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Chapter 684: Two Inheritances

Although there were only two charges left, they represented two life-saving chances. As more information about the palace flooded through his mind, Jiang Chen gained a better understanding of the residence and the one who’d created it. The mid rank empyrean cultivator was called Guo Ran. But of course, there was no information about the creator within the residence other than his name. He’d obviously passed on within the palace, and had also left behind his empyrean decree somewhere inside. Apart from his own decree, there was a secret order that looked like a silver key. Its unremarkable design gave no hint of the turmoil that had revolved around it.

“Is this secret order the way to the fate secret realm?” Jiang Chen knew that secret orders used to enter secret realms came in various forms. Some were keys, others talismans, and yet others proofs of identity. If one barged in without a secret order, then the restrictions within the secret realm would activate to attack the unauthorized intruder. If the secret realm really was that amazing, then Jiang Chen decided that he would go adventure in one no matter what. It could lead him directly to the shores of the heavenly law. If he could communicate with it, then maybe he could head for the heavenly planes.

“Whether or not the secret realm really exists, I must keep the order safe. I can’t venture forth into the secret realm with my current strength, but with this, I’ll be able to enter whenever its corresponding secret realm appears.” In Jiang Chen’s eyes, the secret order was even more valuable than the empyrean decree. Although the decree would turn Titled Great Emperors into dogs fighting over a bone, it paled in comparison to a genuine secret order.

It was still a mystery currently whether there were any empyrean cultivators in the Divine Abyss Continent. At least, Jiang Chen hadn’t come into contact with any yet even given his unique position in the Myriad Domain It was similarly unknown whether there were any empyrean realm cultivators in the first rank sects either. However, even if there were any in the Upper Eight Regions, they would be as rare as phoenix feathers and dragon scales. It was likely that not a single one had appeared in the last thousand years. Many Titled Great Emperors had no hopes of gaining recognition from the heavenly dao through their own cultivation, so refining the empyrean decree left behind from others was the best way to ascend to the empyrean realm. Therefore, a bloodbath would always occur whenever an empyrean decree appeared as numerous Titled Great Emperors stirred to action. This was also why such things had to remain hidden.

The secret order of the fate secret realm, an empyrean order, and the palace abode. These were the three inheritances left behind by the ancient empyrean realm cultivator Guo Ran. Any of them would be an ultimate treasure in the Divine Abyss Continent.

“To think that the Ninesuns Sky Sect’s setup for a thousand years ended up benefiting me in the end!” Jiang Chen had the urge to throw his head back in laughter when he thought of this. He didn’t have the slightest iota of kindness towards the Sky Sect, particularly after the multiple grudges they’d formed. They’d long since formed a feud to the death. Therefore, not only did Jiang Chen not feel embarrassed about taking their fruits of labor, but he even had the sweet thrill of revenge.

The connection between the palace and Emperor Featherflight was completely erased after Jiang Chen refined the core. This meant that all of the cultivator’s defenses had been rendered useless. After Jiang Chen buried Emperor Featherflight’s remains, he also picked up the cultivator’s inheritance as well. It’d be a waste to just leave it there, anyhow. Although Emperor Featherflight had been a rogue cultivator, he was no simple character to be able to train to the level of Titled Great Emperor just based off his own potential and luck.

There were many reasons behind Emperor Featherflight’s fame. The first was his set of wings. Imbued with thunder and wind attributes, they’d allowed him to soar high above the clouds with the speed of thunder and that agility of the wind. His speed was considered top notch even amongst Titled Great Emperors. If the two first rank sects hadn’t flung every kind of trap and ambush in his path when pursuing him, they wouldn’t have been able to even catch his heels when he fled. Then again, he wouldn’t have perished if it hadn’t been for his injuries. After he’d been grievously injured, he’d called upon his wings to carry him to safety, without thinking of the price that that would exact. These wings were primarily why he’d been renowned throughout the Divine Abyss Continent.

A method called the “Featherflight Tactics” were to be used in conjunction with the wings. It enabled the cultivator to dash to and fro like a gust of wind or crack of thunder, coming and going like a shadow. It was almost impossible to guard against it. In addition, Emperor Featherflight had a famous blade technique called the “Featherflight Blade” which had complemented his Featherflight Tactics, While still carrying the momentum of wind and thunder, the blade would drift through the air like a feather. An instant was all it took for the blade to morph from heavy to light, quick to slow, creating a bizarre style of swordplay that had secured its place as one of the most impressive techniques in the Divine Abyss Continent.

Emperor Featherflight had yet another treasure called the Featherflight Mirror. This treasure could greatly decrease the opponent’s speed during battle if it could hit them with its light. No matter how fast they were, it had an absolute effect. The Featherflight Emperor had crossed paths with many other Titled Great Emperors back in his day, and the combination of the Featherflight Mirror and Blade had enabled him to kill many opponents on the same level. The Featherflight Mirror had been instrumental in helping him break through the encirclement of multiple Titled Great Emperors when they’d united to pursue him. It was because of all these treasures and methods together that Emperor Featherflight had risen above the pack of countless Titled Great Emperors.

Most ordinary Titled Great Emperors were no match for Emperor Featherflight, even if they were born of rich and powerful sects. Emperor Featherflight had possessed enormous luck indeed, as he’d accidentally obtained the inheritance of an ancient empyrean realm cultivator. This was the opportunity of a lifetime! But it’d because of this that he’d also attracted fatal attention. At least ten Titled Great Emperors had been sent by the two first rank sects to hunt him down. That battle had forced the Featherflight Emperor to utilize every scrap of his ability to escape alive, albeit injured. But he’d managed to throw them off his scent when he entered the Myriad Domain.

They’d speculated wildly, thinking that he’d made it through the Myriad Domain and entered the desolate wilderness. That area wasn’t human territory, so even first rank sects didn’t dare enter rashly. They’d also considered the Paramount Realm, but felt that the minuscule amount of life energy within the Myriad Domain wouldn’t be able to support a Titled Great Emperor for so long. Add to the fact that it’d been the Myriad Empire’s era back then, so it wasn’t exactly an easy proposition to bully the Myriad Domain into compliance. Forcefully entering the Paramount Realm might have alarmed the Myriad Empire and started a chain reaction. They might even be forced to expose Emperor Featherflight’s secret. Therefore, whether it was the Ninesuns Sky Sect or the Eternal Celestial Capital, both had been very quiet as they covertly started searching, not daring to alarm the local authorities.

It wasn’t until a hundred years that the two sects finally thought of planting their own people into the Myriad Domain and having their young geniuses search the Paramount Realm. Their spies had actually made it in during previous Grand Ceremonies, but had come up empty-handed. It wasn’t until this particular ceremony when Lin Hai and Jun Mobai drew upon the experiences of their predecessors and avoided the routes previously searched that they’d finally found something.

But it all fell into Jiang Chen’s hands in the end. Emperor Featherflight’s inheritances were an easy matter, but it took him half a day to refine the wings. He barely managed to put his own stamp on them, and it’d likely take roughly five years to thoroughly refine the wings. Of course, Jiang Chen was in no hurry for results. It wasn’t realistic to think that one could thoroughly refine the personal treasures of a Titled Great Emperor in just a few minutes.

When he took stock of the time, he noted that roughly seven days days had passed since he’d entered the realm. Jiang Chen decided to leave the Paramount Realm early. He was still anxious to know what was going on in the outside world despite being in the Paramount Realm. He had a premonition that something would happen during this ceremony. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what, but knew that it wouldn’t be pleasant. Hence, he didn’t want to waste time after receiving the inheritances.

Once the palace was refined, he could shrink it down to the size of a mustard and put it away. Jiang Chen followed the instructions left behind by the previous owner and turned the palace into a pinprick of light that floated into Jiang Chen’s consciousness.

When he walked out of the palace, Jiang Chen kicked Lin Hai and Jun Mobai’s remains into the brackish lake waters. With the corrosive ability of the lake water, the two would quickly dissolve into nothing before long. The Ninesuns Sky Sect and Eternal Celestial Capital would glean nothing even if they tracked the disciples down here. They would never find out that Emperor Featherflight had passed here a thousand years ago.

Jiang Chen walked outside once he’d put everything in order. The transcendent region was enormous. He would’ve very likely gotten lost had it not been for the guidance of the jade token. He wanted to find a transportation point and crush the token to transport himself out of the Paramount Realm. He didn’t want to spend a second more than he had to in a place with almost no life energy.


As he was making his way out, he froze. It almost sounded like someone was calling his name. He had to be hearing things. The transcendent region had almost an oppressive silence, with not a hint of sound. And yet, that call was only becoming clearer and clearer.

“Jiang Chen you cowardly bastard! Do you not care about the life of your little lover? Do you still hide now that that wench Ling Bi’er is in my hands? If you don’t appear within twenty four hours, I’ll be the first to enjoy her, and then everyone here will take their turn one after another…”

Jiang Chen had heard it clearly this time, it was Wang Han! Why is it Wang Han? How did this kid get into the Paramount Realm?


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