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Inside a secret cave which Wu Qi hid deep under a pond, a bright light burst out and filled the cave, after which, Wu Qi and Jiangcheng Zi walked out from a teleportation formation.

Jiangcheng Zi looked blankly at the not so large cave abode, roughly enough to house one hundred people for a meal, and filled with various restrictive spells everywhere... Then, he said with a great shock, "Brother Wu Qi, why does it seem... as if you can always pull out some teleportation formation discs, and you can always have corresponding formations where you can travel to?"

Wu Qi did not say anything, as he recalled the hard time he went through during the process of preparing these escape routes. He could not help himself but throw his head back and breathed out a long sigh. He turned to look at Jiangcheng Zi, nodded and said, "A wily hare has three holes to his burrow. Someone with weak overall strength such as me who has offended the people who are mostly very strong and with a profound cultivation base, if I don't prepare a few more retreating routes, how can I still be alive today?"

Pointing at the ring on his finger, Wu Qi continued with a deep voice, "To be honest with you, I've stored over one thousand small teleportation formation discs in this ring. I just have to adjust the frequency of the energy and mount them with energy stones, and I can travel to nearly one hundred different places."

Jiangcheng Zi opened his mouth and forced out a laugh, "That's a very good habit!" He gave Wu Qi's Black Dragon Spirit Ring a look, then turned to look at his own storage ring. His face suddenly blushed, then he raised his head while looking at the cave wall and praised, "Are all these restrictive spells personally prepared by you? Hmm, they are some really amazing spells, able to conceal aura and prevent the leaking of all sorts of energy ripples. This place is indeed a good place to hide!"

Wu Qi untied the silk string that was hanging around his neck, then brought the string of over fifty storage rings right before Jiangcheng Zi's face.

When Jiangcheng Zi turned around, he was stunned by a string of over fifty storage rings, dangling and glinting brilliantly before his eyes. He cried out astonishingly, "What are these, brother...? Oh Heaven, how did you get so many storage rings?!"

Wu Qi cleared his throat, laughed and said, "These storage rings... actually, the reason why some people hate me is largely related to these rings. I always murdered the people they sent to kill me, and thus, these rings are actually my war trophies." He pushed the string of rings to Jiangcheng Zi and said, "Senior brother, I hope you can take a good care of me after I join White Cloud Immortal Sect in the future. You can give the rings to your senior, taking it as gratitude from me. With more seniors taking care of me, I'll have a better chance to excel."

Jiangcheng Zi shook his head and sighed, after that, he took over the string of storage rings. Smiling wryly, he said, "Giving someone a string full of storage rings as a gift, this... well, although I am the person in charge of a palace, I only have an upper-grade storage bag. This is really... extravagant."

Wu Qi laughed, then taking out one after another formation disc, he began to construct a teleportation formation on the ground, which measured roughly three hundred feet in diameter. Although it was not a very large formation, Wu Qi mounted tens of three feet tall Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold pieces into it, together with nearly one thousand pieces of upper-grade energy stones.

After that, he performed a few incantation gestures, and the teleportation formation illuminated with wisps of faint rays immediately, while three layers of three-dimensional glowing runes were quickly drawn out above the formation. Then, Wu Qi took out a large amount of energy stones, and carefully mounted them onto these glowing three-dimensional runes. An invisible force of the formation made these energy stones hover midair. Within a blink of an eye, a great amount of energy rushed out from these stones, making the entire formation burst out with a blinding light.

All the pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold were producing buzzing noises as they kept vibrating violently, causing the air to be filled with many spatial ripples, while raising a vague halo above the teleportation formation which one could see with naked eyes. Wu Qi gave a little gasp, turned to Jiangcheng Zi and said, "Do you have the positioning talisman for White Cloud Immortal Sect's teleportation formation?"

With a blank expression, Jiangcheng Zi was looking at the formation constructed by Wu Qi, resting his eyes on those huge pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, and was speechless.

Upon hearing Wu Qi's question, he confusedly pulled out a glistening talisman from his storage bag and handed to Wu Qi, then said with a rather hoarse voice, " Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold... so much Spatial Breaching Spirits Gold... Oh Heaven, have you found a vein full of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold? Do you know that thirty years ago, a Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold with such a big size was auctioned in the largest Treasures Gathering Pavilion in Liyuan Galaxy, and it was sold with one hundred and thirty thousand upper-grade energy stones!!"

Wu Qi took over the golden talisman, his hands shivering uncontrollably. One hundred and thirty thousand upper-grade energy stones?! Just for one single piece of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold? He could not help but wonder, how severe was the shortage of the resources in Liyuan Galaxy. Only then would the price of Spirit Gold of Spatial Breaching be raised to such an absurd level!

Shaking his head, Wu Qi performed an incantation gesture and activated the talisman, and a golden beam shot out from it into the teleportation formation. Immediately, the faint roaring of wind and thunder could be heard coming from the formation, as countless runes began to adjust their position rapidly, while some energy stones had their position shifted as well. Gradually, both men could clearly sense that the teleportation formation before them had begun to resonate with another formation located in a very far away location.

"Let's go, brother Wu Qi! I'll bring you to my Patriarch!" said Jiangcheng Zi as he looked at Wu Qi, "You'll have to personally tell Patriarch about everything that happened here, as that will brings you a greater credit. My Patriarch always rewards those who make a contribution to the sect. Therefore, you can straightaway mention your request to him. I'm sure he will agree to your request!"

Wu Qi took a few deep breaths, his heart pounding fast. The description of White Cloud Immortal Sect that Jiangcheng Zi told Wu Qi was solely coming from his own view. Nobody knew the exact situation in White Cloud Immortal Sect, and whether it was really an immortal sect that walked on the righteous path. However, as the current situation was out of his control anymore, Wu Qi would rather take a little risk himself than have this entire planet and all the cultivators from six dynasties fall into the hands of those six evil Immortals.

Wu Qi had a foreboding that if the six evil Immortals really occupied this planet, with their evil natures, as long as a random cultivator who held enmity with him gave a few words to them, perhaps he would be smashed to shreds in no time. So, rather than facing the fate of turning to sheds by someone, he would take the risk just once.

If he succeeded, he would be given a status in White Cloud Immortal Sect which no one on this planet could have. If he failed, he could also flee with Princess Zhang Le, Lu Chengfeng, and all his loyal subordinates. As a matter of fact, it was the exact reason why he constructed the teleportation formation in this cave. After the talisman was activated just now, he had already memorized the frequency and position of the corresponding formation. With that info, he could always construct a new teleportation formation and flee to the outside world.

After spending half a month of time staying together with Jiangcheng Zi, Wu Qi had already learned the location of this planet. It was actually located in the Flaming Nether Ocean, hearing the name of which, everyone in Liyuan Galaxy would tremble with fear. It seemed to him that there was a great mystery worth to ponder pertaining to this. However, Wu Qi just did not have the time to waste now. As there was a large galaxy outside this planet, as long as he could freely construct a teleportation formation, he would gain himself enough room for maneuver, and thus, be fearless of any sudden calamity.

After waiting until the energy ripple of the teleportation formation stabilized, holding hands together, Wu Qi and Jiangcheng Zi stepped into it. Jiangcheng Zi took out a talisman and activated it, unleashing a layer of barrier that enveloped both of them. With his cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm, he could barely withstand the tremendous pressure emanating from the formation, and such a pressure was very dangerous for someone with Gold Core cultivation base such as Wu Qi.

Strong lights were seen shifting and flashing around them, as a clear colorful tunnel emerged before them, and they began to fly forward at an incredible speed.

Roughly seven to eight minutes later, both men felt their bodies suddenly turn lighter, while a bright light filled their vision. In the next moment, they were standing on the peak of a lofty mountain.

They were surrounded by a boundless ocean of cloud. The lofty peak of the mountain poked through the cloud, measuring about three miles in circumference, and with a large flat field on top of it. Tight in the center was erected an enormous teleportation formation, with rich vegetation around it. Above their head was a clear blue sky. As the mountaintop stood above the cloud, there was not a single patch of cloud that could be seen above them, and the sunlight was strong. Every now and then, loud and sonorous crane cries could be heard, as large flocks of white cranes flew past the sky.

Right at the moment when Wu Qi arrived, he immediately sensed that the natural energies here were a few times thinner than the planet where Great Yan was located, roughly about one-third of the energy he sensed in Great Yan Dynasty.

The mountaintop was guarded by a group of nearly one hundred Daoists who were clad in white Daoist robes. When they saw Jiangcheng Zi and Wu Qi walk out from the formation, they immediately cupped their fists and bowed while greeting, "Welcome back, Uncle-Master! How is everything?" Then, a middle-aged Daoist, who appeared to be the person in charge of this place, came hurriedly over, cupped his fist and bowed with a solemn expression on his face. "Welcome back, Uncle-Master! It has come to Ancestral Master attention that someone found a one thousand years old Golden Dragon Fruit in the Venomous Dragon Planet, which attracted several thousand cultivators fighting each other for its ownership, and resulted in very serious casualties. Ancestral Master worried that you might go to Venomous Dragon Planet as well, and has just sent a few Uncle-Masters to look for you on that planet."

Looks of shock instantly appeared on Jiangcheng Zi's face, as he said surprisingly, "A one thousand years old Golden Dragon Fruit? Aye, why have I never heard this news?!"

Right after the cry, Jiangcheng Zi's face went blank for a brief moment, then he turned to look at Wu Qi embarrassingly, smiled wryly, and said, "Sorry for making myself look like a fool in front of you, brother Wu Qi, as this has become my habit... It has been over ten thousand years since the last one thousand years old Golden Dragon Fruit was found. Well, you know that I'm the person in charge of Spirit-Gathering Palace, and my task is to gather various rare and precious spirit herbs that are found all over the place."

Wu Qi nodded smilingly and said, "I understand that. Let's waste no more time talking here, as we have an urgent business to settle."

"Yes indeed! We have an urgent business to settle! Quick, let's go!" Said Jiangcheng Zi while nodding his head hastily, then he spun and walked away, dragging Wu Qi with him.

Exercising the Mystic Eyes of Universe Wu Qi quickly glance through the teleportation formation, and memorized all of its detailed transformations. To his surprise, this teleportation formation actually connected to several thousand destinations. That simply meant that with the info he had just stolen, he now had several thousand destinations he could choose when retreating. It worth a tremendous value to him!

After memorizing everything deep in his mind, Wu Qi and Jiangcheng Zi transformed into two bright beams and began to fly at top speed toward another lofty mountain that had its peak erected nearly one hundred miles above the ocean of cloud.

On the peak of the lofty mountain, outside of the door of an exquisitely built wooden palace, Wu Qi saw an old Daoist. He was clad in a white Daoist robe, having a fair complexion and a long white beard, and a benevolent and kind countenance. He was laying on the ground with his upper body leaning against a spotted deer, while slowly peeling off the shells of some pine nuts and feeding them to a green feather parrot perching on his shoulder.

Faint white clouds lingered around the old Daoist, making him look like he was floating in the ocean of cloud.

Holding Wu Qi's hand, Jiangcheng Zi landed on the mountaintop. Then, he rushed over to the old Daoist with a big smile on his face, dropped to his knees and said, "Your blood descendant, Jiangcheng Zi offers greetings, Ancestral-Patriarch! May Ancestral-Patriarch enjoy eternal happiness and boundless longevity! There is an urgent matter which I need the help from Ancestral-Patriarch!"

The founding Ancestral Master of White Cloud Immortal Sect, Patriarch Jiang Yun gave Wu Qi a look curiously, then turned to look at Jiangcheng Zi with a smile and said, "What is the matter that you need my help with?"

Wu Qi did not have the mood to let Jiangcheng Zi kept wasting his time. Thus, he strode forward, pulled out all 360 Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies, and placed them neatly before Patriarch Jiang Yun, stacking them up into a pyramid shape.

Patriarch Jiang Yun was immediately struck dumb with horror and jumped to his feet. "An innate gold element treasure?!" He cried shockingly, "Aye? Seems like they have yet to take their final shape. Nevertheless, they are still a set of very rare treasure! Where did you find them? Aye, little friend, who are you?"

When Patriarch Jiang Yun glanced through all 360 pearls, his eyes paused only for a very brief moment on them, and then immediately moved away and looked at Wu Qi, without showing any greed.

Wu Qi felt relieved immediately, as this Patriarch Jiang Yun was not a greedy man with his mind dominated by sinister thoughts. A man like this could be trusted and be a friend. Breathing out a sigh of relief, Wu Qi retracted both the silver lotus and Divine Flame of Order, which he had moved over to the area between his brows and ready to strike, back to his spiritual ocean.

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