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For seven days in a row, Wu Qi shut himself in a secluded cultivation, focusing all his attention on digesting a very dense and pure innate aura that suddenly appeared in his body.

It was an extremely pure innate aura, and could even be compared to the purity of that innate earth element energy essence he used to craft the earth element dragon scale shield with. On top of that, it was very strong, so strong that it almost equalled the strength of the innate purple energy that was cultivated by an ordinary Nascent Divinity cultivator after spending several hundreds of years.

It was as if someone had spent several thousands of years in cultivating arduously, and after forming an extremely precious and dense innate purple energy, which was usually used by Nascent Divinity cultivators to refine and strengthen their Nascent Divinity, he or she simply injected it into Wu Qi's body through some unique method. Ordinary Gold Core cultivators when given the innate aura of such a level, they would not be able to detect its existence. But, Wu Qi was like a hungry wolf who had seen fresh meat. Without hesitation, he began to absorb and digest them.

In Wu Qi's Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians, ten False Cores had exerted all their strength in absorbing this innate aura that nearly filled every part of his body. It contained enormous energies, and was being quickly sucked by all ten false cores, gradually forming drops of Innate Nectar which glinted with a white jade hue, and were sticky like jade paste. After being nourished by these Innate Nectars, Wu Qi's False Cores had slowly became solidified, and had quickly condensed from the once shadowy and misty shape and become solid Gold Cores, about the size of rice, shimmering with a golden hue.

With this stream of innate aura alone, it had given Wu Qi a fruit that he could only attain by spending several hundreds of years in cultivating with normal methods. If he used the method of absorbing other people's Gold Core and Demon Cores to purify his Innate Nectar, that would require at least one hundred thousand Gold Cores and Demon Cores to attain such an achievement.

While absorbing and digesting the innate aura, Wu Qi was pondering about its origin. Apart from having sex with Yuji, which was the most absurd encounter he had recently, he did not meet any other extraordinary encounters. He could still clearly remember the wonderful enjoyment that was brought to him by Yuji's body, and at the same time, during the rough battle with her that seemed like a wet dream, Wu Qi remembered that Yuji was still a virgin.

"She had been staying together with Xiang Yu for so many years, so how could it be possible that she was still a virgin?" Wu Qi kept exercising his False Cores in absorbing the innate aura tirelessly, while condensing and forming Innate Nectars. In the meanwhile, he was shocked by the discovery. "If she is cultivating some special technique during recent years, and her body has been tempered by thunder tribulation more than once, only then is it possible that she can have such a miraculous restoration."

But too bad, as he was focusing all his attention in slamming on Yuji's body, enjoying the marvelous feeling that could not be described by any words, he had totally forgotten to use various mystic techniques in Scroll of Stealing to inspect and observe her body. Or else, he would definitely be able to discover any traces of the special technique cultivated by Yuji.

Nevertheless, this innate aura which contained an enormous amount of pure energy could only be the gift that Yuji gave him. After spending a night with her, not only had Wu Qi experienced a great pleasure and enjoyment, it also saved him several hundred years in laying the foundation of his Gold Core realm. What a great fortune!

"However, if I was really just an ordinary Gold Core cultivator, this innate energy will stay in my body for at most three days, and then vanish completely. At most, during this three days, it would perform some tiny adjustments and temper my body, but could never yield the current result." While exercising his cultivation, Wu Qi continued pondering about the cause and effects of this matter. Yuji did not tell Wu Qi anything related to the technique that she was cultivating with, and she did not let him know the existence of this innate aura.

For an ordinary Human Immortal of Gold Core, there was no way he could detect the existence of this innate aura, and he would never have a suitable cultivation technique to harvest and digest it, so as to bring the best yield out of it. It was a special case for Wu Qi, as he was cultivating with an innate-level cultivation technique. That was the reason he could bring the best yield out of it. It was a great gift, as it had provided him the cultivation base that was worth several hundred years.

"I think it was never her intention to give me this huge benefit!" Suddenly, an enlightenment leaped into Wu Qi's mind. With Wu Wang's vast experience and Le Xiaobai's insane intelligence, Wu Qi vaguely had a feeling that Yuji came to him with a slight resentment towards Xiang Yu. It was as if both of them were bickering, and Yuji had ignored everything and came to Wu Qi for the purpose of reprisal against Xiang Yu. Of course, there might be some other reasons behind that, but those were not the primary elements.

There was a conflict between Xiang Yu and Yuji!

He exhaled a long breath heavily. A sword energy shot out together and sliced a few woven mats and a few tables to shreds. Knitting his brows into a tight frown, Wu Qi rose to his feet, then slowly stopped the circulation of his cultivation. For no apparent reason, he was dragged into the conflict between a couple. It would not be so serious if it were some other women, as Wu Qi did not suffer any loss in it. However, the lady he had sex with was Yuji, and she was Xiang Yu's wife, the wife of the Hegemon-King of Western Chu who led a mighty army of eighty thousand soldiers and fought head-to-head with Ying Zheng!

Xiang Yu had already possessed a profound cultivation base, and he was even aided by the Banner of Chiyou, a devil weapon inherited from the ancient times. Wu Qi did not think he could withstand Xiang Yu's towering flame of anger. At least, he did not have that ability right now, and he did not hold any force that could fight equally with the incredible forces that Xiang Yu had. "But, I don't think Yuji will be so stupid and go tell Xiang Yu about what happened, would she? No matter how deep the love Xiang Yu has for her, I don't he will accept a lady that has betrayed him, right?"

While pondering how this matter would affect him, and the potential threats he might have to face in the future, all of a sudden, a vast natural energy surged and rushed towards him from all directions. Amidst loud swooshing noises of strong wind, the room that Wu Qi used to have his secluded cultivation in was uprooted. Together with its foundation, everything was coiled up into the sky. Then, a loud rumble rang out. Wu Qi nearly dropped to his knees as the floor underneath his feet was also blown up into the sky, leaving behind a one thousand feet deep hole below him.

Wu Qi was startled and quickly gave his surroundings a glance. In the meanwhile, he had activated the earth element dragon scales shield, having it protect his body, while the Chariot of Eight Horses was getting ready to strike as well. Once the situation turned unfavorable to him, the chariot would bring him and flee at the fastest speed. A very dense, bright, and earthy yellow light had enveloped Wu Qi, as the several tens of thousands of golden dragon scales had interlocked into a thick armor on his body. In both shock and surprise, Wu Qi looked at his surroundings, and saw many shadows of people moving about. They were all imperial palace guards, who were clad in green outfits, and demon bears who were clad in heavy armor.

Standing at the forefront of the imperial palace guards and demon bears were Xiong Jin and Xiong Yin, both carrying a large axe on each of their hands. They narrowed their tiny eyes and kept staring at Wu Qi. Xiong Jin shook his head and said, "Brother Wu Qi, you are in deep trouble! Aye, tell me, what have you actually done? Something against reason and nature? Savage and inhuman? Forsaken after having dallied with someone? Or, have you abandoned your wife? How did you actually make Princess Zhang Le become so angry?"

"Me?!" Wu Qi pointed at his own nose, staring blankly at the surrounding imperial palace guards and those black demon bears. Gasping with astonishment, he cried out, "What have I done? What are you doing here?"

Before Xiong Jin could answer him, Princess Zhang Le's shrill cry that shook the sky came from a far distance. Her five colored divine rays had spread out and blanketed the sky, with Meng Fortress as the center point, as a heavy rainstorm began pouring down throughout the entire Three Mountains Province. Even though the climate near Meng Mountains was harsh, but even those native who had lived in this place for over several hundred years had never seen such an exaggerated rainstorm. Each raindrop was about the same size as an adult's palm, and they fell from the sky nearly without any gap in between, smashing and slamming on the ground and generating deep, muffled noises.

Each raindrop came with a powerful force, as if they were little bombs, cracking and shattering mountain rocks. They caused many freshly built buildings in Meng Fortress to crumble and collapse.

A gale pushed a dark cloud, slowly descending from the sky. Amidst the dense cloud pillar, Princess Zhang Le waved her arms violently about while fixing her gaze straight at Wu Qi's face. The five colored divine rays were rolling and rocking ferociously behind her back, stirring the natural energies in the surrounding area of several thousand miles into a great mess. Suddenly, Wu Qi was shocked as he discovered that Princess Zhang Le's cultivation base had improved. It was now middle-stage of Gold Core realm!

It seemed that she had just formed her Gold Core not long ago, right? Yet, how did she manage to reach middle-stage of Gold Core realm in such a short amount of time? How did she actually cultivate that? Wu Qi could still remember that not long ago, in order to stabilize her cultivation base of early-stage Gold Core realm, she still had to mediate during midnight every day. So, how did she suddenly taken a leap and attain the cultivation base of middle-stage?

Nevertheless, before Wu Qi could come up with an answer to this question, Princess Zhang Le had already pointed her finger at him and cried out, "Wu Qi, you rascal! You... you... although I am here, but you still go and touch some other woman? Y-yo-you... you...!"

Abruptly, the Capricious Yin and Yang, Su Muye, turned up from behind Princess Zhang Le. He clapped on the folding fan in his hand, pointed it at Wu Qi, and snapped, "Wu Qi, for all the despicable men under then heaven, you're the worst! How could you... how could you rape the beloved consort of Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu?! You.. you!"

Wu Qi was struck dumb. Why did it seem like everyone under the heaven had already known what happened? But at the same time, he felt strange. Even if he did rape Xiang Yu's wife, it was understandable that Princess Zhang Le would be really mad about him, as he and Zhang Le were on intimate terms, and the relationship between them was rather ambiguous. However, what did that have anything to do with this Su Muye?

Wu Qi leaped into the air, stepped onto a bright beam and flew before Princess Zhang Le. Coldly, he gave Su Muye a gaze and snapped, "Whether I have really raped a woman or not, what has it got to do with you? I've never raped your mother! Even if I did, I should be your father, Su Qin. To come looking for trouble, it's none of your business!"

Su Muye was astounded. He pointed his finger at Wu Qi while trembling, and for a very long while he could not come out with any word. A scholar was always wrong when he was in front of a soldier, let alone when Su Muye was in front of Wu Qi, a man who combined the characters of a coarse soldier, a desperate fugitive, and a refined rascal. Although Su Muye did have a witty mind and was knowledgeable in political tactics, but faced with such a slippery and despicable man, how could he be a match?

Without giving any chance for Su Muye to say anything, Wu Qi immediately gave him a slap on the face and threw him several thousand feet away. In a cold voice, Wu Qi said, "Also, I never raped your niece, so why are you trying to be a busybody here?"

Princess Zhang Le's eyes turned bloodshot as she kept gazing at Wu Qi. The expression on her face did not make her look like a sad girl who was betrayed by her lover. Instead, she looked like a small kid who had her beloved toy snatched by some other kid. Her lips compressed into a line as she cried out, "Wu Qi, you rascal! How could you rape that woman?! Xiong Jin, Xiong Yin, capture Wu Qi and castrate him, then bring him into the palace so he can accompany me!"

Xiong Jin and Xiong Yin exchanged a glance, then both let out a loud laugh and answered Princess Zhang Le. Xiong Jin kept rubbing his palms excitedly and asked, "Your Highness, should we cut it with a knife, or smash it with a hammer? Or perhaps, we can put a nest of Metal Eating Ants near his little brother, so it can be their food?"

The rain came pouring down, casting a layer of gray veil before everything under the heaven.

Wu Qi turned and gave a deep stare at Princess Zhang Le's bloodshot eyes. All of a sudden, he sprung and leaped towards her, wrapped his arms around her slender waist, and pressed his lips heavily against hers. Very easily, his tongue broke through the mild defense put up by Princess Zhang Le, who was at a loss of what to do, and very quickly, it conquered and occupied a large territory inside her tiny mouth. After a round of skillful and passionate French kissing, Wu Qi moved his lips near Princess Zhang Le's ear. Using a very gentle and tender voice and the shameful spirit inherited from Le Xiaobai, he whispered, "Even when I was raping that woman, it was you that I was thinking of in my mind!"

Several hundred powerful divine senses were in the middle of observing the situation. When these formidable cultivators heard the words that came out from Wu Qi's mouth, which could be considered the most shameless words that had ever been heard since the world was formed, many of the divine senses began slowly retracting while feeling perplexed. When one was so shameless that it almost became a Dao, the impact it had on the mind of these cultivators was as good as a small-scale thunder tribulation.

However, Princess Zhang Le had already collapsed and melted in Wu Qi's arms. With a blank expression, she stared at Wu Qi, then asked in a low voice, "So... you are... you are... by that shameless women..."

Wu Qi nodded his head forcefully and said, "I'm the victim! And you are the only girl that I like! In my mind, all the other women are no different from dead bodies!"

A big smile immediately bloomed on Princess Zhang Le's face, as she wrapped her arms around Wu Qi and gave him a big hug while letting out a loud laugh.

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