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Surrounded by brocade curtains, a few luxurious tents were erected right at the center of Star picking City, where the future City Lord's Mansion would be built.

To the north was a tent measuring two hundred feet in diameter. It served as the temporary accommodation for Princess Zhang Le, the Chief Supervisor to the construction of Star picking City. Several hundred feet eastward of it stood another tent, it was the temporary shelter for three Nascent Divinity cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect, who were here to help Wu Qi in constructing defensive mechanisms. At present, these Nascent Divinity cultivators were staying inside the tent. If Duke of Long Yang tried to stir up some troubles, he would be immediately greeted with a thunderous strike.

Princess Zhang Le's tent was gorgeously decorated, and it looked just like a magnificent palace. At the moment, Wu Qi was sitting on the seat of honor, while Princess Zhang Le sat right next to him on a soft cushion, gazing straight at Duke of Long Yang with an aggressive look in her eyes. Out of a girl's intuition, Princess Zhang Le maintained a sharp vigilance against any living being that might form a threat to her. Although Duke of Long Yang was a man, he was a man more charming and seductive than any girl, and thus, made him more threatening.

After serving tea to everyone, Bai Zhu'er and Bai Zu'er moved to stand right behind Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, one on the left and one on the right. Like two little ghosts with green faces and sharp fangs, they too were looking at Duke of Long Yang aggressively. When facing a man who was prettier than any girl, as the serving ladies to Princess Zhang Le, both Bai Zhu'er and Bai Zu'er felt the same way as their princess, filling their minds with a common hatred. After all, in a way, they were considered as Wu Qi's future concubines, and a man such as Duke of Long Yang posed a great threat to them.

Meanwhile, Duke of Long Yang behaved as if nothing were wrong. He gracefully sniffed the aroma of the tea, then shook his head and sighed, saying, "Good tea, good water source, and good charcoal flame. Pity, the skill in controlling the water temperature is slightly weaker. It can be an excellent tea, but now it is just an ordinary fine tea. Aye, if Duke of Tianyun does have the interest in the art of tea making, Long Yang is an expert who can share the knowledge with you."

Princess Zhang Le immediately glared at him, and was about to throw her temper when Wu Qi hastily placed his palm on her thigh and pressed her down. Her face blushed as Wu Qi grabbed her by the thigh, and she bowed her head like the gentlest girl, carefully rubbing the tip of her cloth and not making a sound again. Yet, Bai Zhu'er and Bai Zu'er had their faces turned black with anger, glaring fiercely at Duke of Long Yang while cursing him in their minds. How dared this Duke of Long Yang comment that their skills in tea making were inferior? After all, the tea was made by both of them with all their skills!

Wu Qi did not respond to Duke of Long Yang's invitation. He picked up a teacup and took a sip out of it, then said in a flat tone, "It is an excellent tea. You sir, are just nitpicking."

Gazing at Wu Qi with his 'beautiful eyes', Duke of Long Yang said softly, "Well, it is already tough to live in the mortal world, so why should we be so hard to ourselves? Throughout my entire life, be it the food and clothing, everything I used must be carefully selected, as I fear I'll have to suffer from the inferiority!"

While sighing, Duke of Long Yang turned to smile at Princess Zhang Le and said, "For example, the rouge applied on Princess's forehead, is it made by the juice of tricolor roses that bloomed in the first spring night?"

Princess Zhang Le lifted her head with great surprise. "How can you tell that?!"

Duke of Long Yang gave her a charming smile, nodded his head, and said, "Tricolor roses do have a gorgeous color, and it makes a fine makeup. But, just because of its gorgeous color, it suits better to those ladies in the palace who are more mature and sensual. Princess Zhang Le is like a fairy, and you are at your youth. The rouge made using tricolor roses doesn't go well with you. In my opinion, Princess can try the rouge powder made from lilacs. It has a lighter and refined color, and won't cover Princess's Heaven-bestowed skin complexion. Also, it can make your skin more delicate and tender, and feels like powder upon touch. It is the best for you."

Princess Zhang Le blinked her beautiful big eyes with amazement, rendered speechless by Duke of Long Yang's words.

Wu Qi felt his hair stand up on their ends. This man was truly a peerless demon! Once again, he pressed Princess Zhang Le's thigh, and cried out in a low voice, "Sir, are you here just to discuss rouge and makeup? Be haste and tell me your business here!"

Duke of Long Yang placed down the teacup, covered his mouth with his sleeve and giggled. Then, he suddenly raised his brows and said with a solemn expression, "First thing first, I need an explanation as to why Duke of Tianyun killed my beloved concubine?"

Wu Qi glared at Duke of Long Yang, smiled coldly, and said, "Stop the nonsense! Whether he is your beloved concubine or beloved chicken, that is none of my business! Since you're paid by Lu Buwei to kill me, you better be prepared that you will be killed by me one day! If you're not convinced, I can kill you right here, right now. Let's see if anybody would do anything for you? And, do you think that Wei Wuji will turn hostile against me just because of you?"

Then, he went on and smashed the table before him into pieces, and pulled out an immortal talisman glinting in a green brilliance. His fierce eyes were staring at Duke of Long Yang.

Suddenly, a breeze came blowing into the tent, followed by the appearance of three old men clad in Daoist robes, standing in a row right before Duke of Long Yang. Three incredibly powerful spiritual pressures blotted the air and pressed towards him, while one of the old men said with a cold smile, "Wu Qi is our Patriarch's direct disciple. Anyone who tries to give him trouble is no different from challenging White Cloud Immortal Sect's dignity!"

Duke of Long Yang's face immediately turned as graceful and lovely as the blooming flowers in the spring. Charmingly, he cast an amorous glance at the three old men, covered his mouth, and giggled. Then, he said, "Do you have to be so serious? Long Yang is merely joking with Duke of Tianyun. How could Long Yang really hurt a marvel such as Duke of Tianyun?"

Looking at Duke of Long Yang's behavior, three Nascent Divinity experts from White Cloud Immortal Sect could not help but have their flesh creep. Twitching their lips, they glared at Duke of Long Yang, spun, and vanished into a gust of wind. Since they had already warned him, no matter how courageous Duke of Long Yang was, he would not attack Wu Qi in this place. At the same time, they could not stand to watch a man as seductive and fascinating as Duke of Long Yang, so they chose to avoid him immediately.

Wu Qi waved his hand and threw the broken table out from the tent. Very quickly, Bai Zhu'er and Bai Zu'er brought a brand new table and placed before him. "Sir, please get back to business now. Wu Qi is still young to be excused from being impetuous, and I do not understand those amorous tricks of yours." cried Wu Qi in a deep voice.

Duke of Long Yang gave Wu Qi a deep look, then slowly straightened his back. His demeanor suddenly changed, from a seductive and fascinating man with the beauty enough to cause the fall of a state, to a handsome hero full of courage and valor, like an unsheathed sharp blade. His voice changed as well, from gentle and neutral to loud and sonorous, and there was a vaguely murderous tone in it. Staring at Wu Qi, he said, "Fine, let's get back to business. The death of Yan Li had given an opportunity to someone in Great Yan Dynasty to stir up some issues. They claimed you are disrespecting and being disloyal to Great Yan Dynasty, and that you are plotting a rebellion!"

Wu Qi shook his head and sighed. "Still nonsense. Sir, please do not use such superfluous words to scare me. Since Wu Qi is already engaged with Zi Xuan, I'm in the same boat with Great Yan's imperial clan, and none of us will rock the boat. If after engaging with Zi Xuan, Wu Qi still plots something evil against my father-in-law and grandfather-in-law, how would the world think about me? How am I going to face the world as a man? His Majesty is not a fool, and neither is Crown Prince. Since they are the one who requested Patriarch Jiang Yun to be the witness to the engagement between Zi Xuan and me, would they still have the fear that I'll rebel against them? If I am a Heaven Immortal, there might be still some possibilities. But what a pity, I'm just having the cultivation base of Gold Core realm!"

Duke of Long Yang opened his mouth and shut it again, then he shook his head and laughed, "What a Duke of Tianyun, you're such a tough nut to crack! Well then, let's talk about the real business now!"

After a brief moment of pondering, it was as if he had totally forgotten the two things he mentioned earlier, Duke of Long Yang began to talk with a serious look on his face, "His Majesty the Emperor of Great Wei wishes to become a private ally to Duke of Tianyun. As long as Duke of Tianyun can take care of Great Wei's interest in White Cloud Immortal Sect, Duke of Tianyun can freely use the countless mighty soldiers and formidable generals of Great Wei."

Wu Qi did not say a word. After a brief while, he lightly pressed Princess Zhang Le's thigh with a finger.

Squinting her eyes, Princess Zhang Le said with a cold laugh, "'MISTER' Long Yang!" She emphasized the mister, "Wu Qi is my husband, and that means he is a part of Great Yan's imperial clan. We, the Great Yan, have countless mighty soldiers and formidable generals as well. So, what makes you think he needs any help from Great Wei's army?"

Duke of Long Yang answered in a calm tone, "Well, Great Yan's army belongs to Yan Dan, but Great Wei's soldiers and generals can be the private army which Duke of Tianyun could freely deploy. The difference between them is like the Heaven and Earth. It is impossible for Duke of Tianyun to deploy Great Yan's army for the purpose of killing Lu Buwei. But we, the mighty army from Great Wei, can and will obey Duke of Tianyun's command and slaughter every person from Lu Buwei's clan!"

Duke of Long Yang did not conceal anything, his words as naked as a newborn baby.

Princess Zhang Le narrowed her eyes and turned to look at Wu Qi.

After a moment of silence, Wu Qi nodded his head and said, "Alright, since both Great Wei and Great Yan are White Cloud Immortal Sect's disciples now, and if what you said is real..."

Wu Qi pointed at the entrance with his finger. Duke of Long Yang smiled, then he gently clapped his hands. Immediately, a large sheet of white mist and numerous white lotus flowers shot out, tightly enveloping the entire tent. Then, he smiled and whispered, "We're good now, as we can set out mind at rest and study our terms and conditions."

Wu Qi leaned his body forward, while Duke of Long Yang stooped and reached towards Wu Qi as well. Using the quickest speed, both men whispered to each other for a while, and finally stretched out their hands and grabbed each other's palm.

Wu Qi laughed and said in a deep voice, "Excellent! The conditions are fair and logical. From this day on, Wu Qi and my wife will work hand in hand with Great Wei! Of course, with the premise that Great Yan and Great Wei's immediate benefits would not be damaged."

And so, Duke of Long Yang resumed his charming and seductive demeanor. He gave a hard grab on Wu Qi's palm and said in a soft voice, "Duke of Tianyun, you have a powerful hand."

Wu Qi's face turned black instantly. Princess Zhang Le glared at Duke of Long Yang furiously, and exerted all her strength as she slapped their tightly gripped palms and split them apart. After that, right in front of Duke of Long Yang, she pulled out a handkerchief, moistened it with tea, and began to carefully rub Wu Qi's palm.

Wu Qi looked at Duke of Long Yang helplessly and said, "Zi Xuan is still young. {lease do not mind what she did just now, sir!"

Sighing for a while, Duke of Long Yang nodded his head indifferently and said, "How would I mind that? Duke of Tianyun, you need to be really careful. It was those scholars from Yu Academy who spread the rumors in Ji City that you're going to betray Great Yan and become independent. Currently, seventy percent of all the civilian officials in Ji City have taken you as their enemy. Also, Zhao Ling, the youngest son of Great Zhao's emperor, was an old friend of Wei Xiaoxiao. After he learned that you were the one who killed Wei Xiaoxiao, he established a secret contact with Lu Buwei, and they were plotting to murder you."

Gracefully, he rose and retracted his divine ability, then said, "Only goodness knows how many rare treasures can be found in that Cang Ao's Immortal Abode. Duke of Tianyun, you have to go there and try your luck!"

He paused, and pondered for a brief moment. Then, he smiled lightly and said, "Before Long Yang came here, I heard the few Heaven Immortals say that the defensive mechanisms in the front gate of the immortal's abode are ingeniously built. It will take them a few more days before they can finally break them. If Duke of Tianyun does have the interest to go there, you'll have to plan out as soon as possible."

Finally, he spun and walked towards the entrance. With both hands clasped behind his back and swaying leisurely, Duke of Long Yang praised with a soft voice, "Long Yang has to say this: Duke of Tianyun, you've made a wise move this time. You've lured White Cloud Immortal Sect and Tranquil Vimalā Sect here, using them to destroy all the plans and plots of six dynasties, and you're the only person who gained the benefits at the end. It is too amazing for words! Do you know, that during the last few days, that old fellow Lu Buwei has already killed several dozens of his beloved concubines with his staff? He has a fervent hatred for you, Duke of Tianyun!"

Duke of Long Yang's words only made Wu Qi smile proudly.

‘No matter how much hate you have for me, what can you, Lu Buwei, do to me?’

‘Cang Ao Immortal Abode, I, Wu Qi, am coming for you!!’

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