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Chapter 614: The Mystery of the Myriad Domain

Spatial turbulence would often appear in spatial rips. Ordinary turbulence was easy to deal with, but it was difficult to handle when they formed into storms. This formation had actually formed a storm in the void through a spatial rip. How would this not possibly surprise Jiang Chen?

“This sect was an ancient sect alright! There are so many changes in just a formation. This is absolutely much superior to any sect in the Myriad Domain. Even those first rank sects might not be a match for this sect.” As shocked as Jiang Chen was, he knew that he couldn’t be churned into the spatial storm. He guessed that he wouldn’t actually be faced with life threatening danger if he was embroiled into the storm. He might just be thrown out of the formation. However, since he’d entered to break the formation, he wouldn’t let himself be stopped halfway!

He called upon the magnetic golden mountain continuously and also increasingly strengthened his body. The golden body that had been nine meters tall previously increased to thirty meters before long. Jiang Chen made a pushing motion with his hand and gathered the mountain into a ball of golden light, smashing it ferociously on the spatial rip.


The spatial rip instantly collapsed when pummeled by the immense magnetic energy.

Bam bam bam bam!

Several enormous explosions rang out as the spatial rip winked out of existence, restoring clear skies to the surroundings again. Jiang Chen was in a great mood after being able to take care of a threat like this with one move.

“An increase in strength allowing me to crush opponents with absolute strength is hell of a lot more satisfying than any tricks or plots!” Jiang Chen discovered that his practical strength had risen noticeably after he’d entered the sky origin realm, particularly as he was able to tap into the true strength of all sorts of treasures now. His battle strength was increasing in leaps and bounds. Although he was eighth level origin realm now, he’d still have a roughly eighty percent chance of winning if he was in a face to face battle with Wang Han.

When he thought of how Wang Han had attacked him, a ball of rage welled up in Jiang Chen’s heart. Wang Han had strutted in front of the Regal Pill Palace more than once, and now that Jiang Chen’s strength had increased tremendously, his first thought was that he wanted to crush Wang Han.

However, he didn’t let his thoughts drift too far away. He knew that he had only gone through six stages in the formation, so there should be another one coming up. But looking at how clear the skies were, what could possibly be the last stage?

Jiang Chen didn’t dare treat this casually as he knew that the formation could flicker through formations incredibly quickly. He couldn’t relax his guard as long as he was still caught in this active formation. He focused his concentration and scanned an area of several thousand meters with his consciousness.

He suddenly squinted in the midst of deploying God’s Eye and looked up at the sky. A turquoise cloud had drifted over.

“Hmm? What’s that?” As Jiang Chen wondered, the cloud suddenly split open as turquoise lightning arced through the sky and came crashing down.

“No way… a slaughter formation of thunder?” Jiang Chen was taken aback. He knew how impressive this formation was, but hadn’t anticipated that it would embody even a thunder formation. Just who was the person who’d set this formation up, and how incredible was his strength?!

Although this formation wasn’t quite fatal and it was used more for testing than to slaughter those trapped within, Jiang Chen still had to sigh with admiration at the transformative ability of the formation.

The Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven well deserved its name! And, it just so happened that Jiang Chen was least afraid of thunder. Even if he hadn’t refined the Thundercloud Tree into him, he was impervious to all thunder and lightning thanks to the Golden Cicada Bloodline. How would he be afraid of the thunder formation? He could count on one hand the number of kinds of thunder that could harm him now.

He smiled faintly and retracted the golden body, allowing the turquoise lightning to strike him at will.


When the lightning arc grazed him, it was as if a raindrop had dropped onto him and disappeared. Numerous clouds flurried over in a multi-colored dance, blue, purple, green and orange…

Lightning the colors of the rainbow rained down like a rain shower. Jiang Chen stood in the midst of a dome of lightning with no reaction at all. The lightning always seemed to be swallowed by some sort of power when they neared Jiang Chen, disappearing completely.

The thunder formation was the last strike of the Ancient Slaughter Formation, the strongest and most frightening of its attacks. But who would’ve known that it’d actually be the easiest of the formations to get through for Jiang Chen? He seemed to be taking a walk in the park as he stood in the midst of the thunder formation.

When the thunder formation vanished, all the scenery in front of him disappeared as well as a formation disk once again landed in Jiang Chen’s hand, and he found himself standing in the hallway again.

Successful attempt on the Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven!

Jiang Chen toyed with its formation disk. As he peered at the etchings on it, he could see that this disk had a higher degree of precision and was more complex.

“Tsk tsk, this disk is uncommon alright. It can actually adjust the level of the formation?” Upon closer study, he saw that this disk was actually quite sophisticated and could adjust the difficulty level of the formation.  “So it seems that the version I was in was actually the simplest level that this disk could produce, and there are two higher level difficulties?”

Jiang Chen suddenly felt that he’d picked up quite a treasure. “Having this formation disk means I grasp a great weapon! If even the simplest level is thus, then wouldn’t the power of the mid and upper levels be even more astounding?”

Jiang Chen was quite delighted and felt that it was still somewhat worth it toe be trapped in the forbidden area of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. With the successful challenge of the second formation, he was drawing ever closer to the tower of inheritance. However, he didn’t plan on continuing to challenge the third formation. He wouldn’t take this risk before he broke through ninth level origin realm. Although he wanted to leave immediately, he also knew that great haste was not always good speed.

Back in the library, Jiang Chen started perusing the books again. He’d flipped through all of the journals of the residence master in these days and read many of the tomes here, gaining a better understanding of the Divine Abyss Continent. However, he still had no memory of the so-called ancient times of the Continent.

“This is odd. I feel that there’s a connection between the Continent and my past life, but I haven’t heard of any of the ancient characters and happenings mentioned in these books. Can it be that the Divine Abyss Continent wasn’t one of the planes of existence in my prior life?” The more Jiang Chen understood, the more confused he was.

“Just what kind of world have I arrived in? What plane of existence is this? If I say it’s a secular plane, it’s refuted by the fact that gods and demons warred here in ancient times. But if I say it’s of a divine level, its level is obviously not there.”

Ordinary secular planes could also give birth to gods and demons, but definitely not large numbers of them. This was because such a plane could support large numbers of them at all. Any secular plane suffered from limited resources and land. It could possibly nurture billions of mortals, but it might not be able to accommodate a hundred gods and demons. After all, the resources and energy required by a divine being was absolutely greater than countless ordinary cultivators.

This was also why that in the world of martial dao, the higher in cultivation levels one went up to, the fewer there were at that level. When one reached a certain level, limited resources would never satisfy all of their needs. This was how wars arose, why there were fights and killing and those who perished. This was how the food chain of the martial dao world was sustained. Otherwise, if all cultivators ascended continuously with no end in sight and continued consuming resources, this plane of existence would collapse due to exhaustion of resources in less than a hundred years.

However, this Divine Abyss Continent was really quite odd. Ever since he’d entered the forbidden area that was the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect, Jiang Chen had steadfastly felt that this Continent was just a secular plane. It wasn’t until he’d come here that he knew that wars between gods and demons had occurred here in the ancient times. This was proof that things weren’t as simple as he thought, and this plane had once had an exceedingly glorious history in ancient times.

“How is this possible?” Jiang Chen felt that this plane was truly a riddle, and the more he dug into it, the more extraordinary he felt it was. He was now wondering how many years it’d been since he’d reincarnated. How long had it been since his timeframe? However, answers were lacking.

“Ai, this is all too far away. I’m not even in the sage realm at the moment, it’s a bit too early to think of all this. Cultivation… I need to continue to cultivate! Only through continued increase in strength will I be able to uncover more useful information…”

Once Jiang Chen had worked through this train of thought, he flung all this to the back of his mind and once again entered a state of oblivious cultivation. Although refining dragon crystals to cultivate was a very wasteful method, it was very effective. He successfully broke through to ninth level origin realm after three months!

“Mm, there is still a year and three months until the Myriad Grand Ceremony. I wonder how the Regal Pill Palace is doing?” After consolidating his grasp on the ninth level origin realm, he finally had some time to himself. He had decided that he would challenge the third formation after another half of a month of cultivation. He’d be able to enter the tower of inheritance as long as he broke through that one. Although there would certainly be many trials within, it would bring him one steps closer on the path of exit.

“I’ll challenge the third formation in the ninth level origin realm, then fully challenge the tower of inheritance when first level sage realm!” Jiang Chen set down his targets. According to the journals of this residence’s master, he would be able to receive the sect’s inheritance after passing through the tower’s test and become the sect’s successor. He would be able to control all of the hidden formations of the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect then.

There was a key formation hub for all the formations in the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect. Whoever controlled this hub would thoroughly become the new master of the forbidden area. That meant he’d be able to come and go as he would then.

“Time to get back to work!” Jiang Chen mused briefly and then began to cultivate again.


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