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Chapter 683: Refining the Abode

Jiang Chen had conducted copious research into all sorts of physical planes in his past life. Many of the geniuses he’d encountered had actually ascended from these physical planes. As a result, he knew a great deal about those planes. This fate secret realm was likely a secret realm of the highest level on an ordinary plane like the Divine Abyss Continent. Something like this normally wouldn’t appear this easily. Its discovery would undoubtedly bring forth a world-shaking change to the ordinary plane it appeared in. After all, a path to the heavenly law might not appear even once in ten thousand years.

It was the first time that Jiang Chen had clearly seen the words ‘heavenly planes’ ever since his reincarnation. Although the message only mentioned the words without any sort of clarifying details, Jiang Chen still felt excitement begin to brew in his chest.

Even though the universe was vast, with plenty of heavenly planes, not to mention that the one connected to the Divine Abyss Continent might not have necessarily been the one that his father had ruled in the past… Jiang Chen still couldn’t help but feel much anticipation when he saw the words ‘heavenly planes’.

A fate secret realm, empyrean decree and heavenly planes… These were all things far beyond the Myriad Domain.

“No wonder the Eternal Celestial Capital and Ninesuns Sky Sect chased after him for a thousand years. No wonder they were willing to make preparations for a thousand years in the Myriad Domain. Their goal was these things.” Jiang Chen had guessed from the beginning that it might be something like this. A first rank sect wouldn’t have been this persistent if it’d only been Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance they’d coveted.

After all, first rank sects weren’t lacking in great emperors. In fact, they all had quite a few great emperors. They had even more emperor cultivators who had ascended to the emperor realm, but hadn’t yet obtained a title. There was no way Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance would be this attractive to a first rank sect. At the end of the message, Emperor Featherflight emphasized again that his heir must eliminate the Ninesuns Sky Sect and Eternal Celestial Capital.

It was evident from this inscription the depths of hatred Emperor Featherflight bore towards the two sects. After all, the reason he’d died from his injuries was entirely because of the relentless pursuit of these two sects. Yet, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but feel the tiniest sense of odd.

He didn’t doubt that Emperor Featherflight hated these two sects very much, but there was still something that didn’t sit right with these words.

If these inscriptions had been directed at an ordinary heir, then everything written here would be logical and perfectly understandable. However, Emperor Featherflight shouldn’t have been entertaining the notion that his heir would be an ordinary person. He should have been focusing on the high likelihood that the Eternal Celestial Capital and Ninesuns Sky Sect would find him. After all, in the situation in which he was being hunted down without rest, they were the ones most likely to track him down. Wouldn’t all his inscriptions be useless then?

Once those of the Ninesuns Sky Sect or Eternal Celestial Capital barged in, who would give a damn about his carved words? His inheritance would be robbed like taking candy from a baby! In fact, they might even go as far as to humiliate Emperor Featherflight’s body. Jiang Chen stopped when he thought up to this point. With Emperor Featherflight’s intelligence, it was impossible that he wouldn’t notice such an enormous flaw in his plans.

The fact that Emperor Featherflight had been able to escape the pursuit of two sects and enter the Paramount Realm proved that he was definitely an intelligent and courageous expert. How could he possibly not consider the notion that the first person to enter this place could be someone from the Ninesuns Sky Sect or Eternal Celestial Capital? If that happened, wouldn’t his last words become a joke?

“If I was Emperor Featherflight, I would never overlook such an enormous flaw in my plans. I would absolutely come up with a way to trick these two sects into a trap.” Jiang Chen put himself in the emperor realm cultivator’s shoes. If it’d been him, he would never let his opponent have the last laugh. That was why Jiang Chen hadn’t touched Emperor Featherflight’s inheritance recklessly, even though they were right behind the cultivator.

“I mustn’t act recklessly. Emperor Featherflight must’ve done this for a good reason. Perhaps he put his inheritance behind him to seduce the people of these two sects to take them.” Jiang Chen could almost imagine the entire palace exploding the second he touched those items carelessly. Looking at how powerful the restrictions in this palace were, he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to resist a full power blow from the restrictions at his current level. In fact, even a Titled Great Emperor might not be able to endure an empyrean cultivator defenses. This palace abode was obviously the work of an empyrean cultivator. Emperor Featherflight had merely owned it for a while.

Although Jiang Chen wanted very much to take these treasures for himself, he suppressed the impulse in the end and decided to find the core of the palace first. Emperor Featherflight must have refined the palace before. The palace had then become masterless once more after Emperor Featherflight had passed on. If Jiang Chen could find its core, he could refine it just like Emperor Featherflight had and become its master. Once he had refined the palace, it would be completely under his control. When that comes to be, all the traps Emperor Featherflight had prepared would come to light.

“Mm, let’s do it this way. I cannot act as Emperor Featherflight thought his intruders would, or I will definitely fall into his trap.” Jiang Chen was very sober and very rational at the moment. He knew that he must obey his logic rather than be led by the nose by Emperor Featherflight. Although Emperor Featherflight’s last message had no obvious signs of guidance, Jiang Chen had deduced that it might be all an act to seduce the Ninesuns Sky Sect and Eternal Celestial Capital into a trap.

If he’d been someone from the two sects and didn’t know how this type of portable residence worked, there was a high likelihood that he might’ve rashly gone forward. If that really was a trap set up by Emperor Featherflight, then the consequences would’ve been too awful to contemplate.

Jiang Chen made four full patrols of the interior, probing every detail. If it’d been any other Divine Abyss Continent genius, they would have no idea what to do at all. The youngsters of this world possessed limited knowledge. They had no clear recognition of an empyrean cultivator’s work. Only an expert would have an inkling of an idea as to what this palace was, and thankfully Jiang Chen’s insight exceeded that of even an empyrean cultivator. This was his greatest advantage.

Jiang Chen set his sights on three rather suspicious locations about four hours later. Those particular locations looked rather innocuous, and wasn’t particularly distinct from any other part of the palace. From his point of view and analysis, he was sure that one of these three locations was the palace’s core. Since he had observed many refinings in his past, he was rather familiar with how artisans were inspired and their trail of thought. There was no doubt that these those three places befitted an expert’s mindset the most.

The first place Jiang Chen probed into with his consciousness didn’t respond to him. But when he probed into the second spot, he immediately confirmed that it was the right place.

“This is it!” He was overjoyed. Although he had never experienced this feeling personally in the past, he’d heard countless people describing it. He knew that he had discovered the palace’s core. As he expected, he felt immediate feedback coming from the palace the moment he filled it with his consciousness and attempted to refine it. Thanks to his past life, he quickly understood how he should proceed. As Jiang Chen continued to refine the core, the palace’s response grew incredibly intense. Reams of information and data related to the palace poured into his mind. It was quite the amazing experience.

“Haha, I knew that this was a portable abode. Mm, as I thought, this residence’s creator is an empyrean expert. In fact, he’s a mid rank empyrean expert… Unbelievable, this mid rank empyrean expert is actually a Divine Abyss Continent expert from two hundred thousand years ago?! Tsk tsk, the ancient age certainly has an illustrious history.” Jiang Chen was amazed as he scanned through the information.

He also guessed that Emperor Featherflight had only managed to refine a small portion of the palace. He hadn’t refined the abode completely. Otherwise, he could have used the palace to fight against those two sects. He could’ve even used the power of restrictions inside the palace to destroy his pursuers. According to the information left behind, the castle possessed tremendously powerful restrictions. No one beneath the empyrean realm could be expected to survive once those were activated. Of course, it wasn’t easy to activate the restrictions.

With the amount of resources remaining inside, it could attack three times at most. Once all three times were exhausted, he would have to find a new source of spirit power. Only then would he be able to reactivate the restrictions. It was obvious that Emperor Featherflight hadn’t mastered this knowledge when he’d refined the palace.

“The empyrean expert who created the palace was truly amazing. If I hadn’t possessed the memories of my past life and known some heavenly level refinement methods, I would have likely been met with the same fate as Emperor Featherflight. I wouldn’t have known about everything the palace contains.” Jiang Chen suddenly felt a great sense of contentment. He knew that he had made it big this time. Setting aside the value of the palace itself, its offensive and defensive powers alone were worth a first rank sect in the Divine Abyss Continent.

“It’s unfortunate that Emperor Featherflight hadn’t spent much time refining the palace. It had been too late when he discovered that it possessed offensive capabilities.” Jiang Chen realized this immediately after he’d finished. Emperor Featherflight had mastered the restrictions, but only in the end. His inheritances had been linked perfectly with them.

For a moment or two, Jiang Chen felt fear curl its clammy fingers around his heart, “It was indeed a trap. If I’d given in to temptation and grabbed the treasure immediately back then, I would’ve ended up taking the hit meant for the Ninesuns Sky Sect and the Eternal Celestial Capital.” It would’ve been a terrible way to die. But now, he had made the palace his own. Every scrap of information about the palace was filtering into his mind, including Emperor Featherflight’s misery.

“My apologies, Emperor Featherflight. From this day onwards, the palace shall fall under my surname Jiang. But don’t worry, the Ninesuns Sky Sect and I have been enemies for a long time. I’ll avenge you. As for the Eternal Celestial Capital, I wouldn’t mind taking them out in passing if they’re stupid enough to provoke me…” For a time, Jiang Chen was feeling very pleased with this whole encounter.

Taking the palace had benefited him greatly . Unfortunately, the palace’s previous master had already used up one of the three restriction attacks set by its creator. It only had two charges left now, Once the two charges were used up, the restrictions would lose their effect. If he wished to activate them once more, the amount of resources required to do so would be absolutely shocking. Even Jiang Chen’s current wealth wouldn’t be enough to fill one twentieth of the resources needed to activate one attack. It would be literally trying to put out a burning cart of firewood with a cup of water.

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