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High up in the sky above Meng Fortress, on top of the dark clouds, Yan Dan and many other men were seen hovering and looking down at the scene.

Yan Qijun was staring at Wu Qi, who now had Princess Zhang Le tightly hugged in the arms. His face turned very unsightly. Despite who that person was, when a father saw his daughter so easily coaxed by a young lad who had a glib tongue, he could never manage to keep a good temper. Especially when at present, the news about Wu Qi raping the beloved consort of Xiang Yu, the Hegemon-King of Western Chu, was spreading like wildfire in Great Yan's territory, how could Yan Qijun allow his most precious daughter to be on intimate terms with someone like this?

He clenched his right fist tightly. Suddenly, he raised the fist up and unleashed a sheet of pale-golden thunderbolts, about to thrust them down.

However, before he could punch his fist out, a skinny palm had lightly gripped his fist. In an instant, the thunderbolts on the palm disappeared as if they never appeared before. Furiously, Yan Qijun turned his head, and was about to scold the person that had stopped his attack. But, in the next moment, he quickly put away the angry expression on his face and bowed respectfully towards the man. "Old mister Xun, why are you stopping Qijun?"

Xun Kuang clasped his hands behind his back, looked genially at Yan Qijun, smiled and said, "What makes you attack Wu Qi?"

Yan Qijun kept silence for a while, then said in a cold voice, "This fellow has faults in his morals. Not only had he raped Xiang Yu's beloved consort, but he also flirted Zi Xuan with such an obscene tone. For a man with such a character, how could Qijun allow Zi Xuan to be on an intimate term with him? Once I kill him today, I'll pick a talented and handsome youth in Great Yan Dynasty for Zi Xuan, so that she can have a good marriage."

Xun Kuang laughed, shook his head, and said, "So that's what you mean by having faults in his morals? Crown Prince, you raped Princess Zhang Le's birth mother while you were drunk, and used an Energy Seizing Pill to force all her blood essence and bloodline inherited from her ancestor into Princess Zhang Le's body. On top of that, you yourself have several thousands of concubines, and over these years, you've taken away the virginity of over several tens of thousands of teenage girls. Wu Qi merely had sex with a woman, yet Crown Prince, you're served by so many women, but you still raped other girls. Compared to him, doesn't that mean Crown Prince's behavior could no longer be tolerated by the Heaven and Earth?"

Yan Dan covered his mouth and laughed, while Mo Di, Su Qin, and some other people around them were having an even brighter smile on their faces.

Yan Qijun stared at Xun Kuang in a daze, then he said in a dry, dull voice, "Qijun is the Crown Prince, he... he..."

"The status of emperor, crown prince, and ministers are just vanity. So, what is the difference between you and Wu Qi?" Xun Kuang said coolly, "If we really want to judge him, his temperament much better than those so-called talented youths of Great Yan Dynasty. At least, by looking at his face, he has just lost his virginity seven days ago. But those talented youths of Great Yan Dynasty, hehe, can you find me a virgin that is over ten years old?"

Mo Di smiled and said, "It is better that Crown Prince doesn’t ever mention anything that is concerning one's conduct."

Yan Qijun moved his lips, but did not say a word again. He frowned and kept looking at Wu Qi. A bright gleam was flashing in his eyes, as if he were brewing something in his mind.

In an indifferent voice, Yan Dan said, "Alright, despite who the man that Zi Xuan has taken a fancy of is, it is a matter that none of us should interfere in. Wu Qi is not a bad candidate. No matter it is his talent or his cultivation base, both are excellent. On top of that, he has formed his Gold Core before reaching eighteen years of age. That's a great fortune we cannot neglect. He is a good boy! As for the matter between him and Xiang Yu's beloved consort, whether it is he who raped that woman, or that woman raped him, it has already happened."

He snorted coldly, then cried out in a stern voice, "I want a thorough investigation! I want to know who is the person that spread this news throughout the entire Great Yan in just seven days. Arrest all those who are suspicious, torture them cruelly, and make them speak. Then, slaughter their entire clan! Hmph! Someone is trying to stir up a total war between Great Yan and Great Chu! It must be Great Qin behind all this!"

Su Qin nodded his head slowly and said in a deep voice, "This does look like something that my junior brother would have done, but the approach is slightly different. If it were my junior brother, he would not be so... petty! He would not have exposed this news in such a hurry, but instead, he would keep it in his hand quietly, only to strike when the news reached its maximum value. In my opinion, I think this looks like an approach from a lady."

Yan Dan breathed out a long sigh and said, "Regardless who is the one behind this, we need to be prepared for Xiang Yu's reaction!"

However, before his words could fade away, a shrill neigh of a horse could be suddenly heard coming from a far distance in the depth of Meng Mountains. A blinding blood red light pillar shot up to the sky about one thousand miles away, and in a blink of an eye, it had spread out and turned into a vast blood energy, rocking and rolling while shooting towards Meng Fortress's direction. As it were a single man mounted on a single horse, none of the outposts at the front line could intercept the approaching blood red beam.

In just a few breathes, the blood red beam had crossed several hundred miles of distance, reaching a place less than three hundred miles away from Meng Fortress. It happened that there was a mountain that was occupied by cultivators from Indestructible Sect. Led by three Earth Immortals of Nascent Soul realm, a group of several dozens Human Immortals from Indestructible Sect sprung out from the mountain. Furiously, they cried out and asked the man to halt, while they shot forward and stopped before the blood-red beam.

"Damn it!" Yan Dan cried out in a low voice.

Immediately, he heard shrill shrieks coming from that direction. Amidst the blood red beam, a spear that looked like a black dragon was seen waving and thrusting about in top speed, transforming into dazzling beams that shot out in all directions. It pierced into the forehead, throat, and lower abdomen of the group of several dozen cultivators from the Indestructible Sect, whose bodies were as tough as diamonds. Three streams of blood as thick as an adult's arm burst out from each of them, while they were flung far away by the coiling-dragon spear.

In the meanwhile, the blood red murderous aura rushed into the bodies of these cultivators, and shattered their Gold Cores and Nascent Souls.

Yan Dan and all the people around him had their faces turned extremely gloomy. They did not have much feeling for the loss of several dozens of Human Immortals. As long as they were willing to spend a huge amount of resource, the Indestructible Sect could produce a large amount of Human Immortals at any time. But the three Earth Immortals of Nascent Soul realm were very precious strategic forces. For Yan Dan, the loss of them was equal to a heavy punch to his heart.

As Indestructible Sect was focusing on the tempering of their fleshly bodies, each of their disciples had a very strong body. As a result, the ratio of forming Gold Core among their disciples was the highest among all. As a matter of fact, the total number of Human Immortals in Indestructible Sect were almost equal to the combination of all the rest of the immortal sects of Great Yan. However, for the very same reason of overly focusing in tempering their fleshly bodies, the cultivators from Indestructible Sect had a very poor enlightenment towards the Dao of Heaven and Earth. Thus, this led to a situation where they had the most number of Human Immortals among all, yet they only had very few Nascent Soul cultivators.

Nevertheless, once those Earth Immortals of Nascent Soul realm from Indestructible Sect formed their Nascent Souls and went through the tempering of Heaven Tribulation, their combative force could be comparable to the combination of five ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators of the same level. Their bodies were extremely powerful, and their offensive strength was near invincible. Cultivators such as these were the most precious force in a battlefield. But now, three of them were killed by a single strike unleashed by Xiang Yu, and it made Yan Dan's heart ache.

"Wu Qi, you twerp! Get the hell out of here!" Amidst the blood red light, Xiang Yu threw his head back and gave a furious cry, "How dare you insult my woman! Get the hell out of here!" In a blink of an eye, the blood red beam had come before Meng Fortress. Xiang Yu casually thrust his spear towards the fortress's wall, unleashing a dragon-shaped blood red beam that came with towering killing intent. It was accompanied by countless dark thunderbolts and jarring whistling noises as it smashed viciously into the wall.

Large patches of bright light flashed and blinked from the wall, as the defensive formations of the Meng Fortress were activated. In the next moment, the blood red beam impacted onto the several dozens of layers of defensive barriers. It pierced and ripped thirty-five of them in a row, and caused the entire ground underneath Meng Fortress to shake violently. Finally, it was shattered into shreds at the last layer of the defensive barrier.

Countless thunderbolts smote down from the sky, dispersing the dark clouds coiled up by Princess Zhang Le's anger, and turned them into nothingness, allowing the sunlight to sprinkle down and shine onto the blood red light that enshrouded Xiang Yu. Vaguely, one could see countless shadows of people moving about amidst the glinting blood-red light. Those were the ferocious souls that were formed by the souls of the people killed by Xiang Yu. These ferocious souls opened their mouths and let out soundless roars. No one could hear their voice, but an incorporeal spirit wave was released and swept across all directions, lifting up a thick layer of rock at the outside of Meng Fortress. Large pieces of rocks were being coiled up into the air, and were smashed into tiny debris by the spirit wave.

With just one single person, wherever he went, Xiang Yu had crumbled the mountains, stopped the flow of the rivers, and taken away the lives of all flowers, grass, trees, insects, fishes, birds, and wild beasts. He was like an undead fiendgod that crawled out from the nether hell, and what he brought was endless destruction and annihilation. Two long, blood red beams were shooting out from the eyes of the furious Xiang Yu, and every now and then, dense blood mist was darting in and out from his seven apertures. He had totally lost his control, and had turned frantic.

"Wu Qi, you twerp! Show yourself and fight a life-and-death battle with me!" roared Xiang Yu furiously, "Move you’re a*s here now, and fight me to the death! Since you're brave enough to touch my woman, you should have the courage to let me poke tens of thousands of holes on your body with my spear!"

While hugging Princess Zhang Le, Wu Qi landed on top of the wall in Meng Fortress. From all directions, several tens of thousands of Great Yan Dynasty's cultivators had flown up into the sky, channeling their energies into the core of the defensive formation in Meng Fortress. The defensive formation that was ingeniously designed and constructed by the experts of Mo Sect had burst out with dazzling bright lights, as a layer of very strong barrier enveloped the entire city. No one could break through this defensive barrier, even if he were a Nascent Divinity cultivator.

As he was standing behind the thick layer of defensive barrier, Wu Qi did not worry about his own safety. Even if Xiang Yu were reincarnated from a war god, it would be impossible for him to break the defensive formation that was constructed and supported by several tens of thousands of cultivators. Unless it was a real Heavenly Immortal, or a combined attack from several dozens of Nascent Divinity experts, the defensive formation of Meng Fortress was indestructible.

Looking at Xiang Yu, who had turned violent in rage, Wu Qi sighed and said, "Xiang Yu, who told you that I've raped your woman?"

Xiang Yu raised his spear and howled, "This news has already spread throughout the entire Great Yan. Do you think I'm a deaf person?"

Wu Qi spread his hand, breathed out a long sigh and said, "It is your woman who seduced me and raped me. I'm not the one who took the initiative to flirt with her!"

His words struck great wrath into Xiang Yu's heart and made blood spray out from his mouth. Immediately, a vast murderous aura surged out from around him. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky, as thunderbolts smote the ground and broke open countless deep trenches. "Bullsh*t! Bullsh*t! What a stinking bullsh*t!" roared Xiang Yu, "Yuji is the one who took the initiative and flirted with you? Yan Dan, oh Yan Dan, if you are still a man, come out right now and explain this to me! Give me that Wu Qi, I want to kill him with my spear! Or else, the Great Chu will not rest until your Great Yan is completely wiped out!"

A blood red beam shot out from Xiang Yu's head into the sky. From it came out eighteen gigantic undead warriors, roaring and yelling furiously.

Thirty-six long arms were being raised high up in the air, then, these gigantic undead warriors exerted all their strength and thrust their fists forcefully down into the defensive formation of Meng Fortress. At the same time, eighteen large mouths were opened up, pouring down eighteen streams of crimson flame like eighteen great waterfalls, bringing forth together the frightening high temperature that could melt any metal. According to Lao Ai, the strength of each of these eighteen gigantic undead warriors could be compared to cultivators of early-stage Nascent Divinity realm, while their only weakness was that they did not have their own will, and had to be controlled by someone.

The heavy punches smashed down on the defensive barrier. A total of thirty-six mushroom clouds were being produced, towering high up into the sky. The entire defensive formation of Meng Fortress was violently shaken, yet it managed to withstand the attack from these undead warriors. However, the ground outside of Meng Fortress could not withstand such a tremendous impact, as several dozens of lofty mountains began to crack and crumble due to the enormous forces. Countless huge rocks were being thrown up into the sky by the backlash.

Then eighteen streams of crimson flame thrust down whistling, wrapping and enveloping the entire Meng Fortress. The raging flame with the extreme temperature kept burning the defensive barrier, causing large sheets of blinding lights to surge from its surface. Energy stones were being quickly consumed within the core of the defensive formation. However, an attack in such degree was still insufficient to break the defensive formation of Meng Fortress.

Wu Qi looked at Xiang Yu, and could not help but shook his head. After all, he did have a sex with Yuji before, and he had nothing to say about that.

Suddenly, Princess Zhang Le stuck her chest forward, pointed her finger at Xiang Yu, and snapped, "Xiang Yu! You are such a shameless man! Your woman had seduced my lover and raped Wu Qi, and although I've yet to settle the score with you, you actually have the nerve to come attacking us?"

She stomped with anger and continued scolding, "Somebody, capture Xiang Yu alive! Let his subordinates bring that Yuji here in exchange for him." She tilted her head up proudly. Her lips curled up as she sneered and said, "I want to see what kind of a visage does this shameless woman has! If she does look beautiful, I can consider to make her as Wu Qi's concubine! Just to let you know, I am a very open-minded Princess!"

Immediately, Xiang Yu roared with fury, while scorching hot blood sprayed out from his seven apertures at the same time.

In the meanwhile, Wu Qi turned to look at Princess Zhang Le in astonishment. Her words had given Wu Qi a great fright!

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