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Chapter 612: The Ancient Slaughter Formation

Although Elder Lian Cheng and Elder Hu had suffered relatively severe injuries, they weren’t life-threatening. However, Dan Chi and Yun Nie’s mood remained extremely downcast. This was because the secret of the ancient herb garden had been exposed, which was definitely not good for the various sects of the Myriad Domain. Not only because everyone had received sky sage herbs but because of the existence of the garden itself. Once more powerful forces noticed the ancient herb garden, who knew how experts would flock over and join the turmoil that was the Myriad Domain. At that time, how much of a right to speak would the indigenous sects of the Myriad Domain hold then?

“Palace Head, judging from this, someone has betrayed our Myriad Domain,” Elder Yun Nie sighed.

Palace Head Dan Chi’s expression was grave. “I have already sent out several messages. Besides Wang Jianyu of the Sacred Sword Palace, the other sect heads will soon receive my message.”

The Regal Pill Palace had been attacked for the sky rank herbs, and the secret of the ancient herb garden was revealed! When the various other sects learned of this, they were all indescribably shocked.

These people were all old foxes so how could they not be able to predict the consequences of an event like this?

The primary suspect everyone had in mind was the Sacred Sword Palace since the conflicts between the Sacred Sword Palace and the Regal Pill Palace was an unresolvable grudge in the Myriad Domain. And only the Sacred Sword Palace would have the motive to expose the secret. Only, did the Sacred Sword Palace really dare to expose the secret? Were they not afraid of receiving heavenly tribulation?

In an instant, every member of the various sects felt a great sense of danger. In particular, the far-seeing leaders of the great sects could all sense that this might be the start of a chaotic era for the Myriad Domain.

Who was the traitor?

The air between the sects grew thick with suspicion.

Within Jiang Chen’s residence, Huang’er had returned to the wood spring. A set of black robes had been discarded to one side beside the fountain. Huang’er descended and soaked her perfect body into the waters.

“It’s so tiring to put up a threatening, dangerous front.” When she thought of her experience just now, she found it it a little funny. Still, using the sphere of influence had caused her to recklessly tap into her consciousness, leading to a slight ripple in her mindset.

She did not dare to treat this lightly, so she had hurried back to the cavern to recite the Sacred Deliverance Mantra and play the Ethereal Soothing Melody few times. Only then did she barely bring her somewhat agitating consciousness back under control. She had always spent these days in a smooth and steady mindset, and the Generation Binding Curse had not flared up at all. That was because she held no complications in her heart and lived her life very simply, without recklessly disturbing her consciousness. And just now, she had originally decided to abstain from interfering with the Regal Pill Palace’s matters. But that Cao Jin was unreasonably tyrannical and would possibly have destroyed the entire Regal Pill Palace with a single word.

Moreover, Huang’er could see that the Palace Head Dan Chi actually had some history with Elder Shun. Huang’er was usually someone who treasured relationships. From a emotional point of view, she felt that she should take some interest in this matter.

Firstly, this was because of the relationship between Elder Shun and Palace Head Dan Chi.

Secondly, this was also a task she had been entrusted with by Jiang Chen. Before Jiang Chen had left, he had entrusted this residence to her so she felt obliged to protect everything.

Only, with her usage of the sphere of influence, her consciousness had been disturbed and that Generation Binding Curse she had kept under control seemed to be rearing its ugly head again. Fortunately, that Cao Jin had fled quickly. Otherwise, if Huang’er continued to fight, she would overstimulate her consciousness and it was entirely possible that the Generation Binding Curse would have backlashed on her.

Even so, Huang’er actions this time had been slightly perilous. Nonetheless, she didn’t regret what she’d done.

“Sir Jiang freed me temporarily from the agony of the Generation Binding Curse. So what if I take some risks in helping him run some errands?” As Huang’er cleansed herself in the wood spirit spring, her consciousness gradually settled down.


In the forbidden area of the Ancient Scarlet Heavens Sect.

Jiang Chen had unknowingly cultivated in this Ancient Scarlet Heavens Sect for over half a year. By now, he had risen another level, reaching eighth level origin realm. “If I wasn’t in a hurry to leave, this cavern is actually a very suitable place to train. If I continue at this pace, considering the resources I have at hand, there should be less than three months to go before I break through to the ninth level.”

Jiang Chen was still fairly satisfied with his current progress. He had given himself the target of leaving this place within two years. By now, half a year and passed and he was already in the eighth level origin realm. He would enter the ninth level in another three months. Once he successful broke through to the ninth level, he would be qualified to start assailing the sage realm. Once he broke through to sage realm, he would not dally here any longer.

If it was anyone else, no matter how urgent matters outside were, they still would not be as determined to leave this place as Jiang Chen. After all, the Ancient Scarlet Heavens Sect’s inheritance was truly extraordinary. But to Jiang Chen, no matter how wondrous this inheritance was, it was still overshadowed by the people he held dear.

“Judging from my calculations, there’s only a year and a half to that Myriad Grand Ceremony. No matter what, I need to leave this place before that ceremony.” Jiang Chen set this goal for himself.

It wasn’t so much that Jiang Chen felt strongly about that ceremony, but more that he had a premonition. The Myriad Grand Ceremony would prove to be a turning point for the Myriad Domain. The betrayal of the Tristar Sect, the machinations of the Ninesuns Sky Sect, there was danger hidden everywhere, waiting to erupt. Once it erupted, the structure of the Myriad Domain would be completely overturned.

Jiang Chen obviously did not possess a savior complex, but if great change occurred in the Myriad Domain, he hoped that he would have enough ability to protect those he needed to protect. Moreover, Palace Head Dan Chi had brought him to the Regal Pill Palace from the Precious Tree Sect. When it came to crucial moments, Jiang Chen hoped that he could return the favor and help him out. Palace Head Dan Chi was a heroic and ambitious person, but Jiang Chen knew that the Palace Head’s dream of unifying the Myriad Domain would prove to be an even more difficult and tedious task than he could ever anticipate. It was just, there were some things that Jiang Chen could not easily speak of.

Palace Head Dan Chi’s martial prowess was middling in the Myriad Domain to begin with. The betrayal of the Tristar Sect was also adding fuel to the flames. What was more, the Myriad Domain had yet another potential enemy—the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Why had the popular and powerful Myriad Domain fallen down to the backwards location it was today? Why had the Myriad Empire completely crumbled?

This was because the royal family of the Myriad Empire had offended the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Six hundred years ago, a son of the royal family had wandered outside and unintentionally sullied a certain powerful holy maiden of that mid region, thus inciting the monster known as the Great Scarlet Mid Region. The formidable Empire had almost collapsed entirely within the span of a night, and every cultivator above the sage realm had been killed.

That battle had caused the Myriad Domain to lose a large fraction of its power. Six hundred years later, the Myriad Domain still had not improved in status, even today. Some of the elders in the Myriad Domain had experienced that previous assault. Only, these elders had only been insignificant ants back then.

Jiang Chen had previously heard Palace Head Dan Chi talk about these historical anecdotes, and the palace head had also viewed Jiang Chen as the single transformation factor of the Myriad Domain. It was just that Jiang Chen himself wasn’t too passionate about this cause. As an reincarnator, he was not particularly attached to the Myriad Domain and he had set his sights far above this tiny region. Nevertheless, no matter which angle he view Palace Head Dan Chi, Jiang Chen still admired this leader. Therefore, should his strength allow it, Jiang Chen was willing to help him.

Once a disciple of the Regal Pill Palace, always a disciple of the Regal Pill Palace. Jiang Chen naturally did not wish for any mishaps to fall upon the Regal Pill Palace in the impending assault.

“Power. In the end, I still need more power. If I don’t have enough power, I will only be controlled by others when the tumultuous storms arise. Only if I have domineering power will I be able to dictate the winds and clouds. No matter what changes the future will bring, I will grasp control with one hand!” As he thought of this, Jiang Chen stood up.

He decided that it was time to challenge the second formation!

The second formation was purely a killing formation that tested him on his combat abilities. Since he had continuously raised his martial prowess, Jiang Chen’s actual combat ability had also naturally greatly improved. This was the perfect time to put it to the test. He stood by boundary of the formation and gazed upon it. When he saw nothing but a haze of blurry ash, Jiang Chen knew that this formation would certainly not be simple.

These three great formations that led to the inheritance possessed one positive. Their foundations all lay within the formations themselves. No one ruled over them and no one guarded them. As long as Jiang Chen could find the key to the foundation, he could break it. What’s more, these formations gave him a free disk each time. This was absolutely receiving a nice reward after receiving a hard slap first.

If someone was presiding over these formations, then the key could be moved at any time according to the will of its master. In that case, there would be no way for a challenger to find the location of the foundation. This meant that there was an enormous difference between a human-controlled foundation and one without.

Keeperless formations were relatively easy to break. Most masterless formations were fixed formations, which made their foundations immovable. On the other hand, because human-controlled formations had someone at the helm, they were living creations. These formations had unpredictable changes to them and once within the formation, the keeper held an insurmountable advantage, making them far more difficult to break.

Of course, these were all approximations. In reality, many formation masters were able to design living formations even if they did not have a keeper. It was even possible to insert a formation into another, using one technique to propel the next, turning the formations into a chain reaction that would kill the challenger before he even figured out what was going on. Therefore, the strength of a formation lay in the methods used by its master, and not whether it was a fixed or a living formation. But if they were on the same level, live formations were indeed more difficult to break than fixed ones. The second formation that Jiang Chen faced was called the Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven. Jiang Chen had already made plenty of simulations of the formation before taking it on.


Jiang Chen turned into a streak of light that dissolved into the formation. Numerous vines from the Lotus surrounded his body, protecting him from harm. He descended to the ground and found that an expanse of yellow sand lay below his feet. There was only a yellow desert in the distance as far as his eyes could see. As he hesitated, the sand before him began to toss and turn like frothing water. His vision was filled with sand as countless sandstorms surged towards him as if golden dragons.

“Bring it on!” Jiang Chen shouted lowly, using his Golden Cicaca Wings to propel himself high into the sky. With a grasping motion of his hand, a golden colored mountain fell into his palm.

“Suppress.” Jiang Chen held nothing back, choosing to employ the newest card in his arsenal straight away—the magnetic golden mountain.

That magnetic golden mountain transformed into a hill and smashed downwards with a crash.


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