's direct disciple. My enemies could no longer hurt me, and I can finally live my life in peace!"

Yu Qianqian nodded and praised, "True enough. That's an excellent plot, a fine idea. And best of all, you're full of drive in fighting for your survival. If everyone fails to kill you in the early stages, perhaps your future achievement will exceed everybody's imagination."

She looked into Wu Qi's eyes and said, "Wu Qi, Qianqian knows you are engaged with Zhang Le. But, Qianqian doesn't mind sharing with Zhang Le. If you agree to get engaged with me as well, you can freely use all the manpower and resources of Yu Academy!"

Wu Qi was aghast, while Lu Chengfeng was stupefied.

All of a sudden, Wu Qi came right before Yu Qianqian and gave her a big slap on the face. After that, he sprung back while laughing wildly, dragged Lu Chengfeng and transformed into two bright beams and flew away. "Yu Qianqian, I don't like an old lady who is older than me! Hahaha, you want Wu Qi to marry you? You can keep on dreaming that!!"

The sudden slap from Wu Qi made Yu Qianqian spin three rounds on the same spot. She was struck dumb and could not move for a long while.

After nearly ten minutes, Yu Qianqian finally let out a strange and ferocious laugh, "Fine! Wu Qi, with this, I declare you as my mortal enemy! Hehe, although you've come out with an amazing trick, using six dynasties as your token and buy your way into White Cloud Immortal Sect, which granted you an upper hand, let me tell you… I, Yu Qianqian, am not someone that you can shake off so easily!!"

She stamped her feet furiously and lifted her head. With a spin, transformed into a gust of wind and vanished from the scene.

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