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Meng Mountains…

On the peak of the mountain guarded by Heaven Breaking Sword Sect, Wu Qi hugged the weary-looking Princess Zhang Le in his arms, resting his eyes on the rising sun on the eastern horizon.

While gently stroking Princess Zhang Le's slender waist, Wu Qi said with a deep voice, "Retreat immediately with all the other members of the imperial clan. This place is not safe for you. Remember, DO NOT stay too far away from Crown Prince, as you will be truly safe only by staying right next to him."

All the members of Great Yan's imperial clan had retreated to Great Chu, and Yan Qijun had followed them as well. As Great Yan's Crown Prince, Yan Qijun had to take the lead in Great Chu, as that could calm the mind of Great Yan's people who sought refuge there. Fearing Princess Zhang Le would be hurt by someone from Great Chu, Wu Qi demanded her to stay close to Yan Qijun. Between Wu Qi and Xiang Yu, there was a grudge of 'having an affair with the other’s wife'. As Xiang Yu had deep roots in Great Chu's territory, even though he was currently preparing for the battle in Meng Mountains, there would still many people in Great Chu who could harm Princess Zhang Le.

Princess Zhang Le frowned, staring at Wu Qi as she said in a low voice, "Why are you staying here? Those are Heaven Immortals!"

Wu Qi bowed his head and looked at Princess Zhang Le. After a moment of silence, he nodded and said, "There is something I need to do here."

It seemed Princess Zhang Le was about to say something, but when she saw the resolute expression in Wu Qi's eyes, she held back her words and shut her mouth obediently. Taking a deep breath, she stood on tiptoe and kissed Wu Qi's lips, then said in a low voice, "Zi Xuan will wait for you in Great Chu. Take good care of yourself. Zi Xuan will work hard on my cultivation, and once I have the overall strength of Heaven Immortal, I'll definitely exterminate the entire clans of those six Heaven Immortals!"

Tilting her head up with a proud and slightly overbearing expression, Princess Zhang Le sprung and flew into Little Meng City, escorted by a troop of cultivators and guards as she stepped into the teleportation formation that led to Great Chu. Blinding lights could be seen blinking and flashing from teleportation formations in Little Meng City ceaselessly, as they kept sending away large groups of elite soldiers and lower-grade cultivators using the quickest speed. Those who were eligible to stay back for the war in Little Meng City would be cultivators with an overall strength of at least Nascent Soul realm, and it was very rare to find someone like Wu Qi, who only possessed a cultivation base of Gold Core realm, yet decided to stay here voluntarily.

When facing the frightening overall strength of Heaven Immortals, whose random attack could turn a land of ten thousand miles in circumference into a dead zone, the tactics of fighting them with an ocean of soldiers and cultivators was simply useless. To make a final bid for victory, the only seemingly workable tactic would be relying on a small number of elites, gathering all the underground energies below the entire Meng Mountains and channeling them into Mo City, the mighty weapon personally crafted by Mo Di.

All the emperors and ministers from six dynasties were proud and ambitious existences. They could not and would never allow themselves to bow their heads and surrender easily to their enemies. Even if they might still be defeated at the end, they would still try their best to fight a proud war, only then to bow their proud heads low. Ying Zheng had also brought all of Great Qin's fierce and formidable generals to Meng Mountains after he heard the news, even though his vitality was greatly undermined after nearly having his marrow completely sucked by Su Mei'er. Wei Liao, Sima Cuo, Fan Ju, and many other famous ministers who Wu Qi had heard of also made their appearance.

Many dynasties had joined their hands in fighting against the Heaven Immortals. So, how could a mighty hero such as Ying Zheng miss such a grand occasion?

In the meanwhile, Mo Di had opened up all the defensive mechanisms of Mo City, while working as a team, all the famous ministers and formidable generals from various dynasties who were experts in item crafting, the art of formation and Dao of talisman, poured all their efforts to perform one final strengthening and reinforcing of Mo City. In just half a month, Mo City had gone through a tremendous change. Both its defensive and offensive strength were now improved by at least a few times.

During this half a month, after occupying Ji City, the six Heaven Immortals immediately looted all the treasuries they found in every single city around Ji City, crazily plundering every resource they found in various mines and energy veins like a swarm of locust that swept across the land. As Heaven Immortals themselves, they possessed divine abilities and Dharmic powers that were far beyond the imagination of any mortal. With just a casual wave of their hands, they could instantly excavate all the energy stones and metal ores in a large energy stone vein.

In the end, only when all their storage treasures were fully packed, and they did not have any extra storage treasure to hold these energy stones did they stop the crazy looting. In order to craft a new storage ring, it would require some unique crafting incantations, and also many special materials. It also took a long process of crafting before a stable storage space could be formed. As these six evil Immortals were like a group of mice that fell into a rice jar, how would they have the time to craft themselves some storage rings?

After a round of wanton looting which barely relieved their greed, guided by the confessions they obtained from some Ji City's civilians through cruel tortures, they teleported themselves straight into Meng Mountains. However, as they had already spent fifteen days in looting Ji City and plundering the nearby mines, they had given Yan Dan and the others a precious time frame of fifteen days to prepare.

And so, when Han Xiao Immortal and the others finally arrived at Meng Mountains, what they saw was a city of steel that hovered above an earth fire pillar, about a few miles in diameter. The city itself measured tens of miles in circumference, entirely crafted from various rare and precious metals. Its surface engraved with countless restrictive runes, and fully filled with countless formations and traps - the Mo City!

All the famous ministers and formidable generals from six dynasties gathered together in Mo City, ready to contend for their fate against the six evil Immortals.

Apart from Wu Qi, who had decided to stay back with some unknown motives, and Jiangcheng Zi, who nearly had his cultivation base fall back to Gold Core realm after burning his blood essence and Nascent Soul, there was not a single cultivator below mid-stage Nascent Soul realm that could be found in Mo City. Over one hundred Nascent Divinity cultivators, over ten thousand Earth Immortals of Nascent Soul realm, and thirty-six giant undead warriors from Great Chu, along with countless mountain ghosts and stray deities… This was the alliance army presented right before Han Xiao Immortal and the others.

Standing at the edge of Mo City and leaning against a metal wall, Wu Qi carefully kept a certain distance from Xiang Yu, Lu Buwei, Duke of Long Yang, and some other people. He feared that later on when the war broke out, Xiang Yu might take the opportunity and stab him with a sword. And Wu Qi was not Xiang Yu, who could still survive after having his chest pierced with a large hole, and still jump up and down vigorously after a few days of resting.

Jiangcheng Zi too was leaning against the wall right next to Wu Qi. He looked at Wu Qi with a faint smile and said, "It seems fellow Daoist Wu Qi has enemies everywhere."

Wu Qi sighed, helplessly looked at Jiangcheng Zi, and said, "To be honest, I don't know how did I get myself into such situation, but..."

While Wu Qi was talking with Jiangcheng Zi, an immortal pressure that blotted the sky suddenly came pressing towards them from a far distance. It immediately interrupted Wu Qi, as he quickly raised his head and peered into the horizon. A large flaming cloud was seen approaching slowly, with all six evil Immortals standing on top of it, each grinning viciously.

Using the divine ability of teleportation, these evil Immortals had brought themselves here to Meng Mountains. But upon arriving here, they thought of putting some mental pressure on the alliance army. Thus, they purposely came with a cloud, and even unleashed all of their immortal pressure, with the intention of establishing an imposing air.

Wu Qi gave the six evil Immortals a deep look, then turned to look at all the emperors and ministers from six dynasties, whose attention had totally been attracted by the enemies. Quickly, he pulled Jiangcheng Zi's sleeve and entered the inner section of Mo City through a secret passage on the wall. Both men walked aimlessly in the city, then Wu Qi finally brought Jiangcheng Zi to a quiet storeroom with nobody around, which was used to store devices created by Mo Sect.

Staring at Jiangcheng Zi, Wu Qi said with a deep voice, "Senior Jiangcheng Zi, as White Cloud Immortal Sect is led by Ancestral Masters of Heaven Immortal realm, I'm sure you have a very clear understanding of a Heaven Immortal's overall strength. Can you please tell me, with the defensive mechanisms and all those people in this city, can they resist the attack from six Heaven Immortals?"

Jiangcheng Zi pondered for a brief while with a frown on his face, then shook and said honestly, "The design of this city is rather ingenious. At least, the Spirit Flame Sect cannot build a similar one like this, even though they are the expert in crafting all kinds of magical items and treasures in Liyuan Galaxy. According to my estimation, under the attack from three Heaven Immortals, this city can last for half a year; three months when it is attacked by four Heaven Immortals. But, when it is besieged by six Heaven Immortals..."

After a long moment of pondering, Jiangcheng Zi finally said, "Seven days. This city will be breached in seven days."

After a moment of silence, Wu Qi looked at Jiangcheng Zi and said, "Senior, with your cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, and being assigned as the person in charge of Spirit-Gathering Palace, I'm sure you are a man with a prestigious status and high power in White Cloud Immortal Sect. What Wu Qi is trying to ask is, how is senior's foundation in the White Cloud Immortal Sect?"

Jiangcheng Zi nodded and said, "The founding Ancestral Master of White Cloud Immortal Sect, Patriarch Jiang Yun, is my blood ancestor. Among all the bloodlines that he left behind, I'm from the eldest branch. Also, among all the Nascent Divinity cultivators in White Cloud Immortal Sect, my great-grandfather has the strongest cultivation base currently, and he is about to face his Heaven Immortal Tribulation. In addition to that, my father is the chief supervisor of White Cloud Immortal Sect's outer sect, while my grandfather is the chief supervisor of the inner sect."

Wu Qi's eyes immediately lit up with a bright gleam. He lowered his voice and spoke hurriedly, "That's excellent! If Wu Qi sells this planet to White Cloud Immortal Sect and its alliance, the Tranquil Vimalā Sect, can senior promise that before Wu Qi becomes a Heaven Immortal, no one in White Cloud Immortal Sect would bully me and the people around me?"

Jiangcheng Zi's eyes were ablaze with a wild flame instantly. "Are you sure?!" He cried in a low voice.

Patting his sleeves, Wu Qi said helplessly, "Well, I'm sure senior knows my current situation. I was raped by Xiang Yu's woman, and he swears he will kill me no matter what. I've killed Great Yan's Left Prime Minister's granddaughter, and one of his most important clan member. Also, I've no idea how I offended that Prince of Changxin, Lao Ai, who just seems to hate me to the bone. As for Great Wei's Prime Minister, Duke of Long Yang, I've just killed one of his beloved boys not long ago. On top of that, for Great Qin..."

Touching his forehead, Wu Qi forced a smile and said, "It seems that I've offended every single person from Great Qin…"

Gripping Jiangcheng Zi's hand hard, Wu Qi forced out a laugh and said, "Regardless what the final result to the battle would be, if the alliance of six dynasties won by killing all six Heaven Immortals, Wu Qi has no other place to go but flee back to the construction site where senior saw me that day, building my own city in a remote corner and waiting for those people to come seek revenge on me."

Laughing helplessly, Wu Qi shook his head and said, "If the alliance of six dynasties is unfortunately defeated, which I think it has a ninety percent of chance to come true, the six Heaven Immortals will split six dynasties equally, each taking lead of one dynasty. At that point in time, the current emperor of Great Yan will become one of the many disciples under a random Heaven Immortal, while my enemies will share a similar status with him. Thus, he will no longer be able to protect me. So, how long does senior think Wu Qi can stay alive before someone kills me eventually?"

Jiangcheng Zi was a very clever man, as he grabbed Wu Qi's hand and said, "If brother Wu Qi can find a way to inform White Cloud Immortal Sect, asking them to bring my Ancestral Master and three Tranquil Vimalā Sect's Ancestral Masters here, letting them kill these few evil Immortals... Jiangcheng Zi promises that before brother Wu Qi becomes a Heaven Immortal, no one will be able to touch you. On top of that, I'll give you the priority to enjoy all the yields from this planet!"

Looking into Jiangcheng Zi's clear eyes, Wu Qi nodded and said, "That's a deal! We'll do that then!"

Jiangcheng Zi waved his arms excitedly, but very quickly he was dejected and said, "But my Shadowcloud was taken away by Han Xiao the old twerp. How are we going to inform my Patriarch?"

Wu Qi rolled his eyes and gave Jiangcheng Zi a look, then without hesitation, he pulled out one after another formation map from Black Dragon Spirit Ring, and quickly built up a small teleportation formation in the storeroom. After that, he dragged Jiangcheng Zi into the formation. A bright light flashed, and both men immediately disappeared without a trace.

One second later, a few energy stones mounted in the formation, together with the entire formation broke apart. With that, no one could tell where exactly did Wu Qi go to anymore.

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