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After crushing a large mountain with a single sword strike, the depressed and frustrated Wu Qi let out a long cry into the sky. Bringing the body full of scratch marks and a heart of a youth filled with mixed emotions, he stepped into his sword beam and flew in utter confusion back to the Meng Fortress. What happened last night was like the first wet dream of a youth, imprinted deeply in Wu Qi's memory.

A rainbow deer was seen bouncing and leaping gracefully between the mountains, and on its back sat Yuji. Lazily, she stretched her back, then covered her little mouth with her hand and yawned. Her fair facial skin was decorated with a charming red hue. Her eyes looked watery, and she could be seen smiling. It was as if she was still recalling the pleasure that Wu Qi had given her. Then all of a sudden, a loud and sonorous sound of a flute came from a mountain peak next to her.

Raising her brows in surprise, Yuji quickly gave a faint cry. In the next moment, a three-colored cloud suddenly burst out from under the rainbow deer's hooves, which then soared into the sky and brought both of them flying towards the mountain peak.

There was a lady sitting cross-legged under a lonely pine tree on the mountain peak. Similar to Yuji, she had a disaster-level visage, but her expression was solemn and sedate, and sending forth a pure and noble air that made no one dare to offend her. In her hands was held a jade flute with a peculiar design. It was six feet long and extremely slim, made out of jade and half transparent like egg white, glossy and smooth to the touch. Vaguely, there were some bright gleams flashing inside the flute, and a few lines of tiny golden runes blinking on it.

Three long, green feathers were tied near the tail of the flute using a string made from the silk of a Heavenly Silkworm, glinting brilliantly and emitting a gentle glow that looked like pure water. An enormous amount of energies kept bursting out from the feathers, providing nourishment to the jade flute at all times. After the energies were absorbed and transformed by the jade flute, they turned into a stream of extremely pure and dense energy, which kept flowing and injecting into the lady's fingers and then circulating within her body.

Gracefully, the rainbow deer arrived at the mountain peak, and like a gust of wind, Yuji drifted down from the back of it. She gave the lady under the lonely pine tree a look and smiled. Then, she came before the lady and offered her a greeting, "Yuji offers greetings, the Queen of Great Qin, Her Majesty Yuyao, my sister! I wonder why is my sister sitting alone here? Were you waiting for Yuji?"

Yuyao tapped the jade flute lightly with her fingers, then said coolly, "Why are you having interest in a little boy who doesn't even have all his body hair fully grown? If that overbearing lord of yours knows that you've slept with a green, wouldn't he poke a large hole in the sky?"

Yuji walked towards Yuyao while chuckling and sat slowly down. "I do like this little boy," she said softly, "Does sister also has some interest in him? If you do, I'll go and catch him here, so sister can enjoy him as well!" She sighed intoxicatedly and narrowed her eyes, putting up a smile as if she were indulging in the aftertaste. "He is good, and I really enjoyed throughout the whole process. But I am curious. This is the first time that this little boy had sex with a girl, but how come he knows so many strange and exotic tricks?"

Yuyao said no word. Lightly, she waved the jade flute in the air, as the cool breeze passed through the little holes in it and generated some faint whooshing noises. She frowned and said, "He is one odd and queer little boy, and I don't like him. I wonder why both you and Yue Tan have taken a fancy to him? What good does this little boy have?" She sneered, shook her head and continued, "For me, I really hate those men who always tell lies. He had told Yue Tan that he was cultivating with a pure Yang technique and cannot lose his virginity. But look what he did with you? Hmph!"

A light snort was heard coming from a far distance. Then suddenly, a strong and quick black panther sprinted up to the mountain peak like a lightning strike. From its back, a beautiful lady leaped gracefully down and stood firmly before both ladies. She was clad in a black light armor and holding a sixteen feet long coiling-dragon crescent blade in her hand. Her long hair were waving violently in the refreshing breeze. A pressing, vigorous heroic spirit could be sensed coming from her, and vaguely, she was sending forth an aura like a high-ranking military officer.

She thrust the handle of the blade to the ground forcefully, sending the handle with the diameter of about a chicken egg three feet down into the earth. The black-armored lady giggled as she looked at Yuji and said, "Sister Yuji, you do have a big appetite, don't you? You've really harvested that Wu Qi's Pure Yang energy? Sure enough, he is a liar who never tells the truth! What a waste, as I've given him a spirit pill that can help him form his Gold Core! If I knew he would spend a night with you, Yuji, I would never give him the spirit pill, but instead, I would give him a poisonous pill!"

Yuji laughed and gave Yue Tan an amorous glance, "You're just being jealous, as I could take him down and yet he did not pay any attention to you. Well, among the three of us, sister Yuyao is an expert in political tactics and schemes, and you, Yue Tan, have the strongest cultivation base. As for Yuji, I can't fight with those men in the imperial court, I have no abilities to kill the enemies in the battlefield, and such trifle tactics are the only things that I know."

A rueful expression that looked rather charming emerged on Yuji's face. She sighed sorrowfully and said, "Using such trifle tactics, Yuji had pleased other men for so many years, but this time, I just wanted to have a little fun for myself. So, why must sister Yuyao and Yue Tan fling out such harsh words at me?"

Yue Tan gave Yuji a deep look, then shook her head. On the other side, Yuyao sighed lightly and said, "Alright, put away that look of a little woman from your face. Although you can make all the men under the heaven go crazy for you with that look, but what can that do to us? We've been staying together for over two thousand years, and that is how far the fate can bring us together. When we meet again after today, none of us will have any idea how the situation would be. I am going to find my man."

Yuji tilted her head up and looked at the white clouds in the sky, sighed and said, "Yet, Yuji has to keep tangling with sister Yue Tan, and we won't be separated for the rest of our life."

"Who said we won't be separated for the rest of our life?" Yue Tan said angrily.

Yuji turned looking at Yue Tan with a surprised look, giggled and said, "Yuji is going to look for my lord, Xiang Yu, and currently, my lord is one of the ministers in Great Chu. Sister Yue Tan is going to return to Great Chu as well. I thought that Duke of Chun Shen, Huang Xie, was sister Yue Tan's old lover in those years? As both Xiang Yu and Huang Xie are the ministers of Great Chu, and since we are going to find them, doesn't that mean you and I have to take care of each other, and will never be separated for the rest of our life?"

Yue Tan put up a straight face, tightened her grip on the crescent blade and said coolly, "Huang Xie that old fool..."

Yuji's body was swaying gently as she laughed and said, "Huang Xie that old fool... Whenever Yuji looks at his fat body, Yuji feels really bad. Also, whenever I think of sister Yue Tan is going to offer yourself to that old fatty, letting him enjoy you wantonly, I always think that it is a reckless waste of a heavenly treasure. Why don't sister Yue Tan go find that Wu Qi as well, so as to avoid that old fool from taking away your Yin energy, wasting the cultivation base you had arduously accumulated for over two thousand years."

Suddenly, a bright light flashed through, as Yue Tan wielded the long blade and thrust towards Yuji's neck.

Yue Tan chuckled, stretching her delicate and fair neck towards the edge of the blade. A loud clanging noise rang out, and a large amount of sparks were generated while the blade was knocked back upon impact. However, not even a tiny red line could be found on the delicate and fair neck of Yuji. Yue Tan shook her wrists and thrust the long blade again, and in an instant, she had already hacked 99 times on Yuji's body. Shockingly, Yuji still was chuckling while she casually removed her dress, greeting the blade with her perfect body.

Noises of metal clashing kept ringing out rapidly, as bright sparks kept flying and shooting out from Yuji's body. Yet, none of the attacks could leave a scratch on her skin. In a blink of an eye, Yue Tan had thrust out 99 strikes with her blade, then abruptly put away her blade and sprung back. Yuji gave a moan and panted, twisting her slender waist and slowly backing off a few steps. She lowered her head and looked to her fair and flawless body complacently, giggled and said, "After Yuji attained some achievements in the 'Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan', I'm no longer afraid of being hurt by any metal weapons. Unless it is an innate spirit treasure, or some celestial weapon that is not made of metals, no one could hurt even a strand of my hair!"

Yue Tan gave a cold laugh. A cold mist suddenly burst out from her face, and her visage changed abruptly. Although she still looked exceedingly beautiful, her visage looked totally different from earlier. She inhaled lightly and clenched her fists, then sprung into the air and punched her fist right towards Yuji's chest.

Yuji's face immediately turned solemn. Very quickly, she raised two little hands of her up, both emitting a dazzling glow as she began drawing a Taiji symbol before her chest, and lightly pushed it out with both palms. In an instant, the air in front of her shattered, turning into a three feet wide, pitch-black hole. The surrounding air immediately twisted, while both Yue Tan and Yuji had their bodies trembled and leaped back several dozens of feet at the same time.

Yuyao nodded her head, smiled and said, "Yuji's cultivation of Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan has reached 70% of mastery, and no metal weapons can hurt her now. It is worth the hard work of over two thousand years. Yue Tan's cultivation of Heaven Breeding Script of Goddess Su has also reached 70% of mastery, more than enough to deal with all kinds of sudden changes. We have spent over two thousand years together, and yet we've to separate again today..."

Yuyao sighed, raised her head up and looked into the sky. "This is our destiny..." She said in an indifferent tone, "When we meet again, we will not be sisters anymore. Even if we have to fight on the battlefield and kill each other, that is the destiny we have to embrace. What can we do when the man that we aid is the greatest hero of the generation?"

"Greatest hero of the generation? Hehe!" said Yuji with a sneer. Then, she continued coolly, "He can't even stop me from secretly having sex with a fresh and naive little boy! Hehe, I really wish I can see what would be his expression when he finally finds out that I've been disloyal to him!"

Yuyao and Yue Tan exchanged a glance, then both breathed out a long and deep sigh.

Yue Tan walked beside Yuji and gave her a strong hug. Yuyao rose slowly up and walked beside both ladies, spread her arms and gave both of them a strong hug as well.

Tears coursed down the faces of three ladies, as they began weeping together.

But very soon, all three of them stopped weeping at the same time. Yuyao said coolly, "We were fortunate enough to be able to stay together for over two thousand years, what else can we complain about? Among the three of us, as your eldest sister, I'm the luckiest one. Although Ying Zheng had made many mistakes, he has also treated me with a genuine heart. But Yuji, Yue Tan, both of you do have to suffer... But, this is our destiny, and there is nothing we can do about it."

She let loose of her hug and took a few steps back, cupped her fist and bowed at Yuji and Yue Tan while saying, "When we meet again, Yuyao will definitely use every possible means to kill both of you. The Celestial Technique of Goddess Xuan and Heaven Breeding Script of Goddess Su are both very powerful techniques, and Yuyao will not allow Xiang Yu and Huang Xie to have two capable helpers. So, someday in the future, when the two of you are schemed by someone, please don't blame Yuyao for being cruel."

Yuji pointed her fingers at her clothes casually and put them back up, giggled and said, "Yuji will never show any mercy to my two sisters. Once I have the opportunity, Yuji will personally pull out your hearts and make them into a delicious soup. Especially sister Yuyao's Evil Heart of Seven Apertures, just to let you know, Yuji has been craving it for a very long time."

In the meanwhile, Yue Tan had put away her blade and leaped onto the back of the black panther. Without saying a word, she quickly rode and rushed towards the south. Yuji bowed towards Yuyao gracefully, then all of a sudden, she sprung and dashed towards Yue Tan like a ghost, stretching her palm out like a claw and grabbing towards Yuyao's chest.

Yuyao laughed. In an instant, a strong golden light burst out from her body, while twelve golden demon figurines, each standing thirty-six feet tall, suddenly emerged behind her back, thrusting their heavy fists out and smashing towards Yuji's head. Yuji was greatly shocked, as she backed off without hesitation and cried out, "The cornerstone treasure of Great Qin, the twelve Golden Figurines. So, sister has already met with Ying Zheng? You're truly my crafty and despicable sister!"

Abruptly, Yuji's body transformed into a stream of white light and then dissipated, disappearing without a trace.

Yuyao stretched her back, staring blankly at the direction where Yuji and Yue Tan disappeared into.

"The beloved consort of Hegemon-King of Western Chu, Yuji, and the Queen of Great Chu, Li Yueyan… Both of my good sisters..."

Her pupils constricted, and a merciless, cruel smile emerged on her face.

"Somebody, send some scouts to Great Yan's territory and spread the news, I want them to know that Yuji, the beloved consort of Hegemon-King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu, was raped by Duke of Tianyun of Great Yan, Wu Qi!"

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