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Chapter 793: A Way to Delay Cultivation Dissipation

Thanks to young master Ji San’s introduction, Jiang Chen finally understood what the opening of the Pagoda meant to the Capital. The Skylaurel Kingdom also had a wishing tower that was celebrated like a national holiday every time it was opened to the public. The Veluriyam Pagoda was Veluriyam Capital’s ancient building of inheritance and totem. In every citizen’s heart, it was worshipped as their holy ground. The fact that it was opened only once per sixty years showed just how important it was to the Capital.

“Brother, I’m sure that the Pill Pagoda’s competition will be nothing to you with your pill dao talents. Moreover, there is an iron rule that states that all Veluriyam Pagoda competitors must not be older than sixty years. This also means that every person has one, and only one chance, to participate.”

“Even I can?” Jiang Chen looked surprised.

“Of course you can. You’re qualified as long as you have a legitimate identity. Even a foreigner can participate in the event as long as they acquire a legitimate identity in Veluriyam Capital first.” Ji San smiled.

“Doesn’t that make it very easy for enemy forces to infiltrate your ranks?” Jiang Chen looked curious.

“Hehe. First, there’s no point in sending an ordinary cultivator because they’d eventually be flushed out by true talent. The results wouldn’t change even if they were to send thousands of such cultivators. But if the enemy went so far as to send real geniuses into the Veluriyam Pagoda competition, they would possess certain special characteristics that would eventually be found out sooner or later. Moreover, all those who wish to be chosen by the seven great emperors must be of clean background and survive a rigid selection process. It is not at all easy to infiltrate our ranks.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He recalled that the Veluriyam Pagoda had been passed down since ancient times, so they must have a way to filter out the plants. If Veluriyam Capital was this easy to infiltrate, then it would’ve fallen a long time ago.

“You are House Wei’s guest pill king, brother. Even if you aren’t, the Coiling Dragon Clan still can provide you with an illustrious qualification to participate.” Ji San encouraged him, “We are all born to strive towards the top. Although you are closely knitted with House Wei now, I am sure that you won’t stay there forever! Ah, I’m not trying to drive a wedge between you and House Wei, it’s just that anyone can see that you’re fated for something bigger. You simply must participate in the Veluriyam Pagoda competition. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to rise swiftly to the top. If you are chosen by any one of the seven great emperors, your status would definitely rise by leaps and bounds. When that happens, you wouldn’t need to worry about the likes of the Eternal Celestial Capital even if you were to publicize your identity right then and there.”

Although House Wei was one of the Coiling Dragon Clan’s forces, Ji San’s words were indeed completely selfless. He really was thinking for Jiang Chen’s sake.

The clan lord also nodded, “You can consider Ji San’s suggestion, young friend. In fact, I believe that you may participate not just in the Pill Pagoda, but in the Martial Pagoda as well. With your talents, I am sure that you can achieve great things, and perhaps even the main pagoda is not out of your reach. This is a great opportunity for you to improve your status. The human domain is particularly vast. Working solo is ultimately a path that leads nowhere.”

Jiang Chen had to admit that he was tempted. Considering his current situation and the rate of his growth, it was highly unlikely that he could emerge as a prominent force without at least eight to ten years of investment and work, and even that was optimistic. After all, pill dao talents could at best only attract other people’s attention. It was extremely unlikely that he could attract the undying loyalty of true experts with just pill dao.

“This is a rare opportunity, brother, you won’t find a better chance than this. Moreover, you’re currently carrying a lot of heavy responsibilities on your back, aren’t you? If you can win the favor of a great emperor in the Veluriyam Pagoda competition, then a lot of troubles will disappear from your path.” Ji San advised him earnestly and patiently.

“The Eternal Celestial Capital wouldn’t dare to harm you, and you would have more channels to use in your search for your father. Even your plans to revitalize your sect and rebuilt the Regal Pill Palace would be much easier with Veluriyam Capital’s support.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “Thank you for the advice, Brother Ji. I will consider this seriously and bring forth my full efforts to bear if I do participate.”

“Now that’s how it should be!” Ji San smiled, “When the time comes, the two of us brothers shall join hands and stun the Veluriyam Pagoda event with our might!”

Jiang Chen gave him a smile and asked another question, “How much longer until the Pagoda opens?”

“Next year on the 15th of March. It will last an entire year, until March 15th of the next year. The Pill Pagoda’s competition will be held during the first three months, then the Martial Pagoda’s competition for the following three months, and finally, the main pagoda competition will be held during the final six months of the event!

“The Pill Pagoda and Martial Pagoda’s competitions are just warm up events. Only those who shine above the rest in those competitions will qualify to compete in the main pagoda’s competition. Moreover, the seven emperors’ forces will also participate in the main pagoda’s competition in search of promising new talent. Anyone chosen by the seven great emperors will become a member of an emperor level faction on the spot. It’s the moment of their making!

“The 15th of March next year… that’s less than a year’s time. Your health, my lord…”

The clan lord sighed softly, “News of my failing health have long since spread in private. It’s just that none of them could confirm it outright. Since it wasn’t confirmed, there aren’t many who’ve dared to act recklessly. However, if they confirm that I’m about to lose my cultivation very soon, then the Coiling Dragon Clan may immediately sink into a quagmire. That’s why the Veluriyam Pagoda event next year is a major obstacle to me. It is an event that even the seven great emperors are required to personally participate, much less clan lords like us. When that happens, everything and everyone within the clan will be put under a magnifying glass and displayed for the world to see.”

A cultivator with dissipating cultivation looked completely different from a normal expert. If an expert started losing their cultivation, the symptoms were impossible to hide. The symptoms of power loss were even more obvious than symptoms of illness, as the cultivator’s physique itself would shrivel and wither. Anyone who wasn’t blind would recognize the symptoms of cultivation loss. The clan lord had already cut back on his public appearances.

However, the Veluriyam Pagoda event wasn’t an event that he could skip out on. It was an obstacle that he had to somehow overcome, for it was around the time he would start losing his cultivation. When that happened, the truth would be revealed. It would be an absolute disaster for the Coiling Dragon Clan.

Jiang Chen nodded and closed his eyes in thought. After considering many potential gains and losses in his mind, he finally spoke, “Clan Lord, I may not be capable of refining the Pinecrane Pill, but my master once told me about a way to delay the loss of one’s power. If the method’s results are outstanding, then the symptoms can be delayed by five to ten years; if the results are average, then it can still delay the symptoms by one to two years. I’ve never tried it though, if you don’t mind…”

“What?” A light of hope suddenly lit up inside the clan lord’s eyes. It was like a man who’d been floundering in darkness suddenly finding a single ray of light. After studying Jiang Chen for a very long time, the clan lord finally said solemnly, “How confident are you at succeeding?”

“I’ve never tried it before, so I dare not give you a number to consider. However, this method has no side effects. Even if it fails, it will not cause your condition to worsen. I can guarantee this with my life!” In reality, Jiang Chen was about seventy to eighty percent sure that he would succeed, but considering that his patient was a clan lord, boasting was inadvisable, and safe was better than sorry.

“No side effects, is it?” The clan lord murmured, “Is this fate? The last time a House Wei guest pill king offered his services to me, he caused my condition to instantly worsen. But now, the same offer has been made by another guest pill king of House Wei. It seems as though this is a test of my faith.”

Jiang Chen didn’t answer, but his eyes were honest and clear. He was simply giving a suggestion. Whether the clan lord accepted it or not was his own choice. After all, the Coiling Dragon Clan clan lord had had his trust betrayed before. Jiang Chen could understand his choice if he were to turn down the offer. The reason he brought up this suggestion was because he didn’t want to refine the Pinecrane Pill just yet. He felt that the time wasn’t right yet.

If he were to refine the pill now, there was no telling if he could maintain a harmonious relationship with the clan lord like today. After all, the ruler of a great clan was no different from an emperor. These people could change their minds in an instant, and there was no telling if they could be entirely trusted. Jiang Chen had no intentions of revealing his trump card this early.

As long as the clan lord’s life remained threatened, and as long as the hope of treatment continued to lie in Jiang Chen’s hands, the latter had sufficient room to advance or retreat. With this thread of hope in hand, the clan lord would do everything in his power to protect Jiang Chen at all costs. Although this wasn’t the most honest way, it was the wisest choice.

The clan lord wasn’t Ji San after all. Ji San was an impulsive but loyal young man. Jiang Chen could trust the young master with his life. However, the clan lord was the lord of an entire clan. Once he had truly regained his vigor, the first thing he would consider was the overall interest of the clan. Jiang Chen’s weight in his heart would also be downgraded from the one hope that could save his life to a mere benefactor.

Although a benefactor was very important to a clan lord, it was definitely incomparable to the only hope that could save his life. Even though Jiang Chen didn’t think that the clan lord was an ungrateful person, there was nothing wrong with preparing for the worst.

The clan lord pondered for a long time. Finally, a hint of determination appeared in his eyes, “Alright. If this really is my fate, then what do I have to fear? Do your best, young friend. If you can extend my life for a couple of years, I will reward you greatly for this favor!”

Ji San was overjoyed to hear the clan lord’s agreement, “Don’t worry, my lord. Jiang Chen is my brother. I can guarantee that his character is impeccable with my head.”

“Hehe, I’m the one who made the choice. Why would I need your head as a guarantee? Young friend, what materials do you need? I’ll send someone to prepare them straight away.”

Jiang Chen nodded, “This method isn’t complicated, but it does need a lot of materials. I’ll prepare a list of items right now.”

Ji San hastily went away to personally make preparations. The list of items was quickly written down.

“Take my token and bring these materials from the warehouse. Everything must be prepared within two hours,” The clan lord instructed Ji San.

“Will do!” Ji San took off as soon as he accepted the token.

Jiang Chen said to the clan lord, “Clan lord, if you’ll excuse me, I will run through some simulations in my mind for a moment. Just to ensure that I won’t make a mistake and fail you later.”

Jiang Chen sat down right where he was, meditating. He hadn’t fabricated this delaying tactic out of nowhere. In fact, he remembered at least ten ways from his past life that could delay the loss of one’s cultivation. Therefore, he didn’t need to simulate anything at all. The reason he used such an excuse was to avoid talking too much with the clan lord. He wanted to prevent the clan lord from making any indirect inquiries that might put him in a difficult position. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting clan lord actually grew more trustful of Jiang Chen after witnessing such an attitude.

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