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Imitating Jiangcheng Zi, Wu Qi cupped fist and bowed deeply to Patriarch Jiang Yun. Suddenly, he recalled that back in Great Yan Dynasty, although many members of the imperial and influential clans did cultivate the Dao, it seemed they did not have a concept of a 'Daoist Sect'. It was only until he met Jiangcheng Zi that Wu Qi saw a standard Daoist robe, and it was the first time he saw the greeting gesture of a Daoist performed by Jiangcheng Zi.

A thought leaped into his mind. Solemnly, Wu Qi began to introduce himself to Patriarch Jiang Yun, and described the situation Great Yan was facing currently. However, because of the thought that came to him a moment ago, he did not give out any details about the origin of Great Yan and the other dynasties. Of course, with his current status, age, and experience, it was impossible that he could learn the detailed history of all these dynasties.

When Patriarch Jiang Yun heard that the planet inhabited by Great Yan and the others was a rich, unexploited, and undeveloped planet, even with his profound cultivation of Qi, he still could not hold back his exclamation. Especially when he heard Jiangcheng Zi was hunted by Han Xiao Immortal, and was forced to plunge into Flaming Nether Ocean, which eventually led to the discovery of the planet, his face immediately turned extremely unsightly.

He snorted coldly, and the white cloud around him spun rapidly. Nodding his head, Patriarch Jiang Yun said, "Eccentric Han Xiao... looks like it is the time to end it all with him. Over the last tens of years, many of our disciples who traveled to the outside world were killed, with their souls totally wiped out, and their soul jades in the sect shattered to shreds. Now, judging from what you've told me, that eccentric Han Xiao must be the man behind all this."

Wu Qi dropped to his knees and gave Patriarch Jiang Yun a kowtow, then said in a deep voice, "Patriarch, for the sake of Great Yan's emperor and ministers, and the life of millions upon millions of people, please save us! With the nature of Han Xiao and his evil company, if Great Yan really falls into their hands, the ordinary civilians will have to suffer greatly. On top of that, with Great Yan's current national strength, if it falls into the hands of Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect and Spirit Flame Sect, the morale and overall strength of two great evil sects will definitely soar. To the countless cultivators in Liyuan Galaxy, this is not something worth celebrating!"

After a moment of silence, Patriarch Jiang Yun threw his eyes on the pile of 360 Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies. Pointing his finger at them, smiled and said, "You're right, little friend Wu Qi. But, what is your purpose of taking out these innate gold element treasures?"

With utmost respect, Wu Qi kowtowed at Patriarch Jiang Yun and said, "They are the gifts to formally acknowledge Patriarch as my Master! I have quite a few enemies in Great Yan Dynasty, and there are also many people from Great Chu, Great Qin, and Great Wei, who can't wait to kill me and vent their grudge. This treasure also serves as the gift of seeking refugee."

Patriarch Jiang Yun nodded and said, "Alright, I'll take you as my disciple, and I'll accept your gift for formally acknowledging me as your Master. As for the gift of seeking refugee, do not mention them anymore. Since you are my disciple, I'll definitely stand up to protect you if there is someone trying to hurt you. There is no such rule under the Heaven that a Master will only protect his disciple after taking a gift! There is no such thing!"

Then, he stretched out his hand and lightly pointed in the air. Immediately, a lustrous ripple spread out from his fingertip, while a crystal clear tweet rang out. After that, Patriarch Jiang Yun cried out lightly, "Bai Xia, Qing Wu, come here quickly!"

Several hundred miles away, from the peak of a lofty mountain about the same height with the ocean of cloud, a white cloud and a green mist were seen soaring into the sky. In a blink of an eye, two slim figures clad in Daoist robes came right next to Patriarch Jiang Yun. They were two middle-aged female Daoists, both having very beautiful visages, along with graceful and dignified bearing. Upon their arrival, they sat cross-legged right next to Patriarch Jiang Yun. Without hesitation, Jiangcheng Zi rushed up before them, dropped to his knees, and began to kowtow and cry out loud, "Your blood descendant, Jiangcheng offers greeting, Patriarch-Grandmother!"

Wu Qi looked at two middle-aged female Daoists with surprise. It seemed both of them were Patriarch Jiang Yun's wives. Wu Qi knew that White Cloud Immortal Sect had three Ancestral Masters, and all three of them were experts of Heaven Immortal realm. However, he did not expect that these three Ancestral Masters were actually husband and wives. Apparently, this immortal sect was solely controlled by Jiang Clan, an immortal sect managed by one single clan! Nonetheless, it was better so, as a sect like this would have a better bond among their disciples, and a more harmonious atmosphere.

Patriarch Jiang Yun pointed his finger at Wu Qi, smiled and said, "He is Wu Qi, a disciple I've just taken. He has a pretty good bone structure, a stable cultivation base with five elements technique, and a very solid foundation. Take a look at these 360 innate gold element pearls, they are the gift this little boy gave us. Now, we have one more cornerstone treasure in our sect, and with that, those juniors will have a greater chance of transcending their Heaven Immortal Tribulation in the future."

Both middle-aged female Daoists gave Wu Qi a look, then nodded their heads and smiled at the same time. Clad in a green robe, Qing Wu Immortal giggled and said, "He is a nice boy." After sizing up Wu Qi closely, she took out a stack of eighteen talismans from one of the storage rings on her fingers, shrouded in green mist, and handed over to Wu Qi. "As a senior, we cannot take a junior's advantage. Here, take these eighteen talismans. They can protect you. Although they are not as precious as these innate gold element treasures, they barely serve as my goodwill."

Smilingly, Bai Xia Immortal nodded her head, and without saying a word, she too took out a stack of eighteen talismans, glittering in a white glow, and handed over to Wu Qi.

Wu Qi was struck with wild joy, as these talismans were immortal talismans personally made by Heaven Immortal. Their power was at least one hundred times greater than those produced by Heavenly Spirit Sect! Each of these talismans had a mighty power of killing a Nascent Divinity cultivator instantly. With these talismans now in his hands, Wu Qi had just gained himself an extra trump card.

Using the simplest words, Patriarch Jiang Yun told both his wives about the reason that drove Wu Qi here. Qing Wu Immortal frown and said deeply, "Iron-Ghost Soul-Seizing Sect, Spirit Flame Sect, these two sects are regularly stirring up conflicts with us. We'll have to come out with a good plan. Even if we can't kill them, we'll have to make them badly mangled, so that they won't have the courage to stand face to face with us in the next ten thousand years! As for that eccentric Han Xiao, since he is brave enough to kill our disciples, we must kill him this time!"

Nodding his head slowly, Patriarch Jiang Yun cut an opening on his left wrist with his finger. A huge amount of golden blood burst out immediately, then sprayed onto 120 Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies. He smiled coolly and said, "Originally, I was not sure if we could kill that eccentric Han Xiao. But now, with this precious treasure, the chances of killing him has increased by fifty percent. Bai Xia, Qing Wu, we have no time to waste. Quickly refine them with your prime blood essence. We just need to have a basic control over them now!"

Imitating Patriarch Jiang Yun, both Bai Xia and Qing Wu cut an opening on their wrists too, and sprinkled a huge amount of pale golden blood onto the remaining Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies, each of them refining 120 pearls. Wu Qi nodded his head quietly. Even if this set of innate pearls had yet to take their full form, they were, after all, innate objects with extreme power. Although some of their power could be unleashed when they were controlled using the energy of a Heaven Immortal, it was still not enough. Therefore, with three of them each controlling one-third of the pearls each, a greater power could be unleashed.

As Patriarch Jiang Yun, Bai Xia, and Qing Wu were husband and wives, and they had been spending ages cultivating together, their thoughts had long aligned to the same frequency, and it made them no different from one single person. With each of them refining one-third of the pearls, in the end, it was as if one person was using all 360 pearls. Sure enough, Wu Qi had given this set of Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies to the right persons.

When Wu Qi saw them begin to refine the pearls straightaway, he immediately breathed out a sigh of relief in his mind. With this set of innate pearls as his support, as long as he did not perform some deeds that could never be forgiven, such as deceiving or killing his Master, he could do whatever he wished in White Cloud Immortal Sect, and have no fear that someone might make things difficult for him. After all, he was a disciple taken by Patriarch Jiang Yun himself, which gave him a very high status in the sect.

After spending six hours, Patriarch Jiang Yun and his wives had finally given the pearls an initial refining. Amidst the green and white clouds and fog lingering around them, all 360 innate pearls were emanating an immense cold air, while shooting back and forth, producing sharp wind breaking noises and ripping out one pale dark rift after another in the air, showing how powerful they really were. Delightfully, Patriarch Jiang Yun broke out into a loud laughter as he said, "Excellent! With this precious treasure and working as a team, we can almost fight head-to-head with a Heaven Immortal three tiers higher than us! Now we, the White Cloud Immortal Sect, will have nothing to fear in Liyuan Galaxy anymore!"

As three great Heaven Immortals had their thoughts linked together, they opened their mouths at the same time and shot out a sword beam each, and all innate pearls immediately attached to them while emanating an immense cold air, hiding inside the sword beams. With that, the three sword beams, one green and two white, had their speed increased by at least ten times. On top of that, wherever they flew by, they would rip open a faintly visible rift in the air. Concealed by the sword beams, no one could discover the existence of the pearls, and would believe that Patriarch Jiang Yun and his wives had just found themselves three immortal swords with incredible power.

Pleasingly, Patriarch Jiang Yun laughed, then tenderly gave Wu Qi a look, nodded and said, "Good boy, good boy!"

After pondering for a brief moment, he turned to Jiangcheng Zi, smiled and said, "Well, Jiangcheng, in the future, you can come straight to me if you have any question concerning your cultivation. As you and Wu Qi are friends, it will be rather awkward if you have to address him as Patriarch when you see him in the future!"

Wu Qi laughed naughtily, narrowed his eyes and looked at Jiangcheng Zi. Jiangcheng Zi glared back at him, then in a great joy, he immediately gave Patriarch Jiang Yun a few kowtows. Patriarch Jiang Yun laughed, then the sword beam wheeling above him bolted away suddenly, seen shooting straight towards the mountain where the teleportation formation was located at. When it finally arrived above the formation, the one hundred feet long white sword beam disappeared without a trace.

After a full fifteen minutes, a bright light suddenly burst out from the teleportation formation. A white beam shot out from it and flew back to Patriarch Jiang Yun. Following behind it were three old Daoists having white hair and white beard and shrouded in drifting immortal air, along with a group of several hundred cultivators of old and young, each clad in a Daoist outfit.

Hastily, Wu Qi exercised Mystic Eyes of Universe and sized up these Daoists. He saw that these men were emanating a pure aura, and their eyes were as clear as water, each sending forth a righteous air. Evidently, they were cultivators on the righteous path, who had attained some profound level in their cultivation of Qi and temperament. And that made him breathe out a sigh of relief. He reckoned these Daoists must be from Tranquil Vimalā Sect, the sect that had an alliance with White Cloud Immortal Sect for several tens of thousands of years. He guessed it right, as the three old Daoists flying at the foremost were the three great Ancestral Masters of Tranquil Vimalā Sect: Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, who were brothers. Many ages ago, they found a Daoist legacy together, and after they attained a profound cultivation base, they eventually established the Tranquil Vimalā Sect. They had been staying in Liyuan Galaxy for several tens of thousands of years.

Patriarch Jiang Yun rose, and together with Bai Xia and Qing Wu, the three Heaven Immortals greeted their guests, "I'm sorry to trouble you in coming so far to meet me."

Qing Xin, Qing Shen, and Qing Yi, three old Daoists who looked almost identical, quickly cupped their fists and bowed. "Don't mention that. Brother Daoist is giving us, the Tranquil Vimalā Sect, an opportunity to expand and grow stronger, how could we think that is a trouble?"

Very quickly, Wu Qi and Jiangcheng Zi rose, followed behind Patriarch Jiang Yun, cupped fists and bowed at the three old Daoists.

After a round of bowing, returning with bowing, and greeting each other according to the level of their status, Patriarch Jiang Yun finally said, "Have my fellow Daoists learned what happened from the message I sent with my flying sword? We must give them a thunderous strike, and it will be best if we can kill a few of them on that planet, or the aftermath will cause us a lot of troubles."

Daoist Qing Xin nodded his head and said, "That's great. I've brought my sect's cornerstone treasure with me, the Soul-Cleansing Chime Stone." With a flip of his hand, a green gas burst out from Daoist Qing Xin's palm. Then, a small jade chime stone, about the size of a toddler's head, its design ancient and with a bright glow flowing endlessly on its surface, was seen hovering right above his palm.

Laughing loudly, Patriarch Jiang Yun said, "That's excellent! Whitecloud Heaven-Swathing Flag, come out right now!"

Reaching his hand forward, the ocean of cloud that covered several million miles in circumference around the mountaintop began to roll and rock suddenly, and in a blink of an eye, all the clouds gathered in one spot and transformed into a small white flag, barely one foot in both width and length. Then, it flew into Patriarch Jiang Yun's hand. Shockingly, this vast expanse of cloud was actually transformed from the White Cloud Immortal Sect's cornerstone treasure - the Whitecloud Heaven-Swathing Flag!

Several hundred bright beams soared from dozens of mountaintops in all directions, and began to fly towards them.

The elite cultivators from White Cloud Immortal Sect had turned out in full strength.

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