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Chapter 685: Encounter on a Narrow Path

If I remember correctly, this brat should’ve scrammed back to the Sacred Sword Palace already. Suddenly, Jiang Chen realized, “Great changes must be taking place in the outside world as we expected. Otherwise, the Myriad Domain sects wouldn’t have let the Sacred Sword Palace enter the Paramount Realm.”

He felt somewhat anxious when his thoughts travelled up to this point. Killing intent also surged at the same time. Regardless of the nature of this upheaval, Jiang Chen was almost certain that the Sacred Sword Palace was colluding with external forces. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to overcome either the Regal Pill Palace and the Dark North Sect with their power alone, let alone the Great Cathedral. It was even less possible for them to act so brazenly in the transcendent region of the Paramount Realm.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, this Ling Bi’er is quite a tantalizing wench. Which youth in the Myriad Domain doesn’t lust after her? How much of a commotion would it be if I disrobe her? Tell me, how many lush green hats would be have to wear if the goddess of the Myriad Domain is so promiscuous that any man can be her husband?” Wang Han’s tone was filled with extreme resentment. It was obvious that he was filled with hatred for Jiang Chen and wanted to take it all out on Ling Bi’er.

Jiang Chen was immensely incensed. If Wang Jianyu hadn’t suddenly intervened during their last battle, he would already have killed Wang Han in the arena. As expected, a snake not beaten to death would swing back for a bite.

“Wang Han you little bastard, it looks like you’ve steeled your heart to go against me!” Jiang Chen’s heart grew flinty as killing intent surged and roared against Wang Han. This move from the Sacred Sword Palace disciple had crossed over Jiang Chen’s bottom line. The kind of opponents Jiang Chen hated most in his life were those who tried to threaten him by taking the people by his side as hostage. As his senior sister, Ling Bi’er was one of the people he had the closest relationship with in the Regal Pill Palace. Although they didn’t share the kind of relationship stated by Wang Han, Jiang Chen knew that this senior sister treated him very well. In his heart, Jiang Chen regarded Ling Bi’er as someone he had to protect.

Regardless of whether or not Ling Bi’er had truly fallen into Wang Han’s hands, the words he’d just spoken were enough to cause Jiang Chen come to a resolute decision—Wang Han had to die! Although he was supremely furious, Jiang Chen did not lose his rationality. Wang Han surely had some sort of support since he’d dared jeer with such unbridled wanton. It was very possible that his backer wasn’t as simple as a mere Wang Jianyu. Jiang Chen believed that Wang Han wouldn’t have been able to enter the Paramount Realm if Wang Jianyu alone was his greatest backer.  A stronger patron must have appeared, a force that even the Grand Cathedral’s Xiang Wentian couldn’t resist.

“Can it be that… the Ninesuns Sky Sect had finally discarded all pretenses of cordiality?” Jiang Chen’s heart was full of questions. Considering Emperor Featherflight’s matter, it was unlikely that the Ninesun Sky Sect would erupt in open hostility like this and launch an open invasion. If the Sky Sect were to openly launch an invasion, it would no doubt invite the attention of the other first rank sects. That was completely incompatible with their plans.

“If not the Ninesuns Sky Sect, then… the Eternal Celestial Capital?” Jiang Chen shook his head at the thought of this. The Ninesuns Sky Sect and Eternal Celestial Capital were in similar situations. They would have to scheme in secret if they wanted to become involved. They would never invade blatantly.

Wang Han’s voice and wanton snickering came through constantly. His words were filled with unbearable obscenities, thoroughly displaying his wretched personality.  Suddenly, Ling Bi’er’s cold and clear voice cut through the air. “Wang Han, your loud cries only serve to prove your guilty conscience. To think that the vaunted first genius of the Sacred Sword Palace would be so miserably base. What a thorough disgrace! Even if you’ve found yourself an emperor realm backer, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a failure. Even if you recognize the Great Scarlet Emperor as your godfather, you will always be a failure in front of Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen’s expression turned solemn after hearing Ling Bi’er’s voice. It is indeed senior sister Ling Bi’er! Fires of fury surged in his heart along with boundless killing intent intent.

“Wang Han, Wang Han!” Jiang Chen repeated the name under his breath as a murderous chill flashed through his eyes. The bastard had thoroughly enraged Jiang Chen!

He was able calm himself down after some effort without losing his rationality. He knew that Ling Bi’er’s words were actually intended as a warning. The Great Scarlet Mid Region, emperor realm cultivators…

Jiang Chen was shaken; he never thought that the invaders would be from the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Could it be that history from six years ago was about to repeat itself? The situation had become increasingly complex with the invasion of the Great Scarlet Mid Region.

“Great Scarlet Mid Region… Great Scarlet Mid Region,” As the fires of wrath leapt and crackled, his mind calmed down instead. He was now aware of the enemy and the direction he should be taking. Not only was the Great Scarlet Mid Region neighbor to the Myriad Domain, but there was also deep animosity between the two. An open invasion did not come as a surprise.

But, with what kind of pretense were they raising their banner this time? During the invasion six hundred years ago, the Great Scarlet Mid Region claimed to be avenging the Myriad Empire violation of a Great Scarlet sacred girl. Despite being a lousy excuse, it had served as a justification. What would be their excuse this time? However, another question popped up in his mind, “If the Great Scarlet Mid Region has truly invaded, it’s not surprising that the Sacred Sword Palace would shamelessly defect. However, how could Wang Han possess enough prestige to have an emperor level expert from the Great Scarlet Mid Region accompany him while in kicking up this ruckus? Could it be that they’ve come specifically for me?” Jiang Chen didn’t believe Wang Han possessed such charisma.

It was more than likely that the emperor level expert from the Great Scarlet Mid Region had come for him. Wang Han must have tagged along as the cannon fodder leading the charge. Jiang Chen was at solemn attention after thinking it over. Even though he didn’t know why Great Scarlet wanted find him specifically, he guessed that it probably had something to do with the sky ranked herbs he had obtained from the ancient herb garden. It could even be related to the Longevity Pill.

Being the Great Scarlet Mid Region, they would have surely obtained this information. It would be easy to lock onto him. As for him being in the Paramount Realm, it was most likely that those from the Sacred Sword Palace had leaked the information. Jiang Chen had sensed by this time that Wang Han’s party was gradually approaching his location. They were separated by five kilometers at most.

Receiving absolutely no response after a stream of excessive provocation, Wang Han glared ferociously at Ling Bi’er. “Cheap woman, don’t think that your little tricks will be able to escape everyone’s notice. You want to notify Jiang Chen and help him escape, didn’t you? Tsk tsk, what deep affection. Unfortunately, that bastard has been scared out of his wits and has already forgotten about chivalry. He’s hiding in a corner somewhere with his tail between his legs, let alone caring about your wellbeing!”

Ling Bi’er sniffed disdainfully, “It’s beneath me to talk to such a shameless person.”

Wang Han was infuriated. “You little bitch! Trying to act chaste even now huh?? Just wait 24 hours and see how I’ll train and humiliate you. You’ll want to die from wanting me so much then! Haha, I can’t wait to see that happen!”

Although she shivered with fright within, Ling Bi’er’s demeanor was just as apathetic. She glanced at Qin Mo indifferently. “Senior, when I agreed to follow you, I stated that my condition wasn’t to be humiliated. If the senior does not keep his word—and since this junior cannot outfight you—I can only detonate my spirit then.”   

Qin Mo laughed blandly. “Lass, are you trying to threaten me? Remember that if we do not catch Jiang Chen, I won’t let you die peacefully either, much less Wang Han!”

The old man had been searching the transcendent region for so long, yet Jiang Chen was nowhere to be found. He was filled with frustration at continuously turning up empty-handed. Although he had suppressed his life-force and was able to reduce the drain on his vitality to that of a sage realm expert, he was becoming increasingly upset about the endless expenditure. After all, his losses would be great if he couldn’t capture Jiang Chen. He would have obtained a couple of sky and a great deal of earth ranked spirit herbs if he had chosen to chase after the Regal Pill Palace.

He had come to hunt Jiang Chen because of potential profits. Moreover, Jiang Chen was the person that the Great Scarlet Emperor had specifically wanted. He would’ve lost this gamble if he didn’t end up catching Jiang Chen. This undoubtedly caused him to feel rather dejected.

He had held back from pressuring Ling Bi’er along the way because he was confident that he would be able to thoroughly suppress this first level sage realm junior with his third level emperor realm strength. As such, he felt it wasn’t worth breaking his promise. Those pledges would no longer be important once he captured Jiang Chen. With Sect Head Qin Mo’s violent nature, how would he then let things be and treat Ling Bi’er nicely?

Ling Bi’er’s expression froze slightly after hearing those words. But the resolution in her heart remained absolutely unshaken. She was actually roughly seventy percent certain that she could escape from Sect Head Qin Mo’s grasp using Senior Shao Yin’s escape talismans. But she didn’t want to accept this kind of outcome. She wanted to escape together with Jiang Chen after she found him. And thus, she was fine taking the risk and waiting for Jiang Chen to appear. She would wait until the closing of the Paramount Realm regardless of the cost.

“Master, this base wench has alerted Jiang Chen. Why don’t we seal her mouth first?” Wang Han was quite upset and wanted to add fuel to the fire.

Sect Head Qin Mo waved his hand. “No need. Let her cry out, the louder the better. From your description, this Jiang Chen appears to be a person who values friendship and loyalty. He will not flee if he hears her.”

Wang Han felt somewhat awkward after hearing this. Even his master was praising Jiang Chen’s loyalty. Comparatively, he himself had immediately defected after seeing the experts of the Great Scarlet Mid Region. The difference between them was too great. Ling Bi’er’s admonition that he would always be a failure before Jiang Chen stung deep. He also knew it was true, although he didn’t want to admit to it. This was why he’d turned to anger in the depths of his embarrassment.

Wang Han’s mouth moved as if he wanted to say something. However, Sect Head Qin Mo’s expression suddenly changed, the corners of his mouth shifting into a bizarre smile.

“Wang Han, Wang Jianyu, keep an eye on this lass and make your way west.” No sooner had his orders been issued did Sect Head Qin Mo transform into a golden tempest, sweeping towards the distance.

Wang Jianyu cackled evilly as he moved forward to seize Ling Bi’er. Her expression changed abruptly as she crushed the talisman in her hand. With an evasive flash, she vanished into thin air.

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