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Chapter 792: Diagnosing the Coiling Dragon Clan Lord

The Coiling Dragon clan lord laughed when he saw Jiang Cheng’s and young master Ji San’s surprise. “Don’t think too much on it. I accidentally obtained some of its ingredients when travelling the world in my youth, so I invited a ninth-level pill king to refine a cauldron of Sage Smile Pills. That cauldron produced seven pills. Two pills went to that pill king as his pay, while I kept the other five. I’ve already bestowed three on geniuses in the clan. These two pills are the last ones I have left.”

Young master Ji San smiled. “I took one of those previous three. Brother, there’s no need to hesitate when the clan lord is gifting them to you. Take them. The clan lord has many other good things anyways!”

Without any fawning, Jiang Chen bowed at once to express his thanks. “In that case, Senior, it would be impolite for me to refuse. Many thanks to the clan lord for his precious gift!”

A burst of curiosity possessed young master Ji San, causing him to inquire, “Clan Lord, how are you even aware of me gifting my Imperial Advent Defense Talisman to my brother Jiang Chen?”

“What’s so strange about that? I was the one who gave you that talisman, so it has my unique aura on it. I knew as soon as he came in. You crafty fox, just tell me if you want another one. Beating around the bush so slyly, hmm!” The clan lord seemed to be scolding him with his words, yet a smile hung on his face. He was obviously planning on giving another one to Ji San.

A mischievous smile split Ji San’s face, “Hehe, I know that the clan lord dotes on me.”

The clan lord withdrew his smile as he put on a stern tone, “Stop buttering me up. The reason why I bestow gifts upon both of you is because of your candid words at the gates. If you were of two minds, or if you were merely paying lip service, then you wouldn’t have received anything.”

Young master Ji San scratched his head and sent a sidelong smile at Jiang Chen, both of them secretly thinking, how lucky. Who would have thought that careless words exchanged before coming inside would have benefited them so much?

After indicating for Jiang Chen and young master Ji San to sit down, the clan lord asked some more questions about the Regal Pill Palace. Jiang Chen didn’t disseminate and roughly explained the current situation. With a sigh, the clan lord said, “The Eternal Celestial Capital’s power is rather formidable. Although it doesn’t match that of Veluriyam Capital, I can’t help you reverse this situation with only my power. At least not for a matter of this level. However, it’s still possible for me to offer you some convenient protection here inside the Capital.”

The clan lord wasn’t distancing himself on purpose. No matter what, the Eternal Celestial Capital was still a first-rate sect. It might not be as powerful as Veluriyam Capital, but it was certainly a level above the Coiling Dragon Clan. No matter how powerful Veluriyam Capital, it was still just equivalent to two or three first-rate sects at most. Most of the Veluriyam Capital’s power lay in the seven great emperors. The Coiling Dragon Clan might be the foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital, but it was still a second-level faction. It wasn’t powerful enough to contend with a first-rate sect over a long period of time.

Of course, the clan lord’s words definitely carried great authority inside Veluriyam Capital’s domain. It wasn’t any issue for him to protect Jiang Chen inside the Capital. Moreover, neither the Eternal Celestial Capital nor the Ninesuns Sect would dream about running wild in public inside Veluriyam Capital. The consequences would be too dire to contemplate if they were to provoke the ire of the seven great emperors. So what of a first-rate sect? If one offended Veluriyam Capital and aroused the thunderous wrath of the seven great emperors, it wasn’t out of the question for them to completely eradicate a first-rate sect!

Jiang Chen hadn’t been counting on the Coiling Dragon Clan to help him contend with the Eternal Celestial Capital. It wouldn’t have been a realistic idea. Although he did need to borrow borrow outside power to enact his revenge and rebuild the sect, he had to have the strength to request it in the first place. If he was too far lacking in strength himself, then it was impossible for others to pay the great price of lending him their strength. At present, the thing Jiang Chen lacked the most was personal strength. That being said, strength wasn’t the only thing that added to his value. His pill dao greatly enhanced his current value.

Young master Ji San spoke from off to the side, “Clan Lord, Brother Jiang Chen is the one who told me about the Pinecrane Pill. Back then, he exerted his all to prevent me from gifting the clan lord with the Longevity Pill. He also stopped me from wasting quite a lot of money.”

Hope dawned in the clan lord’s eyes. He was different from young master Ji San. As a powerhouse who’d lived for millennia, he was still more composed and more self-possessed than young master Ji San even as he stood at this juncture between life and death. He didn’t forget himself, though a faint hope shone in his eyes. “Little friend Jiang Chen, to be entirely frank, this Pinecrane Pill is of prime importance for this old man. I wonder, what did your honored master say back then? I am eager for guidance.”

Jiang Chen hurried to say, “I dare not offer guidance, but when my venerated master spoke of the Pinecrane Pill and the Longevity Pill, I didn’t believe him. As such, he refined a cauldron of Longevity Pills on the spot so that I could broaden my horizons. As for the Pinecrane Pill, because he had none of the ingredients on hand back then, I wasn’t blessed with the good fortune of seeing the venerable elder refine the pill. However, my master isn’t someone fond of deceit. If he says it can be refined, then it can be refined. And judging from his tone, refining this pill didn’t seem particularly difficult either.”

“Oh? The refining isn’t difficult?” A brief flash of joy glinted across the clan lord’s eyes.

“My master’s skills are divine when it comes to the dao of pills. Even though it’s not difficult for him, it might be something another pill master wouldn’t achieve even for an entire lifetime.” A strong sense of worship emanated from Jiang Chen’s tone. He knew that since he’d already fabricated the mysterious character of his “master,” he had to maintain this facade no matter what.

The clan lord’s thoughts seemed to wander. “This honored master must be a great expert in pill dao. Little friend, your fortune is truly great.”

Jiang Chen nodded. “Yes. It was entirely unfortunate that I could only learn from him for a mere ten years. Now that it’s been so many years since I last saw him, I miss him deeply.”

Young master Ji San said, “Brother, I know that you only have one opportunity to contact your teacher. I also mentioned this to the clan lord.”

The clan lord nodded. “I am someone about to die, so there is no need for me to talk in a roundabout way. If I can obtain the Pinecrane Pill and rise from the ashes, then you would be the benefactor giving me a new lease on life, and also the benefactor giving our clan a bright path forward. When the day comes, I will certainly bestow an even better fortune upon you! If I break my promise, may the heavens and the earth strike me dead!”

An even greater fortune? Jiang Chen was slightly surprised, but he merely offered a faint smile and didn’t probe any further. “I felt close to young master San at first sight. I treat him as a brother, sharing joys and woes with each other. Leave the Pinecrane Pill to me. As long as you can find the cone of an Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine, I can guarantee I will have a Pinecrane Pill for the clan lord!”

This was the first time Jiang Chen had made such a firm promise. Both the clan lord and Ji San lit up with delight. Ji San was the most moved. “Wonderful, wonderful! No matter the cost we have to bear, our clan will definitely find an Invisible Chameleon Cloudpine.”

As for the clan lord, he asked instead, “Is the Pinecrane Pill truly so miraculous?”

Jiang Chen smiled. “The Longevity Pill can prolong the life of cultivator in the sage realm for five to eight hundred years. Even the shoddiest Longevity Pill can prolong life for five hundred years. For a upper-rank Longevity Pill, prolonging life for a thousand years isn’t a difficult task. On the other hand, the Pinecrane Pill can help an emperor realm cultivator live for a thousand years more at the very least.”

“Are these your honored master’s words from back then?” The clan lord couldn’t hold back his surprise and joy.

“The master’s words back then were even more exaggerated than this. I’ve already softened them a little,” Jiang Chen said, smiling.

“Fate in his world is truly a wondrous thing.” The clan lord sighed with emotion.

Ji San spoke up, “Clan Lord, Brother Jiang said he wanted to check your condition and understand your situation, so that he may make a clear report to his master in the future.”

The clan lord’s smile was free and unrestrained. “As someone not long for this world, I’m not much a stickler for propriety. Little friend, do as you wish.”

Jiang Chen nodded. “Then I will be so bold as to try.” With a blink of his eyes, Jiang Chen’s God’s Eye shone bright, releasing golden light that swept deep into the clan lord’s body.

“Hm? Is that an eye art?” The clan lord was slightly taken aback. As the lord of a great clan, he’d naturally seen many who cultivated eye techniques. However, it was his first time seeing such an incisive eye technique. It was domineering and penetrating, a momentum that no obstacle seemed able to stop.

“Clan lord, please restrain your consciousness and allow this junior to check the condition of your body. I will be done in a few breaths.” Combining God’s Eye with the Evil Golden Eye, Jiang Chen’s gaze started roaming over the clan lord. At Jiang Chen’s level, an eye technique was enough to replace some of the more mundane methods of diagnosis.

The clan lord felt Jiang Chen’s gaze wander over his body in circular ripples. Under normal circumstances, he would have smacked someone else dead already for the audacity of sweeping over him like this. However, he was as obedient as a lamb right now, allowing Jiang Chen to do as the latter wished without offering any resistance. Jiang Chen secretly admired his tolerance. Those sitting in a leader’s seat were usually mistrustful, while this clan lord had obviously risen above such paranoia already. It was clearly an insight born from this critical juncture where his life hung in balance.

Jiang Chen retracted his shining gaze after a few breaths. With a nod, he said, “Apologies for the offense.”

With a slight nod, the clan lord indicated there was no harm, while young master Ji San, unable to wait any further, asked, “Brother, how is my clan lord’s situation?”

After a moment of hesitation, Jiang Chen muttered, “In his current state, the very latest that cultivation dissipation will begin is twelve months. In the worst case, it’s more than possible for it to start in nine months.”

“So soon?” Ji San was astounded.

The clan lord seemed to have anticipated such a result. With a calm face, he sighed and said, “I still thought I could struggle and endure until the opening of the Veluriyam Pagoda. It seems that it was a vain hope in the end.”

“The opening of the Veluriyam Pagoda?” Jiang Cheng was taken aback.

“Do you not know of it?” The clan lord shot a glance at Ji San. He thought Ji San had already told Jiang Chen about this matter.

Ji San immediately slapped his forehead. “My poor memory! I was only thinking about the clan lord’s matter these past few days and completely forgot about that. Brother, it’s like this. The Veluriyam Pagoda is our Capital’s titular piece of architecture. It houses the ancient Veluriyam King’s empyrean decree. It opens once in the first year of every cycle, that is, once every sixty years. There are altogether three towers in the Veluriyam Pagoda, divided as one main tower and two auxiliary towers…”

Ji San started to talk at length about the various matters pertaining to the Veluriyam Pagoda. “The competition for the Pagoda isn’t only a struggle for fame. There are tangible benefits to placing highly. The competition for the main tower in particular, it’s the stage for geniuses to soar to new heights. Countless geniuses appear at every Pagoda competition that the seven great emperors take a fancy to. They then go on to become influential figures in the Capital. From the seven great emperors high above all the way down to the common folk, the opening of the Pagoda is widely seen as the greatest festival in sixty years.”

Ji San’s face glowed radiant when he spoke of the Veluriyam Pagoda. A fierce longing shone in his eyes.

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