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Chapter 794: The Five Elements Augmentation Art, Success

Ji San was quite competent. In less than half an hour, he had gathered and prepared all the materials on the list.

“Clan Lord, please prepare a private room. Although the process of the treatment isn’t difficult, it requires absolute silence and zero interference.”

The clan lord nodded, “No one will dare interrupt this space without my orders.”

The method Jiang Chen had selected was called the ‘Five Elements Augmentation Art’. In his prior life, Jiang Chen had been born with a yin constitution and thus possessed an extremely short lifespan. His father had used heavenly power and utilized the Five Elements Augmentation Art to prolong his life. However, there was a difference: the art his father used was called the ‘Heavenly Five Great Elements Augmentation Art’. To put it bluntly, it was an art that literally created life force out of nothing by using the energy of the five elements within the body. This unnatural method had come at great cost.

Even someone as powerful as his father would employ it only once in a while. It wasn’t until the Sun Moon Divine Pill was refined later that Jiang Chen managed to become a mortal with a lifespan that stretched over millions of years. This Sun Moon Divine Pill had almost exhausted all of his father’s fortune and was one of the direct factors that triggered the cataclysm later. Although the father from his past life had never brought it up, Jiang Chen had finally understood this to be true after he’d analyzed the matter and the details of his previous life.

But by the time he finally realized just how much his father had sacrificed for his sake, they were already a lifetime away from each other. Of course, Jiang Chen was absolutely incapable of performing the Heavenly Five Great Elements Augmentation Art. This art could extend a person’s life by several thousand years every time it was performed. It was also impossible to execute unless one had a degree of strength comparable to his father. However, a rough and basic version of the Five Elements Augmentation Art was not beyond Jiang Chen’s capabilities. Moreover, it wouldn’t use up too much of his strength.

Of course, this rough version didn’t possess even a thousandth of the original’s power. At best, it could extend a person’s life by three to five years. However, this would be enough. It was exactly the amount Jiang Chen wanted. First, he would sell the clan lord a favor. It was also a reciprocation for the gift he had received. The successful execution of this art would also win the clan lord’s undying loyalty because the clan lord could now be sure that Jiang Chen’s words were real.  There was only good to be had to winning the clan lord’s trust and admiration. As long as the clan lord wasn’t suicidal, he would support Jiang Chen with all his might in the future.

Even though Jiang Chen was about to execute a simple version of the Five Elements Augmentation Art, it was still extremely complicated and not a technique that just anyone could control. There were a lot of internal knowledge involved, and was thus impossible for an outsider to understand just from observation. After he’d gone through a few simulations, the Art appeared immeasurably profound. Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid that the clan lord would steal the technique from him. Just like pill refining, it was impossible for anyone to pick up how to execute this technique at first glance. At best, they would be able to learn the superficial details. Moreover, Jiang Che was certain that the clan lord wouldn’t dare attempt the technique carelessly. His life was at stake, and reckless experimentation could result in his death.

As he started, the power of the five elements were being gathered and pressed into the clan lord’s main acupoints through various seals. These acupoints were all places that controlled the clan lord’s life force. When the power of the elements entered his body, these main acupoints temporarily regained their vitality and exuded a vibrant lifeforce. Jiang Chen continued to seal in five elements power until he’d made forty nine main seals. This covered all of the main acupoints in the body and formed a large cycle of life force. A few beads of sweat appeared on his forehead when he was finished.

The process had been a lot harder than he’d initially imagined, but thankfully, things had gone relatively smoothly. However, the amount of energy he’d exhausted was greater than he’d imagined. Thankfully, Jiang Chen had already ascended to earth sage realm. His sea of qi and circulation of inner energy was much improved. Regardless, he felt a lot more comfortable after he consumed a couple of energy restoration pills. He opened his eyes, “You can move now, clan lord.”

The clan lord was currently in a completely relaxed state. He didn’t dare put up any resistance, use the slightest bit of consciousness or circulate his own life force. One could say that he was an insensanate doll that Jiang Chen could manipulate however he liked. It was only when Jiang Chen said that he could move that the clan lord finally came back to himself. He began circulating his consciousness and life force once more. The moment he did so, he was immediately stunned by the results.

“Eh?” A look of wild joy appeared on the clan lord’s face, “My body! It’s so alive! I haven’t felt such a vigorous life force in such a long time!”

Jiang Chen smiled and nodded, “The treatment has gone relatively smoothly. It was a lot more exhausting than I initially imagined, however.”

Gratitude appeared in the clan lord’s eyes. “I can’t believe you have the ability to reverse death itself! What an eye-opener this experience was! You’re truly brilliant, young friend! Most impressive, most impressive!”

Ji San had also heard the commotion from outside. When he impatiently burst into the room and looked at the clan lord, he was immediately stunned. “Clan lord, your… your body seems to have improved a lot!”

“Haha, you’re right, you’re very right! Ji San, this brother of yours is truly amazing! There aren’t many people who impress me in this day and age, but today that count just went up by one more. And such a young cultivator no less! The heavens truly haven’t forsaken me. It is the entire clan’s fortune to be blessed with such an amazing genius!” The clan lord was blooming with happiness and excitement. After all, he had been plagued by death’s steps for many years. Naturally, the feeling of having put off this final deadline and his burgeoning lifeforce was unimaginably wonderful. Even a person who had lived for a couple thousand years couldn’t help but lose his composure a little after being relieved of that burden.

Ji San hastily asked, “Brother, how long can the clan lord’s current state be maintained?”

Jiang Chen said honestly, “Anywhere between three to five years. Such is the extent of my abilities. If this technique were to be executed again, its effect would be largely mitigated. It is truly a technique that kills the goose that lays golden eggs, and a solution that isn’t really a solution because it disturbs the harmony of the heavens. I’m afraid that my teacher will scold me in the future for this bold attempt.”

Although he had used his fictional teacher to compose his explanation, his words weren’t false. This technique took life from the very heavens themselves, and there would absolutely be some side effects if used too many times.

The clan lord said gratefully, “I won’t forget your efforts, young friend. I will remember this enormous favor well.”

Jiang Chen sighed, “It is unfortunate that I can’t extend the clan lord’s life longer than this.”

The clan lord waved his hands, “This is enough already. Three to five years time is enough for me to get through the Veluriyam Pagoda Meeting confidently. Plus, the chances that we can find the Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine before the end of my lifespan are now far greater.”

“That’s true. Now we have three to five years of additional time. Things are looking much brighter.” Ji San was all smiles.

His joy at the clan lord’s recovery was only natural. After all, the clan lord’s fate was connected to the Coiling Dragon Clan’s fate. Moreover, his brother had been the greatest contributor in improving the clan lord’s condition. Naturally, it meant that his own contribution was quite considerable too. There was no doubt that his status had just greatly risen in the clan lord’s heart.

The clan lord flipped his hand over and showed them a glittering token, “This is a Silver Dragon Medallion, young friend, a token that commands authority second only to my clan’s highest Golden Dragon Token. With this token, you may freely enter or exit the clan lord residence and see me. You will also be able to pass through all blockades freely without having to report to anyone. Moreover, even great clans would have to show you some face with this token in hand.”

Ji San was overjoyed when he saw this, “Good luck has come to you, brother. Even I haven’t been able to get a Silver Dragon Medallion myself!”

Jiang Chen was surprised for a second, but immediately noted that this token might actually be very useful to him. He accepted it with a nod and said, “Thank you for the great gift, clan lord.”

“It is nothing compared to the favor I owe you for saving my life,” The clan lord was obviously in good spirits. “I’m in a very good mood today, so I insist that you drink some wine with me, young friend. Also, don’t complain, Ji San, you are one of the successor candidates of the Coiling Dragon Clan, so I absolutely cannot grant you this Silver Dragon Medallion. If I gave the candidates something like this, you young’uns would only use it to strut around Veluriyam Capital and show off your might. It would sow the seeds of arrogance and be detrimental to you. Plus, how on earth will you temper yourself if everyone is forced to give way to you because of this object? Jiang Chen here is different. He has no foundation in Veluriyam Capital, so this token may be of use to him at a critical time.”

Ji San chuckled, “I’m not asking for the token, am I? On the other hand, an Imperial Advent Defense Talisman… Hehe, the clan lord understands, right?”

The clan lord flicked an Imperial Advent Defense Talisman straight at Ji San with a loud bark of laughter. “You little slyboots. Take it as a reward for your great contribution. You’ll probably come back and nag me if I don’t anyway.”

That was what he said, but the clan lord’s appreciation of Ji San was as clear as day. It was obvious that Ji San’s recent performance had satisfied him greatly. There were plenty of people who’d actively made contributions to the Coiling Dragon Clan, but the only one who succeeded in contributing to the clan lord himself was Ji San.

The trio began drinking inside the garden.

When the wine was quaffed, the clan lord instructed, “Ji San, young friend Jiang Chen is the Coiling Dragon Clan’s honored guest. Therefore, your first duty is to ensure his safety and assist Taiyuan Tower’s development, starting from today. No matter what happens, you must remember to protect our young friend. During times of need, you may mobilize the Coiling Dragon personal guards directly.”

“Understood.” Ji San was overjoyed to hear that he could mobilize the Coiling Dragon personal guards directly. This was an extremely special level of treatment. After all, only those who had been selected to become the clan’s next lord had the qualification to mobilize the Coiling Dragon personal guards. Moreover, they normally had to obtain the clan lord’s permission as well.

“Work hard. If you perform well during the Veluriyam Pagoda competition, you’ll have a great chance to win the position of young clan lord of the clan.” The clan lord was giving Ji San a rare firm hint.

Ji San felt even more delighted after hearing this. He chuckled, “I’ll definitely do my best.”

After they departed the clan lord’s residence, Ji San couldn’t help but thank Jiang Chen again and again. Jiang Chen merely smiled at his thanks, “You and I are brothers. Thanks are unnecessary between us.”

“You’re right, you’re right. My good brother, we shall brave hardships and enjoy blessings together! Oh right, you should think some more about the Veluriyam Pagoda when you go back. I’ll have someone prepare a set of detailed information for you once I return home. It’ll have all the interesting stories and classics in Veluriyam Pagoda.”

Jiang Chen nodded, but changed the topic to something else, “Brother Ji, I need a quiet and spacious place. Can you arrange that for me?”

“What kind of place?”

“As spacious and as secluded as possible. It would be best if there is no one around at all,” Jiang Chen responded.

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