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Chapter 613: Jiang Chen Challenges the Formation

The power of the magnetic gold mountain was beyond Jiang Chen’s expectations. As the golden hill crashed down, the billowing sands were subdued and the sand dragons helplessly dissipated into nothingness.  The scene suddenly changed before Jiang Chen’s eyes.

The rolling yellow sands disappeared and were replaced by a sea of fire. Billowing thick smoke ascended into the sky, and all around was bubbling magma that occasionally spawned horrifying flame dragons. As birds flew overheard, some of them were swallowed up by the flame dragons, turning into lumps of charcoal and tragically falling into the rolling magma.   Jiang Chen found that he had actually been surrounded by magma.

Boom! Boom!

The crimson magma surrounding him constantly erupted in streams that closed in on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen did not dare disregard this phenomenon. Countless ice lotuses materialized to protect his body. At the same time, an outer ring of fire lotuses roiled forwards, their vines reaching swept out over thirty meters long. Like an ancient beast opening their mouths, their enormous petals opened up and wolfed down the incoming magma streams.

The Bewitching Lotus of Fire and Ice’s natural talent was very high since it was at a divine rank. Although Jiang Chen was currently only in the eighth origin realm, the Lotus’ ability was already quite good.

The numerous fire lotus petals devoured the magma streams as soon as they drew near. Some magma would occasionally slip the net, but they were all blocked and frozen by the wall of ice lotuses. As things stalemated, Jiang Chen’s view changed once again.

That field of boundless magma suddenly decided to sing a song of fire and ice and transformed into a silvery snow-covered world.

The wind was howling and the snow flurries were dancing across a thousand miles. Snowflakes larger than goose feathers continued to fall and soon covered the ground like a heavy blanket beneath his feet. Jiang Chen was slightly surprised; the changes of the Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven changes were astonishingly fast. Fortunately, the Lotus of Ice and Fire had not been put away yet. The countless fire lotuses had just absorbed a large amount of magma, so their pedals opened wide and spewed out numerous tongues of flame.


A radius of a few thousand meters around Jiang Chen were swept clean by a few dozen tongues of flames, and the impacts caused the icy ground to form spider web cracks. This icy snowy world could not deter Jiang Chen in any way. As Jiang Chen tread on the ground, the ice beneath his feet shattered into fragments.

At this moment, an unexpected situation arose as the pieces of ice all suddenly levitated into the air. They were sharpened in a flash of light and turned into razor-sharp icicles.

In that instant – over a hundred thousand icicles shot towards Jiang Chen like a mighty army. Jiang Chen scoffed as a sudden burst of heroism rose up within him.

He stretched out both of his hands and strands of magnetic storm surged forth while his whole body started overflowing with a golden light that illuminated the surroundings.

Jiang Chen’s body arts, the Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods, had long since transformed his body into iron-like muscles and steel-like bones. As soon as he activated this body art, his golden body became full of explosive power, like an indestructible small mountain range.

Pfft. Pfft. Pfft!

As the numerous icicles came near, a portion of them were swallowed up by the magnetic storm, while the rest crashed into Jiang Chen’s golden aura. A bizarre scene appeared at this time. The icicles were actually unable to penetrate the golden aura around Jiang Chen. The most powerful icicles could only pierce through about three feet of light before stopping. Jiang Chen called upon his art and the golden aura churned, crushing all the suspended icicles into vapor which dissipated into nothingness.

Jiang Chen was overjoyed with complete delight. “I didn’t expect that after practicing the ‘Nine Transformations of Demons and Gods’ into the fifth transformation, my Golden Body of Demons and Gods would reach such high success success. With this defense level, I have a seventy percent confidence in enduring a mortal sage realm cultivator’s full strength attack, not to mention these icicles.”

One had to know, Jiang Chen was only at the eighth origin realm. Once he reached sage realm, he would be able to use his physical body alone to withstand one or two blows of a sky sage realm expert. One or two blows was nothing to scoff at. During a duel between experts, if one side was willing to take a blow to their body, then the probability of striking their opponent in return would also greatly increase. After all, this risky method of fighting was akin to gambling with their lives. One could increase their chances of dealing a devastating blow if they took one in return as well.

After continuously receiving the brunt of attacks from sandstorms, magma fire dragons, and the icy world, Jiang Chen felt more confident in facing this Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven.

“Seven should mean that there are seven kinds of slaughter, and thus seven kinds of attacks.” Jiang Chen had an overall understanding of this formation by now and his confidence was enhanced quite a bit with this understanding. Sure enough, as Jiang Chen finished his words, the icy world changed once again and transformed into an endless forest with him landing in the midst of a dense jungle. Various vine-like creatures surrounded him like thousands of snakes and rushed toward him in an attempt to entangle him.

Vines? Jiang Chen smirked coldly. What vine would be stronger than the Lotus of Ice and Fire? However, Jiang Chen did not plan on using the Lotus here. One of his hands grasped at the air and the magnetic golden mountain appeared once again. Boundless metallic spirit power emanated from his hands and turned into rays of golden, rippling light. Jiang Chen’s eyes suddenly glared as his fingers pointed forward, “Try the power of my Supernova Point’s fourth technique!”

His index finger started pointing and waving, as drawing a picture of the mountains and rivers. Streams of golden spirit power radiating from the magnetic mountain started coiling around Jiang Chen’s index finger, accumulating energy that was poised to spring into action. Suddenly, Jiang Chen shouted lowly, “Galaxy Slash!”

Sfzzzzt. Sfzzzt!

Countless crisp cutting sound came from the void and formed layers of rampaging, deadly sword qi. The vines surrounded by the cutting power of the void were helplessly grinded into pieces. “Not bad, this Supernova Point’s fourth technique is indeed a lot stronger.”

The Supernova Point’s first three techniques of the Skyblaze Point, Profound Dark Point, and Galaxy Point were all powerful single target attacks. However, Galaxy Slash wasn’t just a single target skill now, but rather a frightening area of effect attack. Explosive force could burst forth from a single finger like a wave of shooting stars decimating all the King’s men and all the King’s horses. The Ninesuns Skysect’s Cao Jin would certainly be shocked if he had seen this move.

This was because this art was very similar to Cao Jin’s vaunted Milky Wave Point, although the Supernova Point’s inherent mysteries were far deeper and more complex. Compared to the Supernova Point, the Milky Wave Finger was only a beginner technique.

Of course, Jiang Chen had played a trick with this previous move as well. Because the magnetic golden mountain was a strong source of metallic energy, Jiang Chen had borrowed the power of the metallic spirit power and fused it with his Supernova Point to counter the wood properties of the vines.

In the five elements, different elements beget and restrain one another. In this case, since metal happened to counter wood, the wood property vines were completely overpowered by the strong metallic attribute attack.

Jiang Chen’s nose lightly twitched. “Mm, not bad. These vine are not only a physical attack, but also poison as well? Thankfully I’ve already refined the Thundercloud Cicada’s bloodline, or else I really might have fallen to this.” Jiang Chen now fully understood everything. “Five of the seven attacks of this formation correspond to the five elements.” The representations were: the sandstorm, earth; the magma fire dragons, fire; the icy world, water; and the vines, wood. Thus, it was likely that there would be a metal property attack next?

Jiang Chen wasn’t afraid at all since with the magnetic golden mountain, the treasure could absorb any metallic attack that came at him How would Jiang Chen be injured by such an attack?

The endless forest disappeared and Jiang Chen abruptly appeared amidst a cacophony of fighting sounds, as if he had suddenly been transported to an ancient battlefield. Countless shadows of swords and other weapons charged towards Jiang Chen.

His lips quirked. As expected.

These shadows were just like the weapon-shaped monsters he had encountered during the tenth level trial of the magnetic golden mountain. However, these sword shadows were a bit stronger and more violent. Countless shadows made from metal power postured and brandished weapons, storming over. Violent sounds of “kill!” rose in the air. A vast ocean of sword shadows appeared before Jiang Chen’s eyes while his ears were full of a powerful army’s battle cries.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The hundred thousand strong army shouted vigorously in unison, their murderous aura overflowing as if wanting to split the heavens and shatter the air itself.

“Insignificant tricks. Magnetic golden mountain, swallow them all!”

The magnetic golden mountain went forth and like a black hole, its powerful magnetic storms mercilessly swallowed all the sword shadows. In a blink of an eye, everything became tranquil as the suppressive murderous air disappeared just like that.

“The five element’s attacks have passed, what’s left? There should be two attacks left.” Jiang Chen did not let down his guard and paid close attention. He was confident in facing the five elements, but the remaining two attacks were likely more formidable.

At this time, Jiang Chen felt the air fluctuate. “Oh?”

His ears twitched as he suddenly detected a hint of a weird presence. The air suddenly ripped apart as a wind blade slashed towards Jiang Chen’s chest.

Jiang Chen’s Golden Body once again erupted into being and the wind blade screeched to a halt upon striking his aura. But following this, the crack in the air continuously blew out wind blades, slashing towards Jiang Chen.

“Wind attack formation?” Although Jiang Chen was surprised, he remained undaunted.

He once again rotated his inner power and his Golden Body flared up and expanded into a golden body that ten meters tall. Jiang Chen slapped or kicked aside the various wind blades. At this time, the air violently shook and an enormous hole in the air appeared in front of Jiang Chen. Like a black hole, a strong sense of suction pulled at Jiang Chen. A spatial rip and spatial storm? Jiang Chen was immensely surprised.


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